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  • Definition of intermarriage in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of intermarriage. Pronunciation of intermarriage. Translations of intermarriage. intermarriage synonyms, intermarriage antonyms. Information about intermarriage in the free online. — “intermarriage - definition of intermarriage by the Free”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun intermarriage has 2 meanings: Meaning #1 : marriage to a person. — “intermarriage: Information from ”,
  • way, the marriage is viewed by traditional religions as intermarriage. The reason is that intermarriage is disapproved of by traditional religions; which either. — “Religious Intermarriage”,
  • This continuing circumstance radically affects the consequences of Jewish intermarriage, since, as Mr. Sklare points out, the issue is not really how many Jews intermarry, but how many potential Jewish families fail to come into being as a result of intermarriage. — “Intermarriage”,
  • Jews are assimilating at rates rivaling the holocaust. Find out why a Jew should not intermarry. Intermarriage has created a silent holocaust in this generation. — “Jewish Intermarriage Statistics, Audio, Video & Articles (Why”,
  • What Is Wrong with Intermarriage? We live today in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society. We mix freely with, and respect, people of all faiths. Many Jews today grow up fully assimilated and comfortable in a secular society and environment. — “What Is Wrong with Intermarriage? - Key Jewish FAQ's”,
  • Intermarriage: Is it a disaster for the Jews, not great for the Jews or simply a fact of Jewish life? Now, a new round of studies is prompting more questions: Does intermarriage necessarily mean the end of that family's connection to Judaism?. — “Survey Data Sparks New Debate Over Intermarriage Issues | The”,
  • Intermarriage. Intermarriage can be defined as a family union between people of different races, religions, tribes, castes, or ethnic groups, but perhaps a better definition of intermarriage would be a profound commitment to mutual understanding and universality of human family. — “Intermarriage”,
  • The author, Rabbi Packouz, has spoken on national radio and television on the topic of intermarriage and Jewish survival. "How To Prevent an Intermarriage", originally published as "How to Stop an Intermarriage" in 1976 has, after two editions, been rewritten, expanded and given a new title to better. — “Home”,
  • Intermarriage is the marriage between two people of different backgrounds. Views towards each type of intermarriage have evolved throughout history, although each remains controversial in certain sects of modern society. — “Intermarriage - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • At JOI, we often make the distinction that assimilation and intermarriage are not the same thing. Intermarriage. JOPLIN Professionals. At JOI, our work is basically divided in two halves – working to make the community a more welcoming and inclusive place, and working. — “The Jewish Outreach Institute " Intermarriage”,
  • 4); and, inasmuch as this reason holds good as regards intermarriage with any idolatrous nation, all Gentiles are included in the Intermarriage with Ammonites and Moabites was especially forbidden, whereas the offspring of intermarriages. — “ - INTERMARRIAGE:”,
  • Reflecting chronological trends, younger persons had higher rates of intermarriage than older members. Thus intermarriage appears to be associated with weaker support of church doctrines and. — “Intermarriage — GAMEO”,
  • Because before the fact, when it is always preferable for a Jew to marry a Jew, it is constructive to emphasize the pitfalls of intermarriage. A numbers of readers were upset at our characterization of intermarriage as "immoral. — “InnerNet Magazine”, .il
  • One perennial influence is a child or grandchild reaching b'nai mitzvah age, and the divergent issues brought about by intermarriage can sometimes compel one or more adults in a family to take on b'nai mitzvah study to serve as a role model. Intermarriage reports urge understanding and openness. — “Tag: Intermarriage | Jewish Journal”,
  • Intermarriage in the present context is defined as a marriage where Statistical data on the frequency of religious intermarriage are obtained from marriage licenses on which groom and bride state their religions, and from questionnaires connected with censuses or community surveys. Questionnaires. — “Mixed Marriage, Intermarriage”,
  • What is the Jewish view of intermarriage? Why are Jews opposed to intermarriage? How do the various denominations of Judaism differ in their attitudes toward intermarriage?. — “Jewish View of Intermarriage”,
  • Intermarriage summary with 19 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Intermarriage Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • (Redirected from Jewish intermarriage) Jump to: navigation, search. Interfaith marriage in Judaism (also called mixed marriage or intermarriage) was historically looked upon with very strong disfavour by Jewish leaders, and it remains a controversial issue amongst Jewish leaders today. — “Interfaith marriage in Judaism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Interfaith / Mixed Marriages PLEASE read annotations. The prohibition against intermarriage does not equate to being bigoted or narrow minded. It is about being realistic and considerate. It is unrealistic to expect one's non-Jewish spouse to live in accord with all the all encompassing daily religious practices that becoming Jewish involves. That's why mixed marriages usually equate to religion taking a backseat ride in the rides of both spouses. The children of such marriages usually end up being secular, rather than being seriously committed to the faith of either of the parents.
  • Report: The New Faces of the Japanese Canadian Community The Powell Street Festival in Vancouver celebrated its 34th anniversary in 2010. The faces of the Japanese Canadian community that gather at this event and others have changed dramatically in the last few decades. Natalie Higashi reports on the rate of intermarriage in the Japanese Canadian community, which stands at 95% and is the highest of all visible ethnic groups in North America, according to Statistics Canada.
  • A date with a jewish girl Traditional Judaism does not permit interfaith marriages. The Torah states that the children of such marriages would be lost to Judaism (Deut. 7:3-4), and experience has shown the truth of this passage all too well. The 2000 National Jewish Population Survey found that only a third of interfaith couples raise their children Jewish, despite increasing efforts in the Reform and Conservative communities to welcome interfaith couples. This may reflect the fact that Jews who intermarry are not deeply committed to their religion in the first place: if they were, why would they marry someone who did not share it? Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin provide an excellent discussion of the issues involved in intermarriage in their book The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism (Simon & Schuster, 1981). They note that if the non-Jewish spouse truly shares the same values as the Jewish spouse, then the non-Jew is welcome to convert to Judaism, and if the non-Jew does not share the same values, then the couple should not be marrying in the first place. Source: Some Christians believe that : the Old Testament isn't required to be followed by Christians and "gentiles" (non-Jews), the New Testament is what Christians firmly believe in with a few exceptions from the Old testament such as the ten commandments are the law for Christians as well as Jews to abide by. although Jesus said in ((Matthew 5:17-18): Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am ...
  • Intermarriage...Why Not Reality Check of Intermarriage (short video) featuring Rabbi Berel Wein, Rabbi David Orlofsky, and other world renowned speakers. Currently 72% of the Jewish people (non-orthodox) today are intermarrying, about 100 Jews each day. Simple To Remember
  • Do Humanistic Jews embrace or reject intermarriage? Rabbi Peter explains that Jewish people live in a pluralistic world where we meet and engage with those from non-Jewish backgrounds. "Our job is to welcome them....." Visit our website at
  • Patterns of Intermarriage & Cross-generational In-marriage Among Native-born Asian Americans Visit for full video. This article examines patterns of post-1965 native-born Asian Americans intermarriages and cross-generational in-marriages using a combined sample of the 2001-2006 American Community Surveys from the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series. The ***ysis focuses on ethnic and gender differences in intermarriage and cross-generational in-marriage rates and patterns. About 55% of native-born Asian Americans are found to be intermarried while another 23% are married to 1.5-generation or first-generation co-ethnic immigrants. Thus only 22% of native-born Asian Americans are married to co-ethnic native-born Asian Americans. As expected, there are significant ethnic and gender differences in intermarriage and cross-generational in-marriage rates and patterns.
  • Are Humanistic Rabbis permitted to Intermarry? Rabbi Miriam Jerris, interviewed in April 2011 at Milan Library of the Society for Humanistic Judaism., Farmington Hills, Michigan The Rabbi answers a question about the marriage of Humanistic Rabbis to Gentiles. Is it kosher or traif?
  • Quran is the Most Unholy Book as it has broken the Law of Yahu'weh (YHWH) Elohim The Torah of Moses strictly forbids intermarriage in order to preserve a holy nation of Israel. Deu 7:3 "Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son." Samaritans are the half-Jews who came from intermarriage of men from Babylon and other cities (2 Kings 17:24) with the women of Samaria. Both Arabs and Samaritans are excluded from prophethood as they were defiled by intermarriage. Ezra 10:2 And Shechaniah the son of Jehiel, one of the sons of Elam, answered and said unto Ezra, "We have trespassed against our Elohim, and have taken strange wives of the people of the land: yet now there is hope in Israel concerning this thing." Ezra 10:3 "Now therefore let us make a covenant with our Elohim to put away all the wives, and such as are born of them, according to the counsel of my master, and of those that tremble at the commandment of our Elohim; and let it be done according to the law." Ezra 10:10 And Ezra the priest stood up, and said unto them, Ye have transgressed, and have taken strange wives, to increase the trespass of Israel. Ezra 10:11 Now therefore make confession unto YHWH Elohim of your fathers, and do his pleasure: and separate yourselves from the people of the land, and from the strange wives. Neh 13:27 "Shall we then hearken unto you to do all this great evil, to transgress against our Elohim in marrying strange wives?" God had spared not Solomon who married foreign ...
  • Nanepashemet interview at Plimoth Plantation - Part 1 Nanepashemet interview at Plimoth Plantation with Jack Dempsey, Winter 1990, Part 1 includes: introduction; population, epidemics, and changes 1616-1618; how epidemics affected Native tribes and relations with colonists; why Massasoit aligned with Plimoth Plantation; Narragansett-Wampanoag rivalries; territorial rights and intermarriages, kinship bonds; lack of colonial intermarriage; contrasts between Thomas Morton's and Plimoth's Native relations; how Thomas Morton began Merrymount; why Plimoth built its stockade 1622-23; Morton's and Neponset Massachusetts' fur and gun trade. More info at .
  • A Little Small Talk with Paul Golin of the Jewish Outreach Institute How do you run a Jewish household when you have no training? Rabbi Kerry Olitzky and Paul Golin of the Jewish Outreach Institute have written a new book called "How to Raise Jewish Children Even When You Are Not Jewish Yourself," giving practical guidance to intermarried families who want a connection to Jewish life
  • Intermarriage in the United States (Eng subs) Intermarriage in the United States
  • Intermarriage...Why Not? Intermarriage information from a traditional point of view. Also midnight prayer service in Jerusalem:
  • Intermarriage in American Jewish LIfe - Dr. David Rudolph Dr. David Rudolph on the topic of intermarriage in the American Jewish community.
  • Intermarriage America Before 1965, 10% of Jews who married, did so outside the faith. Middle East countries don't recognize civil marriages, and no religious authority will perform an interfaith wedding. Lebanon and Israel are different in that they recognize civil marriages as long as they're performed abroad, and the closest venue abroad is Cyprus. Who is ruling the country? In a way, its the religious parties, says Wakim, 39, a Lebanese groom. Not separating the church from government from the beginning... this is the biggest problem. in 2008, by a Cyprus government count, 523 couples from Lebanon and 1533 from Israel were married here. In Israel, the Orthodox rabbis who control marriage and divorce argue that their strict definition of Jewishness — it passes only through the mother — is vital to preserve the unity of a long-persecuted people, and to spare the offspring of mixed marriages from inheriting similar problems when their time comes to marry.
  • Dr. David Duke - Stop the Genocide of European Mankind In this new video by Dr. David Duke, he exposes the Genocidal policies of Nicolas Sarkozy. He graphically shows that while Sarkozy works to destroy the European people, at the same time he actively works for the Jewish Supremacist State of Israel. While he says in a recent speech that European Frenchmen must intermarry with Africans, he chooses to marry his own. And while he does nothing to stop the complete destruction of the French people, he supports Israel as a "Jewish State." While he tells French men and women to intermarry, he supports Jewish organizations that have programs to prevent Jews from intermarrying. While he wants the French to intermarry, he supports Israel that outlaws intermarriage between a Jew and a Gentile. This video exposes like no other the hypocrisy of Jewish supremacism!
  • Israeli ads warn against marrying non-Jews The Israeli government has launched a television and internet advertising campaign urging Israelis to inform on Jewish friends and relatives abroad who may be in danger of marrying non-Jews. Israel, whose Jewish population of 5.6 million accounts for 41 per cent of worldwide Jewry, has obstructed intermarriage between its Jewish and Arab citizens by refusing to recognise such marriages unless they are performed abroad. The advertising campaign is directed particularly at Jews in the United States and Canada, whose combined 5.7 million Jews constitute the worlds largest Jewish population. Most belong to the liberal Reform stream of Judaism that, unlike Orthodoxy, does not oppose intermarriage.
  • Neal Shapiro on Intermarriage Neal Shapiro, CEO and president of PBS station Thir***/WNET NYC, shares his thoughts on Intermarriage. For more videos visit
  • Read the Tanach in a Year - Nehemiah Chapter 13 Please join us and read the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) in a year. Daily reading list - Topics: Nehemiah's Reforms: Alien men, Eliashib and Tobiah, Levite portions, Sabbath desecration, Gentile wives
  • Bible Contradiction #3 Intermarriage This video is about the different stances the Bible takes on intermarriage.
  • Mattori Birnbaum: Sources of Wisdom Bar Mitzvah of Mattori Birnbaum October 2010 New York City
  • The Jewish Inheritance (Intermarriage) Short video by Rabbi Moshe Zeldman, explaining the reason for a Jew not to intermarry. Produced by , the more advanced learning site of , offering self-paced, online courses in Jewish thought and observance. Visit us at
  • Intermarriage Rap Song - Why Jew Should Marry Jewish Is It Racist to Want a Jewish Spouse? via Question I was explaining to a non-Jewish work colleague that I only date Jewish men, because I would not marry a non-Jew. He accused me of being racist. I was caught on the spot and had nothing to say. How would you respond to this situation? Answer: If insisting that you will only date Jews makes you racist, does insisting that you will only date men make you ***ist? You are certainly discriminating, but is this discrimination bad? You are not talking about what type of person you want to work with, or who you would prefer to sit next to on a train. You are talking about who you want to marry. Are you expected not to discriminate about who you marry, the same way you are expected not to discriminate when reading a job application? There are plenty of wonderful women out there, but they can't father your children. And there are plenty of wonderful non-Jewish men out there, but they can't give you a Jewish family. You want a family so you seek a man; you want a Jewish family so you seek a Jewish man. There is nothing offensive about that. And there is no racial issue here. Jewishness is neither a race, nor a religion. It is a soul identity. The man you marry can be a European Jew or an Oriental Jew, a black Jew or a white Jew. He can be a Jew by birth or a Jew by choice. But if you want a Jewish family, he's got to be a he, and he's got to be a Hebrew. -Rabbi Aaron Moss TO CHAT ONE-ON-ONE LIVE ABOUT THIS TOPIC ...
  • FJMC Keruv The Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs Keruv Initiative seeks to provide guidance and comfort to those within our congregations who are intermarried, whose children are intermarried, or who have extended family of another faith. The FJMC has led North American Jewery in it's outreach programs to the intermarried. Contact the FJMC at 1-800-288-FJMC for more information or visit the website,
  • Read the Tanach in a Year - Ezra Chapter 9 Please join us and read the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) in a year. Daily reading list - Topics: Intermarriage: Intermarriage of the Levites and Kohanim, Ezra's anguish, Ezra's public prayer, Confession
  • Rabbi Miriam Jerris: Intermarriage and Humanistic Jewish Communities Miriam Jerris, Rabbi of the Society for Humanistic Judaism discusses how Humanistic Jewish communities are beneficial to intermarried couples
  • Come Wander - Jewish Homegrown History "Come Wander" is three screen orchestration edited for the traveling exhibition "Jewish Homegrown History: Immigration, Identity and Intermarriage" In the installation, this narrative sequence will be projected on 3 large screens, each 6ft by 8ft. "Come Wander" tells the story of theater director Juliette Carrillo, the product of an intermarriage between a Jewish mother (Sheila Goldberg) and Mexican father (Eduardo Carrillo) who met in the Art Department at UCLA and fell in love. Fearing their children and grandchildren would not remain Jewish, the Goldbergs opposed the marriage. According to historian Jonathan Sarna, this "haunting fear" is what makes the story of Jews in America so dynamic, "a story of assimilation but also...revitalization". The story is told through voice-overs by the daughter and mother and through home movies that become Juliette's historical legacy.
  • Intermarriage Looking at, even if the torah was to be done away with, it would be ok for jews to intermarry
  • Tehillim 121 - Psalm 121 - Karen Standing in the airport, ticket in her pack Spent some time in Israel, and now she's going back Thinking of the places she finally got to see How can she tell her friends back home Or tell her family? An aching deep inside her heart is warning her to stay Maybe she can live her life here, find a brand new way Suddenly a foreign voice is calling out her flight With trembling hands she boards the plane And flies into the night. May He guard her way Through the night and day She is His child, His very own From the moment of birth No matter where on earth May He lead her footsteps home... Music and Lyrics (c) 1983 by Ashira Morgenstern
  • the disaster of jewish intermarriage jewish intermarriage is the silent holocaust
  • Jewish Intermarriage The assimilation of the Jews in American society today is increasing rapidly.
  • Adam Bronfman on welcoming the intermarried Adam Bronfman, Managing Director of the Samuel Bronfman foundation, talks with JTA about his foundation's interest in making the Jewish community more inclusive of interfaith families.
  • Interfaith Intermarriage Orthodox Rabbi David Gruber: On Saturday, I participated in the wedding ceremony of one of President George W. Bushs current spokespersons
  • Are whites forced to intermarry? The Mantra in Action: Questions and Answers ARGUMENTS Anti-white: Are whites being forced to intermarry? No. Pro-white: You will be condemned for racism if you oppose intermarriage. In my country you can go to jail for racism. The government protects the right to be anti-white but tries to do away with the right to be pro-white. http
  • New World. Israeli Intermarriage Shalom and Yaffa' amazing wedding which took place at Netivot, Israel. The happy couple is Israeli. The bride is from Ethiopian-Jewish origin and the groom is an Israeli born. Accompanied with music by Brayn Adams, this video is utterly breathtaking.
  • Rabbi With A Bacon Cheese Burger Discusses Intermarriage (A MUST SEE!) Visit www.4 New 100% FREE Jewish Social Network ! All Jews have 4 commonalities, we like to shmooze, laugh, eat and let face it, we love a good bargain! That's why this site is called 4 There's a section for singles (the Hebrew Hideaway) as well as a section to connect with friends & family (the Hebrew Hangout) This hot new Jewish Social Network has restaurant reviews in the section, Where to eat? Where not to eat? Ask a Jew!) ,coupon codes in the section (Note the Savings!) and much more! Hopefully you'll have a few laughs along the way! Vist www.4
  • Intermarriage! Law vs. Love Intermarriage! Law vs. Love. Love in the I-Thou relation. commandment vs. law.
  • Jean on Intermarriage - Part 1.swf What do you think about intermarriage and/or interfaith relationships? Join the conversation at H2! Thanks for watching!
  • Why does Islam allow people to intermarry within their extended relations? Intermarriage within extended family in Islam
  • SamBakZa's There she is!! Step 4 :: Paradise In this step, the protagonists deal with social revolt over intermarriage: Doki is hurt by an angry mob and is hospitalized. Fearing that intermarriage opponents would injure Doki further, Nabi abruptly ends the relationship, displaying an anti-intermarriage sign on his door. Doki considers asking him to come with her to "Paradise", implied to be a location that accepts intermarriage. She doesn't notice Il-ho spying on her. Il-ho confronts the detached Nabi to literally knock some sense into him, but his action sparks an attack by intermarriage supporters who assume he is viciously attacking Nabi. Il-ho turns to leave and finds intermarriage opponents in the way. Frustrated, he blindly punches through the crowd, only to hit his friend Yi-ho by mistake. This provokes a riot between intermarriage supporters and opponents. Doki tries to contact Nabi, who can't answer since he was arrested alongside Il-ho. Assuming that he doesn't want to have anything to do with her anymore, Doki loses all hope and decides to leave for "Paradise", after dropping her cellphone from the roof of her apartment building. Much darker in character than the previous episodes, this episode is primarily in black and white, with Nabi's trademark green scarf, doki's perma blush cheeks, her trademark pink bow, and the protest signs in colour. As the episode progresses, Nabi's scarf gradually fades in colour. When Nabi succumbs to prejudice and breaks off the relationship with Doki, his scarf has ...
  • Jew and Gentile Intermarriage (2 Corinth 6:14-18; Duet 7:3-4)
  • Intermarriage intermarried and Judaism JewU 360 Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg Is it racist Is it kosher? What is our attitudecall 847-331-3584 for information on our INTERNET BASED Educational programs including Jewish studies for CONVERSION to Judaism, bnai mitzvah-pararabbi-Christians-basic Judaism-Religious school for kids websites Some of My blogs / / / [email protected] / websites email [email protected] Want Regular Torah- based email from me? Email me [email protected]

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  • “Assimilation and intermarriage are not the real threats to future of Diaspora Jewry, but rather the failure to provide timely and meaningful answers to the question "why be Jewish?", and the failure to integrate the intermarried into Jewish life”
    Intermarriage and the Survival of Diaspora Jewry - is it the,

  • “Everything you always wanted to ask about intermarriage but were afraid to ask. because they added a 51st space, for two people: "Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky, high-profile intermarriage." If you read this blog you know that we've had a lot”
    — discussion boards and blogs - IFF,

  • “Intermarriage. Inclusive Judaism. Jewish Culture Watch "On Faith," a project of The Washington Post and Newsweek, has over the last couple of years hosted an online forum for "specialists Sally Quinn note in one of their first blog posts, comes from the fact that more than a "”
    — The Jewish Outreach Institute " Intermarriage,

  • “Intermarriage and Identity: Who Is Gathered Around the Seder Table?”
    Intermarriage and Identity: Who Is Gathered Around the Seder,

  • “Chelsea Clinton, a Methodist, wed Marc Mezvinsky, a Jew, on July 31, 2010 in Rhinebeck, NY. BeliefNet's Windows & Doors asks: "Will it last?&q”
    — Chelsea Clinton's Intermarriage | American Grace,

  • “Food for thought:Today, Jewish intermarriage is common. According to the National Jewish Blog Entries from Cosmic X in Jerusalem: Potpourri: Persecuting Rabbi”
    — JBlog Central - The Jewish Blog Network | Intermarriage,

  • “This morning's press release from the 121st meeting of the Central Conference of Reform Rabbis made me smile. Whatever one thinks about the substance of their statement on intermarriage, there are lessons there for all of us - lessons about By”
    Intermarriage and Proselytizing in Judaism - Windows & Doors,

  • “Discussion forums for users of Geni, the fast free fun way to create your family tree and stay in touch with your family network”
    Intermarriage - Revisited " Geni Forum,

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