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  • The kahawai is a streamlined inshore pelagic fish that normally ranges in size from 40 to 60cm. Young kahawai are often found inside estuaries where they hunt anchovies in murky waters. In the coastal seas, kahawai often mix with trevally and are thus caught as a by-catch of purse-seining for trevally. — “Arripidae - kahawai”, .nz
  • Hello there! kahawai is using Qik to share their world from their mobile phone. Qik, the leading mobile video sharing service, lets you record and share the experience with your friends, family and your favorite social networks (Facebook, Twitter. — “kahawai on Qik | 0 videos recorded with mobile phones”,
  • Kahawai is not a junk fish. It doesn't always have to be smoked. Here is a very easy and incredibly tasty recipe for Kahawai Cajun Style. — “Arline Fishing Charters - Fish Recipes for those Kahawai”, arlinefishingcharter.co.nz
  • Kahawai (Arripis trutta) are a tremendous sportfish; found only in New Zealand and Australia (where for some unknown reason it is called 'salmon' There are few sights that stir the fishing blood more than a school of kahawai in full attack mode. — “Kahawai - truly great sportfish - Part 1”, bishfish.co.nz
  • Find your kahawai pictures at ! We have over a billion indexed images in our directory, and it continually expands. — “kahawai Pictures”,
  • Kahawai are a pelagic school fish of the Arripidae family. Kahawai Fishery. Kahawai are found around the New Zealand coast and are often sighted close to shore, frequently schooling by size. — “Seafood Industry Council - Kahawai”, seafoodindustry.co.nz
  • Kahawai definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Kahawai | Define Kahawai at ”,
  • The Kahawai is a streamlined, in-shore, pelagic fish and when properly bled can make for great eating. Kahawai are mainly a northern species but may be found as far south as Banks Peninsula during the Summer. — “Kahawai”, wildblue.co.nz
  • Encyclopedia article about kahawai. Information about kahawai in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “kahawai definition of kahawai in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • For parents-to-be who want to confidently choose potential names for their baby, Babynamer is the most comprehensive, trusted website. Babynamer provides the deepest and richest name researching experience, more information about names, and. — “Kahawai on BabyNamer”,
  • Currently this is a storage site used to support KahawaiNET webpages. Because no one really works here. And if they did, they wouldn't want to talk to you. — “ :: WELCOME”,
  • TNIFCL supports the setting of TACs for kahawai under Section 13 of the Fisheries Act (the Act) Kahawai has also been a bycatch species and is likely to be under-reported for other methods than purse seining. — “Northern Inshore Kahawai Submission 2004”, option4.co.nz
  • Kahawai Fish species information for fishing Kahawai Fishing Article. Floats for Walleyes. The Ultimate Live Bait Rigging Solution? By Tony Roach with Doc Samson In the "Roach world" pretty much everything revolves around convincing walleyes and other fish to bite. — “Kahawai Fishing - Sport Fishing Fish Species Directory”,
  • Australian salmon or Australasian salmon, known as kahawai in New Zealand, are medium-sized perciform marine fish of the small family Arripidae The Māori of New Zealand, to whom the fish are known as kahawai, koopuuhuri and kooukauka, [3] fish for the salmon in subsistence and customary. — “Australian salmon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Kahawai Nani. 14" x 18" • Pastel. Corporate and private commissions Please inquire about availability of original art. © Patrice Pendarvis 2009. All rights. — “Kahawai Nani by Patrice Pendarvis, Hawaii watercolor artist”,
  • Hula O Kahawai is a hula hui, or a group, based in Ashland Oregon. We present dances old (kahiko) and new ( auana), using ancient and modern interpretations. Hula O Kahawai performs at luaus, parties, and special events. — “Hula O Kahawai - Hawaiian hula dancers of Ashland, Oregon. We”, hula-
  • Kahawai is one of New Zealand's most exciting fly rods fish in sal***er. Large schools of kahawai still abound around the upper half of New Zealand's coastline. These schools can be mixed with deeper layers holding snapper and trevally. — “Saltflyer - fly fishing kahawai”,
  • Kahawai are one of the best fighting fish in the sea. Also called Australian salmon in that couintry. Spinning for Kahawai is hugely popular in New Zealand. Kahawai - Arripis trutta - are powerful fighters when hooked on light lines and spin. — “Kahawai - Arripis trutta - Australian Salmon - Kahawai Lures”, fishingmag.co.nz
  • We found 6 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word kahawai: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "kahawai" is defined. — “Definitions of kahawai - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • As the young kahawai gain size, small fish become a more important After their third year the kahawai outgrow their nursery and move out of the harbours so they have better access to the schools of krill, anchovy,. — “New Zealand Fisherman Magazine”, fishnhunt.co.nz
  • Definition of kahawai in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of kahawai. Pronunciation of kahawai. Translations of kahawai. kahawai synonyms, kahawai antonyms. Information about kahawai in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “kahawai - definition of kahawai by the Free Online Dictionary”,

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  • Kahawai The Gonz paddles his kayak into a school of kahawai on the hunt as he approaches Slipper Island, New Zealand.
  • Fishing for kahawai off the beach at Whitianga, New Zealand On a rainy winter's day a big work-up of birds and kahawai came in close to Buffalo Beach, feeding on baitfish.
  • swimming with kahawai First underwater vid attempt, New Zealands favouite fish. Hen and Chick Islands. Summer of 2010
  • Kahawai Catching Recorded on March 5, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. We are always trolling hoping for some fresh sashimi on the back of The Rock. But this one was a wee bit small so he went back.
  • Kahawai and Snapper fishing in New Zealand from a Jet Ski Fishing from a Jetski in New Zealand, June 2009. Chasing work ups, using soft baits for fishing off a 2009 FX HO Yamaha Waverunner
  • E Pili Kakou E Ho'okahi Lahui " Kahawai" - created at
  • Have a Go with Al Brown - Smoked Kahawai Fishcakes Have a go at catching the big one with your fishing rod and some bait. Help your kids to bait their hooks and cast their line out into the water as far as they can. Wait for the fish to bite and when you think they have hooked one, help them wind in as fast as they can... or if they have no luck, you can always stop at the fish shop on the way home! Check out Al and his friends land a big Kahawai and smoke it on the back lawn before heading back to the kitchen to make their yummy Fishcake creations. Safety Consideration: - Always supervise a child around water and never leave an older child in charge - Watch out for hooks as they can be very sharp, so make sure an adult handles these at all times
  • Surfcasting NZ - Kahawai On Muriwai Young fella catching some..
  • Hula O'Kahawai Ashland Parade, July 4, 2007 You can hear the sound system perfectly!
  • kahawai school feeding on krill. kahawai eating krill off gisborne
  • AND THERES THE KAHAWAI beating fish heart in hand and kick ass powerthirst voice
  • Mike playing a kahawai Mike battles with a kahawai near Cape Maria van Diemen
  • Nz kahawai (aust salmon) on fly catching high jumping kahawai north of auckaland on fly, schools busting up everywhere, a well placed fly into the school would provide the goods. little surf candy flies worked great. also had a blast casting a crease fly surface popping for them, hook ups not as consistent.
  • Baracoutta munches Kahawai Baracoutta munches on a kahawai.
  • thefishingshow Mega Snapper nails live Kahawai This little gem was filmed for the very first episode of the popular New Zealand show; The ITM Fishing Show. It still gets talked about and drooled over by almost every keen snapper fisherman we meet -- check it out for yourself! Check out more epic fishing action at
  • double hookups on kahawai (aust salmon) on fly Me and my bro Mike catching 3-4lb kahawai 'aust salmon' on fly using clousers and surf candy fly's. double hook ups all the way "they were fussy and would only take the smallest fly's size 10 and 8 smelt/bait patterns where the un'doing. continuios and hook ups. they were on!
  • big kahawai (aust Salmon) on fly a couple of good sized kahawai caught on cast clouser in amongst a work up. man these put a bend in a rod! chasing them was fun but the larger they are the faster they move so had to get on them quick and bang quick cast out to get results "LISTEN TO THAT DRAG!" thats as tight as the biocraft reel goes. taste quite good when done in a fish smoker with liquid honey.
  • Mart fishing for Kahawai Mart says Goodbye to big Kahawai Jan 2010 - New Zealand
  • Lisa's Kahawai Jet ski fishing for Kahawai in the Hauraki Gulf.
  • SLTV 7: Squids, Kahawai & Mugwai This week Ronan and Paul, inspired after tying some squid flies, travel with Hair and Bronwyn to St Helens on the East Coast of Tasmania, for a spot of camping and estuary and surf flybashing. You may not know this but sal***er flyfishing is imaginary... and Paul is very good at it.
  • Spearfished two Kahawai with one shot Luck more than anything. www.ronsseacorner.co.nz
  • Species Identification - Kahawai Species ID - Kahawai
  • kahawai and birds working An unexpected Friday off, fishing Whagaparoa, awesome day!!
  • 3019 Kahawai Manoa Valley Honolulu Remodeled Manoa Home in the drier middle part of the valley, close to all shopping, and on a Cul-De-Sac! This one will be snapped up!David Nash (RA)-The Oahu Professional Real Estate Agent on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii! 808 271 2223 mobile Altera Real Estate 2 Minute Vlogs about the Hawaii Real Estate Market. 5 minute professional videos of condos, homes, neighborhoods, and events for people interested in Hawaii real estate. Looking for a home or condo? I am happy to go and capture it for you and post it here and on my webpage:
  • Spearfishing Bue Mao Mao & Kahawai Spearfishing Blue Mao Mao and Kahawai in New Zealand.
  • Kahawai on the Brasier with Jeremy Bartlett 03/09 A Day with Jeremy Bartlett on Waiheke Island. Started off getting some firewood for the brasier around Jeremy's backyard, a skate down at the skatepark and a feasting of Kahawai off the brasier 29/03/09
  • Kahawai Fishing in the Bay of Islands NZ Cruising around the Bay of Islands New Zealand, fishing in a small boat.
  • Jetskifishing - Spring on the Hauraki Gulf, Snapper and Kahawai fishing. Jetskifishing using a Yamaha Waverunner 2009 FX HO, kitted with an "Ultimate Rod Holder" fishing kit. Catching Kahawai and Snapper in the Hauraki Gulf, using Gulp soft baits. Tachyon Helmet Cam used for all filming. Visit www.jetskifishing.co.nz
  • Kahawai Nov 2010 Fishing for Kahawai and Searun Trout at the mouth of the Rakaia River, Canterbury, New Zealand.
  • Kahawai Kahawai, Fish on.
  • Fish 4kg NZ Kahawai on Vaila How I cought a 4kg kahawai in fresh water on a river in New Zealand, using light tackle.
  • Kahawai Caught in the Bay of Islands Recorded on March 4, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. While cruising home from the Bay of Islands on the 4th of March we picked up this Kahawai on one of our trolling lines. A bit small to keep he went back to grow a bit more.
  • Jarrod loosing a fat Kahawai on his Seadoo GTX PWC fishing in New Zealand. Sport fishing on a personal warer craft, using light rod and real combos and soft plastic baits.
  • Bolder Bay Kahawai The huge kahawai school at bolder bay, yes I missed the little fishy
  • trolling for kahawai trolling up some fat kahawai on rapalas
  • Extreme Kahawai work up Not too often you see these nowadays. From the outer Hauraki Gulf, Auckland New Zealand.
  • NZ Kiwi Style Beer Battered Kahawai Fillets And Wedges NZ style beer battered Kahawai and homemade seasoned Potato wedges.
  • kahawai shoal freediving This shoal of kahawai came and visited 3 or 4 times during about an hour in the water at Cable Bay near Nelson New Zealand.
  • Toria Adamson catches Kahawai in the Bay of Islands Toria was on a mission to catch her first fish from a boat. She chose Arline Fishing Charters in the Bay of Islands, NZ. These are some of her fish
  • Kahawai surface feeding on krill at outer Hauraki Gulf, Auckland

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  • “D'lish. New Zealand's food blog site. Fresh kahawai, iki'd and bled immediately upon capture, is perfect for this dish. It has a great taste and the medium-textured flesh works well with the biggish flavours”
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  • “On Friday I posted a blog on the subject of darning inspired by the items of clothing coastal fish were caught with pā kahawai, curved lures traditionally made from a pāua”
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