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  • internalisation by virtue of agreeing to be held in an omnibus account internalisation reach material levels, CEBS members should require. their banks to follow procedures that are in line with those. — “Call for Evidence … internalisation of settlement and CCP”, c-
  • It is the internalisation of an external event that creates anger,disappointment and frustration. When something becomes internalised it involves you as if it is you. — “Professional Detachment, Anger and Stress Management”,
  • ProgTrans today presented the results of a study on the economic impact of the internalisation of external costs on individual EU Member States and the European road haulage industry, which reveals that: • in 2009, the road haulage industry. — “ProgTrans presented the results of a study Transportweekly . Com”,
  • Internalisation - Dictionary Definition and Overview 1: learning (of values or attitudes etc.) that is incorporated within yourself [syn: internalization, incorporation]. — “Internalisation - Define Internalisation at WordIQ Online”,
  • Definition of internalisation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of internalisation. Pronunciation of internalisation. Translations of internalisation. internalisation synonyms, internalisation antonyms. Information about internalisation in the. — “internalisation - definition of internalisation by the Free”,
  • To investigate the involvement of type 1 fimbriae in the complement -dependent internalisation process, D-mannose or glucose was added to PTEC monolayers 20 minutes before bacteria were added and the internalisation assay carried out as above. — “BioMed Central | Full text | Synergy between type 1 fimbriae”,
  • You are here : Home Issues Environment Internalisation of External Costs The European Commission (EC) has been studying the so-called "internalisation of external costs" for transport for a number of years. — “Internalisation of External Costs”,
  • Internalisation of mental states begins with guilt and is maintained by fear. Internalisation and repression create the subconscious mind. — “Internalisation of mental states”, discover-your-
  • Bab*** has relinquished full control over two of its satellites, but the changes to the management agreements stop short of allowing the internalisation of the funds' management. — “Bab*** lets go | Stephen Bartholomeusz | Commentary”, .au
  • CCR5 signalling, but not DARC or D6 regulatory, chemokine receptors are targeted by herpesvirus U83A chemokine which delays receptor internalisation via diversion to a caveolin-linked pathway. Julie Catusse , David J Clark and Ursula A Gompels. — “Journal of Inflammation | Full text | CCR5 signalling, but”, journal-
  • Internalisation of the PDGF-r upon stimulation with the agonist is one of the earliest responses among those elicited by PDGF. It has been reported that the internalisation of tyrosine kinase receptors depends on. — “New perspectives in PDGF receptor downregulation: the main”,
  • Institutionalisation is not internalisation: The 'bricoleur' and his internalize highly structured symbolic systems, and ideas are thus outside the minds of actors. — “Institutionalisation is not internalisation: The 'bricoleur”,
  • Internalisation phase is mainly an individual planning and learning process. In the internalisation phase the resources created in the externalisation phase could be accessed and used for planning personal. — “Obstacles in implementing SECI model in organizations”,
  • Internalization is also often associated with learning (for example, learning ideas or skills) and making use of it from then on. The notion of internalization therefore also finds currency in applications in education, learning, and training, and in business and management thinking. — “Internalization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Internalisation distinguishes normative behaviour regulation from mere coercion. The aim of this article is to begin answering the question of to what extent normative agent architectures represent the theoretical construct of norm internalisation. — “Norm Internalisation in Human and Artificial Intelligence”,
  • While the issue of dark pools and electronic communication networks (ECNs) has fetched a fair share of attention in the media, a little less scrutiny has befallen the SEC's other area of concern — the practice of broker-dealer internalisation. — “FT Alphaville " All eyes on broker-dealer internalisation”,
  • ( 2007) Photochemical internalisation of chemotherapy potentiates killing of multidrug-resistant breast and bladder cancer cells. Photochemical internalisation, multidrug resistance, breast and bladder cancer, hypericin, photodynamic therapy. — “Photochemical internalisation of chemotherapy potentiates”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun internalisation has one meaning: Meaning #1 : learning (of. — “internalisation: Information from ”,
  • 2003, "Sacrifice as Action and Actions as Sacrifices: The Role of Breath in the Internalisation of Sacrificial Action in the Vedic Brāhmaªas" in Ritualistics, Tore Ahlbäck (ed.), Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History, Åbo: 19–35. Introduction. — “Ritual internalisation”,
  • Downloadable! This paper surveys recent contributions on the Internalisation issue, based on different theories of the firm, to show how the make-or-buy decision, at an international level, has been assessed through the opening up of the "black. — “From the Theory of the Firm to FDI and Internalisation: A Survey”,
  • Conformity is a type of social influence involving a change in belief or behaviour in order to fit in with a group. Conformity can also be simply defined as This type of conformity usually involves internalisation – where a person accepts the views of the groups and adopts them as an individual. — “Conformity in Psychology”,
  • Definition of internalisation in the Medical Dictionary. internalisation explanation. Information about internalisation in Free online English dictionary. What is internalisation? Meaning of internalisation medical term. What does internalisation. — “internalisation - definition of internalisation in the”, medical-
  • The internalisation of. transport noise externalities is modelled at the micro-level and internalisation of transport noise externalities is modelled at the micro-level and. — “INTERNALISATION OF TRANSPORT NOISE EXTERNALITIES:”,
  • Research reports that MiFID (and Regulation NMS in the USA) will increase the trend for "dark pools" of liquidity to grow as systemic internalisation moves more and more trade volume to central matching and quoting facilities. — “MiFID – to increase dark pools of liquidity?”,
  • Internalisation theory informs us about why and when multinational enterprises (MNEs) internalise may ensure persistent concurrence between changing pressure for internalisation in a foreign market. — “Paper submitted as a competitive paper”,

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  • Bert Hofman remarks on the Internalisation of Renminbi An excerpt of Bert Hofman commenting on "The Renminbi: What will be its future role in the World Economy?" at the inaugural APEC China CEO Forum 2012 in Beijing, China.
  • Fiona Hall on Maritime package Speech by Fiona Hall MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Greening of transport and internalisation of external costs [MEP Speech] [Language EN original] Report: Georg Jarzembowski (A6-0055/2009) [2008/2240(INI)] Committee on Transport and Tourism Hall_090310_173540_mesp_en
  • Music Theory - Minor Scale Arpeggios - Vocal Warm Up Internalisation Exercise Use this in your singing lessons!:) Minor Scale Arpeggios - Vocal Warm Up Internalisation exercise. Shows Minor arpeggios which then rise up by a whole tone each time
  • Aimée Seyfort - artist Aimée Sefort was born in New York 1905. I shot this interview with her 1996 in her home in London, England. She studied with Charles Guérin in Paris, and later Vasily Shukaev, a prominent Russian painter. She had a studio in Paris but she painted in Northern and Southern India and the Himalayas as well. She exhibited in Europe and in New York, at the Brooklyn Museum, the Roerich Museum, the American-British Art Centre, and the E. Weyhe Gallery. When in New Mexico she had exhibitions at the Santa Fé Art Museum and at the Fine Arts Gallery of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Throughout her career, Aimée Seyfort as been interested in exploring, and working towards, syntheses of forms of thinking and expression. A genuine internalisation and integration, in both forms and contents, of what we are accustomed conventionally to call 'East' and 'West'. Aimée Seyfort's earlier canvases were in oils utilising an oil medium. But soon she gave up on the oil medium, preferring tempera (first egg tempera and then wax medium or encaustique), but generally continuing to use oil colours of the purest quality applied with sable-hair brushes on either linen-stretched panels or hand-laid paper. - For more information go to
  • My Genie Jump Start This is a Time Brand Internalisation Workshop showcasing the five core values of Time Dot Com: BOLD, FOCUS, QUICK, CREATIVE and FUN!
  • receptor internalisation new
  • Desire, Appetite and ***ography Following up on the video I made yesterday about Rene Girard and his notion of 'memetic desire', in which one's desires are increased (and possibly even produced) by the internalisation of the desires of others. Basically, if you see that somebody wants something that is going to make you want it as well. Here I'm trying to articulate more clearly the distinction between this idea and the more functional and 'authentic' needs more appropriately referred to as 'appetities'. Appetites are not the reflected wants of other poeple taken on as feelings of our own, but are more straightforward bodily needs, usually satisfied fairly easily. I also have a go at applying this distiction to ***ography, which seems to me to be operating in the realm of desire rather than appetite. When you look at a ***ographic image you cannot be unaware that this image has been made for a more general consumption by other men than yourself. The desire you may feel is likely to be not purely an appetitive lust for ***ual satisfaction but also a desire born of the internalisation of the thousand of other male viewers, all seeking satisfaction from the same image. The urgency and sense of irresolvablity which accompanies ***ographic desire may also be a feature of this memetic logic.
  • AeL educational content on multi-touch device An innovation brought by SIVECO Romania in education is the AeL educational content developed for multi-touch technology. The multimedia content allows full hand control, multiple fingers control or even multiple users simultaneously. Instead of using a keyboard and mouse or a single point input (as for the touch screen technology) the multi-point systems enables users to have a more natural interaction with the application. Multi-touch motivates children to create their self-exploratory stock of knowledge, stimulates them to share their work with colleagues, promoting team spirit and competitiveness, and helps them develop ***ytical and practical skills. Using a combination of rich multimedia stimuli, the system creates students a multi-sensorial channel (multi-touch) to receive information that leads to a rapid assimilation and internalisation of new information.
  • Sax Lesson 44: Simple ii-7 V7 Melody Link to Blog Post of Lesson 44: Often when I'm home improvising over a tune, I'll stumble upon a simple melody and wonder whether or not I can play it through the keys. I might be able hear the melody clearly in my mind, can sing it easily and can play it in one or two keys without too much effort but on closer inspection, I discover that I have a hard time playing it through all the keys. At this point in my practice, I feel I've found a sort of dualism between what I can hear (honest self expression?) and what I can play (the mechanics of expression) and so I take a bit of time to play the melody through the keys. It seems that if you're trying to play from your minds ear when you improvise and you hear a distinct melody but can't play it on your instrument, you may be missing an opportunity to connect with something meaningful and honest. Is playing what exaclty what you hear in your mind "finding your voice" on your instrument? At the very least you'll have discovered somthing fun to work on for the next few minutes... Lesson 44 is one such melody; a faily mundane line which I heard and probably absorbed from someone else and yet very clear in terms of its melodic and harmonic content. I recommend singing the melody first in a key that's comfortable for your range. This will really speed up the internalisation process and help make the melody part of your inner voice. One variation rhythmic variation is to play this melody in all triplets, starting on the ...
  • Vygotsky's Mediational Means Tools, Memory & Internalisation. An informal game-experiment based upon Leontiev's 'Forbidden Colours' experiment. A bilingual 6 year-old boy (Japanese-Spanish) uses flash cards to remember the names of some animals and a set of animals in Spanish and then moves onto recognising and remembering those animals using their written names (letter recognition), though he cannot read yet. Words (oral and written), flash cards, pictures and a laptop are all mediational tools used in this experience.
  • Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert on Maritime package Speech by Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Greening of transport and internalisation of external costs [MEP Speech] [Language NL original] Report: Georg Jarzembowski (A6-0055/2009) [2008/2240(INI)] Committee on Transport and Tourism Hennis_090310_172732_mesp_nl
  • Compcros : Olokun Invocation Using Christopher Okigbo's Labyrinths The image of water is a recurrent feature in efforts to represent the idea of a power that permeates the cosmos. In various cultures, from Africa to Asia and the West, the nourishing ubiquity of water leads to its recognition as a central form of cosmic power. Christopher Okigbo's great poetic cycle Labyrinths, develops this motif with unique conceptual boldness and magnificent verbal force in visualizing Idoto, the spirit of his village stream in Ojoto, Nigeria, as "the water spirit that nurtures all creation". This video, Olokun Invocation Using Christopher Okigbo's Labyrinths portrays an adaptation of Okigbo's poetry, a body of work that I do not know to be used in a sacred sense at present, in an actual invocation of the aquatic essence that constitutes much of the earth and the human being, and is described by scientists as the terrestrial form from which animate beings emerged. The invocation is conducted in the Compcros : Comparative Cognitive Processes and Systems Public Library, Research and Retreat Centre, in the Vision Park, Histon/Cambridge, office complex, hence the background sounds of motion in other offices outside where the ritual is conducted and the bleep of a mobile phone text at the climax of the ritual. The video is being posted even with these background sounds. This is done in order to demonstrate the spontaneous character of the video, thereby dramatizing the internalisation of the ritual form and content within the devotee, enabling him to ...
  • Explorers of the Heart Visionary poetry seems to undergo a 'journey' from inspiration to the poet and from the poet to the paper, where it is read by audience or taken up by performer. That 'journey' is discussed through poems performed by artists Gil Dekel and James Mansfield, and through graphic visuals added to this film. Transcript of questions and answers Fred: We got some poets. Strange poetry happening right now. Shall I introduce Gil Dekel and James Mansfield. Gil: Poetry is very interesting. It comes from an unknown source; inspiration, God; the poet's heart; what ever we call it. Then it is recorded on a paper, and taken by performer and projected to the audience. Q: In what way performance reflect on poetry? James: Performance is an attempt to give the poetic experience something three dimensional. The poetic experience is internal, very private. Q: What motivates you to write poetry? Gil: Trying to remember who I am. And when I remember who I am, and stop thinking, then inspiration comes to me. When inspiration is coming to you it reflects in your whole body. It a joy that run through your whole body, and this is really motivating. Q: What do you experience when you performing poetry? James: I feel a meditative experience. Performing requires internalisation. You have to know where the words are inside you and how they resonate with you. You have to find where the word's truth meets with yours. Q: Does the final appearance of the poem changes the feeling that ...
  • Alberto Forchielli's Speech about the Internalisation of the RMB Part 1
  • Learning @ Legacy - David Yeo Internalisation of motivational stories, power phrases to use it anytime. Matured Simplicity..
  • Child socialisation with food between the family, school and the media Géraldine Comoretto, Doctoral student in Sociology. University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Laboratory PRINTEMPS (UMR 8085) - INRA, ALISS (UR 1303) There is no shortage of work on childhood socialisation in school in the social sciences. Learning, ways "of doing, thinking and being " in society and social relations in children have been widely studied in worlds such as the classroom or the playground . On the other hand, some spaces -- or should we say some times -- just as propitious to the development of childhood socialisation have been all too little considered by researchers. This research proposes taking a sociological look at the meals consumed daily in elementary school, in the cafeteria on the one hand and during the snack in after-school study on the other hand. The issue is thus to study the process of childhood socialisation from the perspective of eating in a scholastic setting. To determine as accurately as possible the interactions of children during meals, a two-year comparative investigation in three elementary schools is on the point of completion. The establishments are located in three different municipalities and were selected so as to provide variation in the social milieus observed. We are thus seeking to test the hypothesis according to which learning and internalisation of certain values and constraints related to food differ according to social milieu and have in fact an impact on the socialisation process of children. The ...
  • David Duncan and Hilarry Layton at the "Students Or Immigrants?" conference The Registrar and Secretary of the University of York, David Duncan, gives the welcome speech. Next, the internalisation efforts done by the University of York are presented by Hilary Layton, the Assistant Director of External Relations and Director of Internationalisation. The "Students or Immigrants?" conference was an event organised by the Romanian society of students at the University of York. Read the conference agenda here: Watch all the videos from the conference here: Read more about the conference and about the York Romanian Society: http
  • Social Influence - Conformity and Resistance A screencast of a Prezi presentation on the AQA 'AS' Level Psychology (A specification) Unit 2 topic of Social Influence. Includes material on defining conformity, Deutsch and Gerard's Dual Process Dependency Model, Turner's Referent Informational Social Influence model, compliance, identification, internalisation, anti-conformity and independence.
  • Steffisburg Session Excerpt Monthly (Swiss) Steffisburg Session, with flute & bodhran player Klaus from the Berner Ceili Dance Band "Toe for Toe" in fine form. The Steffisburg sessions are particularly open and relaxed. Newcomers are always welcome, but this is not a "jam" (improvisation) session. You should either be familiar with a few simple session tunes, or be certain (as are both the DADGAD guitarist and the bassist in this video) of your ability to accompany unknown tunes by ear and at speed. That said, not all tunes are played at this tempo, and you will learn more in a session that at home. There are plenty of slow airs and songs allowing you to tune your ear to the few (sometimes modal) keys in use. Play regularly in sessions, and this comes quickly and intuitively. This internalisation by ear doesn't rely on formal music training. Many fabulous players don't need (or want) to read a note of written music. More generally, improvisation, harmonisation or rythymic syncopation shouldn't undermine the fundamental character of the tune. So when do see you in the Alte Schmitte, Steffisburg? :-)
  • Dirk Sterckx on Maritime package Speech by Dirk Sterckx MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Greening of transport and internalisation of external costs [on behalf of the Group] [Language NL original] Report: Georg Jarzembowski (A6-0055/2009) [2008/2240(INI)] Committee on Transport and Tourism Sterckx_090310_170436_obog_nl
  • The breath touches the skin Her lips speak the words of the dance, soft whispers the wind in the murmur of the leaves. She looks around and sees the sun of her voice on the path that they follow. The nature colors her mouth with the rhythm of the world. With a smile kisses the moment his eyelid entering the mystery of love. The breath touches the skin of the face following the curves through the pores of the soul. Their embrace reaches the heart with the palm of their hand caressing the internalisation of their being. In the meeting fingertips move on the vibration magnetised by the universe being the path that points in the direction of the dream. Eyes enter the portals of the soul and see the twinkling as the star that shows the inner space from above. Eternity reaches the light of death in the timeless being of life. Their passion burns and nurtures the earth with her milk flowing in the taste on his tongue licking the flames of fire. Rising Venus calling the name to enter the womb of creation. Her lips speak the words of the dancemerging with the juices of their sound in the orgasm of life embracing divinity. Soft whispers the wind in the murmur of the leavesshe takes his reaching hand on the path of her dream and sings the song of love. The path is narrow, the heart is living the word coming from the blood, golden silence rises out of deathalive. Hildegarde©2009
  • What is true spirituality It is my deepest knowing that true spirituality has only 2 components. The first is the knowledge and internalisation of your true self and by the same time of God: That you are, that God simply is. The second is the love and its manifestation in action: Not doing anything that harms and helping others (humans, yourself, plants, animals, environments, spirits, etc) Everything else is fake.
  • Major 7th Arpeggios - Vocal Warm Up Internalisation Exercise Use this in your singing lessons!:) Major 7th Arpeggios - Vocal Exercise to be sung as Call & Response to help internalise the sound of a major 7th.
  • The Opera Singing Workout Challenge - Coloratura Vocal Exercise The Opera Workout Vocal Exercise. Use this in your singing lessons!:) Ascends using a scale idea Descends using an arpeggio idea
  • Minor 7th Arpeggios Vocal Warm Up Internalisation Exercise Use this in your singing lessons!:) Minor 7th Vocal Exercise Call & response
  • Bilyana Ilieva Raeva on Maritime package Speech by Bilyana Ilieva Raeva MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Greening of transport and internalisation of external costs [MEP Speech] [Language EN original] Report: Georg Jarzembowski (A6-0055/2009) [2008/2240(INI)] Committee on Transport and Tourism Raeva_090310_174021_mesp_bg
  • Social Influence- A Prezicast I started a Prezi on Social Influence and finished it today in Psychology. Under the influence of my classmates and teachers I conformed into doiing a running commentary on my Prezi. I hope you enjoy it :D Note: You will the same video at SociologyatCJs, this is because it is my teachers youtube account. Feel free to check out the channel, handy if your doing sociology and psychology revision.
  • 0491 Section 6.1, Chapter 39 Yoga Vasishta Why is the YV so long? It is pulling all the main Hindu practices and beliefs under the umbrella of self-enquiry. It is the teaching of the One Self. Shiva and Vasishta are in dialogue. Shiva is the great yogi. Puja worship, pranayama. At some point pranayama yields to self-enquiry. Meditation is "external worship". Internal worship of the Self is perpetual meditation which continues no matter the circumstances -- internalisation? Tantra. We are no longer interested in what is conducive to spiritual realisation. We practise "prayer without ceasing". Worship the bodha-lingam. Text: Yoga Vasistha Book 2, January 10 Video Index ***
  • Neutrophils internalise conidia in living lung slices. A Lys-EGFP mouse was treated as described for movie 4. The movie shows a single neutrophil (green) with a conidium (light blue) inside of the cell. To demonstrate that the conidium is really inside, the entire cell has been reconstructed from a Z-stack and is rotated. Reference: Production of Extracellular Traps against Aspergillus fumigatus In Vitro and in Infected Lung Tissue Is Dependent on Invading Neutrophils and Influenced by Hydrophobin RodA. Bruns et. al. PLoS Pathog. 2010 Apr 29;6(4):e1000873.
  • Deals TV - 22 - DEALS TV: Internal combustion Macquarie Airports, Infigen Energy, Lynas Corporation, Chongqing Iron and Steel, Seven Network, Kraft, Cadbury, Sara Lee, Unilever Infigen Energy, eyeing a major asset sale, shows what a fund management internalisation can achieve too bad Macquaire doesn't seem to want MAp to taste the same kind of success. Elsewhere, movements afoot for Lynas, Seven and Cadbury.
  • dave stafford - internalisation (HD) this is a live addictive synth performance via the m-audio sono 88 prokeys. for a change from the ambient pieces, I decided to play a few pieces using some of the more amazing arpeggiators available on the addictive synth application. the result is a series of six quick and wonderful improvs, of which this is the fourth, entitled "internalisation". this piece is a little different from the previous three arpeggiator-based pieces, in that it uses a few different voices and arpeggiators during the take, all blended into one improv; and it features more extensive use of the xy pad as well - somehow, this strangely scatterbrained-sounding piece almost reminds me of a gentle giant backing track gone mad - there is something very visceral, very "in your face" and very real about it - a snappy little number! "synthesizerHD" is all about synthesizers: hardware, MIDI, VST, and application. the channel will feature performances of all of these from the full size sono 88 keyboard: some will be software synths / VSTs, so, the keyboard controlling a synthesizer on the PC; some will be applications, so, the keyboard controlling synthesizers or other instrument applications on the ipad; and others may also be hardware, using the internal voices of the keyboard. on april 9, 2012, in the middle of what began as a very ambient session indeed - I sat down and played these six arpeggiator-based pieces, which also includes the opportunity to use the xy pad of the addictive synth during the ...
  • Tony Leidenkrantz HD Tony Leidenkrantz, MD of Brand Alive Sweden, on his visit to the Brand Alive Johannesburg office. Tony talks about trends in branding in Europe, his perceptions of South Africa and Sweden as brand originators, and the possible implications of the 2010 World Cup on Brand South Africa.
  • Part 2 of Alberto Forchielli's speech about the Internalisation of the RMB
  • Dominant 7th Arpeggios - Vocal Warm Up Internalisation Excercise Dominant 7th Arpeggios - Vocal Warm Up Internalisation placed over a Jungle Drum n Bass Loop. Use this in your singing lessons!:) Thanks for Watching!:)
  • TEDxUOD2011.avi In collaboration with Anadish Pal, an inventor who mentors the project "Emission Contribution Agency". Anadish shares his vision for quantifying assessment of air quality and subsequent internalisation of the externalities through taxation. Thus, the project intends to engineer change in behaviors towards environment and calls for an active role of the civil society and the government.
  • Paolo Costa on Maritime package Speech by Paolo Costa MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Greening of transport and internalisation of external costs [MEP Speech] [Language IT original] Report: Georg Jarzembowski (A6-0055/2009) [2008/2240(INI)] Committee on Transport and Tourism Costa_090310_172042_mesp_it
  • Leonard Lau Legacy _ Internalisation for your Peak Performance Have you asked yourself why your motivation last only for a short while? Or why your understanding about certain important subject matters in your life is not long lasting, only temporary?
  • demo Wudang taiji 36 shi (partial) in het Yinyang Centrum, den Haag en Amsterdam..MPG Demo Wudang taiji 36 shi (partial) in het Yinyang Centrum, den Haag en Amsterdam by Daoist You Li Ou/Rene Goris. This form is part of the regular class schedule as well as part of a workshop cycle. Instruction is done on a technical basis and takes the dealings with yin and yang qi in internalisation proces (neidan) as the engine for enhancing health, fitness and martial arts prowess. Individuals and small groups also follow classes in Beijing and Shanghai.
  • 0492 Section 6.1, Chapter 39 (continued) Yoga Vasishta External worship is meditation. Internal worship is when we feed everything into our meditation -- Internalisation, perpetual self-realisation. Open to the stream of experiencing. Anchoring the self in the realisation of self. The bodha-lingam -- the manifest self-awareness. Deha-lingam -- the body. Worship is enlightenment practice. Linga -- the manifest or Brahman. The notion of the body (deha-lingam) is also part of the stream of experiencing. Prana, apana. Imagination and non-imagination (physical reality). Text: Yoga Vasistha Book 2, January 10 Video Index ***
  • YSS Vietnam Trip '08 - Multi-Cultural Dance Dancers ; Cecilia, Stella, Sri Devi, Anisa, Ayu, Julaika & Adilah Our school had this internalisation trip thing to Vietnam and YSS Student leaders Performed this multiracial dance there.. the song's kinda weird though.. oh well! Enjoy the Vid!

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  • “This cultural amalgam facilitates the internalisation of multicultural values and communal harmony in the academic community, and the University of Calicut, Kerala. kashif's blog. series. Ayodhya 2009. Web”
    — How to empower Muslims | Indian Muslims,

  • “Click on one of the headlines below to view the latest issues of the Railway Newsletter or download them as PDF files from the webpage. ITF Railway News blog - Internalisation of external costs: EU for greener transport”
    Internalisation of external costs: EU for greener transport,

  • “For the bay pluralist tannenberg hogmanay, this sarsenet bairava you the ncaa basketball i split had the conscienceless to internalisation to the ncaa basketball tournament 2010”
    — Ncaa basketball tournament 2010 predictions:,

  • “by Paul De Boeck on October 26. Q&A with Frederick Hess and Eric there is in every person an internalisation and individual appropriation of values that”
    — A Radical Proposal for Early Childhood Education,

  • “Blog. Markets Live. Long Room. The Cut. Subscribe. User name. Password. Remember me on this focusing on the issue of internalisation and sub-pennying”
    — FT Alphaville " All eyes on broker-dealer internalisation,

  • “Forum. Issue No. 19. Autumn 2008. Enhancing learning and teaching at. Internalisation' of rst step in the internalisation of. equal opportunities. * Equal”
    — Internalisation' of Equal Opportunities: the way forward,

  • “85 years of Sathya Sai Baba, a celebration of the life and works of Sathya Sai Baba An Interfaith Youth Forum held in June 2010 with youths from various backgrounds coming together to discuss common aspect of their spirituality and share in each others wisdom”
    — Sai Young Adults Service, 85

  • “its internalisation and transcytosis. When the expression of ABCA1 was specifically Finally, investigation of the involvement of ABCA1 in apoA-I internalisation using a”
    — ABCA1 - not SR-B1 – modulates the transcytosis of apoA-I,

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