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  • On the Psychology of Passion: In Search of What Makes People's Lives Most Worth Living from Canadian Psychology provided by Find Articles at BNET of passion, obsessive and harmonious, that can be distinguished in terms of how the passionate activity has been internalised into one's identity. — “On the Psychology of Passion: In Search of What Makes”,
  • What is good is labelled as being of the self (internalised) Those qualities that are undesirable are excluded from the self by denial of their and internalised to form what I call the SEGO (loosely, the equivalent of Freud's Superego plus the internalised outcomes of. — “The Narcissist's Mother”,
  • All expected externalities of the project are thus internalised, and the full range of available information utilised. it is not a matter of absolute justice that all externalities must be internalised, any more than that all boundaries must be precisely specified. — “Critique of Georgism”,
  • Posted in culture wars, gender & feminism, linkfest, social justice | Tagged ableism, anti-feminist, cinema, contraception, homophobia, interblog, internalised bias, parenting, propaganda, Read-ems, religion, social media | 5 Responses. The Hoydens. — “Internalised Bias | Hoyden About Town”,
  • The accomplishment of this may involve the deliberate use of psycho***ytical or When changing moral behavior, one is said to be "internalized" when a. — “Internalization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The latest worldwide HIV/AIDS news and updates, including treatment, prevention, and hepatitis and TB co-infections. Furthermore, the investigators also suggest that internalised homophobia could also be important to "understanding gay men's higher rates of body dissatisfaction, eating. — “HIV & AIDS Information :: Internalised homophobia leads to”,
  • Israel's official callousness to the Palestinians has been internalised, not only by extreme American Zionists, Ariel Sharon, and the Israeli political establishment, but also by the Palestinian leadership, writes Edward Said. — “Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | Thinking about Israel”, .eg
  • We present the case for ordaining women as priests in the Catholic Church. We provide detailed, exhaustive evidence from Scripture, Tradition and Theology to support the ordination of women. RE: Dealing with Internalised Oppression - 27/05/2007 11:33:09 ( #27 ). — “Dealing with Internalised Oppression”,
  • I think a significant key is the internalised oppression, the learned powerlessness, that we all carry. External oppression becomes internalised oppression when we come to believe and act as if the oppressor's beliefs system, values, and life way is. — “LBC: Internalised oppression”,
  • But if you start from the familiar allopathic terrain of a 'disease' affecting whole populations, then the idea of miasms as internalised and inherited dyscrasias seems very hard to grasp. The conceptual challenge is simply one of breadth of view. — “Miasms, Nosodes and Essences - Peter Morrell”,
  • Definition of internalised in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is internalised? Meaning of internalised as a legal term. What does internalised mean in law?. — “internalised legal definition of internalised. internalised”, legal-
  • Internalised Homophobia. Although societal attitudes to homo***uality have changed markedly, nevertheless anti-homo***ual bias can result in LGB Research has found that higher levels of internalised homophobia in LGB people is associated with lower self-esteem, greater. — “GLEN / Gay and Lesbian Equality Network / Mental Health”,
  • When envy is internalised, it becomes destructive and generates the death desire. This is Freud's death instinct. — “Envy and the Death Desire”,
  • a psychological term coined by psychologist George Weinberg in 1972, refers to an irrational fear or hatred of homo***uality, usually in others but also in oneself (internalised homophobia - see personal homophobia below) gay or bi***ual person has internalised the belief that they are. — “Working It Out”, .au
  • Welcome To Internalised Misogyny : Part One In An Infinite Series Of DoucheBaggerey. This is a guest post by Jaded 16. Jaded16 is a Radical Feminist from India. She writes a humour blog Oi With The Poodles Already', attempting to make her world. — “Womanist Musings: Welcome To Internalised Misogyny : Part One”, womanist-
  • Internalised racism has been the primary means by which we have been forced to perpetuate and agree' to our own oppression The colonial master then used our internalised oppression to injure us further financially, socially and politically .Many of our youth travel. — “Internalised Oppression:The Mugabe's "Racism" That has hurt”,
  • Some studies have linked deep hatred towards homo***uality to repressed homo***ual feelings (see "internalised homophobia", below) Homo***uals who suffer from internalised homophobia may discriminate or be violent towards other homo***uals in the same way and to the same. — “Homophobia - Susan's Place Transgender Wiki”,
  • This suggests, that myosin Va is mostly associated with either surface-exposed or internalised AChRs, but hardly with newly synthesised AChRs transported from the endoplasmic reticulum to where either surface-exposed and internalised (pool 1) or the total. — “PLoS ONE: Role of Myosin Va in the Plasticity of the”,
  • Collectively, these data indicate that CD317 is internalised and delivered back to the TGN by the sequential We considered it unlikely that CD317 is internalised through clathrin-mediated endocytosis (CME) given its localisation to lipid. — “Clathrin-mediated endocytosis of a lipid-raft-associated”,
  • Internalised homophobia is not always so overt and a less obvious form can be evidenced In order to overcome the kind of internalised homophobia, transphobia and hetero***ism this belief system. — “***ual Prejudice”,
  • Definition of internalised in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of internalised. Pronunciation of internalised. Translations of internalised. internalised synonyms, internalised antonyms. Information about internalised in the free online English. — “internalised - definition of internalised by the Free Online”,
  • If you answer yes to any of the above questions then it may be a sign of internalised homophobia. The aim of this article is to draw your attention to the possibility of internalised homophobia/homo-negativity in your life in the hopes that you can start challenging. — “Gay South Africa Lifestyle | News | Dating”,
  • I posted this originally in a heated thread on the subject that I myself started on a forum for Crossdressers (with a Trans***ual community present there I should note) where a great proportion are married and many do not come out. — “Pam's House Blend:: Internalised Oppresion, Transphobia and”,
  • Internalised homophobia is associated with ***ual risk behaviour amongst HIV-positive gay and bi***ual men, US research published in the journal AIDS. — “Internalised homophobia leads to ***ual risk taking by HIV”,

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  • Believing and Knowing The relationship between the ideas of 'believing' and 'knowing' seems to be played out in terms of the different metaphors we use (non-consciously) to conceptualise these otherwise abstract concepts. 'Belieiving' seems to be largely understood through the implementation of metaphors related to space and sight; if we beleive something we feel it to be available to us in a way which parallels the way that physical objects are available to vision, BELIEVING IS SEEING. This carries with it a number of entailments including notions of territory and perspectivalism (we can't believe two things simultaneously which we sense as 'opposite' in the same way that we can't see two things that are in opposing positions). Also, there are entailments of height and of distance from the body. 'Knowledge' on the other hand seems to be understood through metaphors in which there is no distance between the body and the 'object of knowledge', in fact it may be felt that in order for information to count as 'knowledge' it must be internalised within the body of the knower. This interiority correlates with a replacement of metaphors of sight (which does not operate within the dark space of the body) with those of touch and (possibly) interoception and proprioception.
  • ViNCeNS Part3 | Biomedical Animation | University of Sheffield How drug encapsulated polymer vesicles penetrate cells and can be made to release their contents through pH sensitivity. It is shown how the fully formed particles are internalised by a cell and ultimately deliver their contents through an endocytosis pathway. The particles are loaded with a therapeutic agent such as a drug, RNA or DNA, or protein.
  • My Religion: Ventriloquism or the non-existence of self as voice This is pretty darn weird, it seems even to me. It was with great difficulty that I broadcast this video. I am embarrassed. Comments very welcome! Someone suggested that I talk about my religion and while it is definitely embarrassing I thought it would be a good idea. And, for me at least, it is all true! Perhaps it will be valuable to someone who is loosing his or her mind. I don't get to talk about what my "religion" is, rather only about the experience that made me religious. Perhaps I will make another video explaining why I'd now call myself an Other-Power-Buddhist. As a result of this experience, I gradually became, or became impressesd by, "Tariki (other power) Buddhism," that is to say a Buddhism that believes, or kind of believes, in a sort-of God or Gods. But I don't talk about Buddhism in this video. There are various types of Other-Power-Buddhism. I respect Pure Land or Amitābha Buddhism. For myself, however, I sometimes try and do, or believe in a sort of nature-worshipping Shinto. Shinto believers might object to a suggestion of the equivalence between Shinto and Other-Power-Buddhism, but the connection is not so far fetched as to be untenable. When I try to be religious, I try to believe in Shinto deities, because I think that I believe in a deity whether I like it or not, and because I believe that the deities that I encourage myself to believe in, are at least as real as myself. I bet that viewers, especially Western viewers will note the first part ...
  • Chillagoe field trip 1994 Distance Between Worlds During 1994 a group of young artists set out from Cairns on a field trip to Chillagoe, Far North Queensland. The aim of the trip was to collect creative resources including photographic, video and sound files, along with an embodied engagement through performance research. The group had an interest in engaging creatively with tropical Australia's distinct and varied landscapes. They knew that these were extreme endemic environments -- benign and imperceptibly changing landscapes when compared to the dynamic urban growth corridor on the eastern coast. The creative experience was an invocation of time and distance between these worlds. It was revealed that some of these places remain as holding grounds for remnants of transient human influence and decay, overlooked and abandoned references of past historical and industrial exploits in remote locations. These traces have allowed the artists to witness the passing of time through the physical decay of abandoned relics. It was these traces of decay and intrusion that were captured through their lenses and microphones in 1994. The collected visual and sonic archive, a material record of a moment two decades ago, is an investigation of time, culture and identity through the idea of capturing a moment in time amidst a process of decay. At the time, the reflective process proposed by these artists, was one of resensitisation making the physical manifestation of artwork, as a public record, much less ...
  • Integral India: In Search Of Shiva Part of the series called 'Integral India' that explores the different facets of Kashmir, 'In Search of Shiva' tells the story of Adi Shankaracharya's relation with Kashmir. Adi Shankaracharya, who lived in the 8th century AD, was a renowned scholar and icon of Hinduism. Hailing from Kerala, it is said that by the age of 12 he had internalised the core teachings of Advaita and later journeyed across India to understand the culture and knowledge of this country. The film traces the times that Adi Shankaracharya spent in Kashmir. He visited Kashmir several times and later proceeded on foot to the temple of Lord Shiva. People named the temple after him as he lived in a cave nearby and meditated in the tranquil and peaceful surroundings.
  • Unconscious Motivation: Hypnosis Experiment - Psychological Instructional Film (1949) Motivation is the driving force by which we achieve our goals. Motivation is said to be intrinsic or extrinsic. The term is generally used for humans but it can also be used to describe the causes for animal behavior as well. This article refers to human motivation. According to various theories, motivation may be rooted in a basic need to minimize physical pain and maximize pleasure, or it may include specific needs such as eating and resting, or a desired object, goal, state of being, ideal, or it may be attributed to less-apparent reasons such as altruism, selfishness, morality, or avoiding mortality. Conceptually, motivation should not be confused with either volition or optimism. Motivation is related to, but distinct from, emotion. Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself, and exists within the individual rather than relying on any external pressure. Intrinsic motivation has been studied by social and educational psychologists since the early 1970s. Research has found that it is usually associated with high educational achievement and enjoyment by students. Explanations of intrinsic motivation have been given in the context of Fritz Heider's attribution theory, Bandura's work on self-efficacy, and Deci and Ryan's cognitive evaluation theory. Students are likely to be intrinsically motivated if they: attribute their educational results to internal factors that they can control (eg the ...
  • Internalised - Team Film Division's Entry For The Sci-Fi Festival 48 Hours
  • Thinking with Things All thinking is internalised movement, and maybe some of it isn't internalised.
  • The Death Penalty !!! [5] AAAA.131811Z MAY 2008 ...The judge places a square of black silk upon his wig and addresses the prisoner. `You have received a fair trial and have been found guilty, to my mind rightly so, of cruel and abominable crimes of which you were accused. For those crimes the law appoints one sentence only. It is that you be taken from hence to a place of lawful execution, and you be there hanged by the neck until you be dead, and that your body be afterwards buried within the precincts of the prison in which you shall last have been confined. And may God have mercy on your soul.` The court Chaplin intones an `Amen.` One of the wardens in the dock touches the arm of the convicted man. He turns and goes below. For those who are not unduly disturbed by the prospect of hanging, a useful ritual has been performed. Both crime and punishment have been internalised and the recesses of many uneasy minds have been purged, for a while, of some of their guilt secretions, But for the grace of God, there goes.............AR
  • Freud ***ysed guilt as internalised aggression In search of a Freudian ***ysis of managerialism. Managerialism is the bureaucratic madness that has swept the world in the last 30 years. It has its own Pidgin english - eg objectives, outcomes, key performance indicators. 18.12.2010 Figures of speech such as metonymy, hyperbole, personification are part of ordinary language. This means that deification will naturally emerge in a language community, as part of the ordinary functioning of the language. For example, the heroic figure of the Businessman, the Manager, the Expert, the Public Servant, the Politician.
  • britain's got talent katie & jason- hannah montana hoedown throwdown two amazingly talented young brits, katie & jason, accidentally saw two other amazingly talented girls, shirley & stacey, dancing hannah montana's hoedown throwdown! just a few days later, they internalised the challenging choreography and sent this video to the british television. will they be able to convince the jury, as well as the audience? be part of their developping career....throw it all together - that's how they roll!
  • When I'm Looking Like This (Westlife meets Feminism) An adaptation of that catchy Westlife tune to incorporate a commentary on feminine appearance. WARNING: May contain unsubtle Foucault references. Lyrics: I'm about 5 foot 5, I'm short sighted and have frizzy hair. Sick of cultural pressure always telling me what not to wear. I should have known I was wrong, Cosmo covered it in April's issue, Feel like I'm trapped in Bentham's Panopticon, Yeah. Guess I failed to live up to, Normal feminine standards. How am I supposed to leave this house, When I'm looking like this? I can't believe what I've internalised Now I think I look like ***. Now I'll end up alone, Because no man will ever want me. How am I supposed to find a husband now, When I'm looking like this? And now I'm all dressed up for the anonymous disciplinary power. I feel terrible because today I've only had four showers. But ideal beauty's out reach. How the hell does Andy MacDowell not have any pores? It's so ironic that women are supposed look like pre-pubescent children, Yeah. Guess I failed to live up to, Normal feminine standards. How am I supposed to leave this house, When I'm looking like this? I can't believe what I've internalised Now I think I look like ***. Now I'll end up alone, Because no man will ever want me. How am I supposed to find a husband now, When I'm looking like this? I don't want to wear these high heels, They're like 11 inches high. How am I supposed to walk on by, When I'm looking like this? How am I supposed to marry? I can't believe ...
  • M4SK 22. the 80s detective Music and Video by M4SK 22. With public domain Footage from Space Transformers (1983) The 80s Detective pulled the collar of his overcoat up around his ears and stepped out from the shadows of the distorted columns, and the shopkeeper appeared and beckoned him back through the magic door. Britain in the 1980s was a thrilling, sometimes terrifying place to visit, the soundtracks were vivid and unpredictable, there was a war against all opposition to the capitalist system that the state was imposing, the same system's ultimate expression is the current financial crisis. The 80s detective is the lament of the rebel driven underground by the repression, searching for clues and directions as the internalised struggle manifests as an epic journey to now.
  • Diametrically full circle Where opposites meet. How "scientism" is pretty much the same thing as fundamentalist religion. I speak about thunderf00t and venomfangx but not really about them as people, just using them to illustrate the points I'm trying to make. To add to what I'm saying: "prejudice" would pretty much be an exclusively left-hemisphere phenomenon, not being able to see, for example, the person standing in front of you, but only "a muslim" or "an atheist" and thinking you understand them based on the properties you attribute to them on the basis of this internal model you possess of what you think "a muslim" or "an atheist" actually is. Tragic, really.
  • Understanding Mental Illness Nursing Seminar This Nursing Seminar informs all nurses about understanding mental illness. It describes and identifies psychotic illnesses and affective disorders. Sessions entitled sick bodies and fragmenting minds and establishing and sustaining therapeutic relationships describe psychiatric conditions and their nursing care. Strategies in managing bizarre, troubled, and challenging behaviours are given. Hallucinations and delusions are discussed along with ways to help people cope with altered perception and disordered thoughts. Describing depression as the black dog, internalised stressors and emotions are discussed. Risk assessment and ways to care for people who are suicidal are explored. Drug and alcohol addiction along with substance abuse are described. The session looking beyond the plaques and tangles gives insight into holistic and psychodynamic therapeutic relationships of people with dementia. Medical model approaches, medications and ECT are also covered in this outstanding nurses education event.
  • Narcissistic Defences and Personality Narcissism is fundamentally an evolved version of the psychological defence mechanism known as splitting. The narcissist does not regard people, situations, entities (political parties, countries, races, his workplace) as a compound of good and bad elements. He is an "all or nothing" primitive "machine" (a common metaphor among narcissists). He either idealises his objects or devalues them. At any given time, the objects are either all good or all bad. The bad attributes are always projected, displaced, or otherwise externalised. The good ones are internalised in order to support the inflated ("grandiose") self-concepts of the narcissist and his grandiose fantasies and to avoid the pain of deflation and disillusionment. The narcissist's earnestness and his (apparent) sincerity make people wonder whether he is simply detached from reality, unable to appraise it properly or willingly and knowingly distorts reality and reinterprets it, subjecting it to his self-imposed censorship. The truth is somewhere in between: the narcissist is dimly aware of the implausibility of his own constructions. He has not lost touch with reality. He is just less scrupulous in remoulding it and in ignoring its uncomfortable angles. (From thebook "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 2 DVDs with 12 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships: www.narcissistic-
  • .before - CONSCIOUS Before is one of eleven films that make up the body of work Conscious. It aims to represent how a life can be radically changed by an incident. The effect upon the life in this account is huge. The film raises the question as to what actually happened in the incident, and while there is no indication in this film it is clear however that the effects are devastating. The intention of this film is to ask those who have experienced anaesthetic awareness to consider, recall and record whether they feel that their own experience has resulted in a life change. This life change may be physical and or emotional, it may have been internalised or may have impacted upon others: family, friends and colleagues. It may have lead to many other changes in life, some that may become more evident once the experiences have been retold and related to others. Comments and testimony can be recorded at Conscious is the name of the project hosted at . In it I have produced a series of films that retell the experience of one persons anaesthetic awareness. The aim of the project is that these films will act as the catalyst for discourse amongst those who have experienced anaesthetic awareness, providing a conduit for valuable connections, potentially leading to a support community for those who are experiencing difficulties directly or indirectly connected to their experience. Running alongside the online community project is the physical ...
  • Black Women Hair, Skin, Beauty April 2008 @ War Museum Inspired Black Women/ Black History Walks debate the light/dark thing and natural vs weave for events list
  • MOAT. Part 2 (The Maturity of the Ages) To order the booklet or to sponsor this project contact: 0784 722 4877/[email protected] The maturity of the ages is a controversial booklet, that is going down the black hole, a hole of a knowledge that is almost known and written by most, but not internalised, by the individual, thus as we missed out being on the Moon by 20th July 2007, as when you get to the last page, you shall discover that the scientist of the National Aeronauttical Space Administration, predicted a moon base, what I classify as an Hotel visionary by 2007.
  • Complexication /wisdomwithoutworship The Birth Of The Written Word The religious leader Horrid Afterlife, Best Avoid. Bow To The Divine. The impact Of This Cannot Be Understated The Holy King Imposes Rules, Best Obey. Bow To The Facade. Without The Form of Written Communication More than meets the eye. (why else would spiritual thought exist if spirituality didn't?), Humanity Could Not Be Where We Are And knowing it as a weakness to be exploited they project their laws onto some holy edict. Today. Complex language permits complex communication The Birth Of The Written Word. The impact Of This Cannot Be Understated Without The Form of Written Communication Humanity Could Not Be Where We Are Today. It is our limits, not those of the universe, which form"reality" It is Our death that justifies war to those who control the power of nations. There Is An Answer To Every Riddle. Science Progress Understanding A Relentless Sea Of Trial And Error Religon An Error, A Most Powerfull Tool. Yet We Are Relatively Free People (Constrained By The Ignorant Controlled By The Corrupt) And The Only Limitations Are The Ones We Impose Upon Ourselfs. Are your thoughts of me more real to you than my thoughts of myself? Writing and language a wonder, all human thought varied, if only slightly, to begin to share perception allowed our consciousness to grow beyond the limits of internalised thought. Complex language permits complex communication It is our limits, not those of the universe, which ...
  • Maria Yudina plays Shostakovich Sonata No. 2 in B minor op.61 1. Allegretto 2. Largo (7:05) 3. Moderato (13:20) rec. 1965 Shostakovich, Dmitri: Piano Sonata No.2 in B minor op. 61 (1943) World Premiere 06/06/1943 Moscow Conservatory Malyi Hall, Moscow Dmitri Shostakovich, piano Shostakovich began young as a professional pianist and he continued on and off to play his own music until illness robbed him of his muscular power in the later 1960s. In his early years he wrote a good deal of solo music for himself to play. In later years he was more sparing, composing a certain amount for other players but for himself only this profound and lucid wartime sonata. It is dedicated to the memory of his erstwhile piano teacher Leonid Nikolayev, and touchingly quotes once or twice from some of the music Shostakovich used to play to Nikolayev when he was still a ***ager. Given the success of his other major piano pieces like the 24 Preludes op.34 and the 24 Preludes and Fugues op.87, it is curious that this Second Sonata has not been taken up by many pianists in our time. Partly this is because, although this music is difficult to play, it is almost entirely undemonstrative, lacking in the more obviously colourful and virtuosic elements that a performer knows will make an impression on an audience. Instead, for much of its three movements it is like a study in greys, internalised, meditative and almost inscrutable. Nonetheless one or two great 20th century players have taken it up, including Maria Yudina and Emil Gilels, and in their ...
  • Burrngupurrngu F# yirdaki, played by Winiwini - great! Yirdaki made by Burrngupurrngu Wunungmurra, who is somewhat of a legend among his people. A number of prominent yirdaki players and makers in north-east Arnhem Land acknowledge Burrngupurrngu as one of their influences. This yirdaki plays in the fundamental key of F# and overtone note of G, and is a fast 'jazzy' instrument. It has a sharp 'brightish' response with a little bit of an 'internalised' feel to the acoustics which is similar to playing a yirdaki into a bucket. Lovely warm acoustics, very easy overtone note, a very nice example of Burrngupurrngu's work! This instrument was for sale but it sold within an hour of this video clip being uploaded to YouTube. The benefit to those who are subscribed to iDIDJ Australia's channel on YouTube is that they get an automatic email from YouTube every time a new video clip is uploaded. So get subscribing! We like to give away fantastic discounts to our loyal friends, supporters, customers and subscribers, and we do that by placing an unbelievably good value didgeridoo here on YouTube whenever we are feeling happy and generous! That could be once a week, or as frequent as every couple of days. You won't know unless you subscribe! On another note, what a great backdrop eh? Glorious sunshine, blue sky, gentle waves lapping the shore... it couldn't be any better than this. The last time I was here Yomunu Yunupingu's mother Gunariny' gave me a feed of miyapunu mapu' (turtle eggs) and ma:rdi (crayfish) and for a moment I thought I ...
  • Difficulties & Challenges Are Gifts ... Discover the Powerful Key to Success, that leaders have internalised. Insight into an exciting new video by Industry Leading Collaborator, Ryan Angelo. Collaborator with Jonathan Budd, Mike Dillard, Tim Erway and Katie Freiling. Creator of Alpha Networker 2.0. Day 31 in the You Inc Star Video Challenge.
  • London Gay Meditation greets Sydney Gay meditation Group! How can one make effective New Year resolutions? In this video I share a simple tequeneque for turning negative statements about what one does not want into positive statements of what one wants in one's life. I also reflect on how growing up in a sometimes hostile culture can leave some gay men with a strong inner critic, having internalised the negative messages they recived as they grew up, and how to use meditation as a way of healing this. For more details of the London gay and bi meditation group see: For details of the Sydney gay meditation group see:
  • Waking FAKE ...Bewerbungsarbeit für die FH Salzburg, Studiengang: MMA ...Thema: "FAKE"... ...Stopmotion Basis: 750 Fotos... ...Verwendete Software: Photoshop*, After FX*CS4, Audacity... ...Sound: gekürzte Version von "Numbers" (Camo&Krooked Rmx) A story about two wooden manikins, who got to know life in a city... Became part of a demanding system... Internalised new idea(l)s at the cost of their individuality, their originality... They became fake... ...but sometimes conscience awakes...
  • Super fast E yidaki by Wambana Wunungmurra, played by Laga Wambana is Bruce Burrngupurrngu Wunungmurra's eldest son whose mother is from Groote Eylandt. He enjoys a reputation in eastern Arnhem Land as a red hot yidaki player, a skill undoubtedly passed on from father to son. This yidaki has speed that is out of the ordinary for an E fundamental instrument. It is the fastest E we have encountered by a long shot, with lightning-quick reaction time and the sort of responsiveness you might expect in an F# or G. The other feature of this instrument is the wonderful internalised feeling of this yidaki, the same sort of feeling you get when the sound is thrown back at you when playing into the corner of a room, or into a bucket etc. Yolngu cherish this acoustic feature as it removes the need for an external sound reflector... in times past, a conch shell was used for this purpose. Worth mentioning also is the efficiency of this yidaki. Energy transference is high, meaning that there is little loss of sound energy... it is a very lively and vibrant instrument, as opposed to dull and dead. Back pressure is similarly excellent, not overly compressed but just right so that you don't feel like you are exerting very much when letting this yidaki rip. I especially like the way the acoustics are resolved when you play this yidaki more slowly. The depth and texture return, giving personality to the voice which is otherwise somewhat harsh when played fast. An altogether exceptional and distinctive instrument that is the by-product of a unique ...
  • Attending to Space The word 'attention' seems to indicate a process whereby one's reflective consciousness is drawn to a particular aspect or feature of world. This feature may be outside of one's body or within; it may be a concrete object or an abstract concept; and this drawing of attention may originate with the object or through an apparent act of consciousn volition or will. Presumably this act of attending has neural corrolates; something is clearly happening within the physical substrate of the brain when this is taking place. Furthermore, repeated drawing of attention to a particular feature, concept or behaviour will have an effect upon this physical substrate of the brain such that connections are strengthened and the chreodic landscape of cognition is re-shaped to match this increased activation. This would be experienced as having 'learned' or 'internalised' the concept or behaviour. This process, or something like it, may be at work in some of the mystical exercises of Douglas Harding and other practitioners of the non-dual arts. Much of the emphasis within Harding's technique is the mobilisation of visual attention and the subsequent focussing of this attention not upon objects but upon the space (or 'capacity') that both contains and permeates objects.
  • Read Out Write Out Read Out Write Out "No reading out loud or writing allowed in the Library." This work looks at the human body as a seat of knowledge in itself, a place were the bridge between the book as an object and the simultaneously present book as an idea is crossed. The reader and the writer both sit on the edge of the mind matter barrier manifesting the abstract content of the Library in physical terms. The book is read out yet becomes internalised. A good, written sentence is binding and one can never unread it. The words of "How to Think, Write and Speak Correctly" enter the reader who allows those inert marks to become his thoughts as he transforms them into physicality and expels them into the shared space of the Library. Across from him the writer is similarly engaged, pushing out of herself a long string of numbers. She generates them yet they are not her own, she is merely doing the handwork of an idea, giving it form. She first states the amount of numbers and then the kind of numbers, subtlety splicing each numeral between its signifier and signified. It is by processing knowledge that learning occurs, the body becomes the conduit of and the mind is contaminated. Reader: Ronald Gunnar-Hoo Read: "How to Think, Write and Speak Correctly" Writer: Barbara Lambert Written: "The look and say sequence" Performance devised by Bern Roche Farrelly (a)
  • Moment's Notice - Take 1 Ok..........I KNOW I can play this better. I've not quite internalised the chord sequence enough but I thought I would upload it anyway. On the whole, im totally not happy with it bar a few seconds. I'll upload another take in a week or so. It is such a challenging tune on so many levels. Check out Lot to Learn's version, he kicks ass! I hope you enjoy it!
  • BDES3020_Group 3 Casino: synonymous with excess, a modern baroque. The labyrinthine interior corrupts, diverts and addicts, movement made circumambulatory, direction internalised. Orientation and awareness plays a secondary role to light and reflection, allure and possibility. Happiness and success is rarely found, the construct binds, blinds and restricts, a voluntary evil, which consumes and corrupts. Without the adornment of glass, chrome and faux-gold, we are left with a stark concrete reality, a cold and desolate space where the lost struggle to find an egress. Group 3: T. Droz D. Illingworth C. Nau E. Quang Site: Crown Casino, Melbourne Music: 'Villa Del Refugio' - This Will Destroy You
  • The Dancing Jerk Self-explanatory: Explanatory style is a psychological attribute that indicates how people explain to themselves why they experience a particular event, either positive or negative. Psychologists have identified three components in explanatory style: Personal. People experiencing events may see themselves as the cause; that is, they have internalised the cause for the event. Example: "I always forget to make that turn" (internal) as opposed to "That turn can sure sneak up on you" (external). This involves how one explains where the cause of an event arises. Permanent. People may see the situation as unchangeable, eg, "I always lose my keys" or "I never forget a face". This involves how one explains the extent of the cause. Pervasive. People may see the situation as affecting all aspects of life, eg, "I can't do anything right" or "Everything I touch seems to turn to gold". This involves how one explains the extent of the effects. People who generally tend to blame themselves for negative events, believe that such events will continue indefinitely, and let such events affect many aspects of their lives display what is called a pessimistic explanatory style. Conversely, people who generally tend to blame others for negative events, believe that such events will end soon, and do not let such events affect too many aspects of their lives display what is called an optimistic explanatory style. Some research has linked a pessimistic explanatory style to depression[1] and ...
  • Derivitive-The Hello I've Come To Kill You Series (2/2) Continuation of song to its end. The end. The Wire review from March '06:------"Northern New Jersey must be a downer, to judge from this first dispatch from Emoo Records. The project name is humble, and the album title is limp (although both turn out to be misnomers), and the opening track is based around a sample saying 'everybody's dead' . New Jersey has obviously undergone a change of heart since the carefree days of Sugarhill Records. The funk in here is internalised, nagging, paranoid. Although Salad is built from MPC sampler, turntables and muttered raps, the 'hiphop' label, like the music itself, turns out to be rather nebulous. The 12 minute 'The Hello I've Come To Kill You Series' most closely recalls Bark Psychosis's 'Scum', Crescent's Electronis Sound Constructions, or even Flies Inside The Sun- post-rock in its loosest, rawest form, with jazzy brushed percussion, lurking feedback and guitar melodies that wander so far they drop off the map. Salad extracts the core of hiphop and fills out the edges with hazy, impressionistic blur of echo treatments and low end hum. The loose raps are echo drenched and, like a Jack Kerouac recording, somehow self-indulgent and utterly compelling at the same time, a navel gazed at in sheer desperation. Save for the brief electric scratch and strut of 'Transmission From Planet E', Salad is too smoked out to bother with any sharp moves. But while much recent underground rap aligns itself with the pummelling punishment and joyless ...
  • Give 'em Hope Campaign - Fade Away (Karrade's Epic Disco Mix) by Roses for the Madman Special extended mix of the R4TM single Fade Away internationally released on Virtual Lighthouse September 2010. Available from itunes Amazon Tesco and all online download sites. "The song is about overcoming the pressures of society and being strong in the face of adversity - retaining or coming to an enlightened state of being happy with oneself. I think that any minority suffers not only from the outside prejudices from the 'mainstream' - Usually initiated by the popular media, but also from internalised prejudices within communities - My message with a lot of my work, not just this song, is about individuality and being strong in our sense of self, without cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world, which can be as dangerous as conforming to stereotypes. - I love what you are doing and all I ask is that you add my website and facebook page wherever you post the video? I shall put a link to 'Give em Hope' on my website and state that I'm proud to be part of this". Roses For The Madman - Electronique Audio/visual artist releasing work through Virtual Lighthouse Productions, for those who are tired of the norm. Fashion designer and stylist for BURBO k'TURE. If it sparkles, glitters and has a sick bass line, he's your (mad) man. There just isn't enough room here: facebook: /rosesforthemadman or Check the website: Roses for the Madman Official youtube: JOIN THE "Give 'em Hope" GROUP ON FACEBOOK ...
  • MOAT. Part 1 (The Maturity of the Ages) To order the booklet or to sponsor this project contact: 0784 722 4877/[email protected] The maturity of the ages is a controversial booklet, that is going down the black hole, a hole of a knowledge that is almost known and written by most, but not internalised, by the individual, thus as we missed out being on the Moon by 20th July 2007, as when you get to the last page, you shall discover that the scientist of the National Aeronauttical Space Administration, predicted a moon base, what I classify as an Hotel visionary by 2007.
  • how would you like to see me woody how would you like to see me, woody? 2009 video 4:00 'she' is seen everywhere. she is being constantly observed, described and cited. she travels with a folder with the pictures of herself taken by others which she has been collecting, hoping that she will get the best pictures out of them. with these pictures she wants to meet woody and show them to him. in the course of life we are confronted with moments in which the images of ourselves are being observed, stated, commented on, and desired by ourselves and others - and internalised others in ourselves. these images are incessantly being (re)constructed, sliding around and over the body that presents the conditionally and situationally plausible self-identities. self-identity projected and practised on the body acts and is experienced as an extension of performative languages that captures the various aspects of the momentary desires: 'wanted' and 'wanna-be' images of the self. the lingerie in the film is used as a metaphoric instrument for socio-political, cultural and psychological contextualities, in which layers of desires from both the self and others
  • Clip 4 internalised and idealised image
  • Sacred circle "to access progressively deeper levels of the unconscious, ultimately assisting the meditator to experience a mystical sense of oneness with the ultimate unity from which the cosmos in all its manifold forms arises." -David Fontana The mandala is also "a support for the meditating person,"something to be repeatedly contemplated to the point of saturation, such that the image of the mandala becomes fully internalised in even the minutest detail and can then be summoned and contemplated at will as a clear and vivid visualised image. With every mandala comes what Tucci calls "its associated liturgy...contained in texts known as tantras,"
  • How Narcissist's Victims Deceive Themselves If you are married to narcissist, here's one reason to be hopeful: There are gradations of narcissism. In my writings I refer to the extreme and ultimate form of narcissism, the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). The prognosis for those merely with narcissistic traits or a narcissistic style is far better than the healing prospects of a full-fledged narcissist. Still: don't confuse shame with guilt. Narcissists feel shameful when confronted with a failure. They feel (narcissistically) injured. Their omnipotence is threatened, their sense of perfection and uniqueness is questioned. They are enraged, engulfed by self-reprimand, self-loathing and internalised violent urges. The narcissist punishes himself for failing to be God -- not for mistreating others. The narcissist makes an effort to communicate his pain and shame in order to elicit the Narcissistic Supply he needs to restore and regulate his failing sense of self-worth. In doing so, the narcissist resorts to the human vocabulary of empathy. The narcissist will say anything to obtain Narcissistic Supply. It is a manipulative ploy -- not a confession of real emotions or an authentic description of internal dynamics. (From thebook "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 3 DVDs with 16 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships: www.narcissistic-
  • Letter to the World: Trailer Director's Note: In October 2009 I received an email from Barbara Dana, chair of the newly formed Emily Dickinson and the Arts Committee in the Emily Dickinson International Society. She asked if I would be interested in putting forward a proposal for presenting a piece on an Arts panel at the EDIS Conference which was to take place at the Rothermere American Institute Oxford in August 2010. I was fairly sure that Dr Sally Bayley had a hand in this communication and was aware that she was working on her latest book Home on the Horizon: America's Search for Space, from Emily Dickinson to Bob Dylan. We had collaborated successfully on an animated film based on an extract from Sylvia Plath's ***aged journal The Girl Who Would Be God, and this seemed a good opportunity to create a new film in response to some of Emily's tropes. The film came about through the combination of Sally's detailed knowledge of Dickinson's life and works, my research into visual practices and relevant technologies (as well as reading many books on Dickinson, and her published poems and letters), and the collaborative contributions of actress Elisabeth Gray and sound designer Tom Simmons. The resulting nine minute animated film, Letter to the World, is an interpretative response to some of the themes in Emily's life and works, with particular reference to her reduction and enlargement of territories and spheres of influence, her poetic egotism, lucid descriptions of miniature worlds and Nature, her ...
  • Magnetically actuated cress plants This experiment utilised a new biomedical technology - magnetic nanoparticles (superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles) - to modulate aspects of plant behaviour by invoking dynamic motion in plants, directly. These magnetic nanoparticles, which become magnetic in presence of a magnetic field, were internalised in plants. Link: c-

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  • “ key points that spring forward as suitable material for this blog, which I hope will whet reader's appetites and generate some and in delivering the Big Society, it is essential that the ability to think is internalised to create competitive advantage”
    — Future Thoughts,

  • “Discuss the topic "Blog aspect?" in the Support Official Forums. I mean an internalised blog system, quite a few modders already have their portfolios/blogs setup else where, but this way it would be more centralised, allow people to search/locate specific blogs more easily”
    — Blog aspect? Thread - Mod DB,

  • “Thus the tax rebate would reduce, approaching zero as the cost of carbon becomes fully internalised in the economy. of £5/tonne CO2e and the estimated all gases, all sectors average abatement cost was £10/tonne, then the cost is 50% internalised”
    — EEF Economics Blog | Capitalising the Green Investment Bank,

  • “Would love to Haha with you too if you are not busy updating your blog. And me too, the internalised blog guilt, and every passing day making it harder to catch”
    — . . . s t e l l o u . . .: February 2006,

  • “L'obiettivo principale di MAPPE è contribuire alla costruzione di uno spazio di riflessione accademica e professionale sulle innovazioni pratico-teoriche della comunicazione della scienza. MAPPE ambisce in altre parole a diventare un luogo di”
    — Anticipation of Brian Trench's speech about the changing role,

  • “ for being blog dreams - I had one dream last summer about writing a blog post, and though this is the first dream about Creepy, as her blog is possibly the most honest, emotionally truthful, somehow internalised blog you can read”
    — Sarsparilla Vanilla,

  • “BarroMetrics Views: The Power of Internalised Habits Over the past ten years, I have suffered a footnote ailment; by that I mean it is one of those conditions found in the footnote of medical texts”
    — " The Power of Internalised Habits Blog for Trading Success,

  • “I'm not just thinking about family where altruism is first nature, not second nature. comrade, where surrender is as much an internalised state of mind in combat as it is”
    — Evidence for the existence of a god,

  • “The problem with this is that there is no diagnostic tool for us to be able to claim that a client has internalised homophobia. http:///2010/08/03/dear-gay***-forum-user/ Dear Gay/*** Forum User — Exodus International Blog”
    — New Tactics to Disenfranchise Counselors and Clients with a,

  • “ Today Aspect Search Transit Finder Colours Tarot Blog Contact @serennu @astrologyblog be very much an internal process; Saturn internalised could give a tendency to be too”
    — Serennu,

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