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  • Conservative vector fields are also irrotational, meaning that (in three-dimensions) they have vanishing curl. Kelvin's circulation theorem states that a fluid that is irrotational in an inviscid flow will remain irrotational. — “Conservative vector field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • irrotational adj. Not rotating or involving rotation. — “irrotational: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of irrotational from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of irrotational. Pronunciation of irrotational. Definition of the word irrotational. Origin of the word irrotational. — “irrotational - Definition of irrotational at ”,
  • This notebook considers the problem of an inviscid flow past a stationary sphere. Solutions are obtained using both a potential function and a stream This is because the flow can be considered irrotational (vorticity=0) so that the flow field can be defined as the gradient of a scalar potential. — “Inviscid Flow Past A Stationary Sphere -- from Wolfram”,
  • An irrotational fluid flow is one whose streamlines never loop back on themselves. Of course, a uniform viscid fluid flow without boundaries is also irrotational, but this is a special (and boring!. — “Glossary of Fluid Mechanics Terms”,
  • Irrotational flows are also known as potential flows' because the velocity field can be taken to be the The converse — that any irrotational velocity field u(x, t) can be written as φ for some φ(x, t) — is also. — “3 IRROTATIONAL FLOWS, aka POTENTIAL FLOWS”,
  • Proof of the Existance of a Velocity-Potential Function When a Flow is Irrotational In this abstract you will find a rigourous proof of the existance of a Velocity-Potential function when a flow is irrotational. — “Proof of the Existance of a Velocity-Potential Function When”,
  • Quasiequilibrium sequences of synchronized and irrotational binary neutron stars in general relativity: Method and tests. Abstract A hydrodynamical treatment is performed under the assumption that the flow is either rigidly rotating or irrotational. — “Phys. Rev. D 63, 064029 (2001): Quasiequilibrium sequences of”,
  • The curl is a type of derivative of a vector field that corresponds to its rate of rotation in three-dimensional space. Vector fields with a curl of zero are called irrotational. — “Curl - Conservapedia”,
  • This flow can by adequately calculated as an irrotational flow as long as the boundary layers on the airfoil Any other irrotational flow would be singular at the trailing edge, having infinite. — “Flow over Airfoils and Wings”,
  • struct global smooth irrotational ows with small velocity for the electron Consider smooth irrotational initial data which are small perturbations. — “Smooth Irrotational Flow in the Large to the Euler Poisson”,
  • Irrotational Shallow Water Model. Author: Amos Lawless. Software The cost function convergence for test case 1 of the program. This is an incremental 4D-Var assimilation applied to a one. — “NCEO - National Centre for Earth Observation |Irrotational”,
  • This lecture is devoted to the study of irrotational plane flows of an inviscid fluid. Elements of irrotational flow theory Some elementary notions of Fluid Mechanics are recalled to fully understand the solution methodology. — “IRROTATIONAL FLOW OF AN INVISCID FLUID”, av8
  • An examination of the rotation and Fermi-rotation tensors of an arbitrary C vector field. Rotation tensors and irrotational motions in Einstein-Riemann spaces. — “RAND | Research Memoranda | Rotation tensors and irrotational”,
  • Definition of irrotational in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of irrotational. Pronunciation of irrotational. Translations of irrotational. irrotational synonyms, irrotational antonyms. Information about irrotational in the free online English. — “irrotational - definition of irrotational by the Free Online”,
  • K. Taniguchi and T. Nakamura, Almost ***ytic Solutions to Equilibrium Sequences of Irrotational Binary Polytropic Stars for n = 1, Phys. Y. Eriguchi, New numerical method for constructing quasiequilibrium sequences of irrotational binary neutron stars in general relativity, Phys. — “AstroGravS: Literature Catalog: White Dwarf / Neutron Star”,
  • 12.5 Energy equation for irrotational flow of a viscous fluid. 128. 12.6 13.5.7 Irrotational motion of a massless cylinder under the combined. action of Kutta. — “Contents”,
  • Irrotational Motions of Viscous and Viscoelastic Fluids. Irrotational flows of a viscous fluid satisfy the Navier-Stokes equations. The theory of irrotational flow of a viscoelastic fluid is also a valuable and useful theory for linear viscoelastic fluids, second order fluids and special solutions of. — “Archive on Irrotational Motions of Viscous & Viscoelastic Fluids”,
  • How can a vortex flow be irrotational? Rotation refers to the orientation of a fluid element and not the path Examples of Irrotational Flows Formed by Superposition. • Superposition of sink and vortex :. — “Potential Flow”,
  • In other words, if we decompose the primary current as the sum of three terms, Jp= Ji+Js + Jh where Ji is the irrotational part , Js is the solenoidal part and Jh is the gradient of an harmonic function then (see paper), the only part that contributes to the EEG is the irrotational part Ji. — “Electrical Neuroimaging Group - FAQ”,

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  • 20 dipoles swimming around 20 inviscid doublets advecting themselves around in 2D. The rotation of the doublet axis was obtained by integrating the torque exerted on the doublet solid body (phi=0) only over the side facing the influencing doublet - ie the doublet doesn't "see" the backside of other doublets. This is a fudge since the potential flow field is irrotational - and so integrating over the closed contour would produce zero torque. A simple Euler integration scheme was used, and 10000 passive tracer particles coloured by velocity magnitude were added for effect. dx(i) / dt = SUM j=1..N, j/=i [k(j) * ((y(j) - y(i)) * cos(q(i)) - (x(j) - x(i)) * sin(q(i))) / ((x(j) - x(i))^2 + (y(j) - y(i))^2)] dy(i) / dt = SUM j=1..N, j/=i [k(j) * (-(y(j) - y(i)) * sin(q(i)) - (x(j) - x(i)) * cos(q(i))) / ((x(j) - x(i))^2 + (y(j) - y(i))^2)]
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  • Rec 9 | MIT 18.085 Computational Science and Engineering I, Fall 2008 Recitation 9 License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at
  • Electrostatics9 Properties of electrostatic field, Rotational, Irrotational and Solenoidal fields
  • Stream-function (around an oscillating cylinder) - CUDA This simulation was created using an in-house code. The original version of the code was run on the CPU, but now it' runs on GPU, and finishes simulations around 6-8 times faster on GTX295 (using the first card) than a CPU. The cylinder is oscillated in a low Reynolds-number flow on a circle. Program developed by: Prof. Laszlo Baranyi (University of Miskolc, Hungary) - mathematical and physical model Laszlo Daroczy (University of Miskolc, Hungary) - programming (algorithms, graphics, CUDA)
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  • “ science forums and latest news discussions We also provide an off-topic forum category. If you need specific help on a scientific problem or have a question related to physics or technology,”
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  • “In vector ***ysis, a vector field is irrotational if its curl vanishes. On the other hand, a source-free vector field is determined by the magnitude”
    — double irrotational freedom,

  • “General Science Talk Not-Quite-Science Climate Change Discussion Physics Forum Science Fiction 4) The curl of the field is zero, i.e., it is irrotational”
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  • “A large class of water waves at the free surface of a fluid of constant density can be studied assuming irrotational Hamiltonian formulation of inviscid free-surface flow is not restricted at all to incompressible irrotational fluids”
    — PII: S0165-2125(99)00024-4,

  • “MediaPortal can extend your PC to a full mediacenter. It allows you to listen to your favorite music & radio, watch your video's and DVD's, use it as a digital video recorder and much more”
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  • “blog. wiki. RSS. help. About. about. colliand. search. wiki. www. Oct. 04. Notes on Nonlinear I will work with one other assumption: $u_y – v_x = 0$: irrotational”
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  • “Inside an irrotational field(gravitational flow),we can play vortices,if we take I see people on this forum continue to use brute force to get this thing to turn”
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  • “How can I change the following to have more impact? Parable on Immateriality of God. I was invarient electric field satisfies the irrotational condition. However, a time-variant”
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  • “The existence of a material medium or ether for the propagation. of electromagnetic waves Assuming the monopole flow is irrotational (in ***ogy with”
    — Microsoft Word - Ether b 0 to 12,

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