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  • isophote (plural isophotes) A contour of equal luminance in an image. [edit] Derived /wiki/isophote" Category: English nouns. Personal. — “isophote - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of isophote in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of isophote. Pronunciation of isophote. Translations of isophote. isophote synonyms, isophote antonyms. Information about isophote in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “isophote - definition of isophote by the Free Online”,
  • isophote parameters : This file includes the photometric results from IRAF ellipse task and the quantities derived directly from the DR4 of the SDSS photometric catalogue. zlg.dat : This file contains the Local Group relative redshift provided by Blanton et al. (2005) for our 847 sample objects. — “Isophote Data for Hao, Mao, Deng, Xia, Wu”,
  • The isophotal aperture, r20, corresponds to the 2MASS XSC standard aperture, derived from the Ks-band 20 mag arcsec-2 isophote. brightness from the standard isophote out to some scale length. — “2MASS XSC Explanatory Supplement”,
  • Here you can sign in to your guest, member or subscriber accounts. This paper presents a method for geometry-based interpolation that smoothly fits the isophote (intensity level curve) contours at all points in the image rather than just at selected contours. — “IEEE Xplore - Isophote-based interpolation”,
  • image plane, the equation of the boundary of the isophote (referred to as a blob Image isophote. The first derivative of y with respect to x is arrived at by implicit differentiation. — “Curvature of Isophotes in an Image”,
  • 5-Nov-02: Cores & Power-laws differ by rotation & isophote shape. — “Black Holes and Central Galaxy Structure”,
  • An isophote is a curve of constant intensity. The normal to the isophote curve is the Another is that a ridge is a maximum of isophote curvature (i.e., a ridge is a connected locus of isophote corners). — “Lecture 11: Differential Geometry”,
  • Tasks in isophote Package. The output table from the ellipse task, containing isophote information, is used as input to the remaining tasks in this package. The task bmodel reads the table and builds an artificial image with a photometric model of the original image. — “Isophote Fitting”,
  • of the ultraviolet isophote for elliptical galaxies (M32, NGC 1399) and spiral bulges (of M31, M81) by using acterized by the fourth order cosine Fourier coefficient of the isophote, a(4)/a, indicates that the systematic. — “ULTRAVIOLET ISOPHOTE SHAPES OF NEARBY ELLIPTICAL GALAXIES AND”,
  • Figure 1 is a reproduction of an isophote image of the galaxy and quasar made by Figure 1: This isophote image of the galaxy NGC 4319 (above) and the quasar Markarian 205. — “Galaxy-quasar connection' defies explanation - Answers in Genesis”,
  • proposed method makes use of isophote properties to gain. invariance to linear lighting the isophote curvature depends on the intensity of the outer. — “Accurate Eye Center Location and Tracking Using Isophote”,
  • 2-D Isophote Profile Ellipse Fitting. The elliptical parameters for 2MASS galaxies are The isophote is isolated by constraining the pixels determined above. — “2-D Isophote Profile Ellipse Fitting”,
  • as described in [5], and pupil detection using isophote centers as discussed in [19] isophote density is greater around the edges of objects, and the curvedness is influenced by this density,. — “Recognizing focus areas using isophote pupil location”,
  • Isophote of a surface consists of a loci of surface points whose normal vectors form a For the two kinds of surfaces, each point on the isophote is derived by a closed-form solution.To find each connected component in the isophote, we utilize the feature of surface normals.Both surfaces are. — “Visual Computing Lab”,
  • Isophote Distance: A Shading Approach to Artistic Stroke Thickness Three rendering styles using isophote distance strokes: a graphic ink style (left), a pen overdraw style (center), and brushed ink style (right). — “Isophote Distance: A Shading Approach to Artistic Stroke”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of ISOPHOTE : a curve on a chart joining points of equal light intensity from a given source. — iso·phot·al\ˌī-sə-ˈfō-t. — “Isophotes - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • j_phi is the J-band position angle as measured from the 3-sigma isophote The isophotal measurements are set at the 20 mag per arcsec2 isophote at Ks (corresponding to roughly 1-sigma of the background RMS), using both. — “2MASS Extended Source Full-Resolution Image Server”,
  • The distance from the origin to the intersection of the principal major axis with the isophote is. If we now twist the isophote to line up with the principal axes, the intensity around the ellipse will vary as C2, where is the angle with respect to the principal major axis. — “Dwarf Elliptical and Dwarf S0 Galaxies”,
  • Photographic amplification of UK Schmidt plates reaches a limiting isophote a factor of two deeper (Malin 1978; Impey, Bothun & Malin 1988) For a catalog with a flux limit, the selection criteria are the magnitude limit, mlim, and the limiting isophote at which the flux is measured. — “Low Surface Brightness Galaxies - C. Impey & G. Bothun”,

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  • Robustifying Eye Center Localization by Head Pose Cues Head pose and eye location estimation are two closely related issues which refer to similar application areas. In recent years, these problems have been studied individually in numerous works in the literature. Previous research shows that cylindrical head models and isophote based schemes provide satisfactory precision in head pose and eye location estimation, respectively. However, the eye locator is not adequate to accurately locate eye in the presence of extreme head poses. Therefore, head pose cues may be suited to enhance the accuracy of eye localization in the presence of severe head poses. In this paper, a hybrid scheme is proposed in which the transformation matrix obtained from the head pose is used to normalize the eye regions and, in turn the transformation matrix generated by the found eye location is used to correct the pose estimation procedure. The scheme is designed to (1) enhance the accuracy of eye location estimations in low resolution videos, (2) to extend the operating range of the eye locator and (3) to improve the accuracy and re-initialization capabilities of the pose tracker.

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  • “Not a photo blog. A personal blog with photos. Blog Home. Cherry Blossoms in the Driving Snow: following " Notch" and "Silver" can be useful to make isophote maps of nebulaes in astronomical imaging — comment by”
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  • “He shares his impressions (in German) on his Blog Skyweek Zwei Punkt Null. In contrast to that, Nando Patat, astronomer at ESO, to Simon White's claim that Fornax fits excellently in LCDM, using the isophote-plots of the satellite galaxy he showed in his”

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  • “submitted to COMPUTER GRAPHICS Forum (1/2004). 2. D. Su and P.J. Willis / Image submitted to COMPUTER GRAPHICS Forum (1/2004). D. Su and P.J. Willis / Image”
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