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  • Know more about Kayaking sports. Canoe Trip Planning: How to Plan a Canoe Trip. Canoe trip planning is crucial before you set out for the trip. Planning always helps minimize the number of setbacks during a trip and helps the members enjoy the fun time out. — “Kayaking | ”,
  • Kayaking rentals, instruction, tours, on the Potomac River, Shenandoah River and Antietam Creek near Harpers Ferry West Virginia Maryland. — “West Virginia Kayaking Harpers Ferry Kayak Rentals Lessons”,
  • Plan your Colorado vacation online and learn about kayaking and other summer activities in Colorado. — “Colorado - Kayaking Vacations - Trip Ideas & Best Weekend”,
  • recent videos, video clips, video shorts, movies for kayaking, sports videos, recreation videos. — “Kayaking Videos - Kayaking Video Clips, Sports Videos”,
  • Looking for some great sea kayaking in the USA. They Glacier Bay, San Juan Islands, The Outerbanks, Down East Islands, Pictured Rocks Lakeshore, Prince William Sound, Cumberland Island. — “Best Sea Kayaking from Americas Best and Top Ten”,
  • Full Spectrum Kayak Tours has been helping people experience fun and inspiring kayak adventures in North Idaho since becoming Idaho's first flat water kayak touring company in 1993. Lake Pend Oreille and Priest Lake provide stunning settings for kayak tours and adventures you won't forget!. — “Full Spectrum Tours”,
  • Offers kayak instruction and outings for all skill levels. Trips and instruction occurs throughout California. — “Current Adventures”,
  • Kayak Online is a quick and easy way to find info on kayaking. is offering free shipping on some orders over $50. has free shipping on a big assortment of kayaks. — “Kayak Online”,
  • Kayaking a perfect sea -- Prince William Sound. WHITTIER -- A strong north wind ruffled the waters of Passage C*** on this Thursday in August as Jon Nickles of Anchorage stuffed gear into a faded blue Klepper kayak pulled up on the rocks along the boat ramp in the local harbor. — “Kayaking | ”,
  • Your #1 source for canoeing and kayaking information, includes places to canoe or kayak, information on new and used canoes and kayaks, guides and outfitters, books, photographs, and much more. — “Canoeing and Kayaking Info - ”,
  • Kayaking.Whether it is the peaceful scenery of a sea kayaking voyage or the thrilling high paced ride of freestyle kayaking, the sport offers something for everyone. — “Kayaking - Types of Kayaking and Basic Skills | ”,
  • Kayaking tours, guides, places, and trips. Kayaking in Maine. Home > Kayaking in Maine. Maine offers wonderful and exciting kayaking experiences in our lakes, rivers and along the seacoast. Kayaking Associations and Organizations. — “Kayaking in Maine: Guides, lessons, trips, info, maps, charts”, travel-
  • Kayaking pictures, videos and albums that take you on an armchair tour of the world we live in. — “kayaking pictures, videos and albums”,
  • While kayaking has quickly become a popular choice of water activity and recreation, it's by far one of the oldest forms of transportation. People have been traveling by kayak for centuries, mainly because it was once the only method of water transportation. — “Kayaking Advice - Kayaking Information & Advice”,
  • During the sport of kayaking, participants propel a small, lightweight boat across bodies of water using a double-bladed paddle. There are many types of kayaking, each having it's own culture, practices and equipment: sea kayaking, whitewater. — “Kayaking”,
  • One point that should be noted by anyone seeking to kayak in Trinidad rivers is that care should be exercised during the rainy season particularly if there are torrential showers in the particular area. Heavy downpours can cause river levels to rise rapidly and bring debris downstream. — “kayaking areas in Trinidad in the caribbean”,
  • Kayaking and rafting gear, boating equipment and river supplies including life jackets oars paddles kayaking gear and rafting equipment supplies. — “NRS - Kayaking Gear, Rafting Supplies and Boating Equipment”,
  • Hidden Trails offer sea kayaking vacations, adventure tours and wilderness kayaking in Canada, Belize, Mexico, Scotland and Tonga. — “Sea Kayak Adventures Kayaking Holidays Wilderness Tours”,
  • Sea kayaking tours in British Columbia, Canada. Services include camping, lodge, as well as nature tours such as grizzly and whale watching. — “Northern Lights Expeditions”,
  • Originating from canoeing, kayaking differs in multiple ways and offers significant advantages in more technical trips. Sea kayaking usually involves longer, self propelled trips as well so the overall hull design is usually more slender with a deeper hull than that of a whitewater kayak. — “Kayaking, Kayaking Adventures, Kayaking trips”,
  • Kayak Paddle | Kayaks For Sale | River Kayak | Kayak Rentals | Kayak Tours | Inflatable Kayaks | Whitewater Kayaking | Advertise on | Kayaking Accessories | Kayaking Adventures | Lake Kayaking | Kayaking Video | Kayaking Gear | Kayak. — “ - Kayaking and Kayaks | Information about”,
  • Sea Kayaking at Wilsons Promontory in Victoria, Australia Kayaking is generally differentiated from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle. — “Kayaking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Slave River Kayaking, Fort Smith - Northwest Territories, Canada The Slave River flows from Lake Athabasca in northeastern Alberta, and empties into Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories. Join both locals and tourists, as they discuss the thrill of whitewater kayaking in this popular destination. Want to plan your trip to Canada? Visit bit.ly Join us on Facebook and Twitter:
  • Begining Kayaking: Proper Paddling Technique Noted paddling author and expert, Shelley Johnson, describes the proper paddleing technique. Find more paddling tips at . Filmed at the 2006 Adirondack Paddlefest, sponsored by Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company (http
  • Samantha Brown: Kayaking in DC Samantha goes kayaking and sight-seeing in Washington, DC.
  • Hobie Kayaking Hobie Kayak models and features. Details of the Hobie MirageDrive. Shows Hobie kayaks in action including the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island (2009).
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  • Kayaking Skills Basic Strokes Video Brad, an REI Outdoor School instructor, demonstrates basic kayak paddle strokes in this video: the forward stroke, turning strokes, and boat-control strokes. For the forward stroke, think about placing your blade in the water and moving past it, rather than pulling the blade through the water. This increases your efficiency. The forward stroke is made up of 3 elements: the windup, the catch, and the unwind. Rotate your torso (the windup), place the blade in the water by your foot (the catch), rotate your torso (the unwind) to move your boat forward, and then take the blade out of the water when your hand reaches your hip. Now your already wound up for the next catch. It's a push with the upper hand and a pull with the lower hand while rotating the torso. In kayaking, technique is much more important than upper body strength. Now for turning strokes. The sweep stroke is a forward stroke that allows you to keep your momentum. It begins far forward in the front of the boat, sweeps way wide, and continues all the way back till the paddle touches the stern. Draw strokes help you move your kayak sideways, like to pull up next to a dock. The first draw stroke is a simple reach out and pull toward you. The other draw stroke is the sculling draw stroke: It's a sustained back and forth motion, kind of like spreading peanut butter. The final stroke we'll learn is how to stop a moving kayak—it's back paddling, the reverse of the forward stroke.
  • Lake Powell Kayaking 1 Kayaking Lake Powell - Escalante Arm
  • How to Sea Kayak : Sea Kayaking: Preventing Rolling Sea kayaking can be a very dangerous sport that not everyone is made for. Learn how to prevent a roll and how to be safe while doing it. Expert: Jean Totz Bio: President of Swee***er Kayaks, Jean is also the Director of the Florida Gulf Coast International Sea Kayak Symposium at Swee***er Kayaks. Filmmaker: Bob Hunt
  • Bungee jump kayaking in 2010 World Cup Stadium - Steve Fisher While Moses Mabhida stadium is in its final preparation stages for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, kayaker Steve Fisher decided to test out a new sport 300 feet (100 meters) above the soon to be soccer field. Why a kayak? Simple: Steve Fisher is kayaking AT ALL TIMES. Jump off at
  • THE HURRICANE RIDERS: SEA KAYAKING PLEASE WATCH IN HD...this is footage from some of our trips and play sessions from 2008...enjoy.
  • Flood Stage Kayaking Kayaking the Oregon Hole Section of the Smith River @ Flood Stage.
  • Kayaking Basics for Beginners : How to Choose & Buy a Kayak Paddle: Beginning Kayaking Lesson Learn about kayak paddles and what to look for when buying a kayak paddle in this free video. Expert: Lloyd Reeves Contact: Bio: Lloyd Reeves started paddling with his dad as a preschooler. He won his first canoe race at the age of 12 and built his first kayak at the age of 14. Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves
  • Extreme Sea Kayaking Experience the Greatest Hits of the Tsunami Rangers in this compilation of their adventures in little kayaks in big seas, crashing surf, dark caves, and jagged rocks. See classic scenes of the Rangers in breathtaking action, rare broadcast video, and never seen before footage.
  • How to Choose a Kayak : Sea Kayak Features A sea kayak, often called an ocean kayak, has many design features that will enable a paddler to go on long trips in rough water. Find out more about the features and benefits of sea kayaks with tips from an experienced kayaker in this free video on kayaking. Expert: Russell Farrow Bio: Russell Farrow has British Canoe Union (BCU) five-star training in sea kayaks, a four-star award for sea kayaks, and is a level three coach in sea kayaking and surfing. Filmmaker: Bob Hunt
  • Freestyle Whitewater Kayaking Lachine Waves, Montreal, QC awesome freestyle kayaking!
  • BC Kayaking Kayaking in British Columbia.
  • Kayaking Basics for Beginners : How to Paddle a Kayak & Not Fall Out! Learn how to paddle a kayak correctly without tipping in this free video on kayaking. Expert: Lloyd Reeves Contact: Bio: Lloyd Reeves started paddling with his dad as a preschooler. He won his first canoe race at the age of 12 and built his first kayak at the age of 14. Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves
  • Tallulah Gorge Kayaking For a few weekends each year, expert kayakers test their skills against the powers of nature in Tallulah Gorge, where the river drops more than 500 feet in less than a mile. Most of the time the river is diverted to generate electricity, but special water releases allow for unmatched adventure. Get Outdoors Georgia! Visit Tallulah Gorge State Park.
  • Xterra Planet #1: Truckee River White Water Park What does an above average snow year in Tahoe mean to paddlers? It means a killer Kayaking season in the Truckee River White Water Park in downtown Reno, Nevada! All you have to do is be ready for it!
  • Kayaking & Canoeing for Beginners : How to Paddle in a Kayak Watch and learn as our expert shows you the basics of paddling when kayaking in thisfree boating video on kayaking and canoeing for beginners. Expert: Phil Meyer Bio: Phil Meyer started his kayaking career in Colorado in the days when kayaks were made in the backyard out of fiberglass and river trips meant stopping in eddies to duct tape your kayak back together. Filmmaker: Paul Raila
  • Extreme Colorado Kayaking Glenwood Springs and surrounding areas. Scott young, Gary Edgeworth, Jeremy Signorini and many more.
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  • Kayaking and a VERY close experience with Killer Whales in Sooke, BC Theyre All Around Us! Who knew when I woke up on this Thursday morning that it was going to be an extraordinary day that would produce a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was a beautiful afternoon with calm seas; so, Allan from West Coast Outdoor Adventure Rentals www.westcoastoutdoor.ca and I decided to take the Hobie kayaks for a spin. Heading out towards Secretary Island just off Sooke, BC in the Juan de Fuca Strait, we got word there was a large pod of Orcas close by. We were so excited to receive this news and at the prospect of seeing killer whales; we were immediately intrigued. As luck would have it, the whales were just as intrigued by us. We could see the whales were swimming near Otter Point, about a mile and a half from where we drifted and bobbed about like buoys in our kayaks. We could just make out the black specks of dorsal fins on the horizon. The killer whales were hugging the shoreline, so we were completely amazed at the events that would take place over the next 30 minutes. Even though we were in the open, usually turbulent, waters of the Juan de Fuca Strait, we were in a flood tide so paddling was smooth—effortless. We held our position and the whales got closer, and closer. The entire pod was heading our way. The pod got a little closer, then a lot closer. Then they were all around us! And under us! And beside us! A mother and her calf gave us an unbelievable experience; if I hadnt caught the scene on video, I would never have believed it. I can ...
  • Kayaking Lazeretto Creek This video is from an afternoon fishing trip around Tybee Island. It was a nice peacefull kayak trip until I got down by the shrimp boats. Their was a guy grinding old paint off his boat and repainting. That is the noise you hear twords the end. A beautiful march day that reached 80 degrees. The fish weren't biting but it was still a nice day on the water. :)
  • Kayaking on lower Missouri River This was a test trip to Jeff City on the Missouri River. I was trying to get a feel of the river, the speed at which my kayak travels with a specific load and fit of equipment on the kayak. I am planning a much longer trip to St. Louis and wanted to be prepared. Used an awesome Advanced Elements Convertible kayak
  • NRS Sherpa Kayaking Video This is a whitewater kayaking video featuring the new NRS Sherpa Backpack system. Includes footage from the Toxaway, Linville, Green Narrows, Tuckaseegee.
  • Kayaks : Kayak Paddling Tips When paddling a kayak, the hands should be a little farther ahead than the shoulders, they should be even on the paddles and the grip on the paddle should be light. Find out how to paddle backwards, forwards and how to brake in a kayak with help from a whitewater and recreational kayaking instructor in this free video on kayak paddling. Expert: Matt Preye Contact: Bio: Matt Preye has been kayaking for 15 years in both whitewater and recreational kayaks. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
  • Maryland Eco Kayaking Tour All Earth Eco Kayak Tours on the Savage River Reservoir in western Maryland. 3 mile long river reservoir surrounded by the highest mountains in the state and the Big Svage and Middle Fork Wildlands. No development, no power lines, mo motorboats, no rapids, no problems or worries. Tours are guided and designed for all ages and abilities.
  • Airis Inflatable Kayaks Now available at - Loaded with features, yet compact enough to stow in its own backpack, Airis kayaks are the versatile and practical way to get on the water. Made using AirWeb High Pressure Construction, the heavy-duty, seven-layer polymer coated fabric makes it possible to inflate Airis Kayaks up to six times the maximum air pressure of other inflatable kayaks! Explore in coves, dive from it on a snorkeling adventure, or even take it out in surf or rivers. Now you can have fun with you wherever you go!
  • Big Whitewater Kayaking big waves!!
  • Kayak Trip - Kayaking Killarney, Georgian Bay, Canada This is a video of our kayak trip in the Fox Islands near Killarney Canada. This is on the northern tip of Georgian Bay, north of Manitoulin Island. Check out the various rock formations caused by millions of years of erosion. I had the best day of my life on this trip.... Music by Alpinestars - "Burning Up".
  • National Sucking at Kayaking Team Trials ***** NEWS FLASH - FULL LENGTH FOAM BOATER MOVIE AVAILABLE ON DVD AT . ***** Do you have what it takes to suck?
  • freestyle surf kayaking kayaking at nahoon reef
  • Witness the ***ness (kayaking) A video of kayakers getting the *** beat of them on the river... more videos at
  • Snow Kayaking Damon Gold, doing more of his famous stupid human tricks. this video was shot in 1991 but has been re-edited into this youtube tease. but you know this if you have been following my more recent stuff.
  • Sea Kayaking: A Different Kind of Race Typically, sea kayakers dream of calm waters and soft tailwinds. It's preferable to navigate around waves and whirlpools. A team of young adventure kayakers redraws the sport's horizon by seeking out the sea's most turbulent places, called tidal races, and diving right in.
  • Kayaking the Florida Everglades 2009 Joel Beckwith's misadventures in the Everglades. Winter and Spring 2009 with, Kathy Carpenter, Robert Shaw, Mike McCrea and Family, Dave Pauza and Family, Karen Francour, Bill and Mary Burnham, Maine State Sea Kayaking and Florida Bay Outfitters. Music Played by Joel Beckwith. Recorded by Paul Beckwith.
  • Extreme kayaking in New Zealand 3 ***s paddle in one of the most beautiful locations on Earth... New Zealand. Includes footage from the North Island and South Island, with Creeking and Playboating Presented by:
  • Colorado Extreme Kayaking Blow-out Extreme Kayaking. Yule Creek, Big South, Eldorado Canyon, Poudre, Oh be Joyful, Gore Canyon, Clear Creek, Upper Death, North Saint Vrain. This video traces the kayaking adventures of David Finney, Shane Groves and Nathan Silsbee in Colorado. Presented by:
  • How to Kayak : How to do a Forward Stroke while Kayaking Learn how to do the kayak forward paddle stroke, in this free kayaking video tutorial with our own kayaking expert. Expert: Janet Burnett Cowie Contact: Bio: Janet Burnett Cowie has been teaching kayaking since 1982 and is an ACA Swif***er Rescue instructor, tandem and solo canoe instructor and an ACA whitewater kayak instructor trainer. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
  • Wild kayakers nutters
  • Kayaking & Canoeing for Beginners : How to Hold a Kayak Paddle Watch and learn how to hold a paddle when kayaking from our expert in thisfree boating video on kayaking and canoeing for beginners. Expert: Phil Meyer Bio: Phil Meyer started his kayaking career in Colorado in the days when kayaks were made in the backyard out of fiberglass and river trips meant stopping in eddies to duct tape your kayak back together. Filmmaker: Paul Raila

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