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  • Leaf through the Online Scots Dictionary>. — “Leaf through the Online Scots Dictionary”, scots-
  • Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the word kailyaird. If you're sure it's a word, try doing a general web search for kailyaird: Google, AltaVista, other sources. — “Definitions of kailyaird - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Kailyard School ( ) n. A group of Scottish writers, including J.M. Barrie, who made considerable use of Scots dialect in their sentimental and Its name derives from the Scots "kailyaird" or "kailyard", which means a small cabbage patch (see kale) or kitchen garden, usually adjacent to a. — “Kailyard School: Definition from ”,
  • The term kailyaird entered the Scots Language in the 16th century to describe a cabbage Kailyaird' became the derogatory term for a type of heavily sentimental fiction popular. — “Features - Scottish Food, Traditions and Customs - Rhubarb”,
  • A web site devoted to reading, ***yzing, and discussing the best in classic and contemporary poetry. For a bonnet laird wi' a sma' kailyaird Is naethin' but a mockery!. — “Poetry X " Poetry Archives " David Rorie " "The Pawky Duke"”,
  • Repository of traditional Scots literature. Includes poetry and proverbs, songs, plays, and religious works. Much poetry in Scots is of the sometimes sentimental, sometimes quaintly humorous, 'kailyaird' variety. — “ScotsteXt”,
  • Share your videos with friends, family, and the world it's me ettlin for ma kailyaird. The winter duds is out in ilka airt, an fowk eidently cloutin them: hie abune White Imperatour toun, claes-bittles thrang in the gloamin. — “YouTube - baholton's Channel”,
  • The Kailyard school of Scottish fiction was developed about the 1890s as a reaction against what was seen as increasingly coarse writing representing Scottish life complete with all its blemishes. Its name derives from the Scots "kailyaird" or "kailyard", which means a small cabbage. — “Kailyard school - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • What is a kails, definition of kails, meaning of kails, kails anagrams, kails synonyms kailyaird " kailyairds " kailyard. Word lists: All words, By Lenght, Letter Mix, All Unique Letter. Some random words: loided. — “Word kails meaning. Word kails definition. Free crossword”,
  • Kailtail. kailua. author kailua boy. kailuafornia. Kailum. KaiLuna. kailyaird. Kailyn. Kailyn Manion. Kaim. kaiman. Kaimana. kaimen. Kaimi kailyaird isn't defined yet. permalink: Share on. Send to a friend. your email: their email:. — “Urban Dictionary: kailyaird”,
  • Scran is a UK charity with a learning image service: 300,000 images, clip art, movies and sounds from museums, galleries, archives and the media; thousands of learning packs; and web tools to create, design, assemble and distribute. In the foreground is a vegetable plot, or kailyaird. — “Scran - The village of Riasg Buidhe, Colonsay, Argyll, c. 1900”,
  • Facts about kailyard school, A late 19th-century movement in Scottish fiction, the kailyard school was known for its sentimental idealization of humble village life. Its name comes from the Scottish kailyaird, a kitchen garden usually next to a. — “Facts about kailyard school, as discussed in Britannica”,
  • Since the time of the Kailyaird writers, attitudes to the Scots Language have changed greatly. Scots is no longer specifically associated with heartfelt prayers and Kailyaird (and kirkyaird) situations. — “Lallans Magazine”,
  • Words That Start With K ka kaama kaamas kaas kab kabab kababbed kababbing kababs kabaddi kabaddis kabaka kabakas kabala kabalas kabalism kabalisms kabalist kabalists kabar kabars kabaya kabayas kabbala kabbalah kabbalahs kaikais kail kails kailyaird kailyairds kailyard kailyards kaim. — “Most answers gets best answer!? Make up the most words that”,
  • The 'Kailyard school' of Scottish fiction came into being at the end of the nine***th Its name derives from the Scots "kailyaird" or "kailyard" a small cabbage patch usually. — “Kailyard school | ”,
  • Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. You must log in to share "Kailyaird Blether" with your friends. — “Login | Facebook”,
  • I think a connection between Mr. Cutler and the kailyaird really is tangential. kailyaird for No, that wouldn't be the main connection, in my opinion - I think the connection is real, but much deeper!. — “ivor-list : Messages : 320-349 of 3344”,
  • 9 letter words beginning with K: kababbing, kabalisms, kabalists kailyaird. kailyards. kaimakams. kaiserdom. kaiserins. kaiserism. kakemonos. kakiemons. kalamdans. kalamkari. kalanchoe. kalendars. kalewives. kaleyards. kalifates. kalinites. kallidins. kallitype. kalotypes. kalsomine. kalumpits. kalyptras. kamaainas. — “9 letter K words : 9 letter words beginning with K”,
  • DESCRIPTION: "There grows a bonnie brier bush in oor kailyaird, And sweet are the blossoms on't in oor kaildyaird. the joys of courting in the kailyaird, as was first done by Adam. — “Bonnie Brier Bush, The”, csufresno.edu
  • Did you know that Ulster-Scots literature also finds expression in the Kailyard' novel. The term is derived from the Scots kailyaird' or kailyard' which means the small cabbage patch (usually adjacent to a cottage). — “Ulster-Scots Agency - What is Ulster-Scots - Facts - Did you know”,
  • Edinburgh wslang Keech Keek Keeching Keep the heid Kerpet Keys Kinna Glaswegian slang old Scottish words Glasgow Scotland speech how to talk like a Glesga guy online dictionary words speek Scottisd Kailyaird. — “Edinburgh slang Keech Keek Keeching Keep the heid Kerpet Keys”,
  • is a search engine for English words. The dictionary used contains more than 460,000 English words. searches for partial words (both crossword solver and part of word), anagrams, palindromes, words in word, and kailyaird. — “kail :: Information about kail :: ”,
  • Geyan puir she wes, an she haed juist a wee butt an ben for leevin in, wi juist a smaw kailyaird forenent it. An no even the kailyaird did she git til hirsell, for whit soud cum day an daylie but a mukkil gray horse, ti aet up the puir. — “The Lang Tale o the Weidae an hir Thrie Dochters - Scottish”,

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  • Du Fu: "Hairst-time Quicknin" Brian Holton reads his own Scots translation of the first poem in Du Fu's famous sequence, one of his masterpieces, the Chinese title being Qiu Xing. BH is known for being the English voice of Chinese poet Yang Lian. His Scots translations aim to lead the reader into both the extreme strangeness of the Tang culture Du Fu inhabited and the familiar humanity of Du Fu's voice, by employing the distancing effect of written Scots and its powerful intimacy, echoing with the voices of Burns and Dunbar, the vanished world of the classic ballads, and the stories of the fireside. HAIRST-TIME QUICKNIN 1 Nithert bi the dews o the hairst time, the maple shaws is dwynin; on the Carlin Hills an Carlin's Cleuch the air's caller an cauld. The Lang Watter's gowstie jows are lowpin e'en ti the lift, an outowre the border the derk-like yird convoys the drumlie clouds. Chrysanths - twice ti ma ee they bring tears for ither days. Yon coble tethert its leesome lane, it's me ettlin for ma kailyaird. The winter duds is out in ilka airt, an fowk eidently cloutin them: hie abune White Imperatour toun, claes-bittles thrang in the gloamin.

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