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  • Zynga hosted a press conference this morning to announce that it has acquired Texas-based Newtoy, a two-year-old mobile games company, to help expand its games onto all mobile devices. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. have been working together for some time under the code name Jet Pack. — “Zynga Buys Newtoy To Expand Mobile Efforts | Tricia Duryee”,
  • Every depiction of future transport since Buck Rogers includes a jet pack, so who are we to mess with invention convention? The Martin Jetpack positions itself as the planet's first practical jet pack. — “Martin Jetpack - The 50 Best Inventions of 2010 - TIME”,
  • Jetpack Release Date: 198X Genre: Shooter Style: Side-Scrolling Shooter Jetpack is a platform game currently available as freeware, originally published as shareware by Software Creations in 1993. — “Jetpack: Information from ”,
  • Labs/Jetpack. From MozillaWiki < Labs. Jetpack's mission is to provide an extension development environment for the Mozilla platform that empower anyone to create powerful extensions with a set of extensible, robust APIs using the language of the web - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. — “Labs/Jetpack - MozillaWiki”,
  • Jetpack is a project to make it easy to build Firefox add-ons using common web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. What is the Jetpack SDK? The Jetpack SDK is an environment for building Firefox add-ons. — “Mozilla Labs Jetpack | Exploring new ways to extend and”,
  • Jet pack, rocket belt, rocket pack, and similar names, are various types of device, usually worn on the back, that use jets of escaping gases (or in some cases liquid Currently, the only practical use of the jet pack has been extra-vehicular activity for astronauts. — “Jet pack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A guy loosing control and flying around wildly with a jetpack Hilarious accident with kite, an even funnier problem with a jet-pack and an. — “Videos tagged with Jetpack - Metacafe”,
  • A Swiss daredevil has achieved a world first by performing two mid-air loop the loops while strapped to a jet pack after jumping out of a hot-air balloon. — “Daredevil completes jet pack loop-the-loops - Telegraph”,
  • TRUE BLOOD #6 JETPACK COMICS VARIANT - $19.99. CHECK OUT OUR OTHER JETPACK COMICS OFFERS FUNDRAISING ASSISTANCE – Looking to help your organization run a. — “Jetpack Comics - Where all the cool kids wish they could hang out!”,
  • The jetpack is a user-operated jet engine mounted on the back, solely used by the United Nations Space Command. Unlike the T-PACK, which is a maneuvering unit used on deep-space missions, the jetpack is used for atmospheric flight. — “Jetpack - Halopedia, the Halo Wiki - Halo 2, Halo 3, ODST”,
  • Jetpack was an immediate hit when it was released in 1993, and a cult following grew internationally. View or download the official illustrated Jetpack Hintbook and Jetpack Manual. — “Adept Software - Jetpack”,
  • Jetpack Comics is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Jetpack Comics and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Jetpack Comics has 435 friends on Facebook and is a fan. — “Jetpack Comics | Facebook”,
  • Gallery Videos Photos. Would you like to be a part of the Jet PI Mailing list? Our site is currently being updated with the most recent. news, events. — “JET P.I. - Jetpack International - Home of the Go Fast JetPack”,
  • The Martin Jetpack - developing and selling the most advanced and innovative aircraft that man has ever dreamed about. — “The Martin Jetpack - Martin Aircraft Company || The Martin”,
  • With a price tag soaring around $100,000, this jetpack is the 'Segway of the sky. It certainly looked that way in the movies and TV shows of the 1960s and 1970s, when everyone from James Bond to Gilligan strapped on a jetpack for a thrilling change of scene. — “'Segway of the Sky'? Your Own Jetpack - ABC News”,
  • Often thought of as a far-off technology that's yet to be realized, jetpack technology has actually been around for a while now. This is the James Bond jetpack, powered by hydrogen peroxide and just barely light enough to wear on your back. — “Dude, where's my jetpack? 3 models that are flying now | DVICE”,
  • Jetpack is a project to make it easy to build Firefox add-ons using common web Jetpack Home. Jetpack Wiki. Archive. Sync. Jetpack. Test Pilot. Bespin. — “Mozilla Labs " jetpack”,
  • With a price tag soaring around $100,000, this jetpack is the "Segway of the sky. It certainly looked that way in the movies and TV shows of the 1960s and 1970s, when everyone from James Bond to Gilligan strapped on a jetpack for a thrilling change of scene. — “Buy Your Own Jetpack”,
  • Kongregate free online game Jet-Pack Turkey of Tomorrow! - Jet-Pack Turkey of Tomorrow! 2010 Thanksgiving game by A challenging retro shoo . Play Jet-Pack Turkey of Tomorrow!. — “Play Jet-Pack Turkey of Tomorrow!, a free online game on”,
  • Find Star Wars Back Buddy Boba Fett Jet Pack in the Toys, Hobbies, Action Figures, Star Wars, Toy Action Figures category on eBay Australia. — “Star Wars Back Buddy Boba Fett Jet Pack (eBay item”, .au
  • An Atomic Jetpack game in every person's hands. — “Atomic Jetpack”,

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  • Anamanaguchi - 2 - Jetpack Blues Sunset Hues band: Anamanaguchi album: Dawn Metropolis song: Jetpack Blues Sunset Hues video order: 2 next video:
  • Halo Reach jetpack Spartan in Trafalgar Square On the eve of Halo Reach launch
  • Martin Jetpack flight demonstration April 2009 Ray - Chief Design Engineer - demonstrates a simple flight sequence. Just a day in the life of an engineer working on the Martin Jetpack -
  • jetpack accident Flying a Jet Pack is real Easy.... At least it looks.
  • Jet-Pack man!!! amazing demonstration of a jet-pack, could this be the future of quick transportation?
  • Pocketwizardstrobist - The Strobist Jet Pack The studio that you wear - all made possible with wireless triggering. This is my submission to the Pocket Wizard Strobist Competition.
  • World's first paying jetpack pilots On October 6 2009 Martin Aircraft Company had its first five customers pay to be jetpack pilots and fly the Martin Jetpack. You can see from this video the thrill they had. All five customers were novice pilots, and they all made safe solo flights. The Martin Aircraft Company is planning a Martin Jetpack Experience business, to open for tourist jetpack flights in 2010. This day was a very early trial of this concept. Fly the Dream
  • JetLev-Flyer Water Jet Pack Facts Fly on water thrust. This new jet pack idea may not be the best way to get to work, but it sure does look like a good time. The German company MS Watersports GmbH is marketing the water-pressure-powered JetLev-flyer "jet pack" and selling it (lessons included) for about $128000 ... or just about what a brand new two-seat 120 mph light sport aircraft would cost you. But you can't use one of those underwater. For what it's worth, we'll bet this thing makes significantly more noise, too. Video narrated by Glenn Pew for Find Jetlev at
  • Ray flies Martin Jetpack for a VIP The Martin Jetpack is clean and has full panels on for a flight demo for a VIP - Ray puts on his "standard" display for our guest - The music was a free YouTube download and was listed as The Circ, Interlude
  • Martin Jetpack: Latest Tests Development of the Martin Jetpack is continuing in New Zealand, and the latest publicly released video shows it reaching new heights. However, that's a mannequin onboard and not a human pilot.
  • HEAVY IS JETPACK I have been watching Garry's mod shorts and decided to make my own! It cost 1,8 million dollars to make this video if it costs 400 000 dollars to ride Heavy jetpack for 12 seconds. I think the idea came from this: Hmm.. 500000 views. That's random. "imposible only npc,s can talk and wheres the thruster sound" -magnusm4
  • Jetpack (DOS) - Game Play Download the game from our website above.
  • Interview with Jetpack Inventor Humanwire correspondent Calin Dinulescu reporting from Bucharest, Romania brings us an interview with Justin Capra, the Romanian inventor of the jetpack. For show credits: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Rocketboom! Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates! Join us on Facebook for behind the scenes pics and videos!
  • Consumer Jet Pack 2008 Learn more about EVs electric-vehicles-cars- This company wants to sell Consumer Jet Pack 2008. Priced at around $200000
  • HEAVY IS JETPACK Bloopers Controlling a Heavy jetpack is hard.
  • JetLev Water Propeled Jet Pack From their site: By the assistance of powerful 4-stroke-engines (130 - 300 HP) including the approved principle of backstroke with the JETLEV-FLYER you could reach an altitude up to 15 m and an unbelievable top speed of 75 kmh. Because of innovative technology cruising-ranges up to 300 km are possible and fun and pleasure in, beyond and even under the sea are guaranteed for hours. For a safe flight-enjoyment we only use high-quality materials in production.
  • Kiwi jetpack invention gets ready for domestic takeoff The chance to fly a Kiwi-invented jetpack will be available in New Zealand early next year. Almost a year to the day after it first got worldwide attention, the Martin Jetpack is back on show at the United States' annual EAA air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and Christchurch's Martin Aircraft Company is also announcing plans to allow the public to try out a "low, slow" version. Christchurch will be the location for the first business offering jetpack flights, and the company plans to expand with franchises around the world. People will be able to fly a jetpack about a metre above the ground at no more than 10km/h in a carefully controlled outdoor area. The price will be around the same as for adventure activities such as bungy jumping. It will be a far cry from flying at 100km/h, which is the capability planned for the jetpack that will eventually be sold to the public. But Martin Aircraft Company chief executive Richard Lauder told the Herald that any of the 40 or so people who had already tried out the jetpack would say that even low and slow was "incredibly exciting". Based on a concept developed in 1981 by Christchurch inventor Glenn Martin, the jetpack has attracted funding of almost $1.5 million, via the Government's Foundation for Research, Science and Technology. Mr Martin said one of the most frequently asked questions had been, "When can I have a flight?" "To be able to fly solo in a fixed-wing aircraft can take 15 hours of flight training, but most people wanted ...
  • Periphery - "Jetpacks Was Yes!" Official 1080P HD Music Video Periphery's 2nd Music Video. The song's lyrics and video concept are about an Immortal Being who starts to regret his immortality as he outlives everything, starting with his loved ones and ending with the planet and even the universe itself as his life is not bound by anything. Lyrics: These walls of time release my eyes. Move like the drift. The cries, they resonant within. The fabric tears before me break ties between the kin. Reaching for a way out of this dream. I waste my breath ascending. Fears lead me astray. The past brings them to be. What's left to carry me, But a memory. The dream endures these lies. Forever at the edge left surviving alone. What's left as I wander? I've found a world where I am free. Inside that which is truth. And what of this illusion I've come to know? It's not the Same. Holding back the distant memories. Presently I've found I am not alone. In a world of infinity sewn. I reach for a way out of this. I waste life like its nothing but a fantasy. Perceive beyond the seam. A soul evolves as one. PERIPHERY will embark on their first European Tour with TesseracT, Monuments and The Safety Fire soon. Make sure to catch them on one of these shows: Mon 31st Jan -- Bristol, UK - Academy 2 Tue 1st Feb -- Birmingham, UK - Academy 2 Wed 2nd Feb -- Manchester, UK - Academy 2 Thu 3rd Feb -- Newcastle, UK - Academy 2 Fri 4th Feb -- Glasgow, UK - Cathouse Sat 5th Feb -- Leeds, UK - TJs Sun 6th Feb -- Sheffield, UK - Corporation Tue 8th Feb -- Portsmouth ...
  • We Were Promised Jetpacks - It's Thunder And It's Lightning
  • Jetpack takes you on a magic carpet ride Read more: See a water-powered jetpack that goes on sale in March
  • Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev! Check out At the link you can find out more info on how to buy one or order one for your resort As far as the music goes: Check out The Beatards NEW ALBUM here: Download "Get Lite" feat. Can't Stop Won't Stop FOR FREE at http The jet pack in the video runs off of water. It's the first of its kind. The tube you see attached to it, that goes into the water, goes into a gas powered small boat that follows whenever the jet pack pilot is flying (if you look close in the video you can see it). The jet pack itself is super safe. It's actually approved for the water by the coast guard, and there is nothing illegal about it :) You need to be at least 18 years old to fly it. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour of training, and then you're set. These water jet packs are going on sale very soon, and you can contact the company to get on their waiting list. You can contact them here And you can find out a lot more about them on the website. The jet pack is able to fly purely by the volume of water that comes out of the two hoses that are attached to it. It shoots out 10 times more water volume then a fire hydrant does. You can stick your hand right where the water comes out, and you won't get hurt at all, as you can see several times in the video. We filmed this over a period of a couple days, around Miami, and we usually only needed to fuel up once on gasoline, which once again goes in the small boat that ...
  • Halo Reach: I Wish I Had A Jetpack by BrySi (Musical Machinima) Click here to watch I Wanna Get A Killionaire - Halo Reach Song by BrySi (Musical Machinima) Halo Reach: I Wish I Had A Jetpack by BrySi (Musical Machinima) Life can be tough. There's a lot of stuff we deal with on a daily basis...whether at school, or at home, or even online. I get a lot of messages from people who struggle and I wanted to write a song that could help soothe some of the drama that goes on in our every day lives. If you are one of those people, crank up your volume and take a small break from reality. Remember...even if the world is crashing down around you, you've got a friend in me. brysi Special thanks to everyone that helped film, including : Corey Murphy from for the video! Kampy from for his wonderful clips! AntiPro from for getting shot in the head music written and recorded by Bryan Simon THIS SONG IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES! http DIRECTOR'S LINKS: My Other Songs On Machinima DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL: Join the Respawn Army - Sign up today! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS ...
  • Jet Pack International H2O2
  • Halo: Reach - Jet Pack Madness (Beta Gameplay) Fly the unfriendly skies- it's a whole new way to kill.
  • Martin Jetpack outside flight James flies the Martin Jetpack by radio control. This is part of a flight that lasted more than 7 minutes, a record for the jetpack. We use Jetson, our weighted dummy in the aircraft to provide the mass to represent a pilot. The control system of the jetpack has been computer limited to slow speeds and climb rates at this stage of testing.
  • Jetpack from Mozilla Labs Google Tech Talk Web Exponents August 13, 2009 ABSTRACT Presented by Aza Raskin. Jetpack is an exploration in using Web technologies to enhance the browser (eg HTML, CSS and Javascript), with the goal of allowing anyone who can build a Web site to participate in making the Web a better place to work, communicate and play. Aza Raskin is currently the Head of User Experience for Mozilla Labs, where he works on crafting the future of the web. He's led projects ranging from semantic language-based interfaces (Ubiquity), to redesigning the Firefox extension platform (JetPack). Aza gave his first talk on user interface at age 10 and got hooked. At 17, he was talking and consulting internationally; at 19, he coauthored a physics textbook because he was too young to buy alcohol; at 21, he started drinking alcohol and co-founded Humanized. Two years later, Aza founded , a minimalist music search engine that had over a million song plays during it's first week of operation. In another life, Aza has done Dark Matter research at both Tokyo University and the University of Chicago, from where he graduated with degrees in math and physics. The Web Exponents Series is hosted by Steve Souders
  • Martin Jetpack 5000ft flight - highlights To demonstrate flight high above the ground and the concept of the ballistic parachute as an emergency safety system, the Martin Jetpack was flown to around 1500m (5000ft), brought down from this height and an off-the-shelf ballistic parachute was deployed.The aircraft was flown by James via radio control in a chasing helicopter - also demonstrating the ability of the technology to apply to UAV applications. Jetson, Martin Aircraft Company's weighted dummy was on board, and the parachute was placed out front for visibility and weight balancing.The video features inventor Glenn Martin and RC pilot James Bowker. The jetpack ascended initially at 4m/s (800ft/min) and the climb took about 6 minutes. The parachute was deployed at around 3000ft above ground level. The aircraft sustained some damage on impact, but we would expect that it is likely a pilot would have walked away from this emergency landing. The total flight was just under 10 minutes.
  • We Were Promised Jetpacks - Quiet Little Voices This is the video for the first single - 'Quiet Little Voices' by We Were Promised Jetpacks
  • Japanese Water Jetpack some Japanese made a jetpack from water bottles
  • Home Made Jetpack Flight and Crash Kid genius Mackenzie builds and fly a jetpack made from model rocket motors.
  • Flobots- Jetpack (+ Lyrics) Jetpack by Flobots. Enjoy! Check out their website Sorry about the wrong album cover. Lyrics [Chorus:] I will not bend I will not bow I will not break I'll stand my ground Won't be afraid To sing out loud To sing out loud To sing out loud The visions of what's involved The tensions you must resolve Distractions will just dissolve YOU ARE NOT LIKE ME He's encountered a setback, He isn't down to let that Keep him on the ground. Press that Button- ignite the jetpack! Launch pad shrink disappear Past the brink the Atmosphere's thinning and his Plasma's tingly Planes appear to be birds and Birds appear to be bees and He's hearing the words that Occur to him for no reason "What are you living your life for What are you willing to die for What do you believe to be the grain of truth you can provide for This grand adventure? Is it your plan to spend your Days batted about by These random events? Are you fueled by another engine Lighting a fire beneath? Have you breathed and seen your breath in the winds And have you reached that point?" [Chorus] You only get to see this Earth one time it's Axis tilt's it Changes climates Plates shift weights and Continents drift and Draft twisted fates and Monstrous frictions Fragmentations stress and Aggravation Depression and confusion and Bad relations use your Imagination elude their Categorization Whether the crowd gives boos or Congratulations the blue's just Something you move through toward the Vast expanses of space on the ...
  • Go Fast Jet Pack world record Jet pack world record attempt 2009 in Knockhill Scotland.
  • Jet Pack Pilot BLASTS OFF! Jet pack flight and interview with rocketman Eric Scott at Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California.
  • Available Now! The Jetpack! - That Mitchell & Webb Look Series 4 Episode 3 - BBC Two More on this programme: Robert Webb and David Mitchell demonstrate this completely safe new invention. Over 3 million jetpacks have been sold in the last 24 hours - get yours now!
  • Testing New Personal Jetpack on Skis - Troy Hartman 50% throttle yielded a speed of 47 mph. A second set of test runs demonstrated ascents of black diamond rated slopes. More details to follow at .
  • Jetpack Sensation Part 1 "Entrepreneur Troy Widgery" Hobbies and Hustles takes you to Denver Colorado to speak with Troy Widgery, the man behind the phonemonal Go Fast Jetpack! Troy explains how he transformed an old jetpack from the 60's into an incredible recording breaking machine, then used it to promote his Go Fast Energy Drink! Executive Producers Tab TV Black Tree Media Producer Earl Crowe Host Kris Cottrell
  • Jet Pack vs Car Cool 60s film about a guy testing a Jet Pack. Strange talents, shocking stories, dangerous stunts...see it all here @
  • Tim Wilson - Jetpack
  • JetLev Promo JETLEV-FLYER, the amazing water-propelled jetpack!
  • Jet Pack WIN!!!!! YAY its an on the road, technical difficulty ridden PDS from San Fran. Fun Fact: It took 48 minutes to upload 44MB's. lol Check out todays new vlog: UK Students Protest Tuition Hike: Caffeine Kills Man: Yves Jetback is made of win!!: Lohan looking hot in Rehab:

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  • “This article is a translation of a recent article in Japanese by fellow Jetpack Ambassador Gomita which was published on the Mozilla Labs Jetpack blog. I'm cross-posting it here for posterity. Note, the Jetpack SDK Docs state that Python 2.5+ is required, but there seem to be some incompatibilities”
    — mitcho > blog > Beginning development with Jetpack SDK 0.2,

  • “Discuss, debate, and get help in the discussion forum. Chat via IRC in #jetpack on . Submit a bug report. Grab the source code and fix a bug or add a feature. For more about Jetpack, check out the Jetpack Blog, where you can read older entries”
    jetpack " Mozilla Add-ons Blog,

  • “Anyone in or around the Pittsburgh area, stop by and check out some cool local vendors and meet some of the kids from JetPack Agenda Apparel in person. The event is happening February 6th at the Union Project from 12pm to 5pm. For additional info click here. See you at the show! Nick's blog. Jan”
    — Jetlife Blog | Jetpack Agenda,

  • “Chronicling the development of a classic video game, Jetpack. This is a game design & 2d game development blog about a modern remake of the classic game Jetpack”
    — The Jetpack Game Development Blog,

  • “Intlwaters Community Forum > Community Blog > jetpack's Blog > Prop #2. View New Content Posted by jetpack. Decided to pick up the sticks again and work on”
    — Prop #2 - Intlwaters Community Forum,

  • “Informed by developer feedback, we're in the midst of the writing the third iteration of Jetpack. here (see Jetpack Enhancement Proposal (JEP) 29 and JEP 31), we'll be working on a set of more easily digestible blog posts and documentation”
    — Mozilla Labs " Blog Archive " The Future of Add-ons,

  • “Latest Technology news brought to you by the staff. Many useful Jetpack Feature's can be written in under a dozen lines of code," says Mozilla developer Aza Raskin on the company blog”
    Jetpack | Tech Support Team Blog,

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