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  • PowerSearch. for: at: THE JEELIE PIECE SONG (SKYSCRAPER WEAN) Chord Req: Jeelie Piece Song (Skyscraper Wean) (18) The Jelly Piece song (13) MORE INFO:. — “DigiTrad: THE JEELIE PIECE SONG (SKYSCRAPER WEAN)”,
  • CDTRAX351 (July 2010) 10 tracks. ALEX HODGSON is from Prestonpans, East Lothian, close to the office of Greentrax Recordings. He carries on the Alex recorded his album †̃Jeelie Jars †̃n’ Coalie Backies’ in Castle Sound Studios, Pencaitland, under the guiding hand of producer Kenny. — “Alex Hodgson - Jeelie Jars n' Coalie Backies (CD)”,
  • Alex Hodgson - Jeelie Jars 'n' Coalie Backies [CD] Online Catalogue | Singing | Alex Hodgson | Alex Hodgson - Jeelie Jars 'n' Coalie Backies [CD]. — “Alex Hodgson - Jeelie Jars 'n' Coalie Backies [CD] CDTRAX351”,
  • Online shopping for Prime Eligible Folk Music CDs from a great selection of Music & more at everyday low prices Jeelie Jars 'n' Coalie Blackies by Alba Varden (Audio CD - 2010) - Import. — “: Prime Eligible Folk Music CDs”,
  • Words to Jeelie Piece Song? Does anyone know the word to the Scottish song - the Jeelie Piece Song- we think it by Adam McNaughtan, we have the music but not the words. 17:39 Fri 25th Apr 2003. Subscribe. Report. everything is gonna be alright rockabye?? snakes in the grass are absolutly free. — “Words to Jeelie Piece Song? in The AnswerBank: Music”,
  • Alex Hodgson – Jeelie Jars n' Coalie Backies (CD) " Kenneth McKellar – Song Of The Clyde (CD) Kenneth McKellar - Song Of The Clyde (CD) (July 2010) 18 tracks (49 mins): The Road To The Isles * An Eriskay Love Lilt * The ***le Gatherer * Bonnie. — “Kenneth McKellar – Song Of The Clyde (CD) " Celtic Music at”,
  • David Paton Songs is the online home of David Paton, musician, song writer and producer. Second is Alex Hodgson - Jeelie Jars n' Coalie Backies. I play bass on both CDs and the Alex CD features all of the Flavours. — “DAVID PATON SONGS - Studio Diary”,
  • Prestonpans laddie and former Burnsong finalist Hodgson performs material from his new album Jeelie Jars 'n' Coalie Backies , with support from Ian Smith. Part of Celtic Connections. — “Alex Hodgson and Ian Smith (City Halls, Glasgow) | The List”,
  • Download New This Month albums and specific songs. eMusic also has compilations such as greatest hits and rare classic albums. Hundreds of other styles of music are also featured on . Jeelie Jars 'n' Coalie Backies. — “New This Month MP3s, New This Month music downloads, New This”,
  • The Jeelie Piece Song (Skyscraper Wean) (Adam MacNaughton) I'm a skyscraper wean, I live on the nine***th flair, But I'm no gaun oot to play ony mair, Since we moved to Castlemilk, I'm wasting away, 'Cause I'm getting one less meal every day. — “Song Lyrics with midi - The Jeelie Piece Song (Skyscraper Wean)”,
  • He has written seven of the songs and his love of the Lothians, in particular, but Scotland in general, are etched in the lyrics – jeelie jars' are jam or fruit preserve jars, and coalie backies' means to carry someone on your back, usually a child. — “Alex Hodgson – Jeelie Jars n' Coalie Backies (CD) " Music”,
  • Tab scan for the jeely piece song guitar tabs & lyrics @ Jeelie Piece Song Skyscraper Wean Lyrics - Unknown (lyrics) 53. 1. Showing page 1 of 1 guitar tabs, bass tablature & lyrics pages at TabCrawler. — “TabCrawler - Scanning for the jeely piece song guitar tabs”,
  • Definition of jeelie in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jeelie. Pronunciation of jeelie. Translations of jeelie. jeelie synonyms, jeelie antonyms. Information about jeelie in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “jeelie - definition of jeelie by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Jeer definition, to speak or shout derisively; scoff or gibe rudely: See more. jeelie. jeep. jeep carrier. jeep hodges. jeep-carrier. jeepers. jeepers creepers. jeepers! jeepers-creepers! jeepney. jeer off. jeer out of. jeerer. jeeves. — “Jeer | Define Jeer at ”,
  • Folk singer and songwriter from Prestonpans, East Lothian - a finalist at the Burnsong contest. but Scotland in general, are etched in the lyrics - 'jeelie jars' are jam or fruit preserve jars, and 'coalie. — “Alex Hodgson - Jeelie Jars 'n' Coalie Backies”,
  • Definition of Jeed with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. jeelie. jeelied. jeelieing. jeelies. jeeling. jeels. jeely. jeelying. jeep. jeeped. jeepers. Other Resources Relating to: Jeed. Words people are searching for today:. — “Jeed: Definition with Jeed Pictures and Photos”,
  • Your name of Jeelie has created a practical, responsible, stable nature, and you desire to direct the efforts of others rather than to take order or ask permission. Although the name Jeelie creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it causes a blunt expression that. — “- What Does My Name Mean? - Meaning and ***ysis of the name of:”,
  • Oh, I used to love it for Sunday dinner in a pie on a plate doon the close. We were so poor we only got jeelie pieces flung from the tenement to the ootside cludgie. These were the days, drippin and bread, stovies and oatcakes. Great to hear. — “Kennomeat!!!!? Does anybody remember Kennomeat?? My Nana used”,
  • jealousy. jean. jeans. jebel. Jedda. jeelie. Jeep. jeep. jeep safari. jeepers Dictionnaire Français. jeelie. jeel·ie [ j lee ] or jeel·y [ j lee ] noun. Definition:. — “jeelie definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • This style of preserving fish originated in Arbroath on the east coast of Scotland. "Jeelie pan" - the large pan (often made of brass) in which "jeelie" (jelly) or jam is made. — “Parliamo Scots? Food”,

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  • Skyscraper Wean (Jeelie Piece Song) Thanks to Craig for the suggestion! I've actually edited this video, and it is BLINDINGLY obvious where, but usually I try to do these videos in a oner, but I mucked up on the last verse, so I thought I'd try editing, to not much success. I think back to doing it in a oner for me...
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  • Peenut Butta an Jeeli Pt 4 (wooden floor pwn!) Psyco flips and hits!

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  • “I often struggle to understand the programs on my computers. I guess I need to put more How about Jaydie or Joden or Jilman or Jeelie? See? See? She can keep going for YEARS”
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  • “Favourite Scottish Poems Some are poor: 'Cuddle Doon', a mawkish piece of Victorian doggerel; one of Tom Leonard's squibs; 'The Jeelie Piece Song' which, for crying out loud, isn't even a poem!”
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