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  • Online death notice for Jane La Souley. Read Jane La Souley's life story, offer tributes/condolences, send flowers or create a Jane La Souley online memorial. — “Jane La Souley Obituary: View Jane La Souley's Obituary by”,
  • Publisher of magazines, yearbooks, and special reports to promote the understanding of global defense, aerospace, and transportation. — “Jane's Information Group”,
  • Steps to Health: Jane Fonda is back. Only this time she's traded her legwarmers, belted leotard and "Feel the burn" rallying cry for a new hip, a new knee and advice on aging gracefully. — “Baby boomers focus of Jane Fonda's new workout”,
  • Learn how chimpanzees communicate and what inspired Jane Goodall to begin her research. — “Jane Goodall Institute”,
  • (Laura) Jane Addams (September 6, 1860-May 21, 1935) won worldwide recognition in the first third of the twentieth century as a pioneer social worker in America, as a feminist, and as an internationalist. She was born in Cedarville, Illinois, the eighth of nine children. — “Jane Addams - Biography”,
  • Weekly digest of military and aerospace news from Jane's Information Group. — “Jane's Defence News”,
  • Award-winning author of modern lit and Harlequin romance, Jane Porter's features-rich site includes photo travel essays of the world's most romantic and fun getaways, excerpts, book extras, contests and much more. — “Jane Porter | Novelist”,
  • What are the Jane types How can you discover your type How does knowing your type help you become your best Join Laurie and special guest Michele DeKinder-Smith founder of Jane Out of the Box a research publishing and education company dedicated. — “Discover Your Jane Type Be The Best You 11/30/2010 - Laurie”,
  • Recent and archived news articles by Jane E. Brody of The New York Times. — “Jane E. Brody - The New York Times”,
  • Jane Eyre JOHN STUART MILL In 1869 John Stuart Mill published his now famous essay, The Subjection of Women. — “Jane Eyre: Information from ”,
  • "Jane," by April Lindner; Poppy, 384 pages, $17.99. After the death of her parents leaves Jane tries to remain professional despite her growing feelings for. — “Book review: 'Jane' - ”,
  • Almost thirty years after her first workout video went on sale, Jane Fonda is back with low impact workout DVDs. Jane talked to us about her new DVDs and gave out some tips on how to get in shape. — “Jane Fonda on GDLA | Good Day LA”,
  • In 2006, Jane has an affair with Grant Mitchell, played by Ross Kemp. Jane is very Kathy-esque. They'd have got on really well, though I can't imagine Kathy would've been too impressed with Jane's affair with Grant. — “Jane Beale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Like her character Sue Sylvester in the hit show Glee, Jane Lynch thought she would never have children. — “Gleeful family day out for Jane Lynch and her stepdaughters”,
  • Jane Espenson is a writer and Co-Executive Producer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. — “Jane Espenson”,
  • Diseño y comercialización de cochecitos para bebé. — “Jané”, jane.es
  • Jane Lubchenco, a marine ecologist and environmental scientist, is the first female administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In this role, she manages nearly 13,000 employees who are working to understand and. — “Jane Lubchenco, first female chief of NOAA, talks about”,
  • The new Jane Eyre trailer has us asking hard questions. We're alluding to the chilling Gothic period romance flick based on the Charlotte Bronte classic Jane Eyre. — “The Spookiest Jane Eyre Ever - ”,
  • There's really no better way for you to do so than to check out a recently released PC demo for Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen's long-in-development mystery/adventure title, Gray Matter. See, it's got the name of your brain goop right there. — “Jane Jensen's Gray Matter PC demo available now | Joystiq”,
  • IN the final days of her battle with cancer, Jane McGrath's dying wish was for her husband Glenn to find a woman to love and to help raise their children. — “Jane's dying wish is granted | The Daily Telegraph”, .au
  • A review of Jane Leavy's new Mantle biography, and an open thread discussion by readers who read the book. — “PA Book Club: Jane Leavy's The Last Boy - Pinstripe Alley”,
  • Home of the Josie Prescott Mystery Series by Jane K. Cleland. Cozy Mystery lovers and detective story fans alike are raving about the Josie Prescott Series. An Antiques Road Show for mystery fans. — “Jane Cleland's Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery Site”,
  • Covering the life and work of Jane Jacobs and all things urban. While most of my posts focus on the Jane's' part of my title, I recently came across this interesting article that looks at the Walk' part:. — “Walk, Observe, Connect / Jane's Walk Phoenix”,
  • Jane Roberts, who vowed to stay away from guys in this book, has a difficult time doing so when her high Meanwhile, Scarlet Harp, Jane's best friend since kindergarten, is warned to not go out with her boyfriend Liam Ferguson in front of the cameras. — “BOOK REVIEW: A plain Jane story | Malay Mail Online”, .my

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  • Jane Doe Lyric Video © 2010 WMG Get your copy of the new album "What Is Love?" featuring "Jane Doe" available now: wbr.fm
  • Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane Music video by Breaking Benjamin performing The Diary of Jane.
  • Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Mary Jane's Last Dance Music video by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers performing Mary Jane's Last Dance. (C) 1993 Geffen Records
  • Maddi Jane - Impossible by Shontelle Maddi Jane covers Impossible by Shontelle (from No Gravity) Join the discussion at: Follow me on Twitter: Special thanks to: Tom Schleiter (Guitar) Colby Hanik & Aaron Covich (Video) Toby Schmidt (Audio) Jesse Nemitz (Audio )
  • Breaking Benjamin- Diary of Jane Lyrics DIARY OF JANE TONE ---►► ◄◄--- Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane Lyrics Breaking Benjamin Website Credits Song Lyrics: Enjoy! I used Windows Movie Maker to make this. People have been asking what the song is called at the very end, it is called Still Waiting by Sum41, so yeah... [Edit] 04/10/09 Wow 10k+ views awesome, thanks guys. My most viewed video :) [Edit] 05/24/09 I can't believe how popular this is, and all my subscribers! Woot! :) [Edit] 07/08/09 WOW! Come aaaawn 100k!! [Edit] 03/06/10 OMG i did not expect to get this far and my subscribers! :D
  • Jane Child - Don't Wanna Fall In Love (Video) © 2010 WMG Don't Wanna Fall In Love (Video)
  • Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing (Video) © 2005 WMG Been Caught Stealing (Video)
  • LEAKED iPhone 4 ad w/ Jane Lynch and Kassem G Jane Lynch rips the iPhone a new apps-hole. Enter the challenge: take180.com Nothing in pop culture is safe from Electric Spoofaloo! take180.com Find us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Enter challenges at Take180.com for a chance to see your submission in an upcoming video: www.take180.com Get official merch: More Kassem G:
  • 1) Lou Reed - Sweet Jane - live in Paris, 1974 Paris 1974.
  • Maddi Jane - Again by Flyleaf Maddi Jane covers "Again" recorded by Flyleaf. Join the discussion at: Follow me on Twitter: Special thanks to: Nick Meriage - (Video) Stevie Mast (Guitar) Jim Mast (Audio)
  • Jane - Out in the rain Jane the german krautrockband
  • Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane (alternate outro) From the album "loaded". This version is the rare Sweet Jane version. It has an extra chorus in the outro.
  • Steffen & Jane - The Dixieland - (Guitar & Fiddle) Steffen Schackinger (Guitar) & Jane Clark (Fiddle) CD - ElectriGuitartistry - available at , , and itunes Visit Steffen Schackinger at Band Backing Tracks available at:
  • Jane's Addiction - Just Because ---- DISCLAIMER! ---- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
  • Maddi Jane - Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) by The Script Maddi Jane covers The Script's "Breakeven" (Falling to Pieces) Join the discussion at: Follow me on Twitter: Special thanks to: Nick Meriage - (Video) Stevie Mast (Guitar) Jim Mast (Audio)
  • Jefferson Starship- Jane live on stage
  • The Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane (WMG owns this not me) Standing on the corner, (Lyrics) Suitcase in my hand Jack is in his corset, and jane is her vest, And me Im in a rocknroll band hah! Ridin in a stutz bear cat, jim You know, those were different times! Oh, all the poets they studied rules of verse And those ladies, they rolled their eyes Sweet jane! whoa! sweet jane, oh-oh-a! sweet jane! Ill tell you something Jack, he is a banker And jane, she is a clerk Both of them save their monies, ha And when, when they come home from work Oh, sittin down by the fire, oh! The radio does play The classical music there, jim The march of the wooden soldiers All you protest kids You can hear jack say, get ready, ah Sweet jane! come on baby! sweet jane! oh-oh-a! sweet jane! Some people, they like to go out dancing And other peoples, they have to work, just watch me now! And theres even some evil mothers Well theyre gonna tell you that everything is just dirt Yknow that, women, never really faint And that villains always blink their eyes, woo! And that, yknow, children are the only ones who blush! And that, life is just to die! And, everyone who ever had a heart They wouldnt turn around and break it And anyone who ever played a part Oh wouldnt turn around and hate it! Sweet jane! whoa-oh-oh! sweet jane! sweet jane! Heavenly wine and roses Seems to whisper to her when he smiles Heavenly wine and roses Seems to whisper to her when she smiles La lala lala la, la lala lala la Sweet jane Sweet jane Sweet jane
  • Maddi Jane - Price Tag (by Jessie J) Download on iTunes - Maddi Jane covers Price Tag by Jessie J. Make sure to watch in 720p/1080p for the best audio/video quality. Join the discussion at: Follow me on Twitter: The audio and video for this recording were recorded simultaneously live with no studio overdubs. Special thanks to: Jesse Nemitz (production, mixing, ) Thomas Doeve (guitar, ) George Alexander (engineering, mastering) Josh Hailey (video) http Matt Underwood (video) Natalie Barlow (hair, makeup)
  • Elf Power - Jane A really cool song with some photos of the band. Please listen and enjoy!
  • Jane's Addiction - Jane Says (Hammerstein Ballroom) Jane's Addiction - Jane Says (Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, NY, 1997-10-31 )
  • Jane's Addiction - Stop (Video) © 2005 WMG Stop (Video)
  • Staind - Zoe Jane Staind - Zoe Jane Music video This is the video for a Great Song performed by an Amazing band.Please Enjoy it...!!
  • Jane's Addiction - Jane Says Off of their 1988 album, Nothing's Shocking; Jane's Addiction single, "Jane Says".
  • Scarface - Mary Jane Scarface - Mary Jane from Untouchable album 1996
  • Jane Goodall: A Retrospective Jane Goodall has taught the world more about chimpanzees than anyone else in the world. Her dream to study our closest relatives began in 1960 in Gombe Park, Tanzania, and she continues her work to save them today.
  • Jane Eyre Movie Trailer Official (HD) - Follow Us! Jane Eyre hits theaters on March 11th, 2011. Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell, Judi Dench, Sally Hawkins, Imogen Poots, Tamzin Merchant In the story, Jane Eyre (Wasikowska) flees Thornfield House, where she works as a governess for wealthy Edward Rochester (Fassbender). The isolated and imposing residence - and Mr. Rochester's coldness - have sorely tested the young woman's resilience, forged years earlier when she was orphaned. As Jane reflects upon her past and recovers her natural curiosity, she will return to Mr. Rochester - and the terrible secret that he is hiding... Jane Eyre trailer courtesy Focus Features.
  • Skip James sings "Crow Jane" Blues legend Skip James sings "Crow Jane." From 1967.
  • Rick James - Mary Jane Lyrics (**It's from GOOGLE**): Come here, baby. Mary I love you. Do it girl. Female chorus: Mary Jane, Mary Jane I'm in love with Mary Jane. She's my main thing. She makes me feel alright. She makes my heart sing. Rick's chorus: And when I'm feeling low, She comes as no surprise. Turns me on with her love. Takes me to paradise. Do you love me Mary Jane? Yeah. Whoa-oh-oh. Do ya? Do ya? Do ya? Now do you think you love me Mary Jane. Don't you play no games. Mary Jane, Mary Jane I love her just the same. I love her, Mary baby, just the same. The woman plays no games. Now, now, now. I'm in love with Mary Jane. I'm not the only one. If Mary wanna play around, I let her have her fun. She's not the kind of girl that you can just tie down. She likes to spread her love and turn your head around. And when I'm feeling low, She comes as no surprise. Turns me on with her love. Takes me to paradise. Mary Jane, Mary Jane And when I'm feeling low, She comes as no surprise. Turns me on with her love. Takes me to paradise. Yeahhhhh! Ooowoooo. Oh baby. Oh baby. Hit me. Whoah, Mary. Only love. I love you, yeah. Whooo! Something until we give it now, lovey-dove. Uh-huh. Wow, baby! Sing! La-du-da-da-du-da-dahh. Sing! La-du-da-da-du-da-dahh. Sing it for me baby. Come Mary, Mary Jane. Sing it for me baby
  • Janelle Monae - Sincerely Jane (Live) Janelle Monae performs "Sincerely, Jane" live at the Fillmore at the TLA in Philadelphia. Directed by Reelblack/Captured Soul. Camera Mike D. and Daryl DeBrest. Visit . Her new CD The ArchAndroid is in stores now.
  • Jane Eyre: Money Matters & Flirting The atmosphere is electric between Jane and Mr Rochester. Modern adaptation of the classic Charlotte Brontë novel starring Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens.
  • Jane Austen's Fight Club We were no longer "good society." [email protected] T-shirts for sale at Directed by Emily Janice Card & Keith Paugh Written by Emily Janice Card Director of Photography: Keith Paugh Editing and Visual Effects: Jeff Dickson Produced by Jeff Dickson, Emily Janice Card, Wendy Crompton, Farrah Walker Stunt Choreography: Michelle Crompton Sound Department: Leslie Paugh & Russell Lloyd Makeup and Hair: Farrah Walker Cast: Esther Rawlings, Emily Janice Card, Farrah Walker, Wendy Crompton, Michelle Crompton, Julie Hinton, Jessica Preece, Bonnie Anderson, Tiffany Jordan, Renee Miller, Kristen Hill, Kathryn Kulish, David Axelgard, Travis Morgan © 2010 [RELATIVELY BADARSE PRODUCTIONS]
  • Becoming Jane Trailer This is the story of how the wonders of Jane Austen's novels are inspired by true events in her own life. Starring Anne Hathaway, James McAvory, Julie Walters, and Maggie Smith. Here is the link to the movie: www12
  • Maddi Jane - Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars Maddi Jane covers "Just The Way You Are" originally sung by Bruno Mars. Join the discussion at: Follow me on Twitter: Special thanks to: Jesse Nemitz (Piano / Mixing ) Tony Pandillo (Engineering/Mixing) Josh Hilliker (Engineering) Talour Woodruff (Grip)
  • The Loved Ones - "Jane" Fat Wreck Chords Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely diy punk, ***, indie and alternative music video site, ! We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on YouTube! Free! Uncensored! Retarded! ! Director:
  • Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long Video. The Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long from Top Of The Pops in 1983.
  • Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane Cowboy Junkies' cover for Lou Reed's "Sweet Jane"
  • Toy-Box - Tarzan & Jane The music video for the first single off of Toy-Box's debut album "FanTastic". For more information on these and other similar artists, check out
  • I Love Sarah Jane Short film written by Spencer Susser & David Michôd. Directed by Spencer Susser. Cast: Brad Ashby, Mia Wasikowska, Vladimir Matrovic, Beau South, Peter Yacoub, Richard Mueck, Anton Enus. Ah, young love. The air seems clearer. The sun seems brighter. There's a spring in the step. Too bad about the zombie apocalypse. January 2008 Visit Our Online Store Twitter Lollipop Song
  • Jane Jefferson Starship
  • Rod Stewart-Baby Jane Can't get enough from Rod Stewart? Rod stewart - The killing of Georgie: Rod Stewart - Young turks Rod Stewart - Da Ya Think I'm ***y: Rod Stewart - Passion: Rod Stewart - I was only joking: Rod Stewart - Young turks (music video) Rod Stewart - You're in my heart: ---Lyrics--- Baby jane dont leave me hanging on the line I knew you when you had no one to talk to Now youre moving in high society Dont forget I know secrets about you I used to think you were on my side But now Im no longer sure I wish I knew what I know now before When I give my heart again I know its gonna last forever No one tell me where or when I know its gonna last forever Baby jane dont it make you feel sad Just when I thought that we were winning You and I were so close in every way Dont time fly when youre loving and laughing Ive said goodbye so many times The situation aint all that new Optimisms my best defense Ill get through without you When I give my heart again I know its gonna last forever No one tell me where or when I know its gonna last forever I wont be that dumb again I know its gotta last forever When I fall in love again I know its gonna last forever Baby jane Ive said all I want to say Go your own way dont think twice about me Cause Ive got ideas and plans of my own So long darlin Ill miss you believe me The lesson learned was so hard to swallow But I know that Ill survive Im ...

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  • “If you would like to participate, contact Jane. The following interview is with Jerlyn Kay Priest, interviewed by her daughter Written on September 20, 2010 by Jane Friedman in When Mom Was My Age "”
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  • “Running shoes, apparel and accessores for women of all shapes and sizes”
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  • “Jane Marsh, opera singer, is one of the most versatile and eloquent of singers, possessing a naturally beautiful vocal timbre, she is also, much like Beverly Sills, a general communicator, with charismatic leadership ability, and would do well on”
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  • “Jane, Country Living Blogger January 31, 2009 10:00 AM by jane dagmi | COMMENTS. Here. I brought you some flowers as a 'Thank You' for reading my blog and making nice comments if you were lucky enough to figure out a way to leave them. I don't know about you, but i've always loved carnations”
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  • “I mentioned in the Part I portion of the story, that Sarah Jane Studios began with the intention of getting my husband through a Masters program I'd read blog post after blog post on how to store your kids art,”
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  • “Jane Johnson Photography is a Bend Oregon childrens photographer, regularly traveling to Arizona as a Scottsdale childrens photographer”
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  • “EVOKE was developed by the World Bank Institute, and directed by alternate reality game master Jane McGonigal. For press/media inquiries, please contact [email protected] How to help us EVOKE. If you have 1 minute: Tweet, blog, or Facebook the game URL to friends and colleagues”
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  • “I have, this very morning, written seven beginnings to a blog post and I've been talked out of each one. So for your Trade Not Aid on my Dear c jane blog and a post about the Squaw Peak on my Provo blog”
    — c jane enjoy it,