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  • me: hi *comes out smiling from behind the shelves* Continue reading " Posted by lumsi ko sa mga luha mo sa pagmahay. luba-a ko sa gugma nga akong gipangandoy. ratrati ko. — “”,
  • birthplace of old Doll Pentreath, The last who jabbered Cornish, so says Daines ."Peter Pindar (Ode xxi. I jabbered, jabbered, stopped talking. None could understand. I am burnt, Search for books related to your query at :. — “Search Results for "jabbered"”,
  • After 5 minutes, a truck from highway securities arrived and jabbered some greek stuff with our driver. "Jabbered some greek stuff" ;) Nice "from the road" shot and story. — “Flat Taxi | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Examples of JABBER. They jabbered away for hours. She rushed into the room jabbering something about a dog. Origin of JABBER. Middle English jaberen, of imitative origin. — “Jabbered - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Sometimes the best cure for a bad mood is to search YouTube for talking animals. On a recent search for "talking cat," a video popped up that featured a long-haired black cat with buggy eyes who jabbered, complete with subtitles,. — “TH - Technology Article”,
  • The Post Newspaper A combined team from the Centre for Environment and Development, CED, and journalists including this reporter jabbered freely as they hit the road to Isangele in the Bakassi Peninsula. — “A combined team from the Centre for Environment an”,
  • obama is defenitely not gaining my respect as a president. he is upping taxes by atleast $0.70 starting in april. cigarettes are an inelastic good, meaning that the rise in prices wont decrease the quantity being sold substantially. the problem. — “barack obama for the loss? obama is defenitely not gaining my”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define jabber as NJabber \Jab'ber\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Jabbered}; p. pr. & vb.n. {Jabbering}.] [Cf. {Gibber}. — “Definition of Jabber from ”,
  • Jabbered definition, to talk or utter rapidly, indistinctly, incoherently, or nonsensically; chatter. See more. — “Jabbered | Define Jabbered at ”,
  • 8 letter words beginning with J: jabbered, jabberer, jabbling. — “8 letter J words : 8 letter words beginning with J”,
  • Acronym Finder: Definition of jabbered. What does jabbered stand for?. — “jabbered - Definition by AcronymFinder”,
  • On the high plains to the south of Nairobi in British East Africa the monkeys jabbered noisily as they swung themselves from the mangrove to the coconut palm and clambered about the juniper and. — “Foreign News: Albert A-Hunting - TIME”,
  • PICTURE THIS design, Klein approached Sprewell as the forward was inbounding the ball and jabbered for almost a minute. Security guards led Klein back to his seat. — “Picture This - 04.07.03 - SI Vault”,
  • We found 11 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word jabbered: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "jabbered" is defined. General (9 matching dictionaries) jabbered: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of jabbered - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • STL Cardinals, TB Rays, other sports, TV, Disney, random thoughts. Followers: 1. Members: 28. Follow list @jabbered/stl-twitter-ball. Fantasy Baseball based on STL Twitter set up by John Marececk. — “Brent R (@jabbered) - The Twitter List Directory - Mashable”,
  • Definition of jabbered in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is jabbered? Meaning of jabbered as a legal term. What does jabbered mean in law?. — “jabbered legal definition of jabbered. jabbered synonyms by”, legal-
  • Elegy in April and September (jabbered among the trees) Elegy in April and September (jabbered among the trees) by Wilfred Owen. 1. Hush, thrush!. — “Elegy in April and September (jabbered among the trees”,
  • A druggie with a long rap sheet held two women hostage in his onx apartment for six hours Friday, slapping the terrified captives as he jabbered on the phone to cops. — “Two women held hostage in Bronx apartment”,
  • Definition of jabbering in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jabbering. Pronunciation of jabbering. Translations of jabbering. jabbering synonyms, jabbered. jabbered. jabbered. jabberer. jabberer. jabberer. jabbering. Jabberingly. Jabberment. Jabbernowl. jabbers. jabbers. jabbers. Jabberwock. jabberwockies. — “jabbering - definition of jabbering by the Free Online”,
  • For 77 years, my family has brought you great tasting Yarnell's Premium Ice Cream. I'm Henry the Hound and I am going to be tweeting for Yarnell's jabbered 10 points is a start, 25 are free for signing up!. — “Yarnell's Ice Cream (Yarnells) on Twitter”,
  • Authors: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z jabbered in German is plapperte, geplappert. BrainyQuote. Copyright © 2001 - 2010. — “Definition of Jabbered”,
  • Conjugation and translation of the English verb jabber. Tests to test your knowledge. jabbered. you. jabbered. she. jabbered. we. jabbered. they. jabbered. I. had. jabbered. you. had. jabbered. she. had. jabbered. we. had. jabbered. they. had. jabbered. Future. Future perfect. I. will. jabber. you. will. jabber. she. will. — “jabber - Conjugation of the English verb jabber”, verb2
  • [edit] Verb. jabbered. Simple past tense and past participle of jabber. /wiki/jabbered" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “jabbered - Wiktionary”,

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  • You're Not Alone Ch58 [part 1/2] WATCH VID!!!! "OK, Girls Ive called an important cheerleader meeting." Miley clapped her hands to get the girls attention. "I have good and bad news..." "Tell us the bad new first..." best friend and co-assistant head cheerleader Madison said. "I cant it wont make sense if I do it that way." Miley replied. "OK, well you know I was in the school play, I love acting well my new manager, Mr. Maxwell, said I should do more acting if I want to go big time so he said I should audition for High School Musical, and I landed the part of Sharpay!!!" The girls sprang up and hugged Miley all of them yaying and cheering. "Unfortunately, I have to give up my cheering career..." "WHAT!" Madison jerked away from Miley and almost broke down. "Its my decision, and I want to pursue my life in the arts, so... Ive decided to stay a cheerleader until the end of Freshman year, then stop." "But you cant- I mean.. Miley!" Madison jabbered. "Maddie, its what I have decided, and thats final." Miley picked up her duffle bag and walked out of the gym. Madison stood there for a few moments then slowly mopped out of the gym. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "MANDY! Mandy, wait up!" Nick yelled from down the biology hall. "Hey darling." Mandy piped hugging her books close. "Hey you busy Saturday night?" Nick asked as they were walking toward the stairs. "No." Mandy replied carefully stepping in front of Nick as they started walking down the stairs. "I want to take you out. You know, theres only a few nice days ...
  • Malcolm Holcombe : From 'A Hundred Lies' From Rick Cornell's written bio on Malcolm Holcombe's website... "I chainsmoke and complain, goin' broke inside," Malcolm Holcombe growls with his signature gritty vocals while sharply picking his guitar; If chain-smoking and complaining are some of the characteristics that embody the kind of talent Malcolm reveals in his raw, heartfelt story telling, well then everyone should applaud chain-smoking complainers. On the exterior Malcolm is a chain-smoking, coffee-loving, flannel shirt-wearing man with a five-o'clock shadow and a cutting stare, but the minute he walks on a stage, out comes the performer with his jabbered witticisms and off-beat style. He has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. From the foothills of Appalachia North Carolina, Malcolm found musical inspiration from a pocket transistor radio, his mom's French harp and all the music shows on the Fada TV, which sometimes could only pick up two channels. Malcolm was "glued to the tube" watching shows like "Sing Along with Mitch", "The Flatt and Scruggs Show", "Where the Action Is" and "The Ed Sullivan show". He learned to play a few chords on a flat-top guitar his mother bought from Sears in the mid-sixties, and the handy Mel-Bay Chord Book. "I couldn't make it past the first page 'er two. Mother said I sang through my nose. I just tried to carry a tune some way or another, just to pass the time." After the passing of both parents, just a few years apart, Malcolm hit the road with a band called ...
  • **~Talking to Daddy~** Makayla has a "serious" conversation with her Daddy(Anthony). She never sees me or else she probably wouldn't have jabbered for as long as she did.
  • Chris De Burgh 1983 Hamilton Place DON'T PAY THE FERRYMAN A live concert recording from April 1983 recorded in Hamilton Ontario, CANADA
  • Part 3 of haul! OK OK I jabbered way too long sorry again ENJOY
  • Portal 2 | co-op-trailer (2011) from the press release Portal 2's new gameplay trailer introduces yet another charmingly-loquacious robot, but (for a change) it doesn't seem like the mechanical floating sphere named "Wheatley" is trying to kill you. Unless it's possible to be jabbered to death. Voiced by Stephen Merchant ( Ricky Gervais ' creative partner-in-crime on shows such as The Office and Extras ), Wheatley seems like an awesome little addition to the Portal universe that might make traversing the mechanical bowels of the dreaded Aperture Science Lab quite a bit funnier. Merchant's involvement in the project was already announced, but now we get to hear him in action. And of course, it wouldn't really be a Portal 2 trailer without GLaDOS, would it? Portal 2 comes out for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on February 9, 2011.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Gold Skulltula Glitch I Did This On A Gamcube Copy of Zelda Ocarina of Time. But it Will also work On The original Nintendo 64 version too. I was Joking about the whole you must not have a life if you do this.Ive Done it b4 and I have a awesome life. Lol i remeber back in the day doing this on my old N64 game of Zelda.Took Me Hours very boring process but i manage to break the spiders curse on the people in the house of skulltula back in Kakariko Village. Turns Out i Only broke The curse on the kids. I went over to the father and he said some crap about my kids werent cursed as bad as me or something and like he asked i think i need about 300 more Spiders to break his curse and after hours of gathering Golden Skulltullas i was freaking exaughsted so i was like screw this what more can u give me i already beat the freaking game. BUT YEAH! IF YOU EVER BREAK THE CURSE COMPLETELY MAKE A VIDEO RESPONSE AND SHOW ME WHAT THE HECK HAPPENS AIGHT. Ok I Jabbered To Much Now So bye bye Cya! Nothing More To See Here!
  • Wed. (Nov.4 '09) with Ma Blake was on a roll! He jabbered for an hour and a half pretending that Dora, Boots the monkey and Spiderman were here to visit and bring presents. This is just the shortened version! There's a special message at the end...a secret for Aunt Amber!
  • Portal 2 | gameplay-trailer "Meet Wheatley" (2011) triff Wheatley, Originalstimme Stephen Merchant ( Partner von Ricky Gervais in The Office UK und Extras ) from the press release Portal 2's new gameplay trailer introduces yet another charmingly-loquacious robot, but (for a change) it doesn't seem like the mechanical floating sphere named "Wheatley" is trying to kill you. Unless it's possible to be jabbered to death. Voiced by Stephen Merchant (Ricky Gervais' creative partner-in-crime on shows such as 'The Office' and 'Extras'), Wheatley seems like an awesome little addition to the Portal universe that might make traversing the mechanical bowels of the dreaded Aperture Science Lab quite a bit funnier. Merchant's involvement in the project was already announced, but now we get to hear him in action. And of course, it wouldn't really be a Portal 2 trailer without GLaDOS, would it? Portal 2 comes out for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on February 9, 2011.
  • Don't pay the ferryman Chris De Burgh, Live From Dublin
  • Who Owns My Heart ; a Jemi Story [chapter nine] Hollywood premieres were nothing like what Joe thought. First you arrive and have to stand off to the side of the photo-taking area while you freeze your ass off, though the girls had it worse in their small little dresses. Then, you step onto the red carpet and take a few photos, answer a few questions and then you are off into the theater, which really is nothing special. The seats are cheap and you don't get to eat any popcorn because all of the other celebrities will watch you putting that buttery, salty crap into your personally-trained body. Joe looked over at Demi as she explained this to him. He didn't really understand the big deal about it all, but apparently Demi hated these "***ers", as she referred to them. He began to wonder if Demi really liked anything, other than attention and money, of course. As Demi jabbered away, Joe took the time to look Demi over. There was no doubt that she was ***y. She wore a leather mini dress with some sort of embellishments that showed of her long, pale legs even more since she was sitting down in this limo and the bottom was riding up. She wore funky black shoes on her feet with heels so high, he didn't know how she could possibly even stand up in them. Her silky black hair hung in loose curls over her bare, dainty shoulders, only a small clip put in to hold her bangs back. Her makeup had not an error. Then he saw it, glinting in the moonlight than shone through the expensive vehicle. She briefly ran her french-maincured ...
  • Natural Hair Basics Pt. 1 A short rant and a few basics on how to take care of your natural hair. I intended to tape this in parts, but i jabbered on so much that I had to upload it before it ran too long.
  • Stories from Dad's 77 years. On Dad's birthday, my brother and I visited, had lunch, yapped and jabbered with him. Who knew Beaumont, PA could be so interesting?
  • Declan meets Bear ( take 2 ) he jabbered on like this for probably a half hour straight..he just could not get over it! We were laughing quite hard ourselves...
  • Los Angeles Council Can't Muster a Quorum The LA City Council -- the nation's highest paid elected city officials -- couldn't even bother to muster a quorum Tuesday and the meeting was canceled as Tom LaBonge jabbered irrelevantly.
  • "Mayan Ruins" Kimandmartin's photos around Copan, Honduras A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Copan, Honduras by TravelPod blogger Kimandmartin titled "Mayan Ruins" Kimandmartin's travel blog entry: "As we boarded our bus for Copan, an elderly couple were sitting in our seats. We had to help them figure out where they should be sitting. Most of this was done with gestures, because they spoke no English. They jabbered away to us in Spanish, all the time apologizing profusely for taking our seats. I think bus travel was a bit of a novelty for them. It was about a two and a half tour bus trip to Copan through mountainous countryside - spectacular scenery with lush green mountains and forests. It reminded me of Costa Rica, except the roads are much better here. Snaking through the mountain passes, I began to feel nauseous and, of course, all my antacids were in my backpack underneath the bus. I stumbled down the aisle to the bathroom, but couldn't open the door, so assumed someone else was in there. After awhile when no one came out, I waved the steward down. Was I embarrassed when I was told (in Spanish) that I just had to pull harder! I was even more embarrassed when I thought I had closed and locked the door when, sitting on the toilet with my pants around my ankles, the door flew open for the steward to have a great view! He quickly closed the door for me and very nicely told me, when I emerged very red-faced, how to lock it. I didn't stay in there any longer than necessary as it was hot and very stuffy ...
  • Chris De Burgh - Don't Pay The Ferryman It was late at night on the open road Speeding like a man on the run A lifetime spent preparing for the journey He is closer now and the search is on Reading from a map in the mind Yes there's the ragged hill And there's the boat on the river And when the rain came down He heard a wild dog howl There were voices in the night (Don't do it) Voices out of sight (Don't do it) Too many men have failed before Whatever you do Don't pay the ferryman Don't even fix a price Don't pay the ferryman Until he gets you to the other side In the rolling mist Then he gets on board Now there'll be no turning back Beware that hooded old man At the rudder And then the lightning flashed And the thunder roared And people calling out his name And dancing bones that jabbered And a moaned on the water Then the ferryman said "There is trouble ahead So you must pay me now" (Don't do it) "You must pay me now" (Don't do it_ And still that voice came from beyond Whatever you do Don't pay the ferryman Don't even fix a price Don't pay the ferryman Until he gets you to the other side
  • My daughter at the zoo I have no idea what she's saying, but, does it really matter? I really love those days when she just jabbered.
  • Re: Win a American Girl Doll of Your choice! Entry 1 YAY!!! my First Entry for FREEAmericanGirl Contest! I'm sorry if I Jib-Jabbered on and got you a bit bored!!! I HOPE I WIN!!! WISH ME LUCK ;) Be sure to check this awesome girlie out!!!
  • Re: Win a American Girl Doll of your Choice, FREEAmericanGirl , Entry 3 YAY!!! my Second Entry for FREEAmericanGirl Contest! I'm sorry if I Jib-Jabbered on and got you a bit bored!!! I HOPE I WIN!!! WISH ME LUCK ;) Check her out at
  • A little Ray Charles This Woman has no idea shes been video taped...its aa little small cause it was caught with a cellphone...but its hilarious. the words jabbered are in spanish and says : im going to dance like a monkey!!! check it out!!
  • some dumb birds just try to get caught.... I watched as the bird flew from one post to another and jabbered at the cat.
  • Redemption -1- I sat in the corner of the living room with one arm propped against the armrest and the other around my girlfriend's bare shoulders. Between my fingers, lingered a cool Corona--still half full. My girlfriend's head leaned against my shoulder as she jabbered on to some chick sitting next to us. Luckily, Vanessa, my sister, had just entered the living room and I found an excuse to get away from the constant chitter-chatter that was beginning to kill my buzz. "Miles, I'm gonna talk to Nessa really quick," I muttered in her ear. Stopping her conversastion momentarily, Miley nodded and lifted her head off of my shoulder. I quickly raised out of the comfortable couch and stalked over to Vanessa; embracing her gingerly and pecking her forehead with my lips. "Where's the birthday girl?" I grinned. "Dude, let me go," Vanessa slapped my ribs with both hands, "...and she's in the kitchen." "Thanks," I kissed her cheek quickly before escaping into the kitchen to find Selena waiting by the counter. She was dressed in a red, skin tight dress that stopped right under her ass. It was, of course, a vision to devour. Her long and sculpted legs traveled for days until they were stopped by the nearly-there hem of her mini dress--which to my benefit, complimented her ass perfectly. Taking in just another second of the sight, I groaned but caught it behind my lips before sauntering over to her. "Happy Birthday," I whispered coolly in her ear. Selena turned around on her toes with a sweet smile ...
  • SERVICE:FAIR Just to be nice Its about the birth of Vishnu, in case you didn't get it...you ***in retard. You ***in idiot. here's some ***ing links, doofus: here's another ***ing GODDAMMIT YOU"RE REALLY STARTING TO PISS ME OFF THEY put out the album. EYE made the video, you ***. ME. ALL of it. I take all ***in credit, you ***. Here's another link...you ***heel now *** OFF
  • Re: Win a American Girl Doll of your choice! FREEAmericanGirl , Entry 2 YAY!!! my Second Entry for FREEAmericanGirl Contest! I'm sorry if I Jib-Jabbered on and got you a bit bored!!! I HOPE I WIN!!! WISH ME LUCK ;) Check her out at
  • part 2 Haul I jabbered way to long sorry! Check our part 3 too :)
  • Video #4 - Brent Ramos xD I'm sorry I sound so RETARDED LOL. It's not even funny. I messed up a lot & got distracted. Sorry I jibber-jabbered too ahah.
  • Service:Fair "Can't Wake Up"
  • Week 11 Post Op Lapband Good week after last week, jabbered on a bit though so sorry lol.
  • First time playing outdoors...ever! It was such a gorgeous day today, we decided to spend some time in the yard. I attempted to put the composter together while Julian sat all by himself and played and jabbered. It's too bad there's no video of me putting the composter together, because that would also be pretty entertaining.
  • "Ilha Grande" Coretour's photos around Ilha Grande, Brazil A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Ilha Grande, Brazil by TravelPod blogger Coretour titled "Ilha Grande" Coretour's travel blog entry: "After a 3 hour bus journey from Rio, we arrived in Angra dos Reis, the port town where we planned to get the ferry to Ilha Grande. For the 5 minutes we spent in a taxi from bus station to ferry port, the taxi driver jabbered (and gestured) constantly in Portuguese while we just nodded and laughed along with absolutely no idea what he was going on about. Ilha Grande is a remote island about an hour and a half ferry journey from the mainland. We hadn't booked any sort of accommodation so had decided to just wander around once we arrived. It turned out that there was a lot more accommodation than there was people to fill them, so as soon as we stepped off the boat we were collared by the owner of the "Yes Pousada" who instantly launched into her sales pitch. We were skeptical at first but after looking around it appeared we'd got ourselves a bargain as it was more of a hotel than a hostel...and we got a flat screen tv included! That night we went out for the standard cheap(ish) Brazilian meal of chicken, rice, chips and kidney beans. After the meal, with such a beautiful island setting, we decided the only logical thing to do was to find a bar for a cerveja....or in tron's case, a Caipri Maxi - a stronger version of the already pretty potent Caiprinha. What was originally going to be a couple of drinks turned into a 7 hour ...
  • Bob The Skeleton's Wrestlemania show 4/4/09 Episode #18 Music: Sunday Bloody Sunday/Where the streets have no name by u2 sorry if I jabbered on for a little bit
  • Boxhead Bounty Hunter - Zachthewolf annoying me! Hey guys, as you can see the title, Zachthewolf annoys me by killing me too much. I mean TOO MUCH! So I got so mad that I shouted, screamed, and jabbered. Also, I put subtitles because it is funny if you listen to me getting mad. lol.
  • Fly With Me Opening in DB I know it's terrible but it's just a glimpse of it "Nicholas.." My mom stood up and straightened her skirt. "Yes?" I pushed my homework away and looked at her. "We, your father and I, think...You should go live with Kevin and Joseph." "Excuse me?" My mouth fell open. Live...with JOSEPH AND KEVIN!? What drugs was she on!? "We think it would be good for you to get out more. Breathe in fresh air instead of being locked in your room everyday." "But Moth-" I started but she held up her hand. "We've already done the honor of packing your things. Now...here's Lance now." They already called the limo driver!?!!? What!?!? I crossed my arms over my chest and walked out. Once we started driving Lance jabbered on about how much he loved the country when he lived there. "Lance? I'll give you $50 to shut up." Then I closed the window between us. Once we got there Lance literally threw my suitcases out and sped off. I looked around. Where was the muddy pigs and horses. Oh there are the horses...and..there's someone on it...Oh it was Joseph... and he was...shirtless...oh joy. "Hey little brother!" He exclaimed and jumped off the horse. He hugged me. Eww...so many germs. I put on a fake smile..."Where's the car?" "Oh...I thought we could ride," He nodded towards the horse. "I know how much you wanted to ride them before." Yeah when I was ten. "Sure..What about my luggage?" He laughed. "I'll get Kevin down here to pick them up. Now let's go!" He helped me up onto the horse. "There now hold ...
  • 2010 Topeka Falcon Cam-Sept. 9, 2010 @ 1855 hrs EST. 2010 Topeka Falcon Cam-Sept. 9, 2010 @ 1855 hrs EST. Hope stayed at or in the nest for quite awhile. And wouldn't you know it? I stopped the video, and 2 seconds later, she hopped over to the ledge on the left-hand side, almost totally outta site. The Cam Operator missed it, or I would have gotten that when the Cam panned. Happy viewing, ya'll. Oh, and Hope just jabbered up a storm most of the time she was at the nest. Guess she was hoping out loud that Star had found a world of her own...lololol.
  • two girls one couch (rated: PG13) my bff olivia and i pulled out a camera and jabbered for about half an hour. this is ten minutes of our finest moments. i know 10 minutes is a long time for a video, but it'll feel like 30 seconds because we're so awesome, so no worries! CAUTION: i swear a lot when i'm with olivia, so there is a decent amount of profane language... I DO NOT OWN THE SONG USED IN THIS VIDEO. IT IS BY 50 CENT AND EVEN THOUGH HE LOST A BET AND HIS CAREER IS OVER, THE SONG IS STILL HIS. NOT MINE. JUST TO BE CLEAR ON THAT... SUBSCRIBE TO OLIVIA:
  • EPIC part 1: Lurdanjo Vs. Burgerpope! I found out that my brother was more than happy to join me for a little video, so here we went! With absolutely no script and very little clue, we jabbered back and forth about various silly things. I think we make a pretty decent comedy duo, though I believe that my brother steals the show here. You can find him here on YouTube as BurgerPope, of course.
  • Blade 400 Basic Flying at the Ballpark Finally found a friend willing to brave the cold to shoot some proper video for me (thanks Mark). We jabbered too much for the first battery, so I had to put some music to it. The second battery begins at approximately 3:41, the soundtrack of which is pure Blade 400.
  • Baby Parrot Training Update - 6 Months Later Guess who I got to visit? Beni and Wrigley! They are the two young parrots whose training many followed here on my blog. I am happy to report they are both doing extremely well. Beni despite his initial attachment to me has happily moved onto another favorite person, John his main caregiver. However despite having a tendency to choose a preferred person he does still present behaviors for other people, including me. While I was there he did fly to me on cue. He also wowed me with his amazing flight skills. The Kaytee Learning Center is a huge open space and he has really had the chance to practice dipping, diving and circling the center. John installed perches high on the displays that allow for some spectacular flights. I can't wait to see an audience's reaction to Beni's flying. I hear it is a crowd favorite. Wrigley is also doing well. The first day he saw me he came out and eagerly practiced a few flights. He then launched into some of the new words and phrases he has been learning. His little eyes were pinning with excitement as he and I jabbered away together. I like to think it means he remembers me and was happy to see me. Of course it could have been that I had a pocketful of treats. Either way it was great fun to visit with both birds. Here is a little video clip of Wrigley. He is not quite as excited this day, but at least followers of his story can see how much more yellow he now has on his head. He is growing up! I will be returning to the Kaytee Learning ...

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  • “DollarDaze Economic Commentary Blog - Gold, Oil, Stocks, Investments, Currencies, and the Federal Reserve "A dollar is worth only 70¢ now," my Dad jabbered as we worked in the backyard”
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