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  • Kabaka is the title of the king of the Kingdom of Buganda. According to the traditions of the Baganda they are ruled by two kings, one spiritual and the other material. The spiritual, or supernatural, king is represented by the Royal Drums. These. — “Kabaka of Buganda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • During this time also, the Kabaka did not fall short in impressing African leaders with of Trade, but could never figure out from where and how the Kabaka got his supplies?. — “commentaries . opinions . discourses”,
  • Aspects of the topic kabaka are discussed in the following places at Britannica. autocratic but progressive kabaka (ruler) of the African kingdom of Buganda at a crucial time in its history, when extensive contacts with Arabs and Europeans were just. — “kabaka (African kingship) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Welcome to . The Kabaka group is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to Kabaka players and you can visit us at any of the following websites: , or www.CT-. — “Welcome to the ”,
  • Definition of kabaka in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of kabaka. Pronunciation of kabaka. Translations of kabaka. kabaka synonyms, kabaka antonyms. Information about kabaka in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “kabaka - definition of kabaka by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The provisions of the agreement made recognition of the Kabaka and his government conditional upon their loyalty to the Governor; the Buganda The agreement had turned the Kabaka into a servant of the colonial state because he could not do anything political without the approval of the. — “EnterUganda”,
  • In the midst of difficulties and perplexities innumerable, messengers arrived at Kagei from Kabaka Muteesa bringing an invitation to his kingdom. Read More. The Camels and the Tent Owners. The Independence Constitution of 1962.The Secretary of. — “Kabaka Yekka Online”,
  • The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, has called off the controversial visit to Kayunga to preside In a statement read on national radio, President Yoweri Museveni insisted that the Kabaka would not be allowed to set foot in Kayunga unless he got the agreement from. — “The Observer - Kabaka calls off Kayunga visit”, observer.ug
  • South African Airway, South Africa, South Africa Safari, South African Safari, South Africa Flight. About Us | Privacy Policy | Site Map. Copyright © 2010 . All Rights Reserved. — “ | Uganda Newspapers | Uganda Entebbe Hotel”,
  • 05 February 2008. Kabaka Daudi Chwa's will before death in 1930. read more. 06 February 2008 by the political party of Kabaka Yekka. read more. Program Line Up. — “Kabaka Yekka”,
  • On behalf of all the Baganda Community in United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Nsambu - Musisi conveyed condolences to the Kabaka for the tragic loss of Major Richard Carr-Gomm and Edith Mabel Nakazaana who have been very instrumental in the. — “KABAKA MUTEBI IN LONDON”, buganda.or.ug
  • One of the musical architects of Kenya's burgeoning recording industry of the 1960s, Daudi Kabaka, passed away on November 26, 2001, two days short of his 62nd birthday. Kabaka's music and lyrics captured the spirit of a newly independent Kenya. — “Daudi Kabaka”, enchanted-
  • PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has disclosed that Kabaka Ronald Mutebi offered to join the NRA rebels in Luweero in the early eighties to fight the Obote regime. We agreed with the Kabaka that traditional institutions should be restored because they would be a tool of consolidating Uganda's national unity. — “New Vision Online : Kabaka wanted to join rebels”, newvision.co.ug
  • OPEN LETTER FROM KABAKA'S REPRESENTATIVES IN NORTH AMERICA TO BUGANDA POST July 28, 2010 We, the Kabaka's Representatives in North America (Canada and the USA), would like to respond to your article entitled "Questions as Moses Wilson Thanks Kabaka's Representatives" published on July 25,2010. — “Buganda Post | Baganda News Source”,
  • Above: Daudi Kabaka posing with guitar at Melodica Music Store, Nairobi, August, 2000. Kabaka's music and lyrics captured the spirit of a newly independent Kenya and chronicled daily life and the changing social. — “Daudi Kabaka: King of the Kenyan Twist”,
  • It is common knowledge that the Kabaka is loved and revered in Buganda. Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, travelling in a cream Land Cruiser with a Buganda emblem, followed by police patrols, often made. — “When Kabaka visited Wakiso”, independent.co.ug
  • Daudi Kabaka music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Daudi Kabaka on Yahoo! Music. — “Daudi Kabaka on Yahoo! Music”,
  • CC Kabaka Interior Design & Home Decor - Philadelphia, PA Make your dreams a reality! We are a full service Interior Design firm offering the highest professionalism and some of the best talent in the industry. We also offer a line of natural. — “CC Kabaka Interior Design & Home Decor - Home”,
  • The Kabaka's Education Fund (KEF) was first established in 1955 during the reign of Sir Edward Muteesa II, with the major purpose of helping the needy but bright students in the Kingdom of Buganda to attain higher education. The Kabaka's Education Fund was established to improve the quality of. — “Kabaka's Education Fund”,
  • As Ssabataka, Kabaka is the unprejudiced leader of all Baganda clans and their heads (abataka). The office of Kabaka is not hereditary but only a prince of Buganda (mulangira) can become Kabaka, the highest priority being given to the sons of the passing Kabaka. — “About the Kabaka”,

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  • Kabaka treks to Butambala for 17th Jubilee For the first time since the deadly September 2009 riots, Buganda King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has spoken out. Kabaka Mutebi urged his subjects to work as a unit to bring an end to what he referred to as the persecution of his people.
  • Kabaka Mutebi turns 55 In the African tradition, a Kings birthday is marked by a feast, but modernity has changed the way such occasions are celebrated.
  • Kabaka Mutebi's new year treat The Central Broadcasting Service Radio that was put off air for inciting violence organized a two year (2009/2010) event code-named Enkuuka which had the Kabaka as chief Guest.
  • NEW ! Kabaka - Seek Knowledge [ TOUGHER LOVE RIDDIM 2009 ] ENJOY
  • Kabaka's iCraft Building Tutorial - Ep. 1 - Basic Structure Episode 1 of my iCraft MInecraft tutorials series. In this video, we make a very simple structure using a few of iCraft's simple commands.
  • Museveni, Kabaka standoff breeds chaos The sour relation ship btn the Central government & Mengo is headed for the worst as Buganda Loyalists hold violent Protests.
  • Kabaka Mutebi II. King of Buganda Dancing Amagunjju for the King
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  • KABAKA - ENEMY LINES - ENEMY LINES RIDDIM (BEBBLE ROCK MIX) Here is the original version mixed at Bebble Rock Studios
  • Daudi Kabaka - Mchumba Wangu Nice Classic.
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  • Kabaka-Museveni meeting details cagey It has been described as a meeting for future meetings, but few details are coming out of todays encounter between President Museveni & Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II. The meeting that took place at State House Entebbe and attended by officials from government and the Mengo establishment, agreed to further dialogue to find solutions to mutual problems.
  • His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda. Museveni Opens a War on Buganda!!! CBS radio shut off The so called fake sabanyala, is trying to step in the way of the King. Most likely backed by the NRM government's dictator, Museveni, (Yes, whether you believe it or not, he is a dictator, and he knows it too. that is why he has put more resources to try and keep himself in power, than do what he was voted for. I can't count how many spies he pays...) These guys were trying to stop the Kabaka from visiting Bugerere. Kulwomukaaga luno, abantu bbona, mugende muwerekere Ssabasajja Kabaka wa Buganda, Sseggwanga Musota Nantawetwa, nga alambula essaza lye eri eBugerere, nako ka sabanyala akeyise baker kimeeze, twagala nako tukatunulire mumaso nga batugana okuyingira Bugerere.
  • Daudi Kabaka- Mlofa Mmoja Mmmh! Nice Old Skool
  • Sabasajja Kabaka wa Buganda Ssabasajja agenda kulabikako eri Obuganda natte, wakati mu sanyu, ate mu kunyolwa eri abo abatayagaliza buganda birungi, nga aba NRM!!! Abetuga, temwetugira ku munyanya olwokuba kibalumye, mugende mwetugire ku muti gwomuyembe nakyo tukimanye! Eh!
  • KATONDA KUUMA KABAKA by Fred Sebbaale Kadongo Kamu @ Afroberliner ugandan music KATONDA KUUMA KABAKA BY FRED SSEBBALE is yet another HD Ugandan Video release. For Audio files, visit our jukebox on
  • Kabaka, US Envoy discuss September riots The American Ambassador to Uganda Jerry Lanier paid a courtesy visit to the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mwenda Mutebi at his palace in Banda. The meeting that discussed the Buganda-Kayunga riots was attended by the Buganda Premier JB Wasulusimbi, and Attorney General Apollo Makubuya.
  • TOUGHER LOVE RIDDIM MIX - MUNGA, LEO-TAN, KABAKA & RUSHAN BY DJ AE Tougher Love Riddim Mix By Dj ae Tracklist: 01. Munga - After 7 02. Leo-tan - So Ridiculous 03. Kabaka - Seek Knowledge 04. Rushan - Jah Bless Me On My Journey
  • Kanyimbire Kabaka If you love Buganda Kingdom, automatically you love his majesty the King of Buganda - Ronald Muwenda Mutebi. Watch this video by Mesarch Ssemakula
  • Buturo calms Nation over Kabaka's remarks Government has responded to the remarks made by Buganda King Muwenda Mutebi to the effect that his subjects were being persecuted. Dr. James Nsaba Buturo, the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity says there is no cause for alarm since President Yoweri and the Kabaka are on talking terms and can resolve any emerging or outstanding issues.
  • Third World - AIYE-KETA (Steve Winwood, Remi Kabaka, Abdul Amao).wmv
  • Kampala riot Uganda Kabaka Kampala riot Uganda Kabaka
  • i3y second [email protected] ikatlongyugto, hiphop style
  • Mwali Kabaka. by Moto Man (Kasirye Ahmed) From(Real Doctor's Crew) Mwali Kabaka ( Means the king is in) its in Luganda language from African continent and from a country called Uganda. It Means that, the king of Buganda is in to lead his people in which some of the name anarrated in the 1st verse are showing the respect given to a king of Buganda. This song was composed by Kasirye Ahmed for the good of leaders to know where they belong and also for people who would like to know more about Buganda counties and their leaders in which they were all anarrated within with their different titles they are entitled to. This can help people who are out side Uganda to learn much and to see some of the county leaders those whom we managed to get and photos. It's educative song which can lead people back to find their routes as well as its not political. It is produced in a cultural way with Kiganda dance. This is produced by Producer George from Water Bus Studio (Audio) and BOCAT Studio (Video) This song is dedicated to all people who are willing to protect their culture, have love for what they are, believe in their different colours and culture without racism. This is because you are to remain as you were created without changing.
  • Kabaka Mutebi's City tour excites Traders Business stood still in downtown Kampala as a mammoth crowd welcomed Buganda King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi on his visit to Kikuubo and Kisekka market traders.
  • Young Diction Ft IYAZ and Kabaka Pyramid - Eyes of the winner.avi Island
  • Kabaka assesses Tombs damage The Kabaka of Buganda Muwenda Mutebi toured the scene to see for himself the extent of the damage that was caused by the fire last night. The Kabaka was received by a tumultuous and emotional crowd that was earlier dispersed by military police shortly before President Museveni arrived at the scene.
  • daudi kabaka john nzenze kenyan style 12am twist KISWAHILI TWIST
  • State relents on Kabaka's tour of Kayunga A year after his blockade to Kayunga District, the government is giving the Kabaka of Buganda the green light to tour the district. Internal Affairs minister Kirunda Kivejinja told journalists at the Media Centre here in Kampala that the Kabaka had received a nod from the government, about his impending trip to Kayunga.
  • Mbaga ye Kabaka
  • Opotopo (Easy Kabaka Brown) - Agboho Opotopo never disappoints and this track is no exception!!! This band, ever so consistently, puts out solid groove after groove and this uplifting track is from the NigeriaSpecial 2: Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds, & Nigerian Blues 1970-6 [ reedumful's channel is dedicated to playing only the best in Afro Beat, Afro Funk, and African Rhythms. Tons of rare and eclectic joints will be uploaded for all of you to enjoy! ] ( REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!! )
  • African Woman - played by Remi Kabaka, Wadada Khufu and Crazy Tomes "African Woman" played by Remi, Wadada, and Tomes! At a fundraiser for the organization Mothers 2 Mothers. Crazy Tomes (guitar): Originally from Israel, Crazy Tomes has shared the stage with such legends as Honeyboy Edwards, Little Richard, Koko Taylor and Dave Mason. He currently plays with several bands in the LA area, including the rock band "Arrest My Sister" along with Wadada, which through its music promotes diversity and inclusion for people with disabilities. Wadada Khufu (guitar): Born in DC, Wadada has been playing festivals around the world for the last 30 years. In addition to his own music, which is a unique fusion of Reggae, Jazz, Blues and Funk, Wadada has also played with great artists such as Lauryn Hill and Robbie Krieger of The Doors. Remi Kabaka (talking drum): Internationally known master drummer, Remi was born in Nigeria and has played and recorded with The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Hugh Masekela and many others. His style has influenced many musicians, particularly in the Afro-Rock and Jazz genres, and his talents are featured on hundreds of recordings during the last 45 years.
  • Kabaka Pyramid - Empty Souls Bebble Rock recording artist Ronny Pyramid delivers the doctrine from the Lost Papyrus...Check out the Bebble Team at /bebbleteamproductions /ronnypyramid
  • Opotopo (Easy Kabaka Brown) - Belema Another wonderful Opotopo track for you all to enjoy from the NigeriaSpecial: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds, & Nigerian Blues compilation release. [ reedumful's channel is dedicated to playing only the best in Afro Beat, Afro Funk, and African Rhythms. Tons of rare and eclectic joints will be uploaded for all of you to enjoy! ] ( REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!! )
  • King Freddie - The Kabaka of Uganda 1942 Some archive footage of the crowning of Edward Mutesa II. on November 19th.-20th. 1942. Many thanks to "www.swp-" for letting me use authentic music from one of their CD's
  • Daudi Kabaka - Bachelor Boy

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  • “You are invited to blog on this site. By this, you agree to use the Monitor Online Community only for lawful purposes and in a way that does not and the Kabaka of Buganda has been slated for Wednesday, officials at Mengo have confirmed.The long awaited”
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