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  • ENTER ©1998-2006 Apt Irrelevance. Written Permission Required For Use of Any Materials. Feedback. — “Apt Irrelevance " Main”,
  • A model has a third possibility: it may be right, but irrelevant." ~ Manfred Eigen "Guilt or innocence becomes irrelevant in the criminal trials as we flounder in a morass of artificial rules poorly conceived and often impossible to apply." ~ Warren E. Burger ". — “Irrelevance - Wikiquote”,
  • Free MP3 downloads, Detroit concert photos, and thousands of screencaps of hot *** in bikinis from Survivor, Big Brother, and other TV sows. — “Every Irrelevance | ”,
  • irrelevance (uncountable) lack of relationship with the topic at hand; lack of importance irrelevant [edit] Translations. lack of relationship with the topic at. — “irrelevance - Wiktionary”,
  • Latest news, breaking news - UN's irrelevance Although the Republicans find the UN increasingly irrelevant, they have found one immediate use for it — to offer a crash course. — “UN's irrelevance”,
  • Irrelevance crops up in many arguments: When the argument itself seems logical, yet the conclusion is not relevant to or supported by the line of argument, then the fallacy is ignoratio elenchi (ignorance of the issue) Irrelevant attacks on the arguer or cited authority are ad hominem fallacies. — “A-Deistic: Irrelevance”, a-
  • This is irrelevance*org, also known as meta.morphosis. I settle upon this corner of the You can feel the coming farewell. Not lining up in the black line. Crowded out, I raised my face, and thought of a sky I once saw. — “i r r e l e v a n c e * o r g " \\ white oleander”,
  • For Millenia, the term 'Magic' has been used to describe any action or event that cannot be explained by contemporary philosophy or scientific thought. Pre-literate people (such as John Prescott or Rio Feridinand) often group magic into two sub. — “Irrelevance - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • Irrelevant? That's why all the major news network had Ron Paul on to say "told ya so" after the financial collapse? Going after him over the 1964 Civil Rights Act is the irrelevant thing here. — “Rand Paul's rapid irrelevance | NowPublic News Coverage”,
  • Irrelevance, the continuing story of the discovery of mankind's new invention to make all life on earth irrelevant, will continue For the entire story entitled Irrelevance, please go to the third and final website in my trilogy: www. — “The Black Ruby | Cap'n Blue Eyes' Secondary Hangout”,
  • Capital structure irrelevance. Simple financial theory shows that the total value of a This is known as capital structure irrelevance, or Modigliani-Miller (MM) theory. — “Capital structure irrelevance”,
  • Definition of irrelevance from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of irrelevance. Pronunciation of irrelevance. Definition of the word irrelevance. Origin of the word irrelevance. — “irrelevance - Definition of irrelevance at ”,
  • irrelevance n. The quality or state of being unrelated to a matter being considered. Something unrelated to a matter being. — “irrelevance: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Irrelevance - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Business articles, white papers, case studies and other resources relating to irrelevance. — “irrelevance - Featured Articles, News and Other Resources | BNET”,
  • The central aspect the author wants everybody to be aware of is that the State is an inane and dangerous illusion, totally irrelevant for the solution of any personal and social problem. is why the message of Butler Shaffer about the irrelevance of the State to solve our problems is so. — “Butler Shaffer : The Irrelevance of the State (2002)”,
  • Definition of irrelevance in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of irrelevance. Pronunciation of irrelevance. Translations of irrelevance. irrelevance synonyms, irrelevance antonyms. Information about irrelevance in the free online English. — “irrelevance - definition of irrelevance by the Free Online”,
  • Masters of irrelevance. Posted by Richard Wednesday, March 26, 2008 Brussels Parliament slide increasingly into irrelevance, more free votes would. — “EU Referendum: Masters of irrelevance”,
  • Definition of irrelevance in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is irrelevance? Meaning of irrelevance as a legal term. What does irrelevance mean in law?. — “irrelevance legal definition of irrelevance. irrelevance”, legal-
  • Irrelevance definition, the quality or condition of being irrelevant. Link To irrelevance. World English Dictionary. irrelevant (ɪˈrɛləvənt) —adj. not relating or pertinent to the matter at hand; not important. ir'relevance. — “Irrelevance | Define Irrelevance at ”,
  • November 11, 2010 8:42 am You are here:Home News Nationals Must Face their Irrelevance & Merg Ability was irrelevant. They represented less votes than One Nation (which had no seats. — “AGMates Herald " Nationals Must Face their Irrelevance & Merg”,
  • Synonyms for irrelevance. Other words for irrelevance. Different words for irrelevance. Antonyms of irrelevance. — “irrelevance - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • The Senate Flirts With Irrelevance (or Worse) Since they are aggressively not talking about the war, the two most important domestic policy issues before Congress at present are the FISA re-authorization and the nomination of Michael B. Mukasey,. — “: The Senate Flirts With Irrelevance (or Worse)”,

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  • Abdullahi A. An-Na'Im: The Irrelevance and Relevance of Sharia (October 3, 2011) Presented by CIPS and the Human Rights Research and Education Centre. Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im, originally from Sudan, is Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law at Emory Law School. An internationally recognized scholar of Islam and human rights, and human rights in cross-cultural perspectives, Professor An-Na'im teaches courses in human rights, religion and human rights, Islamic law, and criminal law. He directs several research projects which focus on advocacy strategies for reform through internal cultural transformation. This event is part of the Human Rights Speakers Series (
  • BRAZEN IRRELEVANCE-TRAILER Steve and Larson present their adaptation of the Steve and Larson Fan Fiction Contest winning "Brazen Irrelevance." Here's a peek at what you can expect when the short airs on 12/24/10, only on /machinima.
  • EU 'wise men' report warns of gradual decline into irrelevance: Full story: The European Union must choose between becoming either a global "agent of change" or preparing "for a managed decline into irrelevance," according to a report from the group of 'wise men' led by senior statesman Felipe González, seen by EurActiv. For more European Union news, go to No fatal predictions or cosmic revelations are to be found in the report, due to be handed over by González to European Council President Herman Van Rompuy on 8 May, when EU institutions open their doors to citizens for Europe Day.
  • Minnesota Marriage Irrelevance For the most part, the marriage twinkie is correct. The problem is that this has absolutely NOTHING to do with same-*** marriage. Nothing!
  • Argument for the Irrelevance of God D1: Perfection describes a state wherein the subject is free from flaws, defects or shortcomings D2: Benevolence describes a state wherein the subject is concern with good and charitable acts D3: God is defined as having both qualities described in D1 and D2 P1: Given D1, a perfect being requires nothing P2: Acknowledgement from lesser beings is something P3: Humans are beings lesser than God P4: Forgiveness is a good and charitable act C1: God does not require acknowledgement from Humans (from D1, D3, P1, P2 & P3) C2: God would forgive the failure of humans to acknowledge Him (from D2, D3 & P4) C3: Given C1 and C2, belief in God is irrelevant Music by: Drawing by:
  • Dismantling Black Youth: Irrelevance of Men An overview of how Black Males make themselves irrelevant in America by dropping out of school and getting criminal records.
  • Youtube, Irrelevance, & Capitalism A bit of a rant, i know.
  • Ballet breaking barriers in Nairobi's slums A ballet class is probably the last thing you'd expect to find in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Nairobi. But one charity has introduced classes for young boys and girls, and it has having a surprising effect on their lives. Duration: 01:52
  • Raw Elementz ft. Tyler Martin - Crucial Irrelevance Most of hip hop music these days revolve around rappers possessions and materials. Crucial Irrelevance is a strong retaliation diss towards rappers who spit about unimportant topics, the same old mainstream appeal, and think they are on top lyrically. This song symbolizes any young lyricist out there who spits above ad beyond that of the average mainstream artist. D/L link:
  • Gord Downie - Every Irrelevance
  • FaZe LyaR - Erasing Irrelevance - A Modern Warfare 3 Montage EXCLUSIVE FAZE SPECIAL! GET $70 worth of Gamma for $40! USE OUR CODE "FAZE5" FOR YET ANOTHER $5 OFF Q: What do Gamma Labs even do? It's just an energy drink so why does everyone get that instead of going to a nearby store to buy Monster or Redbull? A: Good question. There is actually a big difference. Most energy drinks contain a very large amount of sugar. G Fuel has NO sugar, is only 10 calories, contains a ton of b-vitamins and 18 different antioxidants. The antioxidants are molecules that inhibit the oxidation of other molecules, and essentially fight off free radicals in your body (they keep you healthy and prevent your body from crashing). Ultimately G Fuel is a much HEALTHIER choice than most energy drinks, and provides 2x the energy - GammaGamersTV Edited by Revalize Music: Blue Stahli - Metamorphosis (Voicians Remix) Follow the rest of the team! Follow GammaLabs! Subscribe to our personal channels! Check out our streams! Check out the squad!
  • Recruiting Innovation 2012 - Mobile, Video and Irrelevance of Text My fourth video diary from my Recruiting Innovation research trip. Some thoughts on mobile taking over recruitment, video killing text and a great piece of Swag I picked up on at the ERE Expo
  • Ensemble Adapter - Irrelevance of Rules - Excerpt An audio visual improvisation based on the composition "The Rules of Irrelevance" by Icelandic composer David Brynjar Franzson. A collaboration of the Ensemble Adapter with visual artist Halldór Úlfarsson, performed in Helsinki in 2007. Instrumental sounds and lights are treated equally as musical elements.
  • Life Lessons With Trumpf :: Irrelevance Remember, if something doesn't matter then just let it go. It will save you a lot of trouble and time. Follow Me On Twitter: My Vlog Channel: My Livestream: KontrolFreek: Get 10% off all purchases
  • BRAZEN IRRELEVANCE (A SHORT FILM BY STEVE AND LARSON) Click here to watch Ten FTW: Top 10 Games of 2010! BRAZEN IRRELEVANCE (A SHORT FILM BY STEVE AND LARSON) Steve and Larson adapt, direct and star in this adaptation of the inaugural Steve and Larson Fan Fiction Contest winning "Brazen Irrelevance" by Steve Walsh and Matt Geoghegan. If you want the latest 411 on all things Steve and Larson, including future contests, then like us on Facebook at /steveandlarson and follow us on Twitter at /steveandlarson. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: BRAZEN IRRELEVANCE Steve Larson Ten FTW Top 10 TFTW Walsh Matt Geoghegan Fan Fiction Contest Short Film yt:quality=high
  • THE IRRELEVANCE OF HOMO***UALITY'S GENETIC OROGIN Homo***uality's genetic or non-genetic origin is not relevant to; - Whether or not it is a choice to be homo***ual, (Humans have a subconscious) - Whether or not blame can be asigned to homo***uals, (Homo***uality has no inherent links to the deliberate harm of anybody) - Whether or not homo***uality is in any way "bad", (it doesnt harm anybody, so it is not inherently bad) - Whether or not homo***uality is detrimental to the individual, (both genetic and non-genetic things can be good and bad) - Whether or not attempts should be made to change homo***uality. (genetic or non-genetic origin does not specify a need or ability to change) Born Gay? - Homo***uals know that they didnt choose to be gay and so often assume they were born gay, when in fact it doesnt have to be pre-natal for it to not be a choice. - There may likely be many different biological factors that can pre-dispose a person towards homo***uality (individually or in unison). - The environment of the womb is a biological factor but also an "environmental" one, rather than a genetic one, even though it is pre-natal. Some people claim hormones used to increase growth rate in butchered animals may effeminize and/or homo***ualise men: - This is irrelevant for the same reasons as above. - This does not account for masculin lesbians or masculin gay men. - Hormones (and all proteins) would be de-natured upon cooking and may not be inter-species-effective anyway. - Effeminacy and homo***uality have been witnessed ...
  • Barney Frank says his win proves political irrelevance of Boston Herald (NECN: Boston, Mass.) - Voters in Massachusetts' 4th Congressional District have re-elected US Rep. Barney Frank to a 16th term, rejecting a challenge from political newcomer Republican Sean Bielat. Frank had emerged as one of Capitol Hill's most powerful Democrats while shepherding both the Wall Street overhaul bill and one of the nation's most sweeping financial regulatory bills through the House. That role helped make the 70-year-old Frank a lightning rod for conservatives who poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Bielat's upstart campaign. Frank had rarely been challenged seriously during his years in Congress. *Material from The Associated Press used in this report*
  • The irrelevance of the question "does God exist?" footnotes2 0ThouArtThat0's Webcam Video from February 4, 2012 05:17 PM
  • New Media as Melodramatic Irrelevance Machines Seriously, go look carefully at your Facebook feed, or your twitter feed. What is the point of it all? Oh I don't know. Perhaps it's all just too much for me. For more in-depth discussion, please see:
  • Full Show - 5/24/11. Irrelevance of Robert Gates, Pakistan, Israel and "Defense" Spending Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Secretary of Defense Robert Gates made his last speech as such today, and AVTM military ***yst Jake Diliberto was all over it like white on rice, as we would say in the Marines. You'll get all the military ***ism you could possibly want out of him today! Adam and Jake also cover recent events in Pakistan, a government that seems to be at war with its own people. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech today before a joint session of Congress, and was followed by a representative of Palestine, oh wait, no. Palestine doesn't have a lobby that owns half of Congress! David Swanson of joins Adam for his take and Mattie Corrao of Americans for Tax Reform is in studio to give the scoop on how the "defense" authorization bill is being abused by Congress. Adam has updates on the Metro Transit Police phone flood, and the NEXT end of the world. You'll want to mark your calendars as soon.
  • The Irrelevance of Robert Gates Secretary of Defense Robert Gates made his last speech as such today, and AVTM military ***yst Jake Diliberto was all over it like white on rice, as we would say in the Marines.
  • Mixtape Trailer (Allergic To Irrelevance) (@_Malatovmore) STUDY HALL Has been Changed to ALTER EGO Mixtape Drops Approx. 1.28.12 DownLoad Link - Freestyle to Tory Lanez Instrumental - Violins Subscribe , Liike , Comment , REACT. UNSIGNED
  • Blue Train : The Irrelevance (live) check out my /dinobt and twitter @dinobt Blue Train's first tune on live session. The Irrelevance. I hope you guys like it.
  • Fallacies of Irrelevance - Argumentum ad Baculum The fallacy committed by the ad is or Argumentum ad Baculum; which means someone's use of propaganda or other methods to create fear in the minds of the audience. Also called Scare Tactics. The first commercial targets audience's fear of not being covered by their insurance company in car accidents. They are trying to have people switch over to Allstate, the insurance company, by saying they will be able to take care of them better than their current insurance company.
  • The Irrelevance of God What is the atheist vs theist debate really about? Is it really about God? I talk to alot of atheists, and usually after a very long conversation I am surprised to hear them admit that they are actually pretty spiritual. One does not have to believe in god to be spiritual. So why are we not arguing over these spiritual matters instead of god? And I talk with many religious people as well, and again I usually find after long conversations that they are not as "fundamental" as they show. Why do we all put up these fronts? Why can't we get to the deeper meanings? Why aren't we telling people how we really feel? If we can someday get past this, maybe then we can come to an agreement.... But not until then. People have been asking, so here is an example of an atheists spirituality:
  • Ouran Spoof of IRRELEVANCE (Part One) What is this madness.... My friend and I had too many spaz-tastic ideas to contain, so we took many of our ideas and with the magic of iMovie, we created a MONSTER. LOL. Basically, you either love it or hate it, but whatever the case, It's guarrenteed to be random. So if you're an Ouran Moron like me and electricNEON264, or you're looking for pure spontaneous anime hilarity, well, this is the video for you! There's a disclaimer at the end of the video, so credit is given, of course. This took two days, but it was so worth it. Enjoy!
  • The Mentol Errors - Irrelevance The Mentol Errors - Irrelevance Track from Spectacular Commodity. A Scottish punk compilation 7" single EP from 1979 on Groucho Marxist label. Track listing: A side; Mod Cons - Buildings of the 70's XS Discharge - Machete shuffle B side: Sneex - Radiomania The Poems - Posters on the wall The Mentol Errors - Irrelevance Band members: Mod cons - Wullie Henderson (voc), Steve McLardie (guitar), David Reid (guitar), Jim Baird (bass), Matt Pickett (drums) XS Discharge - Paddy Docherty (voc guitar), Chick Docherty (bass voc), Alistair Emery (drums) Sneex - Gary Waters (voc), Graham Devlin (guitar), Graham Thompson (guitar voc), Bob Howatt (bass), George Orr (drums) The Poems - Drew McDowall (voc), Big Guy (guitar), Bob Howatt (bass), Gary Waters (drums) The Mentol Errors - Davy O'Neil (voc), Tam O'Malley (guitar), Brendan Moon (bass), Eddie Cochrane (drums) Info from More info at ***-
  • Stop Motion- Irrelevance. A few things to say. -THANKS TO ALL THAT VOLUNTEERED TO BE IN THIS! -I made this stop motion purely out of impulse. Have you seen how long ago my last one was??? -My next idea is hidden in this video. -About 1300 pictures, not over 9000, were taken. -The song is Experimental Film- They Might be Giants
  • Cafferty File: Republican Party on brink of irrelevance? From The Cafferty File April 29, 2009.
  • '7PM Project' underscore arrogance, irrelevance of ACCESS Ministries "We unashamedly teach the Christian faith, that's what we do, that's what we're allowed to do in government guidelines", Rev. Denise Nicholls almost smirks, then "... and that's what parents are happy for their children to receive" she blatantly lies. Nicholls knows this is untrue because parents did not know until recently that volunteers trained for a mere six hours are instructed to evangelise and "make disciples" for Christ by ACCESS Ministries. More so, the guidelines make it compulsory for students to be subject to this unless parents opt them out. Then they are relegated to be segregated and do nothing or fiddle with non curricular activities. This causes distress for young kids who don't really understand why they are treated as if naughty and raises queries from friends who suddenly see them as different. Many parents leave children in as the kids don't want to be seen as different and parents don't want to force them to struggle with such an issue at a time they are just beginning to make social ties. ACCESS take full advantage to push their agenda. "Jesus people should be happy with just being Jesus", says Father Bob Maguire who clearly disagrees with the conversion scheme. "Religion is caught, not taught".
  • Brooklyn Nets New Commercial for the Brooklyn Nets
  • Jon Jones says it's about sending Chael Sonnen into irrelevance, Chael says he hasn't fought anyone Chael Sonnen responds to Jon Jones talking about him by saying the light heavyweight division has been weak since the departure of Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture. He bashes many members of the light heavyweight division including calling Rampage a glorified Hollywood extra & uses a Karate Kid reference likely towards Lyoto Machida
  • Abdullahi an-Na'im "Human Rights, Universality &Sovereignty: The Relevance & Irrelevance of Shari'a" An internationally recognized scholar of Islam and human rights, and human rights in cross-cultural perspectives, Professor An-Na'im teaches courses in human rights, religion and human rights, and Islamic law. An-Na'im's work strives to promote two interrelated objectives, namely, a liberal modernist understanding of Islam, and the cultural legitimacy and practical efficacy of international human rights standards. Second, he is concerned with rendering scholarship in the effective service of positive social change. This concern is reflected in his work in human rights advocacy in general, as well as the development and implementation of several public policy-oriented projects.
  • Irrelevance Dancing in the park, screaming, drop kicking kitties, chasing noobs, exploding food in microwave, pretty much crazyness to da maximus.
  • Stacker 2 6 Hour Power
  • Irrelevance Um yeah watch this video. :) SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS!
  • Welcome to The OC *** Fight on the beach scene from the Pilot episode.
  • Contested Irrelevance (a PAB2010 JOLT! by Andrea Ross) Andrea Ross draws on real life experience to illustrate that content creators and the works they produce are meaningful and relevant.PAB is an annual three-day conference about digital content creation, audience engagement and online relationship building. The conference has flourished on a reputation of strong content and a welcoming community, attracting participants from as far away as the UK and South America for speaking sessions, popular five-minute JOLTs, workshops, panel discussions, and social activities.

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  • “I used to own the 2.8 lens and now the 4.0 lens. The 2.8's IQ was great- at f/4 easily as good as the 4.0 at f/4. Yes at f/2.8 was it mar”
    — irrelevance--agreed: News Discussion Forum: Digital,

  • “The GOP's march to irrelevance, cont. Alex, responding to Nate Silver's wonderment over the House GOP leadership's zeal to bring Web Development Business. Recent Blog Posts. Debating Corporate Taxes”
    — The GOP's march to irrelevance, cont. | Blog | Ben ,

  • “All That's Left Blog :: Saswat Pattanayak. Site Navigation[Skip] Home. Articles. Poetry. Publications Subscribe to Saswat Blog. Flagging off irrelevance. By Saswat Pattanayak. So much ado about nothing. As if flagging off buses across”
    — Flagging off irrelevance | | All That's Left,

  • “You are here: Home " Blog " The Increasing Irrelevance Of PCI. The Increasing Irrelevance of PCI. Submitted by Mike Rothman on Mon, We start the Forum sessions tomorrow, so this is the last opportunity you'll have to learn the methodology. We're running a”
    — The Increasing Irrelevance of PCI | Security Incite: ***ysis,

  • “Washingtonian Irrelevance. Well, the President's Council on Bioethics for their irrelevance if they were people who tended to agree with the politico-ethical answers *you* tend to give on this blog, Ms. Johnson”
    — Washingtonian Irrelevance | ,

  • “Housing Market Forum. threatened with "Irrelevance" By HARM Tuesday, 12 Jun 2007 2:29 pm | 71 views | 122 comments | Email this. 's housing bubble blog today faced perhaps the greatest threat in its 2+ year existence when a newcomer named "Busted" posted the following:”
    — " threatened with "Irrelevance",

  • “Prague's City Guide: Prague directory, real estate, jobs, apartments, entertainment, events listings, articles, useful info, classifieds, and more”
    — Prague Discussion Forums - Irrelevance,

  • “Blog Search. Cultural Irrelevance. Posted by Adam on April 8th, 2008 in Editorial. A little over a week ago, we learned Deborah Jowitt was being is certainly silly but not for its mundane, 2008-y "I write my opinions on a blog" -iness”
    — Dance Theater Workshop " Blog Archive " Cultural Irrelevance,

  • “The Second Knowledge Blog Meeting. New Grant for Knowledgeblog " PhD Position Available. I Blog under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS)”
    — An Exercise in Irrelevance " Blog Archive " PhD Position,

  • “A Path to Irrelevance. My friend Dustin Townsend explains why the tea party movement is a local tea perty group does not equate to "A Path to Irrelevance"”
    — : A Path to Irrelevance,

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