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  • Intermittently, samples don't play for no apparent reason. Why ? : Check your polyphony setting for the part. If you're sure the part has more than enough voices, are you running Mac OS X? If so, how many. — “Intermittently, samples don't play for no apparent reason”,
  • Watch the video for Bare*** Ladies – Intermittently from the album Maybe You Should Drive. Bare*** Ladies (often abbreviated BNL) is a Canadian independent rock band currently composed of Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson, and Tyler. — “Bare*** Ladies – Intermittently – Video, listening & stats”,
  • (316148) - Session variables may be lost intermittently in Microsoft applications. When this problem occurs on a Microsoft Application Center 2000 cluster, the sessions will drop on the controller when antivirus software scans the Web. — “: (316148) - Session variables may be lost”,
  • Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos. — “Flickr: "intermittently"”,
  • Why does my browser's back button work intermittently? UPS Internet Shipping maintains your shipment data throughout your shipping transaction. In order to secure and avoid any loss of your shipment data and provide for a smoother shipping process. — “Why does my browser's back button work intermittently?”,
  • intermittently (not comparable) Stopping or starting at intervals. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/intermittently" Categories: English words suffixed with -ly | English adverbs | Time | English. — “intermittently - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Intermittently - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • We found 20 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word intermittently: the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "intermittently" is defined. — “Definitions of intermittently - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.general (More info?) Hi IIS Fails Intermittently I have a Windows 2000 server with IIS to host about 50 WEB sites. I have periods where I have re. — “IIS Fails Intermittently - Windows-2000-NT-General-Discussion”,
  • Definition of intermittently from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of intermittently. Pronunciation of intermittently. Definition of the word intermittently. Origin of the word intermittently. — “intermittently - Definition of intermittently at”,
  • Won't start intermittently with the 2003 Saturn Ion. has 8 complaints about this engine problem. — “2003 Saturn Ion won't start intermittently | ”,
  • MQSeries to Microsoft Message Queuing pipes may fail intermittently. Messages may be placed in the MQBridge Dead Letter queue with a class of MQMSG_CLASS_NACK_BAD_DST_Q. Note Microsoft Message Queuing is also known as MSMQ. — “MQSeries bridge pipes may fail intermittently”,
  • AD working intermittently. Re: AD working intermittently. Unfortunately we're at Microsoft's mercy on this as we can't set an expiry on when it resets that the user last connected using. — “AD working intermittently. - Authentication - DotNetNuke”,
  • Watch Intermittently videos from all over the internet ummm no To Hate Like This Is to Be Happy Forever: A Thoroughly Obsessive, Intermittently Uplifting, and Occasionally Unbiased. — “Intermittently - Page 1 - Blinkx Video Results”,
  • In·ter·mit·tent·ly adv. With intermissions; in an intermittent manner; intermittently. Top. Home > Library > Literature & Language > WordNet. Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adverb has one. — “intermittently: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • My system shuts down intermittently. Before you begin. The internal components of the computer are sensitive to ESD (electro static discharge). Damage to the motherboard, memory modules, and peripheral cards can occur if these parts are exposed to ESD. — “Gateway Support - My system shuts down intermittently”,
  • Firefox intermittently stalls. Firefox version: 3.0.10 Operating system: Windows Vista It's not frozen and it's not a particular website, but the browser acts as if it's trying to load a page and never does. — “Firefox intermittently stalls”,
  • FMSA 8 intermittently pausing for several seconds FMSA 8 intermittently pausing for several seconds " on: May 27, 2006, 11:03:21 AM " Thanks to this site and the book, I have made the turn and have converted my first FM6 / CDML site to FM8 / PHP. I'm really loving it and so is the customer. — “FMSA 8 intermittently pausing for several seconds”,
  • Distributed, intermittently connected, object-oriented database and computer program products for delayed message generation and encoding in an intermittently connected data communication system. — “Distributed, intermittently ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • Definition of intermittently in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of intermittently. Pronunciation of intermittently. Translations of intermittently. intermittently synonyms, intermittently antonyms. Information about intermittently in the free. — “intermittently - definition of intermittently by the Free”,
  • Hotfix Download Available View and request hotfix downloads View products that this article applies to. System TipThis article applies to a different version of Windows than the one you are using. Content in this article may not be relevant to. — “The monitoring of SNMP devices may stop intermittently in”,
  • Official Lyrics to Intermittently by Bare*** Ladies at CD Universe. Someone somewhere has unglued our epoxy, ahh (Ahh) Someone somewhere has unglued our epoxy. — “Lyrics to Intermittently by Bare*** Ladies”,
  • Definition of intermittently in the Medical Dictionary. intermittently explanation. Information about intermittently in Free online English dictionary. What is intermittently? Meaning of intermittently medical term. What does intermittently mean?. — “intermittently - definition of intermittently in the Medical”, medical-

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  • Sleep Intermittently Everyone wonders what they look like when they're sleeping, right? Well, I found out!! And also, at the end where I touch my tongue, I have no recollection of that at all. I must have still been asleep lol. Crazy, huh?
  • Metra Axxess GMOS-04 Intermittent Mute or Attenuation So, i just installed a Pioneer AVIC-Z130 in the whip and i'm using the Metra GMOS-04 as the harness to interface with the bose system. There is an issue with the GMOS-04 because it keeps intermittently attenuating (muting) the AVIC via the mute wire. Update: I am on GMOS-04 #3 and i have removed the mute wire from the AVIC. This fixes the problem. Here are some tips for anyone using the Metra Axxess GMOS-04: Do not connect the mute wire to your radio's harness. Your radio will intermittently attenuate or mute The illumination wire does not work. The dimmer wire will dim only. It cannot be used for radio's that is expecting 0 Volts (lights off) or 12 Volts (lights on). This is not an issue with the interface, but a limitation of the vehicle (PAC has the same the problem). If you want the light, you must wire it elsewhere. For radios that output more than 2v on the RCA's you must adjust the audio pot on the GMOS-04. For best results put the radio at 75% volume and use a multimeter on vehicle side of the harness to measure the voltage while you are adjusting the pot. you should not have to go past 3/4
  • '00 Yamaha R6 Acceleration Problem (2nd Gear Problem) ** Listen carefully around 0:48 until 0:55 ** R6 Acceleration Problem - Intermittently, I get flat or dead spots in the power curve. The video is sideways and a bit shaky. The bike sat for a couple of months and developed a rough idle, along with this problem. I have since: Cleaned Carbs Installed Ivan's Jet Kit Synced Carbs Installed Two Brother's C5 Slip-On New (OEM) Air Filter New Plugs The bike is running GREAT now, except for this nagging, intermittent problem. Not sure what else to check for now. ** UPDATE ** I've discovered that the 99-02 R6 has a well known problem with 2nd gear. The fix is to replace 2nd and 6th gear or to swap the transmission. I am buying a used transmission from an 03-05 since it is supposed to be a drop in replacement, but 2nd gear is reinforced.
  • Intermittently by BNL Performed on SND V - Show #1
  • "circuit bent" hacked digital camera project - wearable interval camera this hacked digital keychain camera takes photographs intermittently Gadgets, Sensors and Activity Recognition in HCI Spring 2010, Carnegie Mellon University Prof. Scott Hudson Friday, April 29th, 2010 The goal: There are so many moments in life that are not considered "photo-worthy," but in looking back we find ourselves wishing we had pictures to commemorate them. Specifically, I think of the countless bike rides I've taken around New York City, commuting to work, or visiting friends, crossing bridges and zipping through traffic and riding along the West Side Highway bike path at sunset. Only rarely did I dismount, dig through my bag and pause to frame and take a picture. Those occasions I did produced "set up" shots. The spontaneity and reality of those moments are lost. My project goals centered around image capture, or more poetically, memory capture. I sought to create a wearable device to intermittently record still images. This device was not intended to replace an individual's camera, but to supplement it. Research: Finding appropriate hardware proved challenging. Thankfully, I found a great resource in someone else's existing project on (credited in my source code and video). With the hardware purchased and instructions for circuit bending, I was able to proceed. Implementation: Wiring: The Arduino microcontroller is connected to an LDR (light sensor), a PCB (connecting it to the camera), and an LED. Schematics are available. Power: The unit ...
  • Motorola Quantar howl I've heard this noise intermittently on three different County systems, different frequencies, and sites. These Quantar radios replaced older equipment that never exhibited problems on same/similar systems. They were all replaced at the same time, same purchase order from Mot. I think it is caused by something in the Quantar's design. It only exhibits the problem in cold temperatures and/or high humidity. It sounds like the repeater is spuring out on it's self when cold. On a cold day I did once hear the noise on the input frequency while hooked to the receive antenna system, at the site. The noise was only present while the repeater was transmitting. This makes me think that the exciter may become spurious when cold. The Quantar receives audio, then it is processed by a DSP. This delays the audio transmitted by about 50ms. I think this causes a loud reverberating sound. I've only heard this intermittent problem when it's cold, mostly at night. This makes it very hard to chase down. I found a discussion of this same problem on a Motorola discussion board: There were several tips mentioned, several others frustrated by the same problem chimed in. It's possible that it is a problem with this run of VHF Quantars.
  • [HD] INDIAN RAILWAYS : LOCO FROM ERODE - WDM3D HONKS INTERMITTENTLY ! June 26 , 2010 -- 1738 hrs. WDM3D is one of the best diesel locos in India built by the DLW (Diesel Locomotive Works) at Varanasi ! The loco seen here is Erode wdm3d #11239 in LHF mode ! This wdm3d has a modified GM style DBR ! Here the train seen is 6124 Ananthapuri Express from TVC to MS !
  • How to Do an Inversion Table Workout : How to Do Intermittent Stretching with Inversion Table Learn how to do intermittent stretching with an inversion table workout with expert tips and advice on exercise from a fitness expert in this free health and fitness video. Expert: Dr. Edward Riffel Bio: Dr. Edward Riffel is the owner of Riffel chiropractic fitness center. Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves
  • Yoram Valent, GridON - Academic Enterprise 2011 GE Smart Grid Award Winner Yoram Valent makes his elevator pitch during the Academic Enterprise Awards Europe (ACES) conference, 3 February 2011 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), in the 'Meet the ACES' session led by BP's Group Head of Research and Technology David Eyton and Dean of INSEAD J. Frank Brown. Yoram Valent from Bar Ilan University in Israel won the GE Smart Grid Award for GridON, a spin-out commercialising Valent's innovative Fault Current Limiter (FCL) which improves control of fault currents on electricity grids. GridON's technology is more effective than existing solutions and less costly. Short circuits are becoming more frequent as electricity networks expand to meet increasing energy demand and carry renewable sources of energy that flow intermittently. The judges noted that GridON's technology is important because when electricity grids operate close to capacity, intermittent flows can shut down the entire system. GE's participation in ACES 2011 is part of a $200 million investment programme to invest in new 'smart grid' technologies, the GE 'ecomagination' challenge. The ACES awards reward academic entrepreneurship.
  • Chemtrail Jet Sprays Between the Lines I captured a chemtrail jet just after 12 noon as the day's onslaught began. Going over the footage later I was amazed to discover evidence of something being intermittently expelled from the tail of the aircraft. What a clever way to dump death particles seemingly undetectable between the main exhaust trails.
  • Chronic Intermittent Mechanical Cardiac Support Engineers at Aston University, in conjunction with a cardiac surgeon at Nottingham University Hospitals, have invented a cardiovascular support device that can be implanted for long periods of time, yet actuated only intermittently, to support patients in chronic heart failure. Aston University is now seeking commercial partners that can help us bring this technology to market.
  • Sony Vaio Laptop VGN-Z Series Design Flaw Meltdown.... Part 1 ...When the laptop is picked up by the keyboard using normal use, the laptop can intermittently turn off making it unreliable for business use. This is caused by the heat sink shorting out an underlying capacitor. Why did Sony let this design out for production?
  • The Intermittently Invisible Man The story of a man who was intermittently invisible. By: Jack, Mike, Jo
  • News Update: Cairn Energy PLC Strikes Oil "Intermittently" Off Greenland Coast's Alpha-1S1 Well "A Scottish drilling firm, Cairn Energy PLC (PINK:CRNCY), announced Tuesday that it discovered oil for the first time in its explorations off the coast of Greenland, but it has abandoned an earlier well which triggered an onslaught of excitement when the firm ran into gas. Cairn said it struck oil ""intermittently"" in a 1300-foot section of the Alpha-1S1 well, which has now drilled 4358 meters deep. ""Initial geochemical ***ysis of various hydrocarbon samples recovered from the well ... confirms the presence of two oil types which have different origins and levels of maturity and are the first oils encountered in the current exploration campaign. Further geochemical ***yses are ongoing on a number of oil samples,"" the company said. Bill Gammell, the company's chief executive, said, ""The presence of both oil and gas confirms an active, working petroleum system in the basin and is extremely encouraging at this very early stage of our exploration campaign for the Sigguk block and the entire area."""
  • Titon - System 1 - Intermittent Extract Fans with Trickle Ventilators System 1 is suitable for use in houses and many flats or apartments with multi façades. In some circumstances, it can be difficult to comply with System 1, especially in dwellings with a single façade. The System comprises of background ventilators, usually trickle ventilators fitted to windows and extract fans fitted in moisture producing areas or "wet rooms" such as kitchens and bathrooms. The background ventilators provide the whole building ventilation and also supply air to the intermittently operated extract fans which provide the extract ventilation removing odours and excessive humidity.
  • Jethro Tull - Live on Loreley 2007 - Locomotive Breath 2nd Night of the Prog Festival on 21-22.7.2007 (Loreley/Germany): No way to slow down... Jethro Tull concludes its entertaining concert on a sunny Sunday afternoon with "Locomotive Breath"
  • dtv answers ? Comment about the future of DTV DTV signals need to get better or antenna's cheaper. For many it too technical to hook anything up , even a VCR. Maybe this will be godd, all over the air sets going fuzzy in June, maybe they'll get out enjoy life and spend some money and save the economy Hussein Obama is ruining. Effects of poor reception Changes in signal reception from factors such as degrading antenna connections or changing weather conditions may gradually reduce the quality of ***og TV. The nature of digital TV results in a perfect picture initially, until the receiving equipment starts picking up noise or losing signal. Some equipment will show a picture even with significant damage, while other devices may go directly from perfect to no picture at all (and thus not show even a slightly damaged picture). This latter effect is known as the digital cliff or cliff effect. For remote locations, distant channels that as ***og signals were previously usable in a snowy and degraded state may as digital signals be perfect or may become completely unavailable. In areas where transmitting antennas are located on mountains, viewers who are too close to the transmitter may find reception difficult or impossible because the strongest part of the broadcast signal passes above them. The use of higher frequencies will add to these problems, especially in cases where a clear line-of-sight from the receiving antenna to the transmitter is not available. Many intermittent signal fading conditions, such as the rapid ...
  • fpv3 crash short 720x576 1Mbps fpv lost signal at 1.4km away, spektrum AR7000 receiver dim its orange led and then flash intermittently. Failsafe put the plane in yaw gliding for almost 3 mins. but winds blow it further away. Intermittently regain of rc signal fails to bring it back home. Crashed finally 400m offshore into the sea. Ironically, the video signal still holds strong till the last moment it crashed into the sea.
  • 2002 Volvo XC70 AW55-50SN Intermittently Harsh Garage Shifts Created on June 28, 2010 using FlipShare.
  • Mustang Idle Problems 5.0 stalls at idle (intermittently) Took the old 5.0 out today for her maiden voyage, had it timed, and to my surprise, at a traffic light she stalled and took approx 20 attempts to re start it and keep it running. Once she fired up, it ran fine. The problem seems to only be at idle... ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!
  • Donora - Shh and Interview Donora performs their song Shh while intermittently being interviewed by the people at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. From:
  • Rhythm #27: March_8_2011_C; "The Intermittent Zone" More opinions expressed... There are Inverted P waves as well as P waves following the QRS as well as P waves which form a 3:1 pattern Intermittently. Sometimes a Gang of P waves form, grouping together randomly following the QRS or buried in the T wave following the QRS. QT's or Bifid or Biphasic T waves or T waves merging with U waves intermittently extend the QT interval beyond my normal .4 QT length. This is not a problem until the beat moves faster extending the QT length sometimes well over half the previous or existing RR Interval.
  • How To: Use PerfMon and UserDump to Capture a Process Dump of an Intermittently Spiking Process "See more videos on CitrixTV /tv/"; In this AskSupport How To video you will learn how to Use PerfMon and UserDump to Capture a Process Dump of an Intermitenttly Spiking Process
  • Sleep Intermittently 2 once again, roll back baby!
  • RULE pump switches both fail !! No wonder boats sink I used 2 rule float switches on a low voltage control circuit to run a series of 115 Volt sump pumps, Both of the switches failed and my basement flooded. I installed and reinstalled those switches, I shook them and then then some and still,, they would only function intermittently. If i didn't go down and visit them for a day or 2 thats when they would BOTH stick, This video show the # 1 switch still working intermittently after I shook them both up. Good thing I didn't install them in my Hatteras, 1975 36 Open, Series 1 for you salty dogs, The Attwood switches were installed and work like they are suppose to.. No wonder boats sink...!! If anyone from RULE wants these switches back, they can mail me a letter 439 county rd 25, RR 9 Picton Ontario Canada. K0K 2T0..
  • Heathkit hb-104 and OGGY! Greetings. Here is a Heathkit hb104. It is intermittent in many ways, but not a total basket case. There are birdies in the RX and it tunes TX to 100w. I suspect the cw is works, but the SSB will take some tinkering. I key the mike, and my watt meter pegs 100w, but it doesn't deflect with my voice. Aslo note... the digital display will intermittently hang on a frequency. You can still tune around, but blind as too which frequency. Thanks for looking.
  • Burial - Ghost Hardware Unofficial video. A visual interpretation of the tune Ghost Hardware by UK dubstep artist Burial.
  • GM Wiper Motor Fix The video shows me fixing a windshield wiper motor problem in my 1994 GMC Sonoma, apparently very common and covered under recall for late 90's and early 2000 GMC vehicles. The problem: low and intermittent speeds and washer pump don't work - either at all or intermittently. The video quality is poor but hopefully it will help someone else who has to do this job see the basic steps. It would have helped me... I had to do a lot of reading of internet sites before I felt comfortable just prying on the circuit board. Here is another useful site I found: I would appreciate a post from anyone who this video does end up helping in some way... this was my only motivation for making and posting the video so I would like to know if my efforts were worth it or not... Special advice - when resoldering the joints use a low wattage soldering iron (Not the big 100W gun you have lying around). It also helps to drip some soldering flux on the joints before soldering them to make it easier.
  • Treating Prostate Cancer with Intermittent Androgen Deprivation When a patient with prostate cancer is started on androgen deprivation, it is usually continued forever. Today, however, many men are treated intermittently. Find out the current status and the challenges in using this approach.
  • Intermittent power failure of Asus Eee PC (model 1000HE) My Eee PC netbook (model 1000HE) intermittently turns off while connected to mains power, with a fully charged battery. The screen turns black instantly and all LEDs, including the power indicator turn off, so it appears to be a hardware problem. Nothing in particular precedes the random power down. Sometimes the problem occurs after 10 minutes of use and other times it may take many hours. The problem can occur while the machine is surfing the web or when no applications are open. The machine has a clean install of Windows XP and the latest BIOS drivers. The machine has been to the Asus service centre 3 times for the shutdown problem. Unfortunately, Asus cannot reproduce the problem while the netbook is in the service centre, so they are not sure which part to replace. As a precaution, they have replaced the main board and CPU fan - but the problem still persists. This issue has occurred since purchasing the netbook in March 2010.
  • Re: Sleep Intermittently 2 just a simple weird response lol...
  • HD2 touchscreen digitizer intermittently dead This is what is happening to me (and to others AFAIK) with the touchscreen of the HTC Leo: it MOSTLY works, but it happens that it doesn't at times. When it happens, tapping (with various degrees of strength) on one or more specific hardware keys wakes it up. Don't mistake it for a broken digitizer, the digitizer works, but it's as if something related to hardware keys is triggering a touch event on the screen, effecitvely making it unresponsive to other touch events. I confirmed it, because not even with MyMobiler I can use the touchscreen, which means it's not something related to the digitizer flat cable, otherwise it should have al least worked in MyMobiler. In my case, I need to firmly push on the endkey button. Any more delicate pressure on the endkey turns off the backlight but doesn't wake up the trouchscreen, I really need to push it hard to get it back to life, nor any other key is good. That's been a constant for the last few days, may happen just once (usually more) in a day, and it's already like that when I take it out of standby. It happened once when it woke up for a ringing call... needless to say I lost that call, because to wake up the screen in order to activate the answer slider I had to stomp the endkey button, thus effectively rejecting the call :( No big deal during normal use (if wasting 5-6 seconds more than normal to realize the screen is dead, and hammering the hardware buttons to wake it up, doesn't bother you...), but, if it happens when you ...
  • England's Devon Malcolm takes 9 wickets for 57 runs against South Africa at the Oval in 1994 Devon Malcolm takes nine wickets in the second innings to set up England's victory over South Africa at the Oval in 1994.
  • Play Value - Failed Consoles Part One Play Value is talking about some failed consoles
  • VW Transporter 1.9td Problem VW Transporter 1.9TD 1999 94k miles. Problem is Turbo making a screaming noise, also Oil light flashes intermittently, usually when driving along at steady speed, if you put your foot down the light goes, if you let off the throttle the light disappears . Any Ideas?
  • Bare*** Ladies - Intermittently (Practice) Been kinda busy, but I thought I should post something for you guys. It's me practicing a song (BNL - Intermittently). I was practically whispering 'cause Alan was studying in the same room, heheh. Oh, and I'm borrowing Alan's capo. It's AWESOME. I don't know how to play the bridge, so I cut it. For now, at least. On that note, this video's just temporary, until I actually make a good cover of this. But until then, enjoy... Intermittently Lyrics: Someone somewhere has unglued our epoxy And now I'm kissing you by proxy Hope you don't mind Somewhere someone is dreaming of me Tries to love me, hope you don't mind I loved you Intermittently I loved you intermittently She's a lot like you but she don't look like you Okay, she's not you But she'll do fine I put my life on hold to Avoid confrontation But should I tell you to your face and Risk my hide? I loved you Intermittently I loved you intermittently When immeasurably Turns to intermittently There's no use in going on Except for fear of being wrong Every morning I just hit the ground yawning... Stick around if you enjoy disaster 'Cause if you can't see what I'm after You must be blind I loved you Intermittently I loved you intermittently Didn't have the heart to say goodbye So I continued in my charlatan ways Did I say heart? Oh, I meant to say guts Now I'm on my own And I'm sorry that you're gone
  • Intermittent 3 Phase Failure.flv Warning and Disclaimer: Although every effort has been made to make this video as complete and accurate as possible,I have neither liability nor responsibility for any loss or damage arising from information contained in this video or from informational errors or omissions. If you agree you may continue watching these videos. If you do not agree stop now and do not view any of my videos. The responsibilities of an elevator mechanic stops at the main line switch. Any problem beyond has to be corrected by the electrician if it is going back to the service or Con Edison if it goes beyond the building threshold. In this short video I was lucky enough to capture 3 phase incoming line bouncing all over the place. Passengers were intermittently trapped in the car. I called the house electrician and assisted him in locating the problem which turned out to be a loose 3 phase circuit breaker. If this was left uncorrected in could have led to further hoist motor failure and entrapment. Lucky me...
  • Apple MacBook Pro fan defect (LOUD) Check out the awful sounds of a dying Macbook Pro fan just before sending it off for repair.
  • 30 Intermittently Happy Years
  • Efficient Routing In Intermittently Connected Mobile .avi PROJECTS9-more than 5000 projects if you want this projects click on below link
  • Intermittent Fasting Grab your pen and take some notes as we talk about Intermittent Fasting and how to implement the principles of IF into your lifestyle.

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  • “Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?) I have an HP with Windows XP Professional installed. Sometimes when I start up my comuter, the mouse will not move my poi”
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  • “Just bought a Yamaha RX-V367 and hooked it up to my system - Samsung HD-TV, Comcast 8300HDC, Samsung DVD. I only have my front speakers currently hooked up (L, R, and”
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