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  • Kachina dolls from award winning Hopi and Zuni wood carvers Kachina carvings are accurate representations of ceremonial Kachinas and are kept in the homes of religious Hopi and Zuni. — “Hopi & Zuni Kachina Dolls”,
  • Kachina doll crafts - 72 results from 48 stores, including North American Indian Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book, Kachina Doll - Sunface Wooden Skirt - 8 Inch, Golden Keepsakes 12in Porcelain Kachina Indian Doll, Kachina Dolls: The Art of. — “Kachina doll crafts - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • Find Nice ***, Cash Advance and more at Kachina-. Get the best of Debt Consolidation or Insurance, browse our section on Free Credit Report or learn about Cell Phones. Kachina- is the site for Nice ***. — “Nice *** | Cash Advance | Debt Consolidation | Insurance”, kachina-
  • kachina n. Any of numerous deified ancestral spirits of the Pueblo peoples, believed to reside in the pueblo for part of each year. — “kachina: Definition from ”,
  • Hand-Carved Hopi Katsinas, Zuni Kachinas, and Wood Carvings from The Navajo Nation, Hopi Kachina, Hopi Katsina, Hopi Clown, Zuni Kachina, Kachina Doll, Katsina Doll, Hano Clown, Navajo Kachina, Native American, American Indian, Kachina, Katsina,. — “Hopi Kachina Page from Sunshine Studio - Santa Fe Indian”,
  • Breeders of refined miniature horses and rare and adorable Havanese dogs. Welcome to Kachina's. Havanese. The Havanese is truly an enchanting breed. They are a toy breed with immense charm and personality. — “Kachina Miniature Horses & Havanese”,
  • Choose from one of three Kachina Vineyards tasting experiences. Let everyone know about your Kachina experience on our Yelp page! Yes, everyone brags about being green, but this isn't just bragging - we ARE green!. — “Kachina Vineyards”,
  • Kachina House Offers Native American Art, Native American Pottery, Native American Jewelry, Hopi Baskets, Hopi Kachina Dolls, Kachina Dolls, Katsina Dolls And More. — “Native American Art Pottery Jewelry Hopi Kachina Katsina”,
  • The people at have graciously agreed to try to answer all Kachina questions. Thank you again Kachina House!-From the Nest! To describe the various Kachinas listed below, I relied on the knowledge and the work of Barton Wright. — “Native American-Kachina Descriptions”,
  • Kachina dolls in the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. A metal statue signifying a kachina dancer at the Carefree Resort in Carefree, Arizona, US. In later times, the kachina cult has spread to more eastern Pueblos, e.g. from Laguna to Isleta. — “Kachina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Information about the history and significance of Hopi kachinas (katsinas), with links to contemporary Hopi kachina-carvers selling their dolls. — “Kachina Dolls”, native-
  • Navajo and Hopi Kachinas by artists including Keith Torres and Neil David Sr. All kachinas are signed and numbered for authenticity. Save thousands on hopi kachina dolls. — “Navajo & Hopi Kachina Dolls | Low Prices, Popular Aritsts”, kachina-
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about kachina at . Make research projects and school reports about kachina easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “kachina Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • Welcome to . Find sponsored goods and services on Kachina, Kachina Cadillac, Kachina Doll, Best Western Kachina Lodge and more. Related. — “ | Kachina | Kachina Cadillac | Kachina Doll”,
  • The word kachina (kah-chee-nah) has long been used by outsiders to refer to any of the hundreds of spiritual beings central to Hopi religious life as well as to the dolls that depict them. In English, the plural of kachina is kachinas, but in the Hopi language the plural of katsina is katsinam. — “Guide to Hopi Kachina Dolls”, kachina.us
  • In later times, the kachina cult have spread to more eastern Pueblos, The term also refers to the kachina dancers , masked members of the tribe who dress up as kachinas for religious ceremonies, and kachina dolls, wooden dolls representing kachinas which are given as gifts to children. — “Kachina”,
  • Buy kachina, Collectibles items on eBay. Find great deals on Jewelry Watches, Art items and get what you want now!. — “kachina items - Get great deals on Collectibles, Jewelry”,
  • Kachina Country offers you Native American Art, Native American pottery, Hopi Kachina dolls, Navajo rugs, and so much more, come in and experience the Native American heritage!. — “Native American Art, native american pottery, hopi kachina”,
  • Kachina definition, any of various ancestral spirits deified by the Hopi Indians and impersonated in religious rituals by masked dancers. See more. — “Kachina | Define Kachina at ”,
  • Kachina Spirit World your source for genuine Hopi Indian original hand carved wooden Katsina dolls available anywhere. — “Kachina Dolls Kachinas Hopi Indians Katsina Kachina Spirit”,
  • Kachina Boats has been making Custom Powerboats Since 1964. Our boats range in size from our 26 foot Drone all the way to our new 39 foot Patron!. — “Kachina Power Boats - Custom designed powerboats, the way you”,

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  • Return of the Kachinas Almine discusses the return of the Kachinas and interdimensional photography. The stone was found by the oracle Vanessa of the Order of the White Rose in Ireland. The drawing was received by the oracle Eva of the Order of the Serpent in Canada.
  • Flying is fun!!! Varga Kachina 3000 ft cloud surfing :-) Flying the Varga Kachina ... 3000ft with awesome Harvard Fly by !!! You can see a green part of Belgium and Antwerp city from above.
  • Hopi Kachina Dolls....Documentary To purchase this film...( Download, DVD, or NTSC VHS)... Email.... [email protected] ..... Hopi Kachina dolls From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kachina Dolls Hopi Kachina Dolls, (also known as tithu) are effigies made of cottonwood that embody the characteristics of the ceremonial Kachina, the masked spirits of the Hopi Indian tribe. According to the Hopi, Kachina dolls are objects meant to be treasured and studied, and are not to be considered idols of worship or children's toys. Contents [hide] 1 History and Background 1.1 Cultural Context 1.2 History of the Kachina Doll 1.2.1 Early Traditional (1850--1910) 1.2.2 Late Traditional (1910--1930) 1.2.3 Early Action (1930--1945) 1.2.4 Late Action (1945 -- present) 1.3 Kachina Dolls Today 2 Kachina Doll Features 2.1 General Features 2.2 Facial Features 2.3 Costumes and Accessories 2.4 Symbolism and Color 2.5 How to Determine a Well-Made, Authentic Kachina Doll 2.6 Popular Kachina Dolls 3 How To Make Kachina Dolls 4 Notes 5 References [edit]History and Background [edit]Cultural Context The Hopi Indians live primarily on three mesas in Northeastern Arizona, about 70 miles from Flagstaff, Arizona. The Hopi believe that the majority of spirits (Kachinas) reside on the Humphreys Peak, approx. 60 miles West of Hopi lands. Each year, throughout the period from winter solstice to mid-July, these spirits, in the form of Kachinas, come down to the villages to dance and sing, to bring rain for the upcoming harvest, and to give ...
  • Varga Kachina Flying The Varga Kachina flying at Thunderfoot Ranch. Take off, fly-by and landing.
  • Kachina Dolls Kachina Dolls at the Multi-cultural Festival in Biloxi, MS
  • The Kachina Series- Basic Understandings The Kachina traditions and ceremonies
  • Hopi Kachina dolls Kachina dolls represent the masked male dancers called Kachinas. Kachina dancers represent spirits, often animals or abstract ideas, that carry the prayers of the Hopi people back to the spirit world. The Kachina spirits are believed to live on certain sacred mountain peaks in the Southwest. Ceremonies are held during the Hopi religious calender, from December to mid July. There are five major ceremonies lasting nine days each. The Kachinas dance in the plaza and from Kiva to Kiva, giving the dolls and other gifts to the children. The Hopi people sprinkle corn pollen on the dancers as they pass by, offering prayers and exchanging blessings before the spirits return to their mountain homes. Traditionally, Kachina dolls are carved from a single piece of cottonwood tree root. These roots are light and sturdy, making them an excellent material for carving. Starting with a rough log of cottonwood root, the artist begins carving out the basic shape of the doll. As the work progresses, finer details begin to appear. When the artist is finished carving, the doll is painted with the appropriate colors of the Kachina it represents. Kachina dolls are believed to posses some of the power of its spirit likeness. About the pictures of this video: Born in Minnesota on Feb. 9, 1899, Homer H. Boelter moved to Los Angeles in 1921. For 37 years he operated the Boelter Lithography Company. He died there on Jan. 19, 1977. Boelter was a skilled wood engraver and a master of lithographic ...
  • Kachina Peak, Taos Hiking and skiing Kachina Peak, Taos, NM. Music: Work by Jars of Clay
  • Kachina - The Art of Alfred Dawahoya - Music Video DVD Full one hour DVD available at Experience the mystical world of the Kachina through the art of Hopi artist Alfred Dawahoya, with the music of Ancient Brotherhood from "Where The Earth Touches The Stars"...Since the middle of the 19th century, Kachinas have attracted the attention and fascination of people everywhere. Today, some people collect them as curios or objects of art. Others collect them because the Kachinas somehow seem to give them a kind of spiritual link into a world about which they know very litle...Amazon Review: 5 Star - "This DVD is exactly as advertised. It is quite unique and a welcomed addition to my Kachina collection and reference library. If you collect Kachinas, you may also find this an interesting addition to your collection.".
  • Dr. Joanne Cacciatore of ASU receives the Hon Kachina Award Dr. Joanne Cacciatore of Arizona State University receives the Hon Kachina Award on behalf of the MISS Foundation In October of 2007, Dr. Joanne Cacciatore of Arizona State University received the prestigious Hon Kachina Award. This award was for her work as CEO and Founder of the MISS Foundation, an international nonprofit organization that bring aid, hope, and comfort to families facing the death of a child. "Joanne has been extremely dedicated to her volunteer work, and I am impressed with her compassion for helping families in their time of grief," said John Hepburn, dean of the College of Human Services. "She has served as an invaluable link between ASU's Social Work department and the community of practitioners with professional interests in treating loss and bereavement." Dr. Cacciatore believes that with a compassionate supportive community that does not rage to cure them of the uncurable, grieving parents can slowly find joy and purpose again in their lives. "It's important for people experiencing trauma to have permission to do what they must do to become who they must become."
  • Kachina House Sedona, Arizona The largest selection of Native American crafts in Northern Arizona is at kachina House - warehouse store. Choose from hundreds of authentic Hopi and Navajo Kachina dolls. Pottery of all kinds - Navajo horse hair and Red Clay, Acoma etched, Hopi, and Santa Clara. Bows, quivers, shields, ceremonial masks, and more. All made by native Americans using ancient skills and traditions. Unbelievable savings! Kachina house Warehouse store on Hopi Drive. Sedona TV Red Rock TV www.sedona.tv
  • V2500 Ophiuchus - Blue Kachina? Nibiru? Hercolubus? It is said that it will begin when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. Which partly relates to a certain ceremonial dance involving a specific religious mask from what I understand. It is however also explained as an actual solar object. First it would be represented in dances and later seen in the sky by all peoples of the Earth. The Hopi ceremonies will supposedly no longer be carried out once the "Kachina" removes his mask. This will be during a dance in the plaza that is held before uninitiated children. In all likelihood that may refer to one of the dances allowed to be viewed by white tourists. Although for a while there will be no more ceremonies, eventually the 'Oraibi' will be rejuvenated with new faith and new ceremonies, marking the start of a new cycle of life. www.sky- 2012
  • Sebastian Lutz - Kachina (bouq004) Sebastian Lutz with his debut on his own label bouq.records. Not only children love this song :)! To be found on "bouq.family and friends EP"
  • altMD: South Florida Aromatherapy Kachina Herbs South Florida Aromatherapy Kachina Herbs, alternative and complementary medicine shop, opens its doors with handmade healing cleansers, salves, essential oils, and medicinal mushroom teas.
  • Kachina Peak Hike to Kachina Peak, Taos Ski Valley, NM
  • Kachina dolls :: their meanings and traits Eagle - Represents strength & power. He is the ruler of the sky and the messenger to the heavens. Hoop Dancer - Amuses the audience of a major ceremony. The rings represent the circle of life. Hemis - A beautiful Kachina which represents happiness of a successful harvest. Wolf - Hunter, uses his knowledge to find and capture game animals. Ogre - White Ogre represents good. Black ogre threatens small children who are naughty. Bear - Represents great power to cure the sick. Owl - Beneficial to agriculture because of his destruction to rodents. Symbolizes intelligence & wisdom. Deer - Dances to increase his kind for plenty to eat for the future. Bean - Dances for a plentiful crop of beans. Ram - Much like all game animals, dances for increase of its kind and has power over the rain. Snow - Brings snow and cold weather essential to the growth of crops. Badger - Cures the sick, prayers for the growth of healing herbs are given to him. Priest Killer - He is referred to by the non-Hopi people as the Priest Killer because he carried out the beheading of the priest during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. The pueblo Inidans of New Mexico and Arizona revolted against the Catholic Church in order to retain and have the freedom of practicing their own religion. Lizard - Fighting Kachina, brings sweethearts together. Chief - Ancient Kachina, represents great power of knowledge. Old Man - Grandfather Kachina, sings songs for a successful growing season. Spotted Corn - Aides in the pollination ...
  • Skiing Kachina Peak Descent of Kachina Peak at Taos Ski Valley, NM. I skied part of Main Street and then cut into Hunzikers Chute.
  • John Casablancas Fashion show fearturing Kachina A 12 year old model named Kachina at her fashion show from graduating John Casablancas modeling school. PLEASE WATCH THIS TYRA!!!
  • How To Identify Early Hopi and Zuni Kachina Dolls Tips on how to identify early Navajo and Zuni Kachinas through the eyes of art dealer Mark Sublette owner of Medicine Man Gallery in Tucson and Santa Fe. Sublette a collector of early dolls shares his expertise gained through his profession as an art dealer. He has specialized in antique Native American art for the last twenty years.
  • Kachina Review Joe Steadman reviews Kachina, from Bucephalus Games. For more reviews, go to
  • Kachina The native American Indians said that the Gods came down from the skies and taught them many things. They called them Kachina.
  • Our Binary Star - Nibiru, The Red Kachina and Planetary Changes. This is my first YT upload and it's a compilation I have put together regarding what I think based on my research and that of others are the causes behind the intense planetary changes we are experiencing. Some call it Nibiru others know it as the Red Kachina but what ever it is we are going to be changed as a civilisation whether we are ready for it or not. I feel at this time we must reconnect with our Earth Mother and this means feeling gratitude and love for all that she provides for us. It can be as simple as walking through a forest, smelling a pretty flower or marvelling at her beauty but it is imperative we remove ourselves from the illusionary reality of the modern world. Peace and Blessings.
  • Hopi Kachina Maker & Artist Dedicated to my late friend Jim Buick who believed in the preservation of art and the artists that make it. If you enjoy it or any of my over 650 presentations all that I ask from you is to tell your friends and welcome to my show. joelsamuelpresents
  • Aggression - Kachina Dolls
  • Kachina Dolls, Native American Jewelry Shows a few kachina dolls, wall decor, arts , jewelry
  • The Hopi Blue Kachina/Red Kachina Prophecy We should all heed the warnings handed down to us by our elders. The Hopi have seen the coming of the Red Kachina, our binary star that is on it's way back towards us. Events as we have been witnessing is only the beginning of the changes our planet and all upon it are about to experience. When the Red Kachina paints our skies with red the colour of blood we will know that the purifying will begin. I encourage anyone interested to message me or leave me comments on their thoughts regarding these times. I think know if ever is a time we drop our borders and become one people...these times will touch us all. Peace and Blessings. Music: Raptamei Pi by ESPosthumus Hopi Prophecy: More indepth explanation of the Hopi Prophecies: Inspired by:
  • Red Kachina Hopi Prophecy, Pole Shift, Sept, 26, 2011 The Brown Dwarf Nibiru/Planet X is the Red Kachina of Hopi Prophecy that is currently between Jupiter orbit and Mars orbit traveling at 100000 miles per hour towards our inner solar system for a tight turn around the Sun at Mercury orbit. This Brown Dwarf Nibiru/Planet X Timeline information is taken from the NASA orbit data for the ELEnin Comet ... ssd.jpl.nasa.gov ... that is a Govt Psyop Cover Story for the incoming Brown Dwarf that will come into Sun, Earth, Dwarf alignment/conjunction on March 15, 2011, when Nibiru Earth Change Symptoms are expected to escalate out of control. This is the Govt Psyop Date sent out in many warning videos in the Alex Jones/David Beach DoD/State Dept Counterintelligence Unit Sting Operation that enables Google to shut down my original youtube account; like you see all over the internet. In reality, Nibiru is still too far away to assume Earth polarity control from the Sun at the March 15, 2011 conjunction; which represents the 'first shaking' of Hopi Prophecy. The actual Geological Pole Shift Event is expected to take place beginning September 26, 2011 at the second conjunction/alignment, when Nibiru passes between the Sun and Earth only 0.396 AU (36.8 million miles) from our planet. The Geological Pole Shift Reversal is expected to begin on November 22, 2011 at the third conjunction, when Nibiru relinquishes Earth polarity control back to the Sun; as Nibiru races away from our inner solar system. Most of us ...
  • Kachina Clip 1 Opening sequence of "Hopi Kachina Doll"
  • Arizona Trail- Kachina Wilderness Arizona Trail for Fibromyalgia- www.aztrail4 On the Kachina Trail in the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff
  • Kachina Apartments For Rent - Chandler, AZ Chandler apartments - Kachina apartments for rent in Chandler, AZ.Get into the swing of things! Call 866.476.2877 or Visit for apartment prices, pictures, videos, floorplans, availability. Welcome to Kachina Apartments, a great place to call home. Our property features lush landscaping in a quiet, peaceful environment. Amenities include a fully outfitted fitness center, a heated recreational pool, an Olympic size lap pool, a therapeutic spa, a luxurious clubhouse with a fireplace, covered picnic ramadas and gas grills. You will enjoy the spacious apartments and wonderful neighbors. This gated community is professionally managed with excellent management and maintenance staff. Call our leasing office today for more information on your new home at Kachina Apartments.
  • AP Warning about March Alignment & Blue Kachina Visiblility Dates No joke. This is it. Blue Kachina is the Hopi Tribe warning that Earth's cleansing is about to happen. We will see it March 1-10. ssd.jpl.nasa.gov ssd.jpl.nasa.gov
  • Kachinas at the Heard Museum Kachinas at the Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Kachina Kachina .. the messenger of the star(s) the mediator between the earth and the star(s) note: The KACHINA of the Hopi The KAHINA of the Amazigh The KAHUNA of the Hawaiian The KACHINA of the Wodaabe or Bororo living in Niger, in the Sahel region south of the Sahara In the documentation WODAABE of Werner Herzog one elder tells, that they descend from the KACHINA .. in the undertitles you will read Kajauri .. (but spoken exactly as KACHINA ... with accent on the first syllable)
  • 2008 Kachina Boats DRONE 34 180000 in Chandler, AZ 2008 Kachina Boats DRONE 34 180000 in Chandler, AZ for sale on :
  • HOPI BLUE STAR PROPHECY An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". This will be the Day of Purification. The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask.
  • Kachinas Pulong-pulong
  • 1992 Kachina Jet Boat Cruising the lakes of Arizona.
  • Kachina Hall, Antelope Valley Indian Museum Silent tour of the central hall of the Antelope Valley Indian museum. After this video was shot in 2007, the exhibits and objects were removed for building stabilization. www.avim.parks.ca.gov
  • kachina clip solfeggio healing frequencies played on solfeggio crystal bowls in Boynton Canyon Sedona ( by Blue )
  • Look Up - Blue Kachina - Red Kachina Hopi Prophecy A perhaps Boarding procedure Prophecies index Safe zones during the Pole Shift "Zeta Talk" God Bless
  • Red Dwarf Star Hercolubus Barnard's Star Kachina Scientists, telescope hunt massive hidden object in space You know how you sometimes can sense that something is present even though you can't see it? Well, astronomers are getting that feeling about a giant, hidden object in space. And when we say giant, we mean GIANT. Evidence is mounting that either a brown dwarf star or a gas giant planet is lurking at the outermost reaches of our solar system, far beyond Pluto. The theoretical object, dubbed Tyche, is estimated to be four times the size of Jupiter and 15000 times farther from the sun than Earth, according to a story in the British paper The Independent. Astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel Whitmire from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette think data from NASA's infrared space telescope WISE will confirm Tyche's existence and location within two years. The presence of such a massive object in the solar system's far-flung Oort Cloud could explain a barrage of comets from an unexpected direction, according to a December article at . Its 27 million-year orbit could also explain a pattern of mass extinctions on Earth, scientists say. Brown dwarfs are cold "failed" stars; their dimness and lack of heat radiation can make them hard to detect. Gas giants are huge planets -- like Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune -- that are made up of gases and may lack a solid surface like Earth's. Whitmire told The Independent that Tyche will probably be composed of hydrogen and helium and have colorful spots, bands and clouds ...

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