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  • Buy the Desktop Jellyfish Tank, Live Jellyfish, Jellyfish Food, Jellyfish Aquarium, Accessories, Custom Aquariums Jellyfish are the latest in an exotic aquarium. A jellyfish aquarium is not just another fish tank. — “Jellyfish Tanks | Pet Jellyfish, Jellyfish Aquariums, and”,
  • Travel author and beach expert, David McRee, provides information about jellyfish for visitors to Florida's beaches. — “Jellyfish | Florida | photos”,
  • Jellyfish are marine invertebrates belonging to the Scyphozoan class of the Cnidaria phylum. The body of an adult jellyfish is composed of a bell-shaped, jellylike substance enclosing its internal structure, from which the creature's tentacles suspend. — “Jellyfish - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Jellyfish Facts provides information about Jellyfish, helping people to understand these beautiful and interesting creatures. We have 6 sections, including Jellyfish Species List, Jellyfish Safety, Photo Gallery, and Jellyfish as Pets!. — “Jellyfish, Jellyfish Facts, Jelly Fish, Jellyfish Species”,
  • Diagrams and text show the anatomy of the jellyfish and its lifecycle, as well as several common species. From the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. — “SCDNR - Jelly fish”,
  • Although jellyfish have been around for over 650 million years, they're stil very mysterious. Learn the basics and the jellyfish life cycle. — “HowStuffWorks "How Jellyfish Work"”,
  • Jellyfish how to articles and videos including How to Make a Jellyfish Mood Aquarium, The Jellyfish's Ecosystem & Its Specific Habitat, Types of Jellyfish and much more!. — “Jellyfish - How To Information | ”,
  • A general discussion of jellyfish or sea jellies, especially the box jellyfish, Carybdea alata and C. rastonii, which regularly swarm in Hawaiian waters. First aid advice is given for jellyfish stings. — “Jellyfish: A Dangerous Ocean Organism of Hawaii”,
  • The jellyfish that we both admire and hate today, could have stepped out of a lost world dating back four hundred million years before the dinosaurs. But jellyfish are also harbingers of pollution that kills other marine organisms. — “Know your jellyfish”, .nz
  • Some jellyfish glow in the dark (this is called phosphorescence). Some of the most dangerous jelly fish include the box jelly (Genus Carybdea) and the tiny, two-cm-across Irukandji jelly (Carukia barnesi); the venomous sting of these jellyfish can kill a person. — “Jellyfish - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • jellyfish ( ) n. , pl. , jellyfish , or -fishes . Any of numerous usually free-swimming marine coelenterates of the class Scyphozoa, In scyphozoan jellyfish, the free-swimming medusa form is the dominant stage, with the sessile polyp form found only during larval development. — “jellyfish: Definition from ”,
  • Jellyfish feed on organisms ranging from plankton and fish to other jellyfish. Particularly in late summer, jellyfish often become abundant in coastal areas and are a nuisance to swimmers. — “Okinawa Japan Virtual Ginza | Okinawa Jelly fish”,
  • Jellyfish definition, any of various marine coelenterates of a soft, gelatinous structure, esp. one with an umbrellalike body and long, trailing tentacles; medusa See more. — “Jellyfish | Define Jellyfish at ”,
  • Jellyfish (also known as jellies or sea jellies or Medusozoa) are free-swimming members of the phylum Cnidaria. All jellyfish are embodied in the Medusozoa subphylum. Medusa is another word for jellyfish, and refers specifically to adult. — “Jellyfish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • is really no such thing, jellyfish come in an incredible range of varieties and range in size from one centimetre the early oceans on the primordial Earth the jellyfish were the top predators, and even today they are vastly. — “Jellyfish”,
  • Jellyfish are found all over the tropical world, the most venomous jellyfish is the box jellyfish (technically not a jellyfish, actually, since it has a basic brain and eyes that can navigate to its prey or swim away from danger like humans). It. — “Jellyfish - Wikitravel”,
  • They are invertebrate marine animals, shaped with a spherical "head" with tentacles suspending from the "head", where 90% of the jellyfish's internal structures are contained. Jellyfish can be found in every ocean in the world, and most bodies of water. — “Jellyfish - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science”,
  • Social shopping community that features Smack Shopping, where the price of a featured item drops until it's sold out. — “”,
  • Jellyfish are marine invertebrates belonging to the Scyphozoan class, and in turn the phylum Cnidaria. Passive drifters: Most jellyfish are passive drifters that feed on small fish and zooplankton that become caught in their tentacles. — “Jellyfish - info and games”,
  • Want to see a Maneating Jellyfish? The sting of some "jellies," such as this sea nettle (left), can be deadly. It looks like blob of jello when washed up on the beach.Jellyfish breathe over the entire surface of their bodies. — “JellyFish”,
  • Jellyfish are semi-transparent, graceful creatures. They are only five percent solid matter and form, and the remaining 95 percent is all water! Sea anemones and corals are related to jellyfish; they belong to the same phylum (cnidaria). INTERESTING INFO:. — “Jellyfish! Information about Jellyfish”,
  • Jellyfish belong to the Scyphozoan class of invertebrates.Not all jellyfish can be termed as being 'fish' The lifetime of a jellyfish is at the most three or six months.They have two body forms through their life cycle - the polyp stage and the medusa. — “Facts About Jellyfish”,
  • Even jellyfish capable of jet propulsion are not strong enough swimmers to counter the power of the current and waves. Of course, jellyfish don't set out to hurt humans—their preferred food ranges from microscopic animals and fish larvae to other jellyfish. — “Jellyfish”,

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  • Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish Official Video Gorillaz (feat. Gruff Rhys and De La Soul) - plastic beach "Visual" Video credit EMI
  • Box Jellyfish - Irukandji Tiny. Invisible. Lethal. Known to kill humans not by the toxic venom, but from the shock the body suffers from the unimaginable pain of an Irukandji sting.
  • Jelly Fish All Around The jelly fish came to this lake in Palau through a tunnel which connected the sea and the lake long time ago. Now the tunnel have closed, and the jelly fish came to have no poison in an environment where there's no predator. They live by photosynthesis because they cannot feed on anything in this lake. This lake is such a heaven to them that there are just so many of them living here.
  • JELLYFISH TRAILER New film directed by Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen. Coming to US theaters in April 2008.
  • Jellyfish at the New York Aquarium Video #2 Another video of a jellyfish at the New York Aquarium, part of the "Alien Stingers" exhibit. Many of you have asked about the music playing: it's the ambient music in the room at the exhibit. I looked it up, and it was created by Charles Fambro. A CD of his other work is available at CD Baby: (I don't think this particular jellyfish music in on that CD, though.)
  • Jellyfish Sebrina, Paste And Plato From a German tv show. Funny little role call thing during the end of the song introducing the members of the band.
  • Jellyfish - That Is Why Music video by Jellyfish performing That Is Why.
  • Desktop Jellyfish Tank Click on link to see more jellyfish tanks at Jellyfish Art!
  • Box Jellyfish - Chironex Fleckeri The BOX JELLYFISH is Australias invisible but deadly supreme marine predator. A frightening death follows a sting from this amazing creature. Chironex Fleckeri is the object of study by Dr Jamie Seymour, who is a senior lecturer at the James Cook University in Queensland. Dr Seymour has worked closely with Jacques and Philippe Cousteau and the Irwins on the series OCEANS DEADLIEST and seems to know his subject well judging by this video.
  • Jellyfish robot: AquaJelly & AirJelly - ***y Robots Videos GO TO www.***y-robots- and http for more life-like robots information, videos and photos. Festo, has developed a graceful robot inspired by a creature of the sea. In fact, they have developed two versions, both based on the common jellyfish: the AquaJelly and the AirJelly. According to Festo, the AquaJelly is "an artificial autonomous jellyfish with an electric drive and an intelligent, adaptive mechanical system." Apparently the idea is to have several of the robots autonomously working together using a communication system composed of Zigbee short-range radio on the surface and LEDs when underwater. As for the AirJelly, this remote controlled device can glide through the air using a helium-filled ballonet, a central electric drive and an intelligent, adaptive mechanical system. Apparently, this design offers "fascinating possibilities for "lighter-than-air" aviation." I'm not sure about all of that, but I can at see how the technology behind the AquaJelly could have some practical application on complex underwater projects.
  • The Jellyfish Song ***100000 VIEWS*** Thank you ladies and gentlemen, innocent YouTubers and trollin flamers alike, we have surpassed 100000 views for this gloriously underbudget and obnoxiously annoying video :D The jellyfish song need we explain more? Want your own jellyfish? Click on the link to shop for jellyfish, jellyfish tanks, and jellyfish tank cleaning crabs!
  • Cosmic Spring - Jellyfish Heaven Cosmic Spring's chill-out favorite blends perfectly with Renske Vera de Kam's astonishing visuals. Check out the websites listed below for more info, music and free mp3 downloads! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Official website: MySpace Hyves: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  • Jellyfish - Baby's Coming Back Music video by Jellyfish performing Baby's Coming Back.
  • Mega-jellyfish Sting Japan Fishing Vast numbers of Echizen jellyfish have appeared on Japan's Pacific coast this year, apparently after drifting from spawning grounds in Chinese and Korean waters. An Echizen jellyfish can measure up to 2.2 meters in diameter and weigh up to 300 kg. The non-edible creatures have caught fishermen in their grip, as the monster invertebrates clog nets and poison and crush catches with their stingers. "I had never seen anything like this big before." Some experts say the outbreak of jellyfish this season has cost Japan's fishing industry more than 100 million dollars. Jellyfish even sank one Japanese fishing boat in the Pacific recently, after the vessel capsized because the weight of the creature stuck in its net. Still, much about the mega-jellyfish remains a mystery. [Kiyoshi Kawasaki, Asst. Director, Japan Fisheries Research Agency]: "The rising sea temperatures could be a factor behind this phenomenon as they foster the growth of these jellyfish." Pollution in the waters off China is also cited as a factor, which has made it easier for jellyfish to breed.
  • jellyfish
  • Box Jellyfish - Irukandji Jellyfish. Therese gets stung. 14 days in hospital. Tiny. Invisible. Lethal. Known to kill humans not by the toxic venom, but from the shock the body suffers from the unimaginable pain of an Irukandji sting. Update: The winner of Nat Geo's ' Best Job In The World ' has been stung by Irukandji whil doing his regular vlog on life in the Australian Great barrier Reef Islands. He declares it to be the 'worst pain in the world'.
  • GOOD: Attack of the Giant Jellyfish! Giant jellyfish have invaded the northern coasts of the Japanese islands and they're causing problems. Frustrated local fishermen are hauling in little else. So one company, RIKEN, is trying to make marketable products from these gelatinous monsters. They're exploring everything from artificial gastric fluids made from jellyfish mucin to a jellyfish-based ice cream topping. If they succeed, they'll turn a costly problem into gooey gold. An original GOOD video.
  • Jellyfish - New Mistake Jellyfish performing on UK TV show The Beat...
  • Stunning Jellyfish With no brains, no heart, and no blood, it's amazing jellyfish have existed for 650 million years! See All National Geographic Videos
  • Gibby "Jellyfish" Live at the Empyrean, Spokane, WA.
  • Box Jellyfish - Irukandji Tiny. Invisible. Lethal. Known to kill humans not by the toxic venom, but from the shock the body suffers from the unimaginable pain of an Irukandji sting.
  • Task Force - Jellyfish Kiss Task Force - Life Without Instructions 12"
  • Jellyfish Niche A little jellyfish tries to find his niche... You can catch this film at Edwards Island 5 on Sunday April 26th 2009 during the Newport Beach Film Festival! Film by Jenny Sherman Music by Cody Westheimer
  • Jellyfish - New Mistake Music video by Jellyfish performing New Mistake.
  • Dolphin Football - dolphins toss jellyfish sky high! Cardigan Bay holds Britains largest coastal population of bottlenose dolphins. Every summer, between 150 and 250 dolphins inhabit these waters, forming very significant breeding and feeding grounds. Preliminary evidence is for a population that fluctuates from year to year, for reasons that are presently unclear. In some years, most of the population seems to inhabit the Bay; in others a portion disappear or are replaced by new animals of unknown origin. If sensible management of our bottlenose dolphin population is to be undertaken, we must better understand its dynamics and what makes some areas more important than others. A particular need is to convey the importance of conservation measures that will reduce disturbance, one of the main threats to these mammal populations. Photos are taken to identify individuals as well as video of interesting behaviour, as shown in this clip. To CCW's knowledge this behaviour has not been caught on film in Wales before, although dolphins are known to attack porpoises in this way. This video footage was captured during licensed Photo-ID operations following strict codes of conduct. Video captured by Mariko Mizuno, Marine Awareness North Wales Wildlife Trust (MANWWT). Video edited by Jonathan Easter, Marine Monitoring Biologist, CCW.
  • Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish (HD) Get your copy of Plastic Beach at iTunes here: or click here to pre-order from other retailers: For more information on Gorillaz or Plastic Beach, don't forget to check out the official website at
  • Jellyfish Lake Thousands of non-stinging jellyfish inhabit this landlocked marine lake in Palau
  • Jellyfish / Mira Betz Mira Betz transforms into a jellyfish @ the Blood Moon Zoo.
  • Jellyfish Invasion Jellyfish are producing at alarming rates and humans may have something to do with it.
  • Jellyfish In Captivity Video shot to accompany "Jellyfish In Captivity", Lost In The Mix album, Gymshoes 2004. "Jellyfish In Captivity" is available from iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon mp3. (iTunes link: Full liner notes are available on my website: Full tracks can be streamed on my website, my Facebook page Befriend me on myspace: and follow me on Twitter:
  • Palau - Jellyfish Lake and Mermaid - underwater australasia There is one jellyfish lake in Palau that you can visit - all others are protected. The experience to swim amongst millions of jellies is something you won't forget. This clip is part of a Palau article on underwater australasia - check it out on .au
  • JULIAN SMITH - Jellyfish Jellyfish will kill you. Get a Jellyfish T-Shirt... OR YOU'LL DIE!! Get the free ringtone! Download the MP3! Follow me on Twitter! Add me on Facebook!
  • Box Jellyfish - Chironex Fleckeri The BOX JELLYFISH is Australias invisible but deadly supreme marine predator. A frightening death follows a sting from this amazing creature.
  • Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish (Live on Letterman) feat. De La Soul Music video by Gorillaz performing Superfast Jellyfish (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.
  • JELLYFISH INVASION GLOBAL WARNING! Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of oceans. .
  • Giant jellyfish Nomura's jellyfish japanesename "echizen kurage" Diameter 1m over!
  • Jellyfish - New Mistake Rare TV appearance. Jellyfish were the guest band on some battle of the unsigned bands show. Andy actually looks happy. Monitor mix must have been good.
  • Jellyfish - The Ghost At #1 Music video by Jellyfish performing The Ghost At #1.
  • Jellyfish, Jellyfish, Jellyfish... Jellyfish, as you've never seen them before
  • Rare Monster Jellyfish Caught on Tape For the first time ever, stygiomedusa gigantea, a gigantic jellyfish was caught on video by scientists in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists say finding this massive species can provide better insight into habitat, behavior, and ecology of this mysterious creature.
  • Friends - TOW The Jellyfish (with subtitles) One of the best episodes of Friends, this one is from the 4th season, "The One With The Jellyfish".
  • "Jellyfish" by Andrea Gibson Somewhere on tour in Idaho, Andrea read a new poem in the woods. BUY THE ALBUM: /andreagibson4/fromchristen MYSPACE: /andreagibson TWITTER: /andreagibson WEBSITE/BLOG:

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  • “Evolution of Highly Toxic Box Jellyfish - From Subscribe To Animal Science Blog RSS Feed. Evolution of Highly Toxic Box Jellyfish. Craybdea branchi, a box jellyfish native to the South African coast”
    — Evolution of Highly Toxic Box Jellyfish, biology-

  • “CHA-AM: Another Scandinavian fatality in Thailand following a box jellyfish sting Are Swedish tour operators covering up the threat of deadly jellyf”
    — Are Swedish Tour Operators Covering Up The Threat Of Deadly,

  • “Jellyfish's Blog on Flixya”
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  • “Last month, the pesky jellyfish sank a 10-ton fishing trawler. Peanut Butter and Giant Jellyfish sandwiches – For the kids and everyone else”
    — The Bob Blog Blog " Blog Archive " Japan Solves Giant,

  • “Jolly Jellyfish hot on the heels of Ran at the start of Race 1 of the Warsash Spring Welcome to the new Jellyfish website! February 15th, 2010. Jellyfish Charters has been steadily growing over the past three years”
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  • “Oceana is the largest international ocean conservation organization. We work on a limited number of strategic campaigns to stop ocean pollution, protect marine wildlife, promote responsible fishing, stop offshore drilling, ocean acidification,”
    — Day 25 + 26: Jellyfish and Canyons | The Beacon: Oceana's Blog,

  • “JELLYFISH's Blog. JELLYFISH's Blog has 0 entries (0 private) and has been viewed 0 times. JELLYFISH does not have any public Blog entries in the past 60 days”
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  • “10 Beautiful and famous Jellyfish Species and their pictures Sponsored Links. Blog Post Details. Description : 10 Beautiful and famous Jellyfish Species and their pictures. Rate this : (2 votes, average: 3.50 out of 5) Loading”
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  • “Jellyfish Lake is one of Palau's greatest attractions. The lake is filled with millions of harmless golden jellyfish About the HotelClub Travel Blog. HotelClub Travel Blog is where the weird, the wacky and the wonderful world of travel comes together”
    — The Incredible Jellyfish Lake,

  • “The Best Hand Painted Shoes! Studio Jellyfish is a hand painted woman's shoe store in Miami Beach, Florida. Philip Mason and Courtney Mason. We specialize in hand painted shoes, illustration, and fine art”
    — Studio Jellyfish | Blog,

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