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  • Furius Medullinus, B.C. 488, is only five years later than the treaty of isopolity which Spurius Cassius Viscellinus concluded with the Latins, to whom the Tusculans belonged, the supposition of the Tusculan origin of the Furia gens does not appear at all improbable. — “Furia (gens) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The declaration of isopolity would be an announcement which no foreign State could legitimately blame or wisely overlook, that men of English Add to all this that the isopolity would not only draw Englishmen and Americans closer together, but would counteract what may soon become the. — “Download 89K MS-Word version of Dicey's 1897 essay here”,
  • A random image for ionia, and a definition if applicable. What does ionia mean? Ionia definition at including ionia image. invinate, immunoelectrophoretic, irrepentantly, incompetently, ironweed, impedingly, isopolity, isoptic, imperata, introns, impendency, igaku, inani, interview,. — “Ionia image and ionia definition”,
  • isopolity (plural isopolities) Equal rights of citizenship in different communities; mutual political rights. Isopolity was a relation entered into by treaty between two perfectly equal and. — “isopolity - Wiktionary”,
  • isopod: Definition and Pronunciation isopolity. Cite. Print. Email. Bookmark. Add bookmark. Add to Digg It! Add to Reddit. See also: isopod (Thesaurus) isopod (Encyclopedia) Related Content. Daily Word Quiz: variegate. — “isopod: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • Definition of politics from Webster's New World College Dictionary. the possession of equal political and legal rights by all citizens of a state. isopolity. the granting of equal or reciprocal political rights by different countries to each other's citizens. — “politics - Definition of politics at ”,
  • "isopolity zoological diplocoria" found [2] indonesian archivecatacoustics "indonesian deutscher isopolity zoological "deutscher isopolity zoological" found. — “catacrotic”, w9
  • Dictionary of Greek and Roman culture, including art, architecture, religion, social, military and political structures, food, drink and much more. franchise or isopolity was granted to a whole state ; and in this case the practical consequences could not become manifest, unless a citizen of the. — “Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, page 620”,
  • Isopolity definition, equal rights of citizenship, as in different communities; mutual political rights. See more. — “Isopolity | Define Isopolity at ”,
  • 27. Equality.Mawson, C.O. Sylvester. 1922. Roget's International Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases. coevality [rare], isonomy, isopolity, isotropy, parallelism, owelty. — “27. Equality. Mawson, C.O. Sylvester. 1922. Roget's”,
  • 59. ISOPOLITY BETWEEN PERGAMON AND TEMNOS. Staatsverträge 555 (OGIS A state of isopolity existed when the citizenship of one city was made equivalent to that. — “III”,
  • Definition of isopolity in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of isopolity. Pronunciation of isopolity. Translations of isopolity. isopolity synonyms, isopolity antonyms. Information about isopolity in the free online English dictionary and. — “isopolity - definition of isopolity by the Free Online”,
  • What is a isopolity, definition of isopolity, meaning of isopolity, isopolity anagrams, isopolity synonyms. — “Word isopolity meaning. Word isopolity definition. Free”,
  • FABRICIA GENS, seems to have belonged originally to the Hernican town of Aletrium, where Fabricii occur as late as the time of Cicero (pro Cluent. that is, they remained to Rome in the relation of isopolity. — “Category:Gens Fabricia (Nova Roma) - NovaRoma”,
  • michael kessler's abstract abstractionism contemporary style fineart painting series. blue/mixed/green/red color (abstract acrylic painting on panel, ventana acrylic on panel, abstract painting on panel, acrylic painting on panel, abstraction, Isopolity. — “Michael Kessler at Mark Gallery”, mark-
  • isonomonkey. isophyl. isophyll. isophyllia. isopolity. isopropoxide. Isopropyl. iSore. isosceles isopolity isn't defined yet. permalink: Share on. Send to a friend. your email: their email:. — “Urban Dictionary: isopolity”,
  • heliopolis: Indianapolis: isopolity: megalopolis: megalopolitan: politic(s): political: politician: polity: propolis: tetrapolis: Thermopolis: Tripoli:. — “polis-, polit-, poli- (Greek: city; method of government)”,
  • The theory of mercantilism is the exchange of bullion (gold and other precious metals) of the home country with its dependencies. The semi-peripheral ring consists of the subjugated lands that have been implemented into the 'greater empire' through the use of polity, isopolity or sympolity. — “Why did the philosophy of mercantilism promote colonies and”,

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  • isonomy - equal rights under the law isonomy - equal rights under the law. This a powerful word linked to isocracy, and isopolity. - created at http:///

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  • “If Athens had succeeded she would have been on the Greek Peninsula as Rome was on the Italian Peninsula. Polybius thinks it was because of the Athenian constitution she failed, not because what she tried to do was wrong. She reminds me of”
    — Athenian Imperialism reconsidered,

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