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  • Jackal is the common name for Old World, coyote-like mammals in any of three species in the genus Canis of The name jackal sometimes also is applied to a fourth canid species, Canis simensis, which may be known as the red jackal, Abyssinian wolf, red fox, or Ethiopian snub nosed raven. — “Jackal - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Translations of jackal. jackal synonyms, jackal antonyms. Information about jackal in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. the jackal, jackal - Old World nocturnal canine mammal closely related to the dog; smaller than a wolf; sometimes hunts in a pack but usually singly or as a. — “jackal - definition of jackal by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Jackal music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Jackal on Yahoo! Music. — “Jackal on Yahoo! Music”,
  • A jackal is a member of any of three small to medium-sized species of predators of the The jackal's long legs and curved canine teeth are adapted for. — “Wikipedia:Jackal - Global Warming Art”,
  • The Jackal (Bruce Willis) buys a heavy machine gun from his contacts via online called a "Polish ZSU-33 14.5mm", which is in reality a Browning M2HB mocked up as a KPV heavy machine gun in 14.5mm. Both guns have a cyclic rate of ~600RPM so how they got away saying it fired 1400RPM is unknown. — “Jackal, The - imfdb :. guns in movies :. movie guns :. the”,
  • The Jackal {Canis aureus} - The jackal is a medium-sized carnivore with doglike features and a bushy tail. — “The Jackal {Canis aureus}”, sa-
  • Golden Jackal, Canis aureus, description, habitat and life cycle Among the most resilient and resourceful of the Canidae family – which includes jackals, dogs, wolves, coyotes and foxes – the Golden Jackal can thrive in widely diverse habitats across extensive ranges. — “Golden Jackal, Canis aureus - DesertUSA”,
  • JACKALS END BUSY WEEK WITH LOSS TO EVERBLADES. The Elmira Jackals (11-4-4-0) lost 6-2 to the Florida Everblades (11-10-0-0) on Sunday at First Arena, ending a four-game week for the Jackals that saw Elmira stay in first place in the Eastern Conference's Atlantic Division. CLICK HERE:. — “Elmira Jackals”,
  • Jackal is a Java package which provides a comprehensive communications infrastructure for Java-based agents, while maintaining maximum flexibility and ease of integration. Jackal was developed under the auspices of the CIIMPLEX project, a NIST ATP sponsored initiative of IBM Corporation. — “Jackal”, csee.umbc.edu
  • jackal ( ) n. Any of several doglike mammals of the genus Canis of Africa and southern Asia that are mainly foragers feeding on plants, small animals,. — “jackal: Definition from ”,
  • jackal (plural jackals) Any of several wild canine species, native to the tropical Old World, smaller than a wolf. A person who performs menial/routine tasks, dogsbody (pejorative) A person who behaves in an opportunistic way; especially a base collaborator. — “jackal - Wiktionary”,
  • A Jackal is a small to medium sized canid found in Africa, Asia and southeastern Europe. It is Known as a 'Bweha' in Swahili. — “Jackal at Animal Corner”,
  • There are three species of the jackal, the golden or common jackal, the side-striped jackal, and the black-back jackal. The black-back jackal can , Tammy L Mahan. — “Animal facts: Jackal - by Tammy L Mahan - Helium”,
  • The three species of jackal in East Africa are the golden or common jackal, the side-striped jackal and the black-backed or silver-backed jackal. Informative profiles from the African Wildlife Foundation. — “AWF: Wildlife: Jackal”,
  • Jackal definition, any of several nocturnal wild dogs of the genus Canis, esp. C. aureus, of Asia and Africa, that scavenge or hunt in packs. See more. — “Jackal | Define Jackal at ”,
  • A jackal is a member of any of three small to medium-sized species of predators of the genus Canis, found in Africa, Asia, and southeastern Europe. Jackals fill a similar ecological niche to the coyote (sometimes called the "American jackal"[1]) in North America. — “Jackal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A jackal (from Turkish çakal, via Persian shaghal ultimately from Sanskrit sṛgālaḥ ) is a member of any of three (sometimes four) small to medium-sized species of the family Canidae, found in Africa, Asia and Southeastern Europe. In jackal society the social unit is that of a monogamous pair which. — “Jackal”, schools-
  • Jackal. Stigmata. Intended use: All Around. Material: Aluminum. Starting Weight: (size medium frame with shock) 6.97 lbs. Intended use: Trail. — “Santa Cruz Bicycles JACKAL”,
  • The Jackal began spying on Peter Parker in search of a link to Spider-Man. He spotted Peter tossing a web-bundle on his apartment building roof, which contained a spare Spider-Man costume and web-shooters. The Jackal planned to set off his next virus bomb at the Daily Bugle. — “Jackal - Marvel Universe Wiki: The definitive online source”,
  • FBI deputy director Preston discovers that the Jackal has been contracted out he contacts one of the few men who can identify him - IRA gunman Declan Mulqueen. With the Jackal moving freely within the US it is a race against time to find and stop him before he reaches his target. — “The Jackal (1997) - IMDb”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Jackal. Information about Jackal in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. the jackal, golden jackal. — “Jackal definition of Jackal in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Definition of jackal from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of jackal. Pronunciation of jackal. Definition of the word jackal. Origin of the word jackal. — “jackal - Definition of jackal at ”,

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  • Jackal Head - Cruxshadows I didn't see this song on youtube. so I decided to add it. I like it, at least. Enjoy! Shifting inside patterns the division multiples echoing the mystery mimicking the slide sound searching slowly below the flaming web moving with his eyes like fire with his jackal-head (with his jackal-head) Give it all to birth give it all to life take it all for granted until we turn and die She answers with her staff silence from her breath silhouettes of temples falling visions of certain death hand lift it from the pocket the prophet falls to red the sacrifice is offered to his jackal-head (to his jackal-head) He who defiles the tomb of the pharaoh shall surely find swift death He who defiles the womb of the pharaohs queen shall surely find swift death
  • JACKAL -Amazing Predator The Jackal, once viewed as Anubis the Egyptian god of embalming & the underworld (who had a Jackals head on a mans body), and now as seen as a scavenger or a nuisance animal and is killed. In South Africa they are hunted for their fur and meat. But to me, the Jackal is another amazing predator that needs our protection. The Jackal is a member of any of three (sometimes thought to be four) species of the family Canidae, found in Africa, Asia and southeastern Europe. The Four species are: Black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas) *featured in this video. Side-striped jackal (Canis adustus) Golden jackal (Canis aureus) & Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis) These mate for life pairs, can also live in packs and have various social calls they make out to one another. Jackals are opportunistic omnivores and will eat young antelopes, reptiles, rodents, insects, birds, fruits, and even grass. But their popular image as scavengers has resulted in a negative public image, (also a false image people have of the hyena) and I hope this video will help put an end to that. *All animal footage filmed in Kenya. For more Jackal info: And PLEASE help protect their habitat by going to: Wildlife Direct African Wildlife Foundation:
  • The Jackal- Thir13en Ghosts All the Jackal-related clips from the movie Thir13en Ghosts. Also included is the backstory from the DVD special features.
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  • Jataka Tales - The Lion and The Jackal . This is a story that teaches you the importance of knowing your own limits.
  • Jackal - NES Part of the game Jackal for the NES, simply because there aren't nearly enough videos of it.
  • GetBackers/Family Guy - A Jackal! It's a Jackal! Jackal? Well, I came across a GetBackers fanfic the other night that I assume must have been making a reference to Family Guy with this quote, so I decided to make this. It's short, it's random, it... doesn't really make much sense... but it amused me. For those of you who are unfamiliar with GetBackers, the guy with the black trenchcoat and big black hat is called "Dr. Jackal". THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE SERIES OR ANIME COMPANY.
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  • Jack Black & Bruce Willis edits
  • CLASSIC GAMES REVISITED - Jackal (Nintendo NES) Review This battle will make your blood boil! Or will it? Find out here in this review!
  • Halo 3 Forges (Ep. 52) Jackal's Bridge Click this to watch Halo 3 Forges (Ep. 51) The Reactor! Halo 3 Forges (Ep. 52) Jackal's Bridge Game Over Studios proudly presents Jackal's Bridge! A capture the flag map made by JackalAnubis. You may remember this map creator from previous episodes, well now we've gotten hold of one of his new maps. We had a great time playing this map, hope you guys enjoy as well. Map Creator: JackalAnubis File Share Holder: ITz BruJiN File Share Link: FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: yt:quality=high Halo3 forge forges Halo 3 Halo UPC 882224444477 Bungie Software Microsoft game over studio file share forge sandbox map ghost warthog capture the flag CTF
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  • CJ Cregg Does The Jackal - West Wing S1E18 The West Wing, Season 1, Episode 18, Six Meetings Before Lunch: CJ does "The Jackal."
  • Jackal - NES Gameplay
  • Young Indiana Jones: The Curse of the Jackal Pt. 1 For some insane, absurd, ridiculous reason it was decided to destroy the incredible 'Curse of the Jackal' for the VHS and DVD releases - so no longer is it a solitary feature length episode, but sections of 'My First Adventure' and 'Spring Break Adventure'. The great narrative drive has been done away with completely. They got rid of Old Indy in favour of poorly acted, obviously low budget, awful 'joining segments'? Well darn and double darn. Shame the few people in the world who like the show want to see the series on DVD in its original 'Chronicles' incarnation.
  • Cry For You (Jackal Remix) - September The original 'Cry For You' music video put to the Jackal Remix. It makes it even more dancier!
  • Coroner-Masked Jackal techno thrash
  • jackal mame part1 jackal mame,easy mode,7 lives. enjoy
  • Far Cry 2 Glitch- How to Shoot, and Kill, The Jackal This glitch only works if you don't have any updates for your game, as after the time of this upload it's been patched for all three platforms. To get rid of updates on the Xbox 360, read this: This glitch lets you kill the Jackal in any way you want. It must be done when you meet The Jackal, in the prison, before you enter The Heart of Darkness. The mortar glitch was found by COD4dudes, or at least that's how I found out about it. I then discovered that it could be used to kill almost anyone in any building you glitch into, including The Jackal in the prison.

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