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  • The accuracy of the younger adults in identifying jittered speech in noise was simi then at +4 dB S:N, followed by jittered sentences at +8 and. then at +4 dB S:N. In session two, they heard. — “Temporal jitter disrupts speech intelligibility: A simulation”, psyc.queensu.ca
  • The third step though requires a little further discussion, as jittered density plots may be unfamiliar to many. 4) Use the jittered density plot to identify bands of activation for. — “What the #$*%”, ucs.louisiana.edu
  • Acronym Finder: JIT stands for Jittered In the construction of Figure 2, to avoid overlapping of data points, the temperatures (but not the CPUEs) were jittered, that is, a small amount of uniform random noise was added to the temperature measurements (Cleveland, 1993). — “JIT - Jittered”,
  • measurement, the edge of the jittered clock. aligns with the edge of the jittered clock from the nearest edge of the. ideal clock, because the edge of the. — “Understanding Jitter Requirements of PLL-Based Processors”, ***
  • jittered-textured set: 6 classes (including one background class) random perturbation, natural background textures at fixed disparity. jittered-cluttered set: 6 classes (including one background class), random perturbation, highly cluttered. — “"CBLL, Research Projects, Computational and Biological”, cs.nyu.edu
  • The counter is incremented on a falling edge of pulses of a timing pulse signal, nominally 6.176 Mhz, that coincides with a pulse of a jittered, nominally 1.554 Mhz, clock pulse signal derived from a jittered T1 signal applied to the input of the apparatus. — “Dejitterizer method and apparatus”,
  • This is achieved by assembling sampling patterns that are stratified in the sense of jittered pendent realization of the sampling scheme was used. Trajectory splitting for jittered and Latin hyper. — “Efficient Multidimensional Sampling”, uni-
  • Definition of jittered in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jittered. Pronunciation of jittered. Translations of jittered. jittered synonyms, jittered antonyms. Information about jittered in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “jittered - definition of jittered by the Free Online”,
  • 3D Graphics research provides the intellectual property to enable graphic utility: defined as the systems, services, and appliances for new media types of 3D real and imaginary worlds. GridJitter: supersamples jittered from uniform supersample grid, uniformly distributed random jitter within. — “HP Labs : Research : MMSL : Projects : 3D Graphics : Antialiasing”,
  • The Jittered sampler requires that num_samples be a perfect square. void Jittered::createSamples. Vector2 * samples, int. num_samples, MTRand * rand, bool. — “galileo: Jittered Class Reference”, cs.utah.edu
  • Welcome to the Home page of the future website for. . Administrator, to get started with building your new website, edit this page with any HTML editor or follow these Quick Start steps to begin: To create a website, do one of the following:. — “Netfirms, Free Web Hosting, Domain Names for Small Business”,
  • Learning and filtering via simulation: smoothly jittered particle filters We give a novel ***ysis of the SIR algorithm and ***yse the jittered generalisation of SIR, showing that existing implementations of jittering lead to marked inferior. — “EconPapers: Learning and filtering via simulation: smoothly”,
  • His hands jittered on his stomachHis lips were smacking as though he tasted something 327 particularly goodAnd his eyes looked as they had outside the. — “His hands jittered on his stomachHis lips were... | zhang122”, zhang122
  • The open notebooks of Joseph Francis. Jittered Tiles. January 2, 2005 5:43 PM | 4 Comments. Continuous noise in red and green, when applied to the offsetU and offsetV attributes of a tiled UV map, can create the impression of "digital ripple glass. — “Jittered Tiles - digital Artform”,
  • [edit] Verb. jittered. Simple past tense and past participle of jitter. /wiki/jittered" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “jittered - Wiktionary”,
  • Jittered Density Plot. A jittered density plot is a simple graph that illustrates the distribution of a number of data points along a dimension. Jittered density plots have been very useful in the interpretation of the internal structure of multilayer perceptrons that are composed of value units. — “University of Alberta Dictionary of Cognitive Science”, bcp.psych.ualberta.ca
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Jittered - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of jittered in the Medical Dictionary. jittered explanation. Information about jittered in Free online English dictionary. What is jittered? Meaning of jittered medical term. What does jittered mean?. — “jittered - definition of jittered in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • We give a novel ***ysis of the SIR algorithm and ***yse the jittered generalisation of SIR, showing that existing implementations of jittering lead to marked inferior behaviour over the base SIR algorithm. We show how jittering can be designed to improve the performance of the SIR algorithm. — “Learning and filtering via simulation: smoothly jittered”,
  • The data can then be `de-jittered' even if the original ***ogue recording is unavailable. Possible simple solutions to the problem involve either searching for the shift between lines that maximizes the correlation between them or averaging lines. — “CHAPTER 5 : LINE REGISTRATION FOR JITTERED VIDEO”, mee.tcd.ie
  • The Polymorph Engine is of course one example of this, but there is another case where NVIDIA has done something interesting on the backend: jittered sampling. Jittered sampling is a long-standing technique used in shadow mapping and various post-processing techniques. — “NVIDIA's GF100: Architected for Gaming - AnandTech :: Your”,
  • tinuous reconstructed signal from the jittered sampled signal. and not the error occurs in [10] B. Liu and T. P. Stanley, "Error Bounds for Jittered Sam. — “SNR IN WSS JITTERED SAMPLED SIGNAL”,
  • Afterword by Hans Ulrich Obrist. Onestar Press Paperback, 5.5 x 8.75 in. / 96 pgs / illustrated throughout. Leon Golub chose visuals that are jittered and visually and informationally fractured, concrete and irrational. — “Leon Golub Dog Onestar Press Afterword by Hans Ulrich Obrist”,
  • [edit] Jittered interpolation on sampling. For sampling at sub-bit resolutions, you can mix So you just average a succession of jittered sample values together to give you the final. — “Talk:Jitter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • 'validator v 2 test 3' 'Renderfarm.fi render by Gekko. validator v 2 test 2: 1 sample, 1000 attenuation distance, slight fog, constant jittered, replication of 6'
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  • BBC1 Wales Continuity.10th January 1997 After countless attempts i finally managed to get a stable picture. It rolled and jittered so bad it would have been pointless me uploading it.
  • in the *** section August 16, 2012 cool buso renkin, (currently finished vol. 3 & 4 btw) they get so jittered when I say '***' which is what I heard 'amine ***'
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  • Falling leaves particle system TEST 001 in Blender 2.64a I aimed to create the ilusion of falling leaves as cheaply as possible. Static turbulence field and static wind force field, 12 particles emmited in jittered...
  • CoD4 - 45-13 Domonation on Bloc Match by Jittered. Pretty solid gameplay from Jittered. Sub to the player: /teamhifee.
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  • Silent movie Claymation fun. Camera jittered because of a lack of a sturdy base for it, so I decided to solve this uglyness in a creative manner by giving it the appearan...
  • Everloss - Diet Of The Decade - Lose Weight Now http:///vxyv8u Everloss - Diet Of The Decade - Lose Weight Now everLoss - Diet Of The Decade - Lose Weight Now Welcome to everLoss! - Having proble...
  • Sega Master System - Missile Defense 3D Another 3D game that jittered like crazy during the stream but looks fine thanks to being recorded at 30 frames per second. Shake screen back and forth thirt...
  • Project 440 - Experiments We just completed some of the groundwork for our new interactive media arts project. The user will be able to generate real-time audio using his or her movem...
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  • Antialiased Pattern using jittered grid super sampling. visit for more details.
  • My Roommate's Spiderman Surprised he didn't need to do this sooner. Kind of dangerous, but his decision. Camera jittered because I received a SMS.
  • My brother I jittered you Just some private match gameplay Bra his mod is better then mine Bra his mod makes mine look bad lol.
  • Blackberry Ad Product: Blackberry Curve 9300 Camera and Equipment: Panasonic HDC - HS9, Tripod, some white paper Editing and Graphics: Avid Media Composer 5 Macro shooting...
  • How to Pronounce Jitter Learn how to say Jitter correctly with EmmaSaying's "how do you pronounce" free tutorials. Definition of jitter (oxford dictionary): noun 1 (jitters) feeling...
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  • Clawship flame test a rough start on a spaceship i'm designing.. just testing out how i wanted the jet from the engine to look using a simple deformation.. i parented a spherica...
  • St. Louis Cathedral jittery... find version fixed with a YouTube utility. Amazing. BUT you may want to return here if you want to grab single shots, because the de-jittering process causes lower resolution. The de-jittered version lets you ...
  • SFM: Dancgineer Part 2 - The Time to Dance is Nye Continuing the Dancgineer saga.... Source Film Maker is terrible at rendering what I want it to render. At least I got a 720p video down to 625mb (which is v...
  • Jittered Deffered Shadows like in Left4Dead using 16x16 noise texture
  • 'validator v 2 test 2' 'Renderfarm.fi render by Gekko. validator v 2 test 2: 1 sample, 1000 attenuation distance, slight fog, constant jittered'
  • Turn Around [Jick/Joick] (Seven)
  • 25% Great Planes SU-31 Servos fluttered (jittered) due to interference. Will correct and fly again....
  • Distributed Ray Tracing Lecture 9 discusses the Distributed Ray Tracing paper from the SIGGRAPH 1984 conference including motion blur, depth of field, anti-aliasing, shadow penumbra...
  • What is Jitter in Fiber Optic Telecom Systems? http://www.fiberoptics4/wordpress/ Hello, everyone. This is Colin from Fiber Optics For Sale. In this video, I will explain what is jitter in fiber o...
  • Jitter and Snipe Just a clip with a jittered striker, and a nice snipe! Suscribe if you would like to see more videos, and a montage is coming later on. Thanks for watching!
  • The History of My Runescape Name 2013 | Banned Me for a Year, Jagex is Ruthless :( | Commentary | Hope you guys enjoyed I know I kind of jittered/didn't have the best commentary but hopefully I get better lol I'll get used to it. Remember to leave a ratin...
  • Jitter Data in Excel This video demonstrates how to "jitter" data points on a scatter plot in Excel. *Note: I only jittered the data on one axis to create minimal noise or variat...
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  • Dance 2: I Jittered My Bug This is another dance video, this time I really feel embarrassed.
  • Horace Henderson - They Jittered All the Time Performer(s): « Horace Henderson » « They Jittered All the Time » Audio : Very Hq - CD Quality Sound -- MP3 320 Kbps Album : « Fletcher & Horace Henderson » ...

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  • “Home > Sim Page Home > Sim Page > Blog. Blog Listing. Create New Entry. Archive :: 2005 May a ket ruham, szurkoljon! The Nightlife contest is closed. I am sooooo jittered now!”
    — TheSims2.com - MySims - Blog, thesims2

  • “Forum Newbie. Group: Forum Members. Last Login: 6/27/2010 6:05:29 PM. Posts: 3, Visits: 30 Posted 6/22/2010 10:14:46 PM. Forum Newbie. Group: Forum Members. Last Login: 6/27/2010 6:05:”
    — Contingent response with nested lists in a jittered paradigm,

  • “[Archive] Stochastic sampling 3D Technology & Algorithms Would it be beneficial for 3d hardware to implement jittered pixel locations? I mean this seperately from jittered AA sampling where the pixel location is still on a”
    — Stochastic sampling [Archive] - Beyond3D Forum, forum.beyond3

  • “Emanuele Viterbo, "Signal Reconstruction Errors in Jittered Sampling" Forum Emanuele Viterbo, "Signal Reconstruction Errors in Jittered Sampling"”
    — Emanuele Viterbo, "Signal Reconstruction Errors in Jittered, ftw.at

  • “Blog posts proclaimed Google's failure. Twitter jittered with tweets. Senior VP of operations Urs Hoelzle explained the situation on the Official Google Blog”
    — Google Outage Reduces Web Traffic by 5%,

  • “Global illumination is a very popular method for lighting three dimensional scenes. Unfortunately, most of the methods are very slow and requires lots of ressources. Ambient”
    — Ambient Occlusion and Indirect Lighting - .: Feeblemind :. Weblog,

  • “The athile technologies blog Others implementations are a standard one sample per pixel, four fixed grid samples per pixel sampler, and N samples jittered about the pixel”
    — SuperPixel at athile technologies,

  • “By a survey, in the US, homeowner remodeling spending for 2007 dragged and is projected to be 2.3% lower than 2006 while homeowners become increasingly jittered about falling house prices and a slowing economy. © 2005 ttnet Marketing Blog | Ism by Headsetoptions based on Regulus by Binary Moon”
    — ttnet Marketing Blog,

  • “Posted Wednesday 01/17/2007 7:08 PM in Blender Blog by Blender Since Peter Gabriel jittered his way through the iconic "Sledgehammer" video (left) in”
    — The Most *** Music Video Ever Made - Blender,

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