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  • Definition of instance in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of instance. Pronunciation of instance. Translations of instance. instance synonyms, instance antonyms. Information about instance in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “instance - definition of instance by the Free Online”,
  • Create an Instance. An instance is a logical database manager environment where you Depending on your needs, you can create more than one instance. — “Administration Guide”,
  • Instance definition, a case or occurrence of anything: See more. — “Instance | Define Instance at ”,
  • Class for handling an instance. All values (numeric, nominal, or string) are internally All methods that change an instance's attribute values clone the attribute value vector. — “Class weka.core.Instance”,
  • Looking for a way you can help The Instance? Help the show out by subscribing with a small monthly donation of just $2.00 a month. We thought it might be fun today to grab some of the various sounds you've heard on The Instance and make them into ringtones. — “The Instance Podcast - The podcast for lovers of World of”,
  • Certain initialization parameters that are critical at database creation or that affect certain database operations must have the same value for every instance in a parallel server. Be sure that these are set appropriately before you create a database for a multi-instance environment. — “Creating a Database & Objects for Multiple Instances”,
  • I know one very well alied, to whom, at the instance of a brother of his [ ], I spake to that purpose sometimes we love those that are absent, saith Philostratus, and gives instance in his friend Athenodorus, that loved a maid at Corinth whom he never. — “instance - Wiktionary”,
  • When the DBA installs the Oracle10g software and creates a new database, creating an ASM instance is a snap. The DBCA provides a simple check box and an easy wizard to create an ASM instance as well as an Oracle database that makes use of the new ASM instance for ASM storage. — “ORACLE - DBA Tips Corner”,
  • The Instance Browser shows all the instances, if any, for the class selected in the Class Browser at the Instances tab. A direct instance is an instance that has been created directly under the class. — “PrF UG inst instance browser - Protege Wiki”,
  • Dungeons, keeps, and other confined areas can have sub-areas called instances (aka instance dungeons). These instances are special areas in the World of Warcraft where your group or raid party is able to interact with a dungeon privately; that is. — “Instance - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. instance, case, illustration, example, sample, specimen mean something that exhibits distinguishing characteristics in its category. — “Instance - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of instance from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of instance. Pronunciation of instance. Definition of the word instance. Origin of the word instance. — “instance - Definition of instance at ”,
  • instance n. An example that is cited to prove or invalidate a contention or illustrate a point. See synonyms at example. — “instance: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Find instance synonyms and instance antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. — “Instance Synonyms, Instance Antonyms | ”,
  • A substitution instance is a formula of mathematical logic that can be produced by substituting certain strings of symbols for others in formulas. The process of creating a new object (or instance of a class) is often referred to as instantiation. — “Instantiation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • You may only work within one instance of DB2 at a time. Use the db2icrt command to create an instance of DB2. When using this command, you should provide the login name of the instance owner and optionally specify the authentication type of the instance. — “Administration Guide”,
  • Instance cloud computing is the best affordable solution for hosting applications, cloud hosting, and web hosting for fast, reliable, quality service. — “Instance Cloud Computing”,
  • Even so, which faction the instance belongs to bears no relevance Both factions may enter and play the instances no matter which faction the instance belongs to, and since the 2 factions cannot group with each. — “Instances - ”,
  • Class for handling an instance. All values (numeric, date, nominal, or string) are internally stored as floating-point numbers. All methods that change an instance's attribute values clone the attribute value vector. — “Instance”,
  • Instance is a design practice with an interest in research, process and interdisciplinary exchange. By combining design thinking with exploratory rigor, visionary ideas gain strength and vitality through an inherently collaborative and creative. — “instance — a design practice + studio / lisa maione”,
  • Definition of instance in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is instance? Meaning of instance as a legal term. What does instance mean in law?. — “instance legal definition of instance. instance synonyms by”, legal-

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  • Instance - Deliverance Be careful what you wish for. Alex Garcia Curbelo leeds best rapper chris brown deuces instrumental remix tyga kevin mccall rap hip hop 2010 uk grime dubstep 2011 chucking up my new gangsta r&b music crunk new single rnb arabic music arabesk female vocalist charts rap music reggaeton dance music
  • 28-5 Domination on Invasion These guys get off to a competitive start but we eventually get control of the coffee shop and the video store. I talk about map control and controlling the engagement.
  • Jesse Plays! - DC Universe Online ft. PVP, Instances, Character Creation, and Jim Lee beating me up Jesse () from OMFGCATA brings you the second installment of his award winning (we just tell him that) show. This episode we take a look at DC Universe Online in great detail with all the fun and exciting things it offers gamers. What does Jesse think? Tune in!
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  • Cataclysm Beta: New Instance - Throne of the Tides (Commentated) Tank Point of View. This is a commentated run through of Throne of the Tides by Kriptik.
  • Kool Chip & Chuck Chillout - Rhythm Is The Master MC Kool Chip & DJ Chuck Chillout
  • ALLODS online: Gameplay/ Commentary, XAES instance w/ Wakka2 Sup! Well finally got the XAES footage all done. Instance lasted around 1hour and is sped up 10x for the most part. Lemme know if you'd rather just see edited important parts at normal speed, or complete full runs. If anyone has any ideas, comments, concerns lemme know. Oh and watch Rebo's new video, he will be review WOW addons for all you WOW fanatics out there and help you choose the best ones. Anyways please rate comment and subscribe! Rebo's Addon Spotlight: Allods Online:
  • TERA ONLINE - Warrior off tank - 27 instance boss Tera Kor, 350~400 ping, xbox gamepad
  • Let's Play DC Universe Online - Part 94 - Meta Research Wing (Instance) Part 94 of my 'Let's Play' gameplay and commentary in the new MMO, DC Universe Online, by Sony Online Entertainment. In this episode we enter the Meta Research Wing of the Memorial Hospital (single player instance) to search for Dr Psycho, and most importantly to find Supergirl and gain a sample of her DNa for Lex Luthor. We also earn ourselves another combo in the process. Part 93: Part 95:
  • BlackRock Caverns - 3 bosses instance run HD Boss run with my hunter in blackrock caverns. i forgot recording after the 3rd boss lol! music is by 'David Guetta'' his music is found on i do not own this music.
  • Crash Bandicoot 2 - 100% Run, Part 21: Cold Hard Crash This is the most frustrating level in the entire game. It's by far the longest level (only video in the first two games to exceed six minutes) and there are so many things that can and will go wrong most of the time. I needed more than 50 attempts in total. The skull platform is what makes this level so long. First of all, the path has boxes. Second, it doesn't have a "return platform" in the end, but a gap that leads to a place much later in the main route. You can't backtrack to the boxes you missed from here. Finally, the gem is located after the point of no return. So, in order to get everything, you first have to go back and forth for all the boxes and then use the nearest checkpoint to quicksave. Thankfully, there's one right next to the platform. It's impossible to backtrack the part of the main route that leads to where you return from the skull route, so you have to go get the gem first. Once you have the gem, you can kill yourself and finish the main route. The reason why I kill myself after taking the checkpoint is because the skull platform doesn't work again immediately.
  • SCPT 3: Connecting To Database Instance In Shared Server Mode Oracle DBA Tutorials
  • For instance- 2 face Idibia A graphic art video by 2 face IdibiaCheckout for more videos and Audio music on NaijaSwagger is a social network where u can meet friends and groups of similar interest, it has variety of applications and contents that u'll find very interesting such as Chat, blogs, Audio and Video music, Forums etc.
  • Mr Monocle - Lord of the Rings Online - Instance Quest: New Devilry - Just a run through of the quest with commentary over the top, and a few very, very bad voice impressions. Taurnion - 65 Hunter
  • Human Rights Commission Horror Stories - Steven Boissoin Ezra Levant explains the situation surrounding a teacher and a pastor that was heard by the Commission. Steven Boissoin, the pastor in question, found out the hard way that in Canada your freedom of speech is surpassed by another person's right to not be offended. A costly lesson in this case. This clip is taken from Micheal Coren's program on CTS originally uploaded by SDAMatt. It's from that source that the clips were edited. Libertarian Party of Canada Vote Libertarian
  • Sage Francis - Water Line ( With Lyrics ) LYRICS: I just sit there, and let the thoughts flood And I remind myself it's all right, it's all good It's all love, it's not though Cuz there's a kink in the armor A pot hole I'm sinkin' in, the more I think of the drama So I stand up, I start to pace in my living room Set my eye to the highway, knowin' that I'll play chicken soon There's a vanity plate, wit my name on it There's a Davy Crocket hat with a masonic fat cat under it A musket rifel spittin' at my feet And want me to dance in the middle of the street And I respect my elders, so I do as I'm told But I've offset the bell curve when I do it with so losin' control Guilty feet do have rhythm They just dance to the wrong theme music to amuse the villian Instead of killin', I spare the raccoon And start fillin' sand bags as I stare at the moon And let the thoughts flood, blessed are those who are damned When the levy broke, how many choked on the steps of a slow dance A staircase to a hug with no hands Accountability hung out to dry on the line of command We let the thoughts flood, we remind ourselves it's all right, it's all good It's all love, it's not though Cuz there's a kink in the armor A pot hole I'm sinkin' in, sharing a drink with my father It's a family affair, the vanity we share The water line is rising and we do is stand there.. The water line is rising and we do is stand there {*repeat to fade*}
  • TAS Mega Man 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 NES in 39:06 by Baxter & AngerFist 4 Mega Man games at the same time with 1 input. Played in 39 by Lennart W. aka. Baxter & Yashar Nasirian aka. AngerFist. This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For further informations visit
  • Falling Dreams - Kingdom Hearts AMV THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL SONG! The original song to this video is "See Who I Am" by Within Temptations. Unfortunately, I had to do an audio swap in order to make this video live again (YouTube took it down 3 months ago). For the ORIGINAL video with the RIGHT music, go here: Anime Boston 2008 AMV Contest - Best of Show Yaoi-con 2008 AMV Contest - Best Action Anime Weekend Atlanta 14 (AWA 2008) - Best Videogame Anime Expo 2008 AMV Contest - Drama Finalist Fanime Con 2008 AMV Contest - Best Action Sakura-Con 2008 AMV Contest - Best Drama/Romance Nan Desu Kan 2008 AMV Contest Overload Title: Falling Dreams Game: Kingdom Hearts I and II (plus secret trailers Another Side, Another Story, Deep Dive, and Birth by Sleep) Song: See Who I Am by Within Temptation This is my latest AMV to one of my favorite games, Kingdom Hearts! I've been wanting to make this AMV for the past year and a half, and finally got around to it. The video is about the blurring of dreams and reality, and how the past, present, and future all clash together.
  • Worf Gets Pwned ...
  • Patch 4.1 Zul'gurub PTR Preview **I have a new video out with all of the bosses available in the Zul'gurub instance! check it out here: This is a small preview of the new Zul'gurub 5 man instance that is coming out with patch 4.1. This video just includes the first part of the instance and a failed attempt at the first boss. I would have done more but shortly after this attempt the instance server went down. Once the server becomes stable I will try to post another video with all of the boss fights being done. Thanks for watching! Please check out my guild's webseries!
  • Maya Duplicate instance group with spPaint3d
  • of Montreal - An Eluardian Instance (Live) From the album Skeletal Lamping. Purchase CD / 2xLP / MP3 here: Live version of "An Eluardian Instance" from the Fall 2007 Gender Mutiny Tour.
  • WoW PTR - New Zul Gurub Instance tour - Blue Plz! The most cynical and longest running World of Warcraft podcast. TotalBiscuit takes a look at a Level 85 heroic version of Zul Gurub, remodelled as a 5 man dungeon and forthcoming in Patch 4.1 This is a tour video showing you the various changes, actual runs and boss guides will come at a later date.
  • vijay iyer trio live: "questions of agency" SEE ANOTHER CLIP FROM THIS SET AT vijay iyer, piano; stephan crump, bass; marcus gilmore (barely visible), drums. recorded 19 january 2007 at the stone, nyc. videographer: nicolas letman-burtinovic.
  • Rift - Abyssal Precipice - Level 50 Instance This is the instance Abyssal Precipice and the mobs are level 50. I'm dpsing on my Champion/Riftblade warrior. The instance is easy :(
  • 2Face Idibia : For Instance : View over 200 High Definition musical videos
  • Leverage - Why I Hate Guns This is one of my favorite clips so far from the new TNT show Leverage. It has a short explanation as to the range at which guns are used. If you havent seen it yet, you should watch Leverage, which airs on TNT. It seems like Oceans 11, but in a TV series instead of a movie. It is very good.
  • For Instance Podcast: Episode #1 - In the Studio Jan '10 FI on iTunes: Footage from our studio time recording the demo of Years Back From Yesterday
  • Wow Instance Recording a bit of the instance i did yesterday...Sethekk Halls **I know...this run sucked** :P
  • PRJF Power Rangers Jungle Fury 23 FEAR AND THE PHANTOMS 3/3 part 3. CLICK TO GO TO EPISODE 24
  • Java Programming Tutorial - 16 - Many Methods and Instances How to use multiple methods and also instance variables inside a class.
  • Clothes Shop - Little Miss Jocelyn Clothes shop ... bloody good manager!

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  • “The court adjudicates whether there is another forum that is more appropriate under the doctrine of comity. not grant a petition to transfer or an injunction, if the grant will unjustly deprive the plaintiff of advantages in the first instance forum”
    — Forum shopping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

  • “All those horrid little family bonding moments, for instance, become a thing of the past when you're a hermit. Like this Shun Ken Onion 2 Piece Carving Set, for instance”
    — Blog - Sellout.Woot,

  • “Archived from groups: (More info?) I was reading <> / During this Wednesday?s weekly maintenanc”
    Instance Dup bug fixed? - Games-General-Discussions - General,

  • “Running one instance but using a separate db file for each instance. A single zope instance consums less memory. Add and mount a data.fs for every plone instance. It's very easy using zope 2.7:”
    — Separate Data.fs files for each Zope instance, cache size,

  • “Data can also be configured to persist when instance is terminated, although it does not do so by default. [3] The EC2 Instance Life Cycle: excellent blog post describing major lifecycle”
    — The Server Labs Blog,

  • “I am so excited that she is stopping by In This Instance to guest blog today. to read more on that blog soon. You should check out ***y girls at A”
    — Favors & Escort Cards: A Lovely Idea From Pearls Events,

  • “When I was living in Nicaragua, I felt some things were inexpensive. For instance, renting a room or humble home. For instance, renting a room or humble home. I rented one 2-br house, quite liveable, for 100 dollars a month including utilities”
    — Cost of Living in Nicaragua, central-america-

  • “hop onto an instance in the same security group and try connecting (instance ID, what you've tried, symptoms observed) on the forum and set instance aside”
    — Top reasons Amazon EC2 instances disappear " RightScale Blog,

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