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  • Embodied Interaction is interaction with computer systems. that occupy our world, a world of physical and social reality, and that When I say that I am more concerned with interaction than. with interfaces, I mean that I will be dealing with. — “A History of Interaction”,
  • An explanation of the meaning and importance of interaction design and its implications for information designers. — “What is Interaction Design and What Does It Mean to”,
  • An interaction occurs when the magnitude of the effect of one independent variable (X) on a dependent variable (Y) varies as a function of a second independent variable (Z) Assuming a significant interaction effect has been obtained, examine the unstandardized regression. — “Interaction Effects in MLR, LCA, and MLM”,
  • interaction and negotiation for language learning—input perspectives, output Input Perspectives on Interaction and Negotiation. Input perspectives on interaction and negotiation in language learning stem at. — “INSA de LYON - Crl- interaction”,
  • Definition of interaction in the Medical Dictionary. interaction explanation. Information about interaction in Free online English dictionary. What is interaction? Meaning of interaction medical term. What does interaction mean?. — “interaction - definition of interaction in the Medical”, medical-
  • The idea of a two-way effect is essential in the concept of interaction, as opposed to a one-way causal effect. Casual examples of interaction outside of science include:. — “Interaction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Updated daily with news, information, images, and links from the world of particle physics. View more images in the Interactions Image Bank. — “Interactions,org”,
  • A coalition of US-based non-profits working to promote human dignity and development in countries around the world. — “InterAction”,
  • interaction n. The act or process of interacting. The state of undergoing interaction. Physics . Any of four fundamental ways in which elementary. — “interaction: Definition from ”,
  • The InterAction Council of Former Heads of State and Government. — “InterAction Council Website”,
  • Object interaction patterns may be placed in two broad categories, differing with respect to the roles played by the participants: Client-server interaction involves bidirectional synchronized communication. A client requests that an operation be performed by a server, and waits. — “Object Interaction”,
  • Definition of interaction in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of interaction. Pronunciation of interaction. Translations of interaction. interaction synonyms, interaction antonyms. Information about interaction in the free online English. — “interaction - definition of interaction by the Free Online”,
  • Interaction definition, reciprocal action, effect, or influence. See more. physics strong interaction electromagnetic interaction fundamental interaction gravitational interaction weak interaction See electroweak interaction the transfer of energy between elementary particles, between a particle and a. — “Interaction | Define Interaction at ”,
  • LexisNexis InterAction is the leading provider of CRM software and services, enabling professional services firms to create the Relationship Intelligence they need to uncover new business opportunities and enhance client service. Serving the. — “LexisNexis InterAction | CRM Software - CRM - Crm solutions”,
  • the act of some things interacting, or acting upon one another. conversation or exchange between people. I enjoyed the interaction with a bunch of like-minded people. — “interaction - Wiktionary”,
  • Interaction Supervisor is a client-side application that Contact Center Supervisors use to view Contact Center Supervisors use Interaction Supervisor to view graphs and tables. — “Interaction Supervisor User Guide”,
  • Interaction Design Association - Homepage. Welcome to the Interaction Design Association. We are a global network dedicated to the professional practice of Interaction Design. With the help of more than 15,000 members since 2004, the IxDA network provides. — “Interaction Design Association - Homepage | IxDA”,
  • Interaction is a Mac web server companion based on server-side XML to make websites into dynamic, social places that adapt to the visitor. — “Interaction Web Server”,
  • Faculty members of the Human-Computer Interaction Design program. New Paradigms of Interaction Design for New Technologies. While computing technologies have become essential elements of our activities and. — “HCI/d | Youn-Kyung Lim”,
  • Definition of interaction from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of interaction. Pronunciation of interaction. Definition of the word interaction. Origin of the word interaction. — “interaction - Definition of interaction at ”,
  • Interaction diagrams model the behavior of use cases by describing the way groups of objects interact to complete the task. When to Use: Interaction Diagrams. Interaction diagrams are used when you want to model. — “UML Tutorial - Interaction Diagrams”,

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  • WSTK-ITV - Awe TV - The Interaction Between Heaven & Earth WSCIRO - Seek Christian Internet Radio Outreach Station Blog: wscirochristianradioweb1 http - WSCIRO Direct Access John Paul Jackson from Streams Ministries Teaches on "The Interaction Between Heaven & Earth courtesy of Awe TV. Courtesy of Seek Production Studios Ltd. & WSTK-ITV of Stoughton, Massachusetts. http For More information on Streams Ministries Please Visit: http If You want John Paul Jackson to come to your church please visit: For General Information on John Paul Jackson's Ministry Visit: To Purchase Inspirational Products Please Visit Courtesy of Seek Christian Teaching & Worship Center, Inc. & Seek Production Studio's, Ltd. WSTK-ITV - Glory Streams ITV If you cannot go to the Stream directly just post this url to your browsers or tab through internet options and you will always come to this stream. Oh yes one more thing you will need to sign-up for a user name and password so you can have access to the Glory Stream ITV all the time. Enjoy the Glory Streams! Freedom of Life Message Playlist: For Prayer Request and/or a personal prophetic video contact us @ 1-641-715-3800 and hit option 2. To order inspirational products please visit and/or call: 1-641-715-3800 Option 3 WSTK-ITV 1-(641) 715-3800 - Option 4 Seek Production Studio's, Ltd. (641) 715-3800 - Option 6 To Order ...
  • Human Robot Interaction Robots have long assisted humans with repetitive, arduous, and especially dangerous tasks, and the introduction of fast and ruggedized mobile platforms has increased the feasibility of deploying robots alongside humans rather than in disjoint groups. In this video, we present a robotic system that integrates naturally with a human user.
  • N900 interaction documentary Finding Maemo the new Nokia N900... Read more:
  • NeoVisus Gaze Interaction Using an eye tracker it is possible to control a computer simply by looking at the screen. A higher resolution of the video and more information can be found at:
  • Multitoe interaction: bringing multi-touch to interactive floors We propose direct touch surfaces that are orders of magnitude larger than tabletops by integrating high-resolution multi-touch sensing into back-projected floors. The key factor of the shown design is that it is based on frustrated total internal reflection sensing. FTIR allows it to identify and track users based on their sole patterns. The floor recognizes foot postures, distinguishes users who interact from people walking by, and enables high-precision interaction. In addition, the floor can approximate users' head positions based on the pressure profile in the soles and it extracts enough details from soles to allow users to play first person shooters by balancing their feet. More info at www.hpi.uni- The shown work is a research project by Caroline Fetzer, Thomas Augsten, Konstantin Kaefer, Dorian Kanitz, Rene Meusel, and Thomas Stoff with the support of Christian Holz and Torsten Becker at the Human Computer Interaction Lab of Prof. Patrick Baudisch at Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany. Camera: Kay Herschelmann.
  • The Three Types of Interaction in an Open Source Learning Management System The three types of interaction are built into eFront to accomplish certain learning objectives. eFront is a Content Management System (CMS), a user friendly, visually attractive, open source software package, which is SCORM certified. Join eFronters Online Community Moore (1989) believes that interaction is a central component of online education and he describes three types of interaction 1. Learner to content, 2. Learner to instructor, and 3. Learner to learner The learner to content interaction refers to the interaction between the learner and the content or subject matter. Moore believes that if a learner interacts with the content/subject matter, then changes in the learner's understanding occur. The learner to instructor interaction refers to the interaction between the learner and an instructor, tutor, mentor, or content expert. The second type of interaction occurs via print, electronic dialog, e-mail, computer conferencing, or electronic online classroom discussions. The learner to learner interaction can occur outside of or in group settings with or without an instructor present. The third type of interaction occurs when learners engage in discussion moderated by the instructor. At the same time, learners' groups may be given responsibility to act autonomously for conducting group projects, or other forms of group-lead activities. To conclude, collaborative learning typically involves all three interaction formats. eFront offers fif*** ...
  • E#100 I Answer-Fan Interaction As I promised in E#98, I picked 5 questions from the submissions my fans gave me and answer them. Hope you guys enjoy the entry as much as I did by doing it. http
  • Planetary Interaction - outdated This video is outdated! For an up to date guide, go here:
  • 3D Display and Interaction Video presentation from ACM UIST 2004. The first interaction system for 'real' 3D displays.
  • ShadowReaching: New Perspective on Wall Display Interaction We introduce Shadow Reaching, an interaction technique that makes use of a perspective projection applied to a shadow representation of a user. The technique was designed to facilitate manipulation over large distances and enhance understanding in collaborative settings. We describe three prototype implementations that illustrate the technique, examining the advantages of using shadows as an interaction metaphor to support single users and groups of collaborating users. Using these prototypes as a design probe, we discuss how the three components of the technique (sensing, modeling, and rendering) can be accomplished with real (physical) or computed (virtual) shadows, and the benefits and drawbacks of each approach.
  • InterACTION 40 young people from Amman, Jordan and Chicago, Illinois participate in an interfaith youth exchange to each others' countries between 2006 and 2007. The InterACTION Youth Exchange was a project of the Interfaith Youth Core. Editor: Idris Goodwin Cameras: Idris Goodwin & Erin Williams Extra Cameras: Dave Digangi & Amber Mohammad
  • 3sat NEUES - Human-Computer Interaction Group, Uni Konstanz NEUES...die Computershow (26.04.2009) on 3sat/ZDF featured our Human-Computer Interaction Group in two segments. Therein, several design concepts within our Media Room were presented in the context of novel, intuitive user interfaces and input modalities, such as multitouch or gestural input. Furthermore, our very own Werner König was interviewed during the show on topics such as the relevance of virtual worlds (eg PS3 "Home") and the current state of the art of multitouch interfaces. He also gave an outlook on the future of our field. The whole show can be seen at 3sat Mediathek: www.3 Find more information about us and our research... hci.uni-
  • TableTop Interaction IntuiLab () is involved in two experiments around TableTop interactions (1) The DigiTable project, partly funded by the French ministry of research (RNTL) and (2) The MAMMI project funded by Eurocontrol, the European Air Traffic Management agency. Both projects consist in research on new interaction techniques, design and development of collaborative applications and multi-user detection. Both are based on interactive table prototypes (Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab's DiamondTouch and Philips Research Homelab's Entertaible). This video shows interactions using the MERL's DiamondTouch.
  • E#16 Fan Interaction In Milwaukee After Smackdown in Milwaukee, myself and Ron head back to the hotel and interact with some diehard fans on the way in. Truth sings a little country.. And I butcher a lil Vanilla Ice, HAHA.. You gotta love it! Enjoy! http
  • Slavoj Žižek. The Interaction With the Other in Hegel. 2009 1/17 Slavoj Žižek discussing the process of the event in relation to Alain Baidou. Slavoj Žižek speaking about consciousness, neurobiology, awareness, David Chalmers, Daniel Dennett, the Ptolemization of string theory, Catherine Malabou, Jacques Derrida, sublation, difference of organic evolution and the dialectical process, commodity, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the totality of classification, the overcoming of metaphysics and concepts of duality. Slavoj Žižek lecturing about Nietzsche, Wolfgang Schirmacher and Avital Ronell and paraconsistent logic. Public open lecture for the students and faculty of the European Graduate School EGS Media and Communication Studies department program Saas-Fee Switzerland. Slavoj Zizek 2009 Slavoj Žižek is one of the most renowned philosophers working today. Taking Marxs injunction that philosophers must not only examine the world, but change it, his work borders on the evangelic. Standing astride critical theory, traditional philosophy, political and film theory and theoretical psycho***ysis, he is, in one sense the sole contemporary inheritor of Lacan, doing to Lacan what Lacan once did for Freud. Though at times accused of inconsistency, Žižek instead uses the philosophical tradition to constantly examine (and undermine) received truths. He has argued that it is not the role of the philosopher to act as the Big Other who tells us about the world, but rather it is the role of the thinker to challenge our own ideological ...
  • Pillow Talk - An Interaction Design Project Pillow Talk is a project aiming to network long distance lovers. Each lover has a pillow and a chest sensor which they wear to bed at night. Their chest sensor wirelessly transmits and communicates with the other persons pillow. When each person goes to bed, their lovers pillow begins to glow softly to indicate their presence. Placing your head on the pillow allows you to hear the real-time heartbeat of your lover. The result is an intimate interaction between two lovers, regardless of the distance between them.
  • Tractorpulling Ahoy 2010 Interaction 32e European Superpull 2010 Ahoy. Interaction, driver: Manon Kools (16 jr)
  • Human computer Interaction Video showing the challenge of Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Interactions techniques on tangent Interactions techniques on tangent: activate, drag, keyboard, text input, scale, rotate, delete
  • Multi-touch Interaction Experiments A interesting video taken from It shows the possibilities of touch screens or touch sense: " While touch sensing is commonplace for single points of contact, multi-touch sensing enables a user to interact with a system with more than one finger at a time, as in chording and bi-manual operations. Such sensing devices are inherently also able to accommodate multiple users simultaneously, which is especially useful for larger interaction scenarios such as interactive walls and tabletops."
  • Head tracking interaction test Head tracking interaction test using Johnny Lee's two point infrared tracking method via Wiimote hack.
  • Flash 3D Engine Interaction Tutorial : Papervision3D and Swift 3D Mouse Interaction Learn the basics of how to use Swift 3D and Papervision to create user interactive 3D scenes for Flash. Tutorial by Adam at Link to source files
  • 2/6 Steorn's Orbo Electromagnetic Interaction COP is greater than 1 Join the SKDB to develop Orbo applications: In this video Steorn examine COP and show that it is greater than 1.
  • Mind-Body Interactions (March 16, 2010) David Spiegel, Stanford Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, discusses hypnosis, the mind, and its therapeutic interaction with the body from helping patients stop smoking to prolonging the lives of cancer patients. Stanford University: Stanford School of Medicine: Stanford Continuing Studies: Stanford University Channel on YouTube
  • Interaction Design Bill Verplank is interviewed in Chapter 2 My PC. His illustrated descriptions clarify the pioneering interaction design work of Bill Atkinson and Larry Tesler. Combine these interviews with the ideas of David Liddle, Terry Winograd and Gillian Crampton Smith for an overview of the subject. Find more at:
  • EVE Planetary Interaction A very basic tutorial on EVE Online's new Planetary Interaction. This was recorded on the Singularity Test server on April 24th, 2010. I am still in the process of learning this myself, so do not expect perfection! This tutorial is meant to help get started with the basics of planetary interaction. Enjoy!
  • Air Flow Interaction Using Floating Image : DigInfo DigInfo - NICT Air Flow Interaction Using Floating Image Related Links - - (SIGGRAPH Asia 2009)
  • Mystery packages and angry interaction I thought I would take this opportunity of opening a mystery box to remind people of various ways to interact on channel angry. Send mehate mail! GPO Box 3290 Melbourne 3001 Australia Call the angry phone: 0424 05 69 65 in Australia +61 424 05 69 65 outside Australia My shirts on RedBubble There are really cheap shirts here that are still pretty good quality (and you can customise them!) And here are the CafePress shops: .au This is my BlogTV channel: Stalk me on Twitter! Read my blog!
  • Bill Moggridge: Designing Interactions February 2, 2007 lecture by Bill Moggridge for the Stanford University Human Computer Interaction Seminar (CS 547). Bill, designer of the first laptop computer, introduces forty influential designers who have shaped interaction with technology. CS 547 | Human-Computer Interaction Seminar: Stanford HCI Group: Stanford Center for Professional Development: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:
  • Amusity - Musical Coffee Table - Interaction Design Amusity is a interactive tangible user interface coffee table, that displays your entire music collection. Amusity allows you to play, watch the music video and see additional information about each song. In addition meta data such as popularity and genre control the way the music is displayed - popular songs in the center, rare songs in the outskirts. In addition activating a certain song will display recommended songs based on past play lists
  • Designing Interactions that Combine Pen, Paper, and PC October 5, 2007 lecture by Ron Yeh for the Stanford University Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (CS 547). Pen and paper are powerful tools for visualizing designs, penning music, and communicating through art and written language. This pairing provides many benefits -it is mobile, flexible, and robust. Ron discusses the impact that this will have on end users and the software developers who will have to create these applications. CS 547 | Human-Computer Interaction Seminar: Stanford HCI Group: Stanford Center for Professional Development: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:
  • Device-Free Interaction Spaces This video demonstrates a scalable, 3D multi-touch input system for high-resolution, wall-sized displays. An Interaction Space is created in front of the display wall using eight commodity web cameras connected to four Mac minis. The system can determine the 3D location of arbitrary objects in front of a display wall, and use that information to enable interaction with various applications, including a visualization of genomic microarray data. The system can be scaled to support both narrow and wide display walls by changing the number of cameras used to triangulate objects. This work was presented at the IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces, held in Lafayette, Lousiana 14.-15. March 2009.
  • Touch screen interaction goes 3D Read more: Touchscreen 'lego' takes interaction into the third dimension.
  • CryEngine 3 Beauty Speed Interaction Trailer [HD] CryEngine 3 Beauty Speed Interaction Trailer [HD] Developer: Crytek Genre: Developer Engine Release: TBA Platform: PS3/X360/PC Publisher: Crytek Website: / CryENGINE 3 is the first development platform for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, MMO, DX9/DX10 that also is truly Next-Gen-Ready - with scalable computation and graphics for all major upcoming platforms. It provides the complete game engine to create AAA quality next generation games, and includes the CryENGINE 3Sandbox™ level editor, a production-proven, 3rd generation What you see is what you play (WYSIWYP) - tool designed by and for professional developers. CryENGINE 3 comes with significant new features specifically designed for console, online, MMO and Next-Gen game development. TAGS: CryEngine Beauty Speed Interaction Trailer [HD] machinimak video game videogames crytek crysis farcry far cry xbox xbox360 microsoft playstation ps3 playstation3 windows live pc fps first person shooter visuals graphics epic yt:quality=high FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:
  • Ninth video blog entry : Our play/study time PART 1 Jacob is over!! Let the impressing begin.
  • Yuta & Ronan - Poi Interactions Two amazing international poi performers - Yuta from Japan and Ronan from Ireland first playing together at Fire Drums 2008 and then later at "The Grove" in San Francisco! Simply magical! Filmed by kenrom, in SD(HQ) on a Sony HDR-SR11
  • E-UNI Planetary Interaction Single-Planet P3 Guide Planetary Interaction: Single Planet P3 Production Chain Guide, an EVE University AVL production. This is not a full class but a video guide to supplement existing classes on Planetary Interaction. Note that this guide was produced prior to the seeding of Command Centers and thus information herein should be verified against release behavior. Part 2: EVE University Wiki: EVE University PiBear Tools:
  • EVE Online: Planetary Interaction Tutorial Welcome to planetary interaction 101. Providing a simple to follow guide on interacting with planets in EVE Online.
  • Eve Online Planetary Interaction Quick Start Guide Eve University presents a Planetary Interaction quick start guide. This short video will explain the basics of Planetary Interaction, the new feature in Eve Online's expansion Tyrannis. A more detailed guide about Planetary Interaction can be found here: Eve University is the largest new player training corporation in Eve Online. If you are new to the game and need help, look us up ingame or visit us at www.eve-! Music: Tycho - Past is Prologue HQ download: dl.eve- You can turn on subtitles if you find that more convenient :)
  • Partridge on interaction design Alan illustrates a hierarchy of alerts within the dashboard/fascia control system of the Rover 200. The scene is the Linton Travel Tavern car-park. Alan is completely bored and has called Lynn into the car for some 'paid conversation'. He's further exasperated as he doesn't know why his Rover make an alarm noise when he turns the key in the ignition. For the last ten minutes, he's been exploring the possible reasons for the alarm. Lynn's suggestions serve only to force Alan to explain a few things about in-car control systems ... Part of this post:

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  • “Get updated info on payouts and SportsInteraction Sportbook bonuses and rollover. Parent / Host: SIA Ltd. Policy: Rules. Notes: All posts containing: interaction Forum Results for: INTERACTION. Thread / Thread Starter. Last Post. Forum. Sports Interaction down? coinpusha”
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  • “How do you talk through your blog? Do you treat other guy as a friend? In a word, is there great interaction between you and others during conversations? You've got to master skills in blog interaction. Your blog represents all that you are, as”
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  • “Welcome to the Integryst WebCenter Interaction Blog! Another Rock Star in the WebCenter Interaction consulting industry, Bill Benac, wrote a blog post years ago, describing a problem with the WebCenter Interaction 10gR3 installers”
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  • “We will feature a photo every other day in a series on the blog. other day in a series on the blog. Next up is Robert Faludi, who teaches "Fundamentals”
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