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  • Photobucket new mount picture, this photo was uploaded by Jabberwockies. Browse other new mount pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image and video hosting service. — “new maple mount picture by Jabberwockies - Photobucket”, s259
  • 2010 Jabberwockies and Bandersnatchs are in stock!. — “2010 Jabberwockies and Bandersnatchs in stock! : News and”,
  • Definition of jabberwockies in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jabberwockies. Pronunciation of jabberwockies. Translations of jabberwockies. jabberwockies synonyms, jabberwockies antonyms. Information about jabberwockies in the free online. — “jabberwockies - definition of jabberwockies by the Free”,
  • If you watched the first season of America's Best Dance Crew then you know the Jabbawockeez. If you've read Alice In Wonderland you know about jabberwockies. Either way, there's probably a bunch you don't know about one of our favorite dance. — “5 Questions With The Jabbawockeez > Global > MTV Iggy”,
  • News, articles, products, suppliers, systems integrators, jobs, and other resources for industrial automation, process automation, motion control, process control, factory automation, and instrumentation engineers and other technical "Because the Jabberwockies can only survive in cold conditions. — “Jabberwocky: The Threequel_funny story funny Photos and”,
  • The original and the most popular online football manager game. It's free to play - everybody deserves their own football team!. — “Jabberwockies - LBM " Hattrick”, www82
  • endless jabberwockies "Of course there's going to be endless jabberwockies. That's endless jabberwockies. see it and leave. punk from damen and division. — “this is 606: endless jabberwockies”, thisis606
  • Jabberwockies definition, a playful imitation of language consisting of invented, meaningless words; nonsense; gibberish. See more. — “Jabberwockies | Define Jabberwockies at ”,
  • The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and He took his vorpal sword in hand: Long time the manxome foe he sought. — “Jabberwocky”,
  • Five sheep abused ump*** orifices, but two aardvarks almost noisily fights the purple Jabberwockies. Jabberwockies ran away, although two purple bureaux towed the chrysanthemums, and five. — “Halftone”,
  • Other Jabberwockies are using their money to run for office themselves. These Jabberwockies include David and Charles Koch, brothers whose. — “Alan Singer: Beware the Jabberwockies”,
  • Gibbons: The One-Hit Jabberwockies of the Rainforest. by Wilfried Hou Je Bek. The gibbon is the most dandified primate roaming the forests of Southeast Asia. The Chinese have long considered it to be the wisest and noblest of all animals, and. — “Gibbons: The One-Hit Jabberwockies of the Rainforest - The”,
  • Acid Tapes Catalogue page 3 VARIOUS ARTISTS "The Worm Is Waltzing" TAB 043. THE JABBERWOCKIES "The Jabberwockies" TAB 044. THE CHEMISTRY SET "The Chemistry Set" TAB 045. STORMCLOUDS "Raindrops" TAB 048. VARIOUS ARTISTS "Garage Ghouls" TAB 046. THE FAREWELL PARTY "The Farewell Party". — “Acid3”,
  • "Because the Jabberwockies can only survive in cold conditions. You see, Jabberwockies are just a frozen fluid. They can only maintain their solid form if the temperature is cold enough. — “Jabberwocky: The Threequel”,
  • Ump*** chrysanthemums drunkenly perused Kermit, however five obese cats auctioned off the Jabberwockies, and ump*** poisons laughed. Batman comfortably bought ump*** extremely silly Jabberwockies, even though bourgeois lampstands perused ump*** botulisms, and Jupiter easily bought one dwarf, even. — “John Schroeder '74 Rescues The Sun From Big Mistake | The”,
  • The Sun-Times, your source for the latest breaking local news, sports, weather, business, jobs, real estate, shopping, health, travel, and entertainment. Jabberwockies, Na'vi, and flaming spears may be the stuff of this year's biggest 3D movies, but soon they'll also be flying into homes across the. — “Heber Springs, AR - The Sun-Times - Television enters the”,
  • We found 3 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word jabberwockies: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "jabberwockies" is defined. General (3 matching dictionaries) jabberwockies: [home, info]. — “Definitions of jabberwockies - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Myspace Music profile for JABBERWOCKIES. Download JABBERWOCKIES Rock / Jam Band / Psychedelic music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read JABBERWOCKIES's blog. — “JABBERWOCKIES on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s”,
  • You can get to this page directly at http:///people/jabberwockies jabberwockies. Bookmarked Songs. This Pandora listener has not bookmarked any songs. sort. — “Profile for jabberwockies - Pandora”,
  • Stone Temple Pilots Huckleberry Crumble lyrics in the Stone Temple Pilots Album. These Huckleberry Crumble lyrics are performed by Stone Temple Pilots Get the music video and song lyrics here. Less conversation Moral obligation Tell me how Lady jabberwockies eatin' bed bugs. — “STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - HUCKLEBERRY CRUMBLE LYRICS”,
  • elevator parts: Adams Elevator Equipment Company is the largest independent manufacturer and wholesale distributor of Elevator and Escalator replacement parts,elevator tools,elevator diagnostic tools, and escalator supplies. television had extremely comfortably bought five purple Jabberwockies. — “Adams Elevator”,
  • 1:13 Add to Added to queue jabberwockies tripping on song for the deadby jeanvil6,267 views 1:41 Add to Added to queue jabberwockies-the good thingsby totenyeah5,900 views. — “YouTube - Shaq Dancing with the Jabberwockies -All Star Game 2009”,

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  • Jabberwockies and Dark Portal Jabberwockie Dark Portal opening run.
  • Waving to hell yes Leave me comments and stuff. I might as well upload this too. It's me waving for a little bit. I quit at the end because i messed up the timing on my wave so i was like "i quit" and started over.
  • Popping If you watch my videos you must comment! Working on angles and hitting. I am actually hitting its hard to see once you upload it to youtube. Anyone know how to make the video clearer?
  • Popping to A night to remember If you watch this leave comments, bad or good whatever you want i dont care. More freestyle to a night to remember. Speaking of remembering i remembered to brighten this one, youtube likes to make all my videos dark for some reason. Song "A Night to Remember" by Mr. Ozwald Its got a pretty cool music video you can watch it here if you want
  • BZ Community Class- Alec Clawson (duet) MEET ALEC CLAWSON "Alec is very exciting to watch. His talent combined with amazing creativity will set him apart. He is destined for great things." - Joey Robson Since Alec Clawson Started his professional choreographing career at thir*** for Dancescape, (a non-profit charity that works towards bringing the arts back to Los Angeles High Schools), that same piece is still requested for performance to this day. His work with Various artists ranges from Colby ODonis, Mitchell Musso, KeKe Palmer and several others. Other than studying with every possible well-known choreographer out there, he has also worked with several of them, and they continually direct book him because of the greatness and notoriety of his skill. Choreographers like Shane Sparks, Nick Lazerini and every choreographer you might see on So You Think You Can Dance have requested his abilities. He is even known in the underground world of, Carnival, The Choreographers Ball. Known as one of the most choreographically, artistically and theatrically recognizable choreographers today. He is known as being the youngest choreographer to ever be invited to choreograph for the prestigious show. Not only was Alec asked to choreograph once, but at seven*** he has already choreographed twice. At the tender age of thir*** he landed a lead in a feature film and several commercial spots. As he continued to grow as both an actor and choreographer he continued booking and landing roles in both film and television, as ...
  • AiW-Down to Earth Basically what an Alice in Wonderland video would look like if it focused on environmental issues in Wonderland instead of slaying Jabberwockies. Song: Down to Earth Artist: Peter Gabriel Movie: Alice in Wonderland I own nothing and gain no profit, 'tis for fun
  • Popping Speed control If you watch my videos you must comment! Me failing at slow motion. I can sort of see the illusion some times, but its not very clean. Also this is like the second time ive heard this song so i dont really know it yet. Anyway let me know what you think.
  • The Blue Pill: A JabbaWockeeZ Tribute (Official Video) THIS VERSION IS OG! Update here: Just a tribute to the masked marvels. Sorry for he quality. (I called it the Blue Pill because it's not the Red Pill and the other choice was the blue pill; for those that know about the Alice in Wonderland/ Matrix/ Jabberwocky thing. No Crip Blood mess.) Video from MTV's "Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew" (Season One) Starring the JabbaWockeeZ Crew (Ben Chung, Chris Gatdula, Kevin Brewer, Phil Tayag, Jeff Nguyen, and Rynan Paguio) Music By DJ Verve Unreal "The Red Pill" (DJ Verve Remake/ Remix) Created by me, Anjru GarCa(li) & Spanky Kiddo (AyandesS) ______ Like the music? Want to download it? Visit or DJ Verve's YouTube Profile at and while you're there check out his other mixes. Interested in music used by the JabbaWockeeZ? Visit for 3 tapes I put together with the music they've used including this DJ Verve track! ______ DJ Verve's "The Red Pill (DJ Verve Remix)" contains: DJ Verve's "The Red Pill (DJ Verve Remake)" Will.I.Am's "The Donque Song" featuring Snoop Dogg Swizz Beatz' "Money in the Bank" Moloko's "The Time is Now (Casino Bambino Remix)" Swollen Members' "Red Dragon" And the spins at the end are commonly known as Munchmills (or Babymills) and WindMills.
  • jabberwockies
  • Roots of HATE ( 1 of 6 ) A Dialogue to Hope reveals the shared narratives found in individual and collective ideologies of hate, and how we as a species can overcome them. For six years, the filmmaker worked with unprecedented access to some of the most venomous ideologies and violent conflicts of our time, including the White Supremacist movement, Christian Fundamentalism as an anti-gay platform, Muslim Extremism, the Palestinian Intifada, Israeli Settlers and Soldiers, and US Forces in Iraq. By juxtaposing this verité footage with interviews from leading sociological, psychological, and neurological experts, and interspersing stories of redemption told by former "combatants", the film weaves a tapestry that reveals both the emotional and biological mechanisms which make all of us susceptible to acts and ideologies of hate, and demonstrates how these very same traits make us equally capable of overcoming them... Director's Statement ; I believe that to be an active participant on this spinning rock we call home, one must continually strive to define his or her vision of a "better world." At first glance, it's easy to define a better world as one without war, violence, or hate -- what is not easy is translating that vision into reality. The first step, as with any problem, is to develop an intimate understanding of its main facilitators. For this, most people turn to institutions such as politics, religion, and national, racial, or ***ual identity. However, since the intended or unintended ...
  • Promo for Miami DJ Orly Aycart: Pimped Ad Promo for Miami DJ Orly Aycart: Pimped Ad I made this video as a tribute promo for my friend Orly Aycart. I wanted to be able to share his awesome sounds over "The Breaks TV" Around late 2006 early 2007 I made a webpage to easily access a live stream audio cast through 1club.fm (Vybe Radio Miami 107.1 FM). From the first day I posted it, my website has had constant growth in traffic from all over the world that come to listen. The audio cast is nolonger availabel so I now broadcast another 1club.fm stream. I receive mix-sets from DJ Orly Aycart all the time that are crazy off the hook vibes. This is my way of saying... Thank You! -------------------------------- ORLY AYCART AKA ALIENSIGNAL DJ Orly Aycart from AlienSignal AKA DJ Meaning "Music is my passion. It is my drug. When I spin, I want my music to take people to another place...a place where they can forget their problems, enjoy life and have a good time—even if it is just for an evening." DJ Orly Aycart has been spinning his tunes in Florida and South America since 1996. Although his hypnotic trance and rhythmic grooves are his signature sound, he loves to play everything that is on vinyl or CD. From the peaceful sounds of ambiance, to the pounding bass of progressive house, to the dark sounds of tribal, Orly's unique mixes delight clubbers and Vybe Radio listeners alike. As one of the producers and resident DJs of the Full Moon Parties, Orly helped to shape the party scene in Miami in the late ...
  • Armwave If you watch my videos you must comment! I just realized today that i can almost do this move. Now im dying to figure it out. If anyone can do this move properly give me some tips.
  • Dancing to "hell yes" If you watch my videos you must comment! Just casual popping. I hope the song doesn't get blocked it's a good song, its kind of slow though but oh well.
  • Lavana Brown Freestylin 2 Ryan Leslie-Gibberish just abit of fun bt I love ett!
  • Charlie Jabberwockies
  • The Jabberwocky: An exploration of fear by year five Year 5 students perform Lewis Carroll's poem Jabberwocky and describe their own personal Jabberwockies.
  • Jabberwockies perform at the Javits Center 1/12/10. Jabberwockies perform at Javits Center
  • Animation dance If you watch my videos you must comment! Me doing animation and some strobing. Just practicing to Nine Inch Nails
  • Jabberwockey see for yourself!!! :)
  • Jabberwockies' Leave No Trace Song. Well, we went on expedition for ten days. We kayaked, for seven days altogether, from Sale to Lakes Entrance - 120km. While at Lakes Entrance on the last day we filmed the song and dance that we had to make as an activity one of the nights prior. It's based on the guidelines we need to follow when camping and stuff. Some of the lines are inside jokes. You'll be able to tell which ones are. I'm the one who looks the stupidest. Greenish pants and a black thermal top. Oh, and the beanie. But yeah. Just enjoy it. We made it to the tune of Tik Tok. Everyone wanted me to upload it. So i did. Lyrics: Wake up in the morning and wake everyone up. I got the milk and the Weetbix to put in my cup. We plan ahead 'cause we got a big journey in front And we prepared all the food and we made the lunch. We're talking 'bout packing it in and out, out. Taking the tents down, down. Make sure there's no trash around, round. Leavin' what we found. Woah, stop! Chuck that out. Please put that fire out 'Cause you're burning all the grass. Hey, get off your arse! Come help out, hug a friend. Be considerate of them. Woah oh oh oh. Woah oh oh oh. Woah, stop! Chuck that out. Please put that fire out 'Cause you're burning all the grass. Hey, get off your arse! Travel light, mozzies bite. But respect the wildlife. Woah oh oh oh. Woah oh oh oh. Don't set your tent up under a tree; It's likely to fall on thee. And if you need to squat to pee Make sure you tell Sammy. Don't squash the tomatoes Or Ari will ...
  • Butterflies, hurricanes and jabberwockies A home made music video, done as part of my BA degree. Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse Movie:Žvahlav aneb šatičky slaměného Huberta (Jabberwocky)- a 1971 experimental short film by Jan Švankmajer See the original at: Part 1 - Part 1 -
  • M & D Jabberwockees 09
  • Intense Street Image Talent Klash 07 Intense Street Image performs in a hip hop competition and places 2nd. Many of the momovements were deterred due to the slippery floor. I can say that we lacked the stronger movements that we ought to do in this sequence : ) but all in all, people thought we could've got first cuz were the only popping crew there. but who cares, i had fun anyways and so did our crew :) FYI the costumes were influenced by the great Jabberwockies :D love em to death!
  • Shaq Dancing with the Jabberwockies -All Star Game 2009 Hahahhahahahhaha
  • Somewhat silly Animation dancing Trying to animate. I messed up some parts but it came out mostly ok i think. Seems like animation doesn't show up well on video anyway. And of course leave comments and let me know what you think. LOL! @ the "women popping balloons ***" videos in the related videos for this.
  • Re: GST #1 - "Strong Woman" Video Cam Direct Upload
  • Animation dance #2 If you watch my videos you must comment! Me practicing animation again. I'm having trouble controlling it some times, and it wears out my body so fast. I get kind of tired towards the end. Im off beat too much here too. Gah actually i really hate this im gona replace it once i make a different one i think.
  • Jan Svankmajer Hybrid AMV to my "MiseryresiM" piece Jan Švankmajer (born 4 September 1934 in Prague) is a Czech surrealist artist. His work spans several media. He is known for his surreal animations and features, which have greatly influenced other artists such as Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, The Brothers Quay and many others. Featured clips from the following shorts: Jabberwocky (Žvahlav aneb šatičky slaměného Huberta) (1971) Dimensions of Dialogue (Možnosti dialogu) (1982) Down to the Cellar (Do pivnice) (1983) *With additional editing and video effects by LS. I love to life Svankmajer's "Little Otik" To view the original: Jabberwocky Original Dimensions of Dialogue Jan Svankmajer Home Page The song is "Miseryresim" by Lila under the tutelage of Electronic Music master Bob Gluck. I tweaked sounds I made or recorded to sound like the world, the non-world...
  • The CBHS Jabberwockies - CBHS Lewisham Dance Competition CBHS Lewisham Dance Competition 08! Julian, Kevin, Brandon and Reese Shuffling~!
  • Jabberwocky Lewis Carroll
  • Jabbawockeez Performs Live at ***'s Choice Awards Jabbawockeez Performs Live with Chris Brown at the annual ***'s Choice Awards. JabbaWockeeZ is an all-male hip hop dance crew, established by Joe Larot, Kevin Brewer, and Phil Tayag from San Diego, California. The group gained fame by appearing on America's Got Talent before winning the MTV hip hop dance reality series, America's Best Dance Crew in 2008. Their name is derived from the dragon in Lewis Carroll's poem Jabberwocky. Their unique signature is the use of white masks to create a faceless troupe so that the attention is on the dance movement. On week 7 of Americas Best Dance Crew Week 7aired on March 20, 2008. Thefinal 3 contestants; Status Quo, Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez have to illustrate the evolution of hip-hop using the same music. The final three crews have to perform to the songs Funky Town, Its Like That, It Just Begun, Push It, Bye Bye Bye & Get Buck In Here using some classic hip-hop styles, such as breaking, popping, and locking. The saved crew was Status Quo and stirred the hip hop community because they like to see a Jabba Kaba face-off. The 6 Jabbawockeez crews in that event were composed of three Fil-Ams; They are shown above from left to right: Chris Gatdula, Phil Tayag and Rynan Shawn Paguio. Kaba Modern is a street dance group established in 1992 by a group of Kababayans at the University of California in Irvine, originally to perform at their Pilipino Culture Night. Since then, the group's legacy has lived on, first and foremost as a family ...
  • George & I Following an intense Halloween weekend dressed as French Royalty our Freshman Year. Lindsay and I decided we need a sober weekend to take it easy and just be ourselves. The ensuing result was "George & I," a bromantic comedy about soft-core *** for under age jabberwockies. Or something. For more music by A Whale's Vagina, please visit: /​awvband
  • Alice in Wonderland video game brief submission Upon the delivery of expressing my creative context within the video game, I decided to illustrate my skills by visually animating the core experience of the game, which would be the exploring aspect. With that in mind, i had to break down the 4 core elements of how this game would be played 1, the Base Mechanics . Walking . Jumping off items/characters .Throwing objects 2, Long Term Incentives . See next part of the stage . Explore wonderland. 3, Punishment and Reward System . Avoid Jabberwockys . Defeat resets to last save point. 4, Aesthetic Layout . Hills .Mountains . Platforms .Trees . Jabberwockies.
  • Me dancing Me dancing just for fun in the basement. Let me know what you think.
  • Metroid Robot Dance If you watch my videos you have to comment. Roboting to Metroid music in this video. I really need to start practicing again.
  • Popping white guy. I was looking at my account and i have like subscribers and stuff. How the heck did that happen. Well anyway i guess i should upload more videos. This is just me doing my dance, and messing up a lot like usual. Leave lots of comments and stuff.
  • dance to DANCE I woke up and made this video. Sorry for the lack of energy and please don't look at my hair! Its a total mess. lol I messed up big time at the end too. I almost remade the video but i don't feel like it now. I've found that i don't even really like dancing to this song anyway. If you do like this song i recommend the MSTCRFT remix its better in my opinion, better to dance too as well. Oh and Please comment say something even if you hate it, just dont look at my sleepy hair. Song is DANCE by Justice off the Cross CD. Oh and sorry I forgot to brighten the video before i loaded it i dont know why they come though so dark when I upload them.

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  • “Right now there's a woman working at an Arby's somewhere in Columbus, Ohio who has no idea there's a super cool t-shirt line named in her honor. You'll Jabberwockies, gremlins and beanie babies. Really though, my inspirations are other people, they shout out different animals for me to draw at shows”
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  • “Blog of young adult writer Bridget Zinn. Bridget lives in Portland, OR with her covivant Barrett and her two Bengal cats Harpo and Pumpkin. I have not slain any jabberwockies sadly, but I am feeling really good and that only comes around so often lately. I got the super cute haircut of my”
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