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  • Cervical Cancer - Jabs 4 Year 8 Girls This Is A Video To Tell You All About Cervical Cancer DONT WORRY!!
  • Matthias Jabs Interview Part 1 New Interview to Matthias Jabs by Scorpions Webmaster Wolfgang Strauß shot on June 23rd in Munich
  • matthias jabs en chile 1994 Solo mathias jabs
  • Letterman Jabs Obama David Letterman on Obama's vacation: "He'll have plenty of time for vacations when his one term is up."
  • Matthias Jabs Solo Very rare solo, that i find on internet... Anyone got the video?
  • Matthias Jabs of the Scorpions. New Cort Signature Model Guitar see at: Since 1979 Matthias Jabs has built a reputation as one of Rock's best guitarists. His unique style has been a key element in keeping the Scorpions a global headliner. Cort Guitars is proud to announce that Matthias Jabs has joined the fast growing Cort artist roster. Cort and Matthias have collaborated on two new signature guitar models. These new models clearly reflect the lessons learned by Matthias as he has played arenas and stadiums around the world. The designs reflect the features that he has always wanted and that so many players have been seeking.
  • Everything Is OK (Don't Take The Swine Flu Jab) The SHOCKING Truth about vaccines here: Please spread this music video around as it raises very important issues surrounding vaccinations, especially the untried & untested 'Swine Flu' vaccine. A link to the audio only is here: www.jingle- and a broadcast quality version of the track is available on request. we are happy for other people to use this music in ANY way for non-profit projects, in order to raise awareness. Radio stations have our permission to play the track on air. We hope you enjoy it! Martin & Chris Download the video (Full Quality here): www.jingle- Links: Xmas Version http http http http - Chords & Lyrics
  • Dana White on Tito Ortiz & Affliction UFC President Dana White comments on Tito Ortiz signing on with Affliction Toronto, Canada July 6, 2008
  • Scorpions - Jabs & Schenker Guitar Lesson Part 2 (No One Like You + Rock you like a Hurricane) Scorpions guitarrists' Mathias Jabs and Rudolph Schenker in a guitar lesson teaching the fans how to play No One Like You and Rock you like a Hurricane, and also talking about the way they composed each one.
  • Joe Biden hits St. Louis, jabs McCain Sen. Joe Biden, the Democratic VP nominee, holds a town hall at Mehlville HS.
  • Tommy Morrison vs Mike Foley Jab Knockout Tommy Morrison vs Mike Foley
  • Musikmesse '10 - Scorpions Matthias Jabs Vintage Gretsch & Gibson Collection PG's Shawn Hammond is On Location in Frankfurt, Germany, for the 2010 Musikmesse show where he catches with up Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs. In this segment, Matthias Jabs introduces us to his store MJ Guitars based in Germany and its huge collection of guitars. Here, we get to check out all of Matthias' vintage and rare Gretsch and Gibson guitars, including a J-45, old ES-335s, '50s Les Pauls, original '60s SGs and an original Chet Atkins semi-hollow Gretsch model. For more Musikmesse 2010 coverage or to view our completely FREE digital edition of Premier Guitar magazine, be sure to visit http
  • Knoll Jabs Ravenstahl, Onorato In Front Of President Clinton Sen. Hillary Clinton made a final push for votes on the eve of the Pennsylvania primary -- but it was Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll's comments to Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato that stole the spotlight in front of former President Bill Clinton.
  • Matthias Jabs Interview Part 2 New Interview to Matthias Jabs by Scorpions Webmaster Wolfgang Strauß shot on June 23rd in Munich
  • Fox Calls Obama's Fist Bump a "Terrorist Fist Jab" Watch more at
  • Musikmesse '10 - Scorpions' Matthias Jabs Fender Candy Apple Red Collection PG's Shawn Hammond is On Location in Frankfurt, Germany, for the 2010 Musikmesse show where he catches with up Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs. In this segment, Matthias Jabs introduces us to his store MJ Guitars based in Germany and its huge collection of guitars. Here, we get to see plenty of Fender Custom Shop models, including several original, rare Fender Candy Apple Red Teles, 12-strings, Jaguars, Jazzmasters, Stratocasters and J and P Basses. For more Musikmesse 2010 coverage or to view our completely FREE digital edition of Premier Guitar magazine, be sure to visit http
  • Raw Video: Comedy, Jabs at NY Race Debate Tuesday night's debate between the seven candidates running to be New York's next governor is being widely panned as political theater with little substance. The debate was loaded with comic relief and audacious zingers. (Oct. 19)
  • Jabs on the heavybag Ways to practice your jab on the heavybag
  • Punch Training HD - Speed Jabs & Hooks (Old) An older training session of mine. I was particularly lazy with my guard during this session, as I was focused mainly on building speed. My punching technique has changed alot since this was filmed. This vid is in realtime. There is NO speeding up or undercranking. I was 132 at the time this video was shot. (Watch in HD for best framerate and smoothest playback)FAQs: Q: Where can I buy one of those kicking dummies? A: You can buy a Body Opponent Bag (BOB) by going here: Q: What is in the base of the BOB/Bag? A: It is filled with around 270lbs of all-purpose sand.
  • Fist Pound - Terrorist Fist Jab? Credit to the Morning Joe staff on MSNBC for this great "News You Can't Use". Faux News - We Report - You Should Hide blog on this topic: /trevorhensal
  • Practicing Boxing on a Double End Bag : Jab Uppercuts with a Lead & Lag on a Double End Punching Bag What is the lead and lag in boxing jabs? Learn about practicing boxing techniques, punches, and jabs on a double end bag in this free training video on basics for boxers. Expert: Bill Lefebvre Bio: Billy Lefebvre is the owner & head coach for Bantam Boxing. He has been involved in boxing as a successful amateur regional, national and inter-national competitor, coach & trainer for 35 over years. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
  • Boxing Jab - Basics The boxing jab - basic points of interest. basic body position for throwing the jab basic procedure: hit, block, and get away practice jabbing while blocking the jab, hook, or right hand different types of jabs - power jab, speed jab orientation of the jabbing arm - speed, power, reach, pace
  • Obama Nominee Crumbles Trying To Defend WH Budget Deception The Budget Committee held a hearing today to consider the nomination of Heather Higginbottom to be President Obama's deputy budget director. Sen. Sessions confronted the nominee over false assertions from the White House regarding the president's budget. Both President Obama and his budget director have repeatedly said that the president's budget allows us to "live within our means," "spend money that we have each year," and "begin paying down our debt." (1.usa.gov youtu.be Numerous fact-check organizations have found these statements to be false, (goo.gl and Sessions has argued that these inaccurate claims undermine efforts to confront our growing fiscal crisis. In reality, the budget that President Obama submitted adds $13 trillion to the debt, never has a deficit less than $600 billion, and spends more than it takes in every single year. And by the tenth year, interest payments on our debt will rise to $844 billion--more than we spend on Medicare or defense. Note: Ms. Higginbottom, a former advisor for Obama's presidential campaign, has no formal budget training or experience. UPDATE 3/18: CBO released its ***ysis of the president's budget today, finding that the Obama proposal actually conceals $2.3 trillion in deficits. Using more realistic economic assumptions than the White House used, total deficits over the next decade will reach $9.5 trillion. (1.usa.gov
  • UFC's Matt Serra, Chris Lytle trade jabs Octagon fighters Matt Serra and Chris Lytle preview UFC 119 on Sept. 25 with Phillip B. Wilson.
  • Aikido For Jabs and hook punches By Robert Lara Sensei ( This is not done in full speed. Be real here. I am teaching a class And I am not showing everything. Just a simple Demo.) Aikido For Jabs and hook punches By Robert Lara Sensei
  • ~How to Play Mario: Jabs and Tilts An introduction to Marios Jabs and Tilts. It is advised to pause the video when needed. [Video Text] Jab This is Mario's fastest move which is great for setting up combos. Jab first, and then use the stun to follow up into other moves. Because it is very fast, use it to punish slower attacks. This is Marios best option for racking up damage. Mario also can auto-jab which can punish spot dodgers and rollers. The last hit of the jab combo has a very large hitbox, which has as much horizontal range as a Forward Tilt. F-Tilt is best used to end a ground combo as it has enough knockback to keep you at a safe distance. You can use it to mix up your playstyle and to refresh other moves. just a great poker and damage racker. It's generally just a 2nd-best option to everything. Matador Up-Tilt This is by far, Mario's best tilt because you can "U-Tilt lock" some characters to about 20% depending on their weight. This move also has great priority and can be used as a KO move at higher percents. Up tilt can also set you up for a jab lock. "At higher percents on stages like Luigi's Mansion and Skyworld, it'll bounce the other character to their back, which can set you up for a perfect jab lock." Straked Down Tilt This move is probably Marios least used move. It has major start up lag, has very little knockback, and does little damage. Matt07 Otherwise it does have slightly more range than his Jab, hits lower, so it can shield poke a bit and at high percents, you can use this to knock ...
  • RE: Polish Health Ministry on swine flu jabs issues A/H1N1 ( visit count unfroze again... :) OK this is final version of that clip :) Polish Health Ministry Mrs Ewa Kopacz gives speech in Polish Parliament on serious issues with swine flu vaccines safety. 5th Nov 2009. Translate this stuff to your language and keep spreading the word. No fear - we're one! Statistics for the clip, keep on watching guys, let them know we are interested. YT honours: #69 - Top Favourited (All Time) - News & Politics - Poland #35 - Top Rated (All Time) - News & Politics - Poland
  • Jabs Drag and Drop Example Session A slightly more advanced example. This video demonstrates coding a drag and drop behavior with Jabs.
  • Scorpions - Jabs & Schenker Guitar Lesson Part 1 (The Zoo + Blackout) Scorpions guitarrists' Mathias Jabs and Rudolph Schenker in a guitar lesson teaching the fans how to play The Zoo and Blackout, and also talking about the way they composed each one.
  • scorpions - matthias jabs & klause meine - wind of change (unplugged) live in Frankfurt scorpions 1992
  • October 17, 2006 Barbs and Jabs Another in a series of debate summaries from Hotline. It's the best answers, sharpest insults and funniest moments of the 2006 debates. This episode has VA Senate Debate (Allen vs. Webb), PA Senate (Santorum vs. Casey) and MN Senate Debate (Kennedy vs. Klobuchar)
  • Clinton vs Netanyahu: US, Israel trade jabs at AIPAC over Jerusalem settlements After Israel recently announced 1600 further settlements in the disputed area of East Jerusalem a rift has grown with the US And with a strong Jewish lobby on American soil the issue has become just as divisive on the domestic stage. RT's Lauren Lister reports from the gala in the midst of the furore surrounding the two countries spat.
  • Battle of Lefts: Pacquiao Straight vs. Cotto Jab (Half-speed) It looks like they're just throwing a punch at the same time but Manny is really doing a simultaneous slip & attack. Amazing reflex & timing. Watch it here at normal speed: PS: Cotto also hit Manny with several jabs that's not included in this clip. .
  • Jabs & Hooks - Konan, Youngsta & Krept [Off Futuristic Wave]
  • Matthias Jabs - A Tribute My tribute to the best of the best! You are much loved! To the song "A Moment In A Million Years!" EYE TO EYE
  • Welcome To Jamrock (Jabs' Dubstep Mash-up) Dubstep mash-up of Welcome To Jamrock by Damian Marley and March of Tha Wee Man by Scott Nixon. Download Here:
  • Boxing Jab - Jab Combinations How to use multiple jabs against an opponent. Hitting on the fly - don't set to hit, keep feet moving rapidly while throwing multiple jabs as a safe, point-scoring maneuver Feinting - baiting the opponent into compromising his guard Other Combinations - some time-tested tricks you can use to beat your opponent to the punch
  • The Jabs - To The Limit Of Ignorance The Jabs at Little Havana for the What Inspires Us gig supporting The Geeks Tour
  • Chevron + Sierra Club: A Few Jabs, And A Surprise The Chiefs of Chevron and the Sierra Club met for the first time ever at Climate One at The Commonwealth Club. Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, says government regulations have prevented the energy industry from being innovative. Dave O'Reilly, CEO of Chevron, agrees with Pope that energy efficiency is a high priority for reducing carbon emissions. In a lively exchange moderated by Alan Murray of the Wall Street Journal, Pope and O'Reilly agreed to go to Washington DC together to put a squeeze play on the coal industry.
  • 7 Star Mantis Kung Fu: Jabs - Breakdown of proper jab technique including body mechanics and punching speed drill/2-man exercise. Part of the Seven Star Praying Mantis Instructional Series from .
  • Wes Welker jabs Rex Ryan over foot *** video So far this week the Patriots have taken the high road when asked to respond to every bit of noise coming out of New York. But today, Wes Welker took a few subliminal shots at Jets head coach Rex Ryan. READ THE TRANSCRIPT HERE -
  • DJ Webstar takes Jabs at Ron Browz & explains why the Voice of Harlem Fell Off Webstar explains why Ron Browz should have put him on and why he can't help Browz career now unless it's business. Webstar says the Voice of Harlem fell off because of greediness and he explains why artists over 35 need to retire. Plus his exclusive Drama Queen freestyle!

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  • “A new poster (mric) has cropped up on the JABS forum, who's made a couple of points pointing out the idiocy So the original purpose of this blog was to show quite how bat*** bonkers the JABS forum is, by posting an (almost) daily quote”
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  • “Read about 'Brian Williams Begs 'Help Me' as Letterman Jabs Leno' on the Yahoo! TV blog”
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  • “Independent student newspaper of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Professor's blog post jabs at media coverage. By Annamaria Anselmo”
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  • “eBay CEO John Donahoe came out swinging at companies competing with eBay when the topic came up during a Q&A AuctionBytes Blog. News and insight focusing on. ecommerce and the online auction industry. by Ina Steiner, Editor of . eBay CEO Takes Jabs at Amazon and Wal-Mart”
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  • “Buddys booked in at 11.15am today with the vet for his first vaccianation. Will he be ok afterwards or should I watch out for anything or expect anything behaviour wise? Will he eat as normal today or should I go easy with his grub? My sister”
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  • “JABS. Posted by Jackie Fletcher on September 12, 2007 11:55 AM Posted by Jabs on the Guardian blog: http:///ann_robinson”
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  • “In the business section of today's Star, Christopher Hutsul takes a look at the rise and rise of Eklund, from anonymous blogger to anonymous mainstream pundit. Eklund is supplying a column to Sportsnet for free on a "test drive" basis”
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  • “Here's the saved pages in PDF format: jabs-forum-abuse and jabs-mysteriously-disappearing-homophobia-and-abuse. and only disappears if it is commented on in the Bad Science forum or a specific complaint is made to JABS admin about the abuse”
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