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  • Integers definition, one of the positive or negative numbers 1, 2, 3, etc., or zero. See more. — “Integers | Define Integers at ”,
  • The integers (with addition as operation) form the smallest group containing the additive monoid of the natural numbers. Integers can be thought of as discrete, equally spaced points on an infinitely long number line. — “Integer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Introduction to integers and their basic properties. Brought to you by Math League Multimedia. For each positive integer, there is a negative integer, and these integers are called opposites. — “Integers”,
  • You have just completed a Pre Assessment on adding and subtracting integers. Your job will be to visit these sites to find examples of real life uses of integers, particularly the addition and subtraction of negative numbers. Before you go to the sites, print this graphic organizer, if. — “Interesting Integers”,
  • The Integers are introduced. Integers are positive and negative whole numbers. Learn integers with lessons from Math Goodies. — “Integers”,
  • An integer a is called a multiple of an integer b if a=bq for some integer q. In this Any two nonzero integers a and b have a greatest common divisor,. — “ABSTRACT ALGEBRA ON LINE: Integers”,
  • Positions integers in a larger context and shows connections to everyday situations, careers, and The set of integers became. necessary for counting both possessions. — “Integers”,
  • Integers - a review of integers, digits, odd and even numbers, consecutive numbers and prime numbers. — “Integers (with worked solutions)”,
  • Video tutorials, worksheets and word problems on integers for basic math students; their teachers, parents and tutors. — “Basic Math: Integers Help”,
  • Amby's Math Resources - Integers: Operations with Signed Numbers clearly explains how to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative numbers. — “Amby's Math Resources - Integers: Operations with Signed Numbers”,
  • List of online games, quizzes, and interactive tutorials for integers. — “Integers games and tutorials online”,
  • This section tells you about negative numbers, integers, absolute value, opposite of an integer, operations with integers and integer properties. — “1. Integers”,
  • In this section, you will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers. In order to add positive and negative integers, we will imagine that we are moving along a number line. — “Operations on Integers Lessons by MATHguide”,
  • Free math lessons and math homework help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone can find solutions to their math problems instantly. — “ Homework Help Hot Subject: Integers”,
  • Integers how to articles and videos including How to Add Integers With Different Signs Using a Number Line, How to Add Integers With Exponents, How to Calculate the Number of Isomers and much more!. — “Integers - How To Information | ”,
  • What is an integer? What's the difference between a rational number and an irrational number?. — “Math Forum: Ask Dr. Math FAQ: Integers, Rational Numbers”,
  • The integers are the positive and negative whole numbers The set of integers can be generated from the set of natural numbers by adding zero and the negatives of the natural numbers. — “Integers - Law, Negative, Absolute, Positive, Zero, and Value”,
  • Integers are sets of whole numbers which are positive ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Multiplying Integers. The product of two positive integers is a positive integer. 4 x 5 = 20. The product of two negative integers is a positive integer. -3 x -5 = 15. The product of a positive integer and a negative integer is a. — “Integers”,
  • Adding and Subtracting Integers. Looking at a number line can help you Whether you are adding or subtracting two integers, start by using the number line to. — “Integers — ”,
  • whole number n. A member of the set of positive integers and zero. Z is not closed under division, since the quotient of two integers (e.g., 1 divided by 2), need not be an integer. — “whole number: Definition from ”,
  • The number 1 is the first positive integer, so it is not the successor of any other positive integer. Another property is required, because there are number systems different from the positive integers that have all these properties. — “Integers”,

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  • Elementary Algebra - Operations with Integers This video goes over topics in Section 1.2 of my textbook. It focuses on arithmetic operations with integers.
  • Math Made Easy: Adding Positive & Negative Numbers In this video, I show you how easy it can be to add different arrangements of positive and negative numbers (integers).
  • Subtracting Integers - - Math Help For a complete lesson on subtracting integers, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students review the addition and subtraction of integers using a number line, where a positive integer represents a move to the right, and a negative integer represents a move to the left. Students learn that minus a negative can be thought of as plus a positive.
  • Division of Integers - The Basics This video explains the basic rules for dividing integers and provides several examples. I do have another video that provides additional explanation. mathispower4
  • Adding Integers Blues Song by Mr. W. Hi All, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it. Me and my little Nikon point-and-shoot had to work pretty hard to get this together. Do your homework! I know that I was quiet a few times - I put balloons in the video during those times. It was hard to sing the music acapella since there really wasn't anyone actually sitting there playing the guitar, just a little metronome clicking away. Lyrics: I never been so mad before. Come to find out I can't add no more. When positives and negatives are in my sight, boom boom, out go the lights. It used to be that I could add with flair, 5 + 2 I could add without care, but now that it's five + negative 2 Boom Boom, I don't know what to do. Adding Integers is like watching a war. The side that's gonna win is the side with more. So if five is there add -2 comes by, boom boom - a bunch are gonna die. No kidding - they're ready to fight, ain't no need to call CSI, 8 + -3, boom boom, crash What if -5 walks through the best buy doors and runs into a negative four They are both on the same force so no boom - just shoping galore.
  • Understand and Learn the Rules of Positive and Negative Numbers John Zimmerman, , explains how to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative numbers...also known as the integer rules. Positive and negative numbers along with integers are vital skills to master pre-algebra, algebra 1 and all middle and high school math courses.
  • Math Made Easy: Subtracting Positive & Negative Numbers In this video, I show you how to turn a subtraction problem into an addition problem to make subtracting positive and negative integers easier.
  • Tough to Teach: Adding Integers Alex Kajitani uses real world applications to instill the concept of positive and negative numbers. He uses songs with math lesson lyrics set to rap beats to supplement the concept, while thoroughly engaging his students. His approach to teaching math involves finding out what drives and interests his class to better motivate them and make math fun.
  • Sum of N Natural Numbers or Positive Integers Formula For Free Complete Video Tutorial on Sequence & Series. Sum of n natural numbers or Sum of n positive integers is discussed in this videos. We derive a simple formula for sum of n natural numbers. By using the sum of n natural numbers we can easily calculate the sum of any numbers of natural numbers or positive integers. its really simple. Sum of n natural numbers/ positive integers = n(n-1) / 2 This sum of n natural numbers or positive integers is an special case of the formula - Sum of n numbers of an Arithmetic Sequence or Arithmetic Progression . Sum of N Natural Numbers or Positive Integers Formula In previous video lesson we learned to find the sum of an arithmetic progression if we get the first term (a), common difference ( n) and the number of terms ( n). Now in this video we are going to find " Sum of N Natural Numbers or Positive Integers Formula" Actually we will derive a formula for sum natural numbers or positive integers by using the concept of Arithmetic progression. The formula for sum of natural numbers or positive integers is given by : Sum of Natural Numbers = n (n+1)/2 Where n = number of terms in the Arithmetic progression of natural numbers. So how to derive this formula from the concept of sum of arithmetic progression. Lets learn. I hope you are sitting with pen and notebook. How was it dear? After learning this videos lesson you are able to find easily the sum of any natural numbers. Lets try this problem. Q1 Find the sum of all ...
  • Integers Rap WEBSITE: Integers Rap
  • Adding Integers Adding integers
  • Ex 1: Solving Two-Step Equations Using Integers This video provides 4 examples of how to solve two step equations by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers. Search All Videos at www.mathispower4
  • MATH LESSON: Adding and Subtracting Integers A cool little trick that will make your life complete. 20-year veteran elementary school teacher Tim Bedley shows how adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers can be a painless experience. For more teaching ideas and educational videos please visit http
  • Integers and Absolute Value Preview of lesson 105, Rules for Integers & Absolute Value, a 70 min math lesson to learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive (+) & negative (-) numbers and and absolute value. Also covered are expressions with negative fractions and order of operations.
  • Adding integers with different signs Learn more: U09_L2_T1_we2 Adding integers with different signs Content provided by - (c) Monterey Institute for Technology and Education
  • BM10.1. The Euclidean Algorithm for the Integers Basic Methods: Revisiting the proof of Bezout's Identity, we give an algorithm for computing gcd(m, n) without factoring m and n. In turn, the Euclidean algorithm provides a method for finding the coefficients in Bezout's identity.
  • Sum of Consecutive Odd Integers Learn more: U02_L1_T3_we2 : Sum of Consecutive Odd Integers Content provided by - (c) Monterey Institute for Technology and Education
  • Add/Subtract Integers This video is a follow-up to the integer video and answers a math question a viewer asked.
  • Integer Song 2 Now available on iTunes: Song and video by Dave Mitchell. Integer arithmetic using the concept of "good guys/bad guys". Do the multiplying and dividing first. Next eliminate double signs.Finally, think of gain and loss of money. From the CD, Math, Music & Mayhem - the Sequel. For math PD information, see /mathpd.htm
  • Integer Exponents Part 1 This is a supplemental instruction video for my Beginning Algebra students.
  • What's an Integer? Click here for the full version: There are lots of different kinds of numbers that you'll come across in algebra, and a lot of these kinds of numbers are related to each other. Before you learn how they are related, you've got to learn about them separately, and in this tutorial you'll how to define integers :)
  • Integer Addition and Subtraction, Zero Principle, Number Lines Integers: Introduction, Zero principle, Using Brackets, Number Lines, Deconstruction.
  • Math Made Easy: Dividing Positive & Negative Numbers (Integers) In this video, I show you how easy it can be to divide positive and negative numbers.
  • Consecutive Integer Word Problems How to use all five steps to solve a consecutive integer word problem, using only ONE variable.Using all five parts to solve a word problem with two unknowns, using only ONE variable. This is the 5th out of 12 in the solving word problems series. The other three series are "Solving Equations", "Factoring" and "Graphing".
  • Consecutive Integer Problem - 2 Shows how to solve a word problem with consecutive integers. This is solved with one variable, but more than one number is defined. Video by Julie Harland
  • Integers: Adding and Subtracting Negative and Positive Numbers Tutorial Remake of the hugely popular "Cats and Dogs Trick" tutorial by veteran elementary school teacher, Tim Bedley. Learn how to add and subtract integers without any tears...and you'll still have all your hair left, too! khan khan tutorial academy khan khan kahn kahn...
  • How to Multiply Integers This video explains how to multiply integers.
  • Adding & Subtracting Integers Using Integer Tiles Visit for more math resources. Learn how to add and subtract integers using integer tiles. For more information and help with integers check out http
  • Subtracting integers video - three models to explain how subtraction of negative numbers works I explain three different models you can use to show why subtraction of integers works: 1) number line jumps; 2) concept of difference; 3) positive/negative counters. The bottom line is that students need to learn the shortcuts and rules, but these models can help justify the rules.
  • Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Integers This video deals with the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of integers. Many thanks to Jason, the manager of seether_fan productions for the editing.
  • Integers and Rational Numbers Learn more:
  • Consecutive Integers - - Algebra Help For a complete lesson on consecutive integers, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn to solve "consecutive integer" word problems, such as the following. The sum of three consecutive integers is 24. Find the integers. Note that three consecutive integers can be represented as x, x + 1, and x + 2, three consecutive even integers can be represented as x, x + 2, and x + 4, and three consecutive odd integers can also be represented as x, x + 2, and x + 4.
  • Add and Subtract Positive and Negative Numbers This lesson teaches a method for adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. (Other than the number-line method)
  • Math Made Easy: Multiplying Positive & Negative Numbers In this video, I show you how easy it can be to multiply positive and negative numbers by each other.
  • POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE INTEGERS (ANIMATION) Completely free algebra one course in animated video at . Watch all units and use textbook free of charge. Includes chapter reviews and tests. How to add and subtract in algebra. The addition and subtraction of positive and negative integers.
  • Adding and Subtracting Integers This lecture discusses a couple methods for adding and subtracting integers.
  • Understanding Integers Understanding integers can be easy when you use a number line. I'll also share some key words that can help you identify positive or negative numbers.
  • Multiplying Fractions with Integers Multiplying Fractions with Integers - Fractions Series: Learn how to multiply fractions when at least one of them is a negative number. Mini-Transcript: multiply across, first the numerators, then the denominators; simplify if needed; if one fraction is negative (or if an odd amount of fractions are negative) then make your answer negative.
  • Operations on the Integers Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide positive and negative numbers.
  • What are Integers? Scott explains what are integers. This video is a free sample from Homestead Homeschool's Advanced Curriculum.

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  • “You can even create tables with characters, use integers with date functions to generate a range of dates, and so forth. I came accross this blog trying to learn more about Tally Tables, anyway here something”
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