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  • Definition of irrigated in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of irrigated. Pronunciation of irrigated. Translations of irrigated. irrigated synonyms, irrigated antonyms. Information about irrigated in the free online English dictionary and. — “irrigated - definition of irrigated by the Free Online”,
  • Describes importance of soil test before investigating types of fertilizer needed for raising potatoes on irrigated soil. For potato growers. — “Potato Fertilization on Irrigated Soils”,
  • Characterization of irrigated agricultural systems according to sustainability and definition of excluded, as the relevant irrigated systems are ***ysed within other regions. — “TASK D - Definition of representative irrigated areas in Potugal”,
  • This paper presents the techniques used to map irrigated lands in the 174,000-square-mile High Plains area using Landsat 5 imagery. A brightness value was selected as the threshold between representing irrigated and nonirrigated land. — “Using Satellite Imagery to Map Irrigated Lands”,
  • Irrigated land. A global network directory of Irrigated land, farms and ranches for sale or lease. — “Irrigated land, irrigatedland, ”,
  • Definition of irrigated in the Medical Dictionary. irrigated explanation. Information about irrigated in Free online English dictionary. What is irrigated? Meaning of irrigated medical term. What does irrigated mean?. — “irrigated - definition of irrigated in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • You are here:Our Partners>Networks>Irrigated Rice Research Consortium The latest issue of RIPPLE features success stories of the Irrigated Rice Research Consortium (IRRC) in ten countries in Asia. — “Irrigated Rice Research Consortium”,
  • By 1970, such pumping watered more than 40 percent of the nation's irrigated acreage, most of it on the Great Plains. The high productivity and costs of irrigated lands meant that such agriculture tended to be more market. — “irrigable: Definition from ”,
  • Irrigation is a necessary production practice for most crops in Florida despite the humid climate and average rainfalls of 45 to 60 inches per year. The data source for the current irrigated acreage information in this circular is the Irrigation Journal's 1998 Irrigation Survey. — “CIR1220/AE150: Irrigated Acreage in Florida: A Summary”,
  • Irrigation is often studied together with drainage, which is the natural or artificial removal of surface and sub-surface water from a given area. Irrigation is also a term used in medical/dental fields to refer to flushing and washing out anything with water or another liquid. — “Irrigation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Cropping systems which optimize rotational crops in irrigated light texture soils are needed to maximize yield, crop quality and minimize potential adverse impacts on soil and water resources. We will establish large-scale, irrigated cropping system experiments near Prosser,. — “Climate Friendly Farming: Irrigated Component”,
  • IRRIGATED LAND 5: Does the application include the development and implementation of an IRRIGATED LAND 10: Does the application directly benefit sage grouse habitat identified. — “County Irrigated Land Information MT 2008”,
  • The irrigated site is used by potato scientists at NDSU to conduct research plot trials for disease management, variety evaluation and production under irrigated conditions for the benefit of the irrigated potato industry, which primarily is in central North Dakota. — “Irrigated Potato Field Day at Tappen”,
  • Growing Irrigated Potatoes: production considerations, planting season, varieties, production and cultivation practices, fertilization, pest control, irrigation management, harvest considerations, groundwater protection, and economic ***ysis. — “Growing Irrigated Potatoes 2”,
  • Farm & Ranch Irrigation Survey. Since some data items are too long for the above data selection box, the full text of the first highlighted item is shown below. To select multiple locations, click on a location and then hold the "Ctrl" key and click on the other location(s). — “USDA-NASS Quick Stats - 2002 Census of Agriculture ( Farm”,
  • Includes acres irrigated; yields of specified crops; and method of distribution, quantity, and source of water used in irrigation. Results also include number of wells, depth of wells, pumps used in moving water, energy use, and expenditures for maintenance and investments. — “Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey”,
  • 1. Aggregate Irrigated Farm Values by Farm Size (Electronic Data Tables 1-1 to 1-14) Out of 147,000 irrigated farms (FRIS total expanded farms) in the Western States, 65 percent had less than $100,000 in total farm sales, while nearly. — “ERS/USDA Data - Western Irrigated Agriculture”,
  • Irrigated farms. A global network directory of Irrigated farms, farm real estate for sale or lease. — “Irrigated farms, irrigatedfarms, ”,

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  • In the Field (Eps. 3) - Without irrigation, there'd be no 2011 Ga. corn "In the Field" is a video news series produced by Brad Haire, news director with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, providing timely, reliable information about Southern agriculture, and showing it in action. In this episode, Brad speaks with Dr. Dewey Lee, grain agronomist with UGA Cooperative Extension, about Georgia's 2011 corn crop. Drought gripped the state during critical growing time for corn, knocking out dryland corn, which accounted for a quarter of the state's 300000 acres of corn this year. Despite the drought, Georgia could see record average yields because abandoned dryland acres won't be figured in.
  • 908 acre Simla Colorado irrigated ranch Elbert County Colorado Irrigated Ranch. 2 Irrigation wells, 908 total acres. 2 miles of Big Sandy Creek with great deer and turkey hunting. Over 100 acres of hay meadows. Close to Hwy 24 north of Simla. East of Kiowa Colorado. Will Run 50 cows year round. Home, historic barn, corrals and several other outbuildings.
  • IDEI, India, Low-cost treadle pumps for irrigation - Ashden Award winner This video can be downloaded here: IDEI won an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2006. You can follow us on: Facebook Twitter Blog: International Development Enterprises, India (IDEI) has commercialised low-cost treadle pumps for irrigation. Over 510000 pumps have been sold in the rural areas of the Eastern part of India, bringing substantial benefits to farming families. Many farmers in the plains of the North and East of India rely on a single annual crop such as wheat or maize, watered by the monsoon. The income which they derive is small, and this forces many to seek casual work in cities such as Lucknow for part of the year, often disrupting children's education since the whole family moves to the city. The water table in the region is consistently high, so out-of-season crops can be grown under irrigation if a pump is available. Affluent farmers can afford to buy and operate diesel pumps. Poorer farmers may also hire diesel pumps, but often at very high cost. IDEI commercialised low-cost treadle pumps for irrigation. The pumps are designed to be simple for people of all ages to operate, and most members of a household, including children, can take part. Typically, the household will pump for two to eight hours a day. Poor farmers can now cultivate and sell a variety of crops outside the normal growing season and bring additional land under cultivation because it can be irrigated. The increase in ...
  • How to Build Hoop Houses : Greenhouse & Hoop House Irrigation A well-built greenhouse keeps water and weather out, so irrigating becomes important to keep plants healthy. Irrigate your hoop house or greenhouse with a professional organic farmer in this free gardening video. Expert: Daniel Botkin Bio: Daniel Botkin is an avid organic gardener, micro-farmer and permaculture advocate who recognizes the timeliness of backyard agriculture and permaculture-style food gardens. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
  • HOMEGROWN How To: How to Make A Self-watering (or Sub-irrigated) Garden Container for Cheap Jim and Jessica show you (and Bonnaroo ers) how to grow your own food in small spaces on short money. Perfect for a balcony garden, urban garden, or just that one rocky patch of sun that you can't plant in.
  • SIP- sub irrigation planters we found ourselves with a nice stash of five gallon pails.. this was our first project with them
  • John Deere 9770 STS Picking Irrigated Corn
  • Your Florida Lawn - Working with Irrigation Controllers Dr. Laurie Trenholm visits South Florida to discuss lawns and weed control with Dr. Phil Busey, turfgrass researcher with the UF/IFAS Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center. For more information:
  • Ear irrigation Getting my ears irrigated in class
  • 1828 Acres of Irrigated Farmland SOLD! 1828 acres m/l of irrigated farm ground with 3 circles enrolled in CREP (Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program) through 9-30-2022 (total yearly payment $42998). All currently cash rented. Property Locations: Tract 1-13 approx. 1.5 miles south of Hwy. 50 @ Charleston on 6 Rd. to B Rd. then approx. 2.5 miles west. Tract 14 approx 2.5 miles southwest of Ingalls to corner of 11 Rd & O Rd. Auction Date/Time/Place: August 18, 2011 at 1:00pm, Clarion Hotel, 1911 E. Kansas, Garden City, Kansas. For more property information visit . United Country National Realty & Auction Bill Eberhardt Phone: 366-440-4465 Cell: 366-655-3690 Email: [email protected] Website:
  • History of Irrigation in Emery County, Utah A short history of the development of irrigated agriculture in central Utah. Historic re-creations are by the late Montell Seely. Visit
  • Tank irrigated paddy - working around the drought An important experiment with lot of potential for upscaling, on growing rice with less water in a tank's ayacut during the current drought year.
  • Revolutionizing Urban Agriculture, One Sub-Irrigated Planter Owned, constructed and operated by Frieda Lim, the Slippery Slope Farm in Brooklyn produces an impressive variety of beautiful vegetables using 75 sub-irrigated planters (SIPs). Unlike traditional, in-ground, top-irrigated planting setups, SIPs utilize a standing reservoir of water situated below the soil in which the plants are grown.
  • Irrigation system - slow drip - for cheap Using plastic containers I find in recycle bins, I've been watering my plants for transplanting purposes with an easy to use system. Maybe it would be useful to you.
  • Making a SIP (Sub Irrigated Planter) A brief description of one way of making a Sub Irrigated Planter (SIP)
  • Irrigated Corn and Cotton at Texas AgriLife Research Farm Al Nelson, farm services manager at a Texas AgriLife Research farm, College Station, discusses irrigation issues during the ongoing drought. See the full article at .
  • Sub Irrigated Planter Sub irrigated planter I built using some examples found here on youtube. This video represents the last three I built, using lessons learned from my first one. I'm currently growing yellow squash, zucchini squash, cucumbers, and have plans for more.
  • drip irrigation in Siera Leon 500m2 of drip irrigated land can e enogh to support a family. it is simple to install and use. Moshe Bruner was sent to demonstarte and advise. The system was supplied by PLASTRO from Israel.
  • TELANGANA | Andhra Pradesh | issue | why | Irrigation Project Two major rivers Krishna Godavari pass through Telangana and there is no major irrigation project in Telangana. you can watch the part-1 video Here: Total irrigated area in entire Telangana is less than whats there in Guntur dist. alone. Height of discrimination: Projects built on Telangana land for the benefit of Non-Telangana areas. AP major irrigation minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah constituency doesnt have drinking water also forget about irrigation water, but he takes water from Pothireddypadu (Telangana) to Rayalaseema 400 KM away.. you can watch the part-1 video Here:
  • Critique of irrigation Dr. GNS Reddy of BAIF Institute of Rural Development, Karnataka (BIRD-K), makes a strong statement against irrigation from large dams, in the context of Karnataka. The points he makes includes: -- black soils degrade quickly due to waterlogging from irrigation and we are seeing this happen to large tracts of irrigated land -- the huge subsidies in the form of irrigation infrastructure that are not counted when calculating cost/benefit of irrigation at the farmer level -- degradation of land due to monoculture, lack of security for the farmer in monoculture -- bad quality of rehabilitation for the project displaced In contrast he lays out the benefits of BAIF's approach of tree-based sustainable farming
  • UAE United Arab Emirates Irrigation - Travel - Jim Rogers World Adventure Leading economic expert Jim Rogers traveled to 150 countries over 150000 miles in three years - follow his adventures here on FentonReport. In this video Jim and Paige see the irrigation in the United Arab Emirates. Copyright Jim Rogers - provided as a special contribution to The Fenton Report. http
  • The Future of Irrigated Agriculture: Where's the Water? California Colloquium on Water Speakers: Juliet Christian-Smith, Pacific Institute & Dr. David Zoldoske, CSU Fresno, Center for Irrigation Technology
  • "Irrigation Project - Rachi" Ocdb8r's photos around Rachi, Peru Preview of Ocdb8r's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Rachi, Peru Entry Title: "Irrigation Project - Rachi" Entry: "Today we traveled to the town of Rachi for our first development project. The project had been started by the Spring '05 semester program and needed to be finished. The primary goal of the project is to provide a reservoir of water along with a basic irrigation system to allow year round cultivation. As it now stands the residents of this small pueblo are limited to the 3 month rainy season for any serious cultivation. The crops (primarily potatoes) they grow during this season must last the village the whole year. Getting to Rachi was a bit of an adventure. We first boarded a bus bound for Urubamba. This was a typical Greyhound style bus and we had assigned seats so everyone expected the first part of the journey to be fairly regular. In reality while these seem like regular busses they operate more like long distance combi's - allowing people on and off at numerous stops along the way. While we had seats, the bus was cram packed similar to a combi with no wanting passenger ever turned away. Luckily the first part of our ride was only 45 minutes and we soon were dropped off in on the side of the main road nearest to Rachi. At that point our real journey began with 13 of us crammed into the back of a pickup truck. As if this wasn ...
  • John Deere 9770 STS Picking Irrigated Corn II
  • Irrigated Farm near La Salle, Colorado Created on July 26, 2009 using FlipShare.
  • Irrigated Horse Property ----- For more information, contact: Paul Powell, (928) 300-5145, Selna Associates Real Estate Investments ----- Wow!! Irrigation water rights with this ditch irrigated horse property and an abundance of trees on a culdesac. Pecan, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, pomegranite, fig and evergreens are found through out this 1.17 acre property. Use the irrigation any day or hour. Ditch does shut down during winter months. Two car detached garage. Perimeter fencing. Come experience the peaceful, serene setting on this cul-de-sac. Please call for an appointment.
  • Irrigation in India (USC-PSA-1975-03) In 1945, Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova (1909-1990) founded the Unitarian Service Committee (Now USC Canada) and struck a chord with Canadians. Thousands gave to help reconstruct a war-torn Europe, and then gradually, answering to Dr. Lotta's radio appeals, turned their attention to Asia and Africa. USC became Canada's first internationally focused NGO, and Canada's second most recognizable address, at 56 Sparks Street in Ottawa. While she passed away in 1990, her legacy lives on. For those who heard her heartfelt appeals for help -- like this one - her name still evokes a sense of commitment and pride. Even today, in memory of this great woman, people still make pilgrimages to 56 Sparks.
  • Part of a span on a Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) fitted center-pivot machine Part of a span showing valves actuating on and off to change the rate of water irrigated beneath a centre-pivot irrigator.
  • MaximsNewsNetwork: HAITI - INCREASING IRRIGATION & AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIVITY ( UN MINUSTAH) MaximsNewsNetwork: 03 October 2010 -- UN MINUSTAH: Port-au-Prince, Haiti -- Some 15 km of irrigation c***s in the Haitian Southern town of Torbeck are undergoing rehabilitation; the work is being financed by theUnited Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Food Programme (WFP) and a local firm, GRAPHES, which is executing the project. The objective is to increase the agricultural production in the area. The irrigation system of the town of Torbeck had not been operating at full capacity. Old c***s were, in some places, crumbling and filled with silt. The pilot project to rehabilitate the c***s was launched after the 12 January earthquake. It has helped provide work for about 768 people. About 50 percent of them are women displaced by the earthquake. Their employer is the Support Group for the Economic Rehabilitation of the Haitian Family (GRAPHES), a local NGO headed by the agronomist Mimose Felix. GRAPHES intends to rehabilitate 15 km of existing irrigation c***s in the town. Thanks to the project, 36 hectares of land area will be irrigated for cultivation. The City Council of Torbeck has authorized the initiation of these activities at six sites within the town. The mayor praised donors for their continuous support of these projects. However he said that every citizen should organize themselves in order to solve other problems faced by the municipality. The town of Torbeck is one of the largest agricultural fields of the southern department. Once completed, the ...
  • Crop Update: irrigated soybeans In this crop update, Bill talks about his field of irrigated soybeans. aquifer, on the edge where a lot of irrigated crops grow.
  • Expanding Irrigated Agriculture Kenya will require an annual investment of over 25 billion shillings in irrigation to enable the country move away from its high dependence on rain fed and subsistence farming. According to Agriculture Permanent Secretary Dr. Romano Kiome so far only 10% of land is under irrigation with 5000 out of the potential 1.5 million acres of land under crop irrigation. Henry Githaiga with the details.
  • Soak Up These Irrigation System Management Tips Using too much or too little water is a costly mistake you can avoid. Like gasoline in a car, water fuels the growth of Richard Dobbins' corn and soybean crops each July and August. "We often get a 50- to 60-bushel yield response from just 5 inches of water applied during that timeframe," says Dobbins, who owns North Concord Farms near Albion, Mich. Dobbins' 2800 acres of crops are planted on light soils and hilly terrain, and roughly 1000 acres are irrigated. This year, Dobbins worked with Associate Field Agronomist, Missy Bauer, to evaluate the uniformity of his irrigation applications. Bauer placed calibration cups about every 10 feet along the center pivot and then measured the volume of water collected in each. "When you measure the volume of water in the cups, it should be consistent from one end of the center pivot to the other," Bauer explains. "When you find a cup with an inconsistent amount of water, you need to make a correction."
  • A wastewater irrigation system in urban Accra, Ghana. This video was produced by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and its partners as a knowledge sharing aid.
  • Optimizing Irrigation in New Mexico In New Mexico, drought is a life and death situation for farmers and ranchers. Even irrigated crops fall well below yield expectations during years of severe persistent drought. It was the drastic droughts of the 1950s in this region that made water delivery one of the key engineering challenges in this state. But not all regions have adequate storage or water delivery systems. Water loss is high, simply in moving irrigation water down open c***s for long distances. New Mexico State University is working with water users throughout the state to help improve efficiency and management of valuable water resources. Available on iTunes U: deimos3
  • Value of the River - Flood Control, Irrigation, Navigation & Recreation The Columbia River is a tremendous resource for the region. Important fish species such as salmon, steelhead and sturgeon make it their home. The river provides a vital transportation corridor for ships that carry cargo to and from inland ports. Irrigators draw its water to turn former desert into fertile croplands. And it's a world-class recreational area enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. These many uses can compete, which makes coordination of river operations an important role for BPA and its fellow federal agencies -- the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation. Together, these agencies operate the Federal Columbia River Power System. Through a series of laws and agreements among many parties in the United States and with Canada (where the Columbia River originates), the river is operated as though run by a single entity. This ensures it is managed at maximum efficiency with minimum environmental impacts.
  • USDA SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR STUDIES IRRIGATION The US Dept of Agricultures Distinguished Scientist of the Year is a California researcher who studies irrigation using reclaimed water. USDAs Pat OLeary has more.
  • The Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area.wmv History of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. Sources of Water. Major Crops Grown. Rice. Land Preparation. Water Supply. Land Degradation. New Improved Technologies to Improve Outcomes and Sustainability. Whole Farm Plans, Soil & Water Table Monitoring. Drainage. Trickle Irrigation. Micro Irrigation. Traveling Irrigators. This is a Slide Show that I prepared whist working for the NSW Dept of Agriculture at Yanco in the Riverina in Dec 1997. It was first shown to a group of visitors from Turkey. I worked on, an Educational Project funded by the then, Murray-Darling Basin Commission
  • Irrigation Sales Reps Job Offered Southern AB AgCall Human Resources Three Sales Reps Required. Field Irrigation Systems. As more irrigated land is being converted into center pivot irrigation, and upgrades are needed, the untapped potential within this market is enormous. We are looking for Sales Reps who can cold call farmers and provide great follow up service. If thats you, this could be your dream job. Sell a superior high-value product into a largely untapped market, and reap the rewards.
  • The irrigation promise The current food crisis facing the country stems from governments misplaced priorities as pertains to food security. Promises to scale up irrigated agriculture have not been met while past efforts to revive irrigation schemes have fallen by the way and as Brenda Mulinya reports, ***ysts believe the potential of producing food in the arid and semi arid areas is immense.
  • Irrigated Agriculture & Water Resources Hear Dr. Ramchand Oad, CSU civil engineering professor, describe some of the effects of irrigated agriculture on water resources and the hydraulic research CSU is conducting in this field. How do we manage and use water resources for agriculture in a conservative way, and in a way that doesn't hurt the environment? Irrigation is a wonderful and necessary technology, but it can be harmful if we don't do our part to make it a proactive citizen. Colorado State University is a leader in water-related issues and one of the few institutions providing an online graduate degree in civil engineering with a focus on water resources and management. With an ever-growing population, today's civil engineers face the challenge of building and maintaining a sustainable infrastructure. One of our most critical resources is water, and the Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering program, offered online through CSU OnlinePlus, prepares you to tackle the evolving water concerns and other infrastructure issues facing future generations. This degree program will give you a strong understanding of modern design, testing, and ***ysis techniques and a practical and cutting-edge knowledge of water resources. Through your course work, you will master concepts in water control and measurement, physical and engineering hydrology, water resources planning, management, and systems ***ysis, environmental monitoring, geographic information systems (GIS), infrastructure ...
  • Arizona Horse Property for Sale Phoenix Irrigated 2 Acres Horse Farm Horse Properties MLS #4516024 Arizona Horse Property for sale $340K 2 acres Phoenix Glendale Horse Ranch Arizona Irrigated 1794 sq. ft. 3 Bdrm 1 3/4 Ba 6 Stall Block Barn Grass Pasture 40+ Shade Trees Horse Properties Hobby Farm Neighborhood FSBO Owner Agent Pictures Video Equestrian Real Estate in the heart of a big city, within 5 miles of SuperWalMart, Home Depot, Shopping Centers, Major Freeways in all directions. Approx. 1794 sq. ft. Irrigated Horse Property Almost 2 Full Acres, 79066 sq. ft. Family Room, Fireplace 2 Car Garage RV Parking Side Entry Floor Safe Thermal Pane Windows Refrig & Evap Cooling New Exterior Paint Completely Fenced Farm 40+ Mature Shade Trees Ceiling Fans Throughout Extra Attic Insulation Wired for Surround Sound 6 Stall Block Barn 3 Stallion Stalls, 3 Foaling Stalls Tack Room, Feed Room Automatic Waterers Overhead Storage in Barn 5 Stall Shed Row East of Barn Wash Rack, Hitching Post Pad for 50' Round Pen 10 x 12 Tuff Shed 10 x 29 Fenced Garden Pasture & Yard Sprinklers New Sewer & Water Mains New 200 Amp Electric Panel Call locally (602) 908-8393 or Toll-Free (877) 448-2424 to see by appointment.
  • Irrigation and Water Management Terry Prichard, UC Cooperative Extension Water Management Specialist, introduces a class of UC Master Gardeners to irrigation and water management strategies. Topics include plant water use, irrigation systems and discussion of the components of a good drip irrigation system. Series: California Master Gardener Lecture Series [12/2003] [Science] [Agriculture] [Show ID: 8356]

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  • “The California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley Region Blog. Home > Water Quality, Wetlands, & Clean Water Act > Important Update Regarding Irrigated Lands Program”
    — Important Update Regarding Irrigated Lands Program : Abbott,

  • “Irrigated. Based on 2007 numbers, total yield would. have increased by Issues Forum. Ethanol 2008: Emerging Issues Forum. LAND IRRIGATED IN 2002. LAND IRRIGATED IN”
    — Water Use in Corn Production, ne-

  • “In May 2010, ProGrass chief horticulturist Steve Varga travelled to Hungary and Austria to investigate the tried and true European methods of eco roof design and installation. In this YouTube video from ProGrass, you can see a large, non”
    — ProGrass | Blog,

  • “We see some themes popping up in discussions on and thought it time to revisit some topics covered in the blog and library. Tags: earthbox, planter, self-watering, soil testing, sub-irrigated”
    — " sub-irrigated,

  • “As recommended by the farmers, we plan to include deepwater rice varieties in the SRI tests under irrigated conditions next year. SRI Timbuktu Blog Home < previous. Erika Styger PhD, Independent Consultant; Tropical Agronomy, Agroforestry, Natural Resource Management”
    — Record Tillering with Indigenous Rice Varieties,

  • “Search this forum. There are 0 replies To this message. Author. Topic: Irrigated pasture to Irrigated pasture to dry grass pasture (Posted Thu, Aug 26 '10 at 11:”
    — LocalHarvest - Forum,

  • “On Thursday, December 2nd, from 2:00-3:30 EST, the Council on Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics (C-FARE), USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Farm Foundation NFP will sponsor a webinar discussing the environmental and social”
    — C-FARE Info: "Water & Irrigated Agriculture: The Past,

  • “If all the lawns you seed are irrigated I would keep right on seeding. We never stopped Most non irrigated lawns its really hard to avoid the wet dry cycle so we would tell”
    — seeding in summer months,

  • “China Capital Tendering Co., Ltd (CCTC) Invitation for Bids (IFB) Loan/Credit No.: 4803-CHA Bid No.: 0773-0810WBNG0813 1. The People's Republic of China Blog. Home > Invitation for Bids China IFB > IFB Bid for Irrigated Agriculture Intensifications III Project. IFB Bid for Irrigated Agriculture”
    — IFB Bid for Irrigated Agriculture Intensifications III,

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