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  • Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades - The Pleiades are a constellation in the sign Taurus. — “Job 38:31 "Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades? Can you loose”,
  • Definition of influences in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is influences? Meaning of influences as a legal term. What does influences mean in law?. — “influences legal definition of influences. influences”, legal-
  • A summary of Influences in 's Star Wars Episodes IV–VI. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Star Wars Episodes IV–VI and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson. — “SparkNotes: Star Wars Episodes IV–VI: Influences”,
  • Influences News. Includes Stellar, Herod, Creature, Kurt Cobain, Krautrock, Masahiro Sakurai, Mudejar, Babylon, Tolkien and Rowling information plus more related topics on . — “Influences News (Sprachbund, Ultimatelevel, Marx”,
  • You can wikipedia search Beyonce and it will mention her influences here but some of them are: Etta James,Aretha Franklin,Patti LaBelle,Tina Turner,Janet Jackson,Whitney Houston,Mary J Blige,Donna Summer If you want all of them just go on. — “Who Are Beyonce's Influences? im doing a booklet for music”,
  • With an all-star list of producers and songwriters opening their door to Lee DeWyze since his improbable American Idol victory, the low-key Chicago ro Despite being tailor-made to sing the blues, Bowersox says her musical influences go well beyond — and somewhat louder — than that. — “'Idol' Winner Lee DeWyze's Secret Influences | Rolling Stone”,
  • In order to determine who has influenced the music of the popular French band Daft Punk, you only have to listen to their track, "Teachers", from their Homework album. Such influences include DJ Sneak, Hyperactive, Brian Wilson, Jammin Gerald, and Waxmaster. — “The Musical Influences of Daft Punk”,
  • Shmoop list of Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud) influences. Who influenced James Brown and who was influenced by Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud). — “James Brown Influences”,
  • You create, we promote. .influences.digitales. You create, we promote. Home. Welcome. About. Latest Entry. Belgium, coming from Hungary Oct 3, 2009 International Leave a comment. Posted by the team. You will find their roots between Björk and King Crimson, abusing from Portishead and Depeche Mode sounds. — “.influences.digitales”,
  • The Higher Plane catches up with producer 88-Keys to discuss such topics as his musical influences as Prince Paul and A Tribe Called Quest, gaining an internship at a recording studio, and learning to use an Akai MPC3000 in one night without an. — “88-Keys On Interning, MPC3000, Musical Influences”,
  • Creating Moments on Stage: Idea #1 Your Influences. Well, this is the first post of what I hope will be a long series of posts where I share a specific "moment" creating idea. Sharing Your Influences: In the 90's you might recall how the acoustic set had become extremely popular. — “Creating Moments on Stage: Idea #1 Your Influences | Kevin”,
  • Influences quotes and quotations from brainyquote A lot of people have gotten into comedy because of certain influences in their lives or events that were painful, and I really have wracked my brain. — “Influences Quotes”,
  • Influences of Technology on Marketing Management - Place and Promotion By Dave Vower Perhaps the biggest way that advance in technology and increased internet access has influenced marketing is through customer input and interaction with companies and product manufacturers. — “”,
  • Influences definition, the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of other See more. — “Influences | Define Influences at ”,
  • : Home: Dixie Chicks: Music But that's only the framework they use to salute all their influences, from the raggedy rock of Little Feat (on Darrell Scott's irresistible ". — “: Home: Dixie Chicks: Music: Reviews, Prices & more”,
  • Definition of influences in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of influences. Pronunciation of influences. Translations of influences. influences synonyms, influences antonyms. Information about influences in the free online English dictionary and. — “influences - definition of influences by the Free Online”,
  • Indo Jazz fusions, sitar in pop and progressive music. Playlists from 'Psyche van het Folk', radioprogram based in Antwerp with useful links. Don Cherry made several fusion albums with World Music influences. — “East meats West through the use of sitar or other Fusions”,
  • Free Influences papers, essays, and research papers. Influences of a Teacher - Influences of a Teacher " A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove but the world may be different. — “Free Influences Essays”, 123
  • Flash Player 9 and Adobe Acrobat (for PDF) required. Adobe Acrobat (for PDF) required. The CMC's Influences of Many Musics project is a rich, interactive space where you can discover the lives and works of 80 internationally-born Canadian composers and explore Canada's cultural mosaic. — “Influences of Many Musics”,
  • What we call Hinduism has for thousands of years been in a constant process of change, absorbing and reacting to a tremendous array of influences. In recent years, there has been a tremendous amount of debate about the influence of the Aryans.Part of the debate has been about who these people. — “Hinduism Influences”,
  • Cuban company combines African, American and Spanish influences Likewise its culture, with a mix of indigenous, African, American and Spanish influences, has been politically isolated for 50 years. — “Cuban company combines African, American and Spanish”,
  • Discover, create, and post news about influences on Current and influence what airs on TV. — “influences // Current”,

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  • Home Movies - Bad Influences [1 of 3] Episode #303 "Bad Influences" Brendon and Jason are putting on weight at an alarming rate. So in order to break the "fat enabling" cycle they decide never to see each other again. Coach McGuirk tries out his own theory called the "fat father syndrome." part 2 - part 3 -
  • Eben Brooks Vlog #10: My Musical Influences Video blog episode 10, in which I answer one of YOUR questions from episode 9 about my musical influences. But don't worry, all you other questioners, I'll get to your questions in future episodes! If you have a question you'd like me to answer, let me know by leaving a comment here or at my text blog or by sending me an e-mail to [email protected] Allison Lonsdale's YouTube channel: Allison Lonsdale's website: Sign Up for the Newsletter: (link on left) Order CDs and other merch: Music and Activism Blog:
  • Blue Note act Lionel Loueke Part - 2 Part - 2. Lionel talks about his techniques and we hear his track 'Madjigua'. A MusFlashTV Production. Producer: Marie-Claire Denyer Cameras: Martyn Thomas / James Milloy Sound: John Hendicott Editor: Marie-Claire Denyer
  • Must KNOW Macro & Micro Influences for the 2012 Property Market When you hear about 'Micro & Macro influences' do you really understand how they determine your success as in investor? The study of these fundamentals can offer crucial insight on where you need to put your money for the best profits and capital growth RIGHT NOW in 2012. By drilling down into what key growth drivers make up a macro and micro marketplace, you're learning invaluable information which means you will:- 1) Make more informed investing choices 2) Avoid disastrous suburbs and huge losses 3) Find out key growth drivers - which can be the difference between a little or A LOT of capital gain!
  • Guitar Center Sessions: John Petrucci-Influences John talking about some of his influences. Part 2 of 5. Dream Theater guitarist, producer and lyricist John Petrucci shares his insight, experience, and techniques as well as talking about his signature Music Man guitars at Guitar Center Sessions from Manhattan, NY. For more Guitar Center Sessions videos of John Petrucci and other great artists visit /sessions.
  • Influence My art site Check out my new Web Series!!! http Facebook: Influence 30 people who influenced my life were painted one on top of another on my torso. I either painted a picture of the person or an object that represents the person. To see photos of the 30 images: Purchase the poster! ---------- art influence "body painting" "chest painting" "Phil Hansen" philinthecircle "phil in the circle" painting paint artist drawing drawings video videos "phil hanson" "bruce lee" pitcw phx1 phtten
  • Travis Barker talks DJ AM, Lil Wayne, Yelawolf, New Album, Hip Hop influences Travis Baker sat down with Nick Huff Barili yesterday to talk about his new solo album "Give The Drummer Some" coming out March 15th. Travis explains the meaning behind the title and how DJ AM would include James Brown samples on their mixtapes and live performances together. AM was an influence to Travis helping push his musical boundaries even further and introducing him to new hip hop and dubstep. Travis recalls his early Hip Hop memories of listening to Whodini, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, RunDMC and how later when he was skating he would listen to Tha Alkaholiks, Pharcyde, Wu-Tang, Hiero (Same stuff we grew up on!). One of the standout tracks on the new album is "Let's Go" which features Busta Rhymes, Twista and Yelawolf. Travis explains how the track came about and how it almost seems like a rap contest cause each MC sounds like they are trying to out do the other. And that's just the beginning, in the rest of this in depth interview Travis talks about RZA, Pharrell, Lupe, Chuck from Cool Kids, Tom Morello , being part of a Jazz Bands, his friendships with Game and Lil Wayne and more! Make sure to subscribe to to get our latest videos!
  • Akira Kurosawa: Influences and Influence Part 2 Part 1: Part 2 of Akira Kurosawa: Influences and Influence. See Part 1 for first half, description, and disclaimer.
  • The Beatles Influence with 5 Time Grammy Award Winner Kenny O'Brien Learn Piano FREE only 1 more day! Mahalourl Check out 5 time Grammy Award Winning Music Producer Kenny O'Brien talking about his experiences from over 30 years in the Music Industry. Check out these other Music Related Videos: Mahalo Pro Audio The Basics on Dynamic Microphones Mahalo Pro Audio The Basics on Studio Monitors Mahalo Pro Audio The Basics on Cables Mahalo Pro Audio The Basics on Interfaces Mahalo Pro Audio The Basics of a Sound Wave Mahalo Pro Audio The Basics on Signal Flow Mahalo Pro Audio The Basics on Condensor Microphone Zoom H4n Handheld Recorder connecting to a Wireless Lavalier Microphone with Mahalo Pro Audio Zoom H4n Handheld Recorder Basic Overview with Mahalo Pro Audio Axiom25 v2 Overview with Mahalo Pro Audio Axiom25 v2 and GarageBand with Mahalo Pro Audio Midi Cables and Midi Controllers with Mahalo Pro Audio Compression Basics with Mahalo Pro Audio he Behringer Xenyx 1622Fx Introduction with Mahalo Pro Audio The Behringer Xenyx 1622Fx 3 Band Semi-Parametric EQ with Mahalo Pro Audio Headroom Basics with Mahalo Pro Audio Headphone Overview with Mahalo Pro Audio History of the DJ with Mahalo Pro Audio How to Play "The Cave" By Mumford And Sons On Guitar How to Play "Go Your ...
  • The Biggest Influences As a Writer with Lisa Catherine Harper Learn Piano FREE only 1 more day! Hide Computer Files LisaCatherine Harper, winner of the 2010 River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize and author of A Double Life: Discovering Motherhood, answers questions submitted by users on . Hear Lisa talk about everything from physical, mental, and emotional transformations of motherhood to her writing process, and see if one of your questions got answered! To purchase Lisa's books, click the link below: A Double Life: Discovering Motherhood -
  • Swoon presenting her work at MoMA, (Part 1 of 2) The artist Swoon presenting her work as part of the Conversations with Contemporary Artists series at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Part 1 of 2 (edited for time) Audio archives of the unedited presentation and discussion with Gretchen Wagner are available on /audio or through the MoMA Think Modern podcast in iTunes. Images courtesy of Swoon. © 2007 The Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • Bonzo's Moby Dick Influences - Dylan Elise 2010 4/4 Dylan Elise playing a Bozo's Moby Dick influenced Drum solo in Wellington, New Zealand at the NZI sevens street party 2010 Dylan Elise Amazing drum solo, Jazz Festival Dylan Elise's own channel and his Latin solo
  • Earl Hines explains his influences and technique Part Jazz Video
  • Mac Miller talks Yelawolf, XXL Freshmen 2011, Big KRIT, Kendrick Lamar, Musical Influences Mac Miller sat down with Nick Huff Barili for an in depth interview. Mac says that it doesn't feel real yet to be out of high school and opens up about a few topics including, college, evolution from Easy Mac to Mac Miller, being introduced to Hip Hop by older brother and early music influences including Big L, Outkast, Lauryn Hill, Beatles and Bob Marley. Mac takes pride in being a kid and says that its not about age but about having a positive and care-free attitude in life, which was his inspiration for his mixtape KIDS Mac plays the role of XXL editors for a minute and pick a couple artists he thinks should be on Freshmen 2011 cover, including Big Krit, Kendrick Lamar and Yelawolf. Oh yeah and "Best Day Ever" is coming early March! Make sure to subscribe to to get our latest videos including part 2 of this interview coming later this week.
  • Elvis Mitchell: Under The Influence - Quentin Tarantino Part 1 Elvis Mitchell interviews Quentin Tarantino about his film influences.
  • The Daily Brief - How *** Influences Men + NASA's Newest Project - 11.16.11 Today on the Daily Brief we took a look at the following topics: NASA's New Astronaut Recruitment Initiative: Is *** Ruining Men? Woman Drives After Being Shot In Head:
  • Media influence A project i had to do for social psychology on how the media influences us
  • Spike Jones: The Legend "Weird Al" Yankovic discusses classic TV musical satirist Spike Jones' influence on his career, comedy and music. Appears in Special Features on the new Spike Jones: The Legend DVD Box Set (2007).
  • I Gotta Feeling in Mario Paint Composer I also do music transcriptions by request! MP3 for this and all my MPC videos at It's... about... time. My sincere apologies for my lack of contribution to the MPC world these last six months. I feel sometimes like I'm running out of good songs to "paint". However, springtime has begun, and with it, it has brought a rejuvenation to my mindset of life and creativity. Indeed, tonight is going to be a good, good night. This is one of the songs I hear every day I'm at work, and I never thought to put it to paint until three days ago. From start to finish, this took me about 9 hours over three days, including reworking tempos, fine-tuning, and re-recording several times to get the audio level right. While this isn't one of my favourite songs, I think it has a good beat, and it builds anticipation well. Oh, and this is the first time I've used every sound in the default sound set in one song. By the way, I'd call it "I Got A Feeling" to be grammatically correct—since "gotta" is short for "got to" and not "got a"—but I'm a stickler for consistency, and if Black Eyed Peas wants their song title grammatically incorrect, then so it shall be. I Gotta Feeling © Black Eyed Peas, 2009.
  • James Cromwell - Influences/Inspirations James Cromwell speaking at an Acting Workshop during the 2009 Campus MovieFest International Grand Finale. Created by CMF Luminaries at CMF Central in 2012 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival. James Cromwell - Influences/Inspirations Cast & Crew : Abe Mohammadione - Captain with ---------- Become a Fan of CMF on Facebook: Follow CMF on Twitter: @campusmoviefest Subscribe to CMF on YouTube: To learn more about CMF please visit: More info - CMF Campus MovieFest movie short film festival fest five minutes '5 minutes' 'short film' 'one week' university college coed student 'film festival' 'world's largest' CMF Central 2012 '7 days' seven
  • Producer AraabMuzik Kills It On The MPC. Speaks On Influences, Says He's Working W/50 Cent Producer AraabMuzik Kills It On The MPC. Speaks On Influences, Says He's Working W/50 Cent Link:
  • The Biggest Influence on my Life with Lloyd Kaufman Learn Piano FREE only 1 more day! LloydKaufman (born December 30, 1945) is an American film director, producer, screenwriter, author and occasional actor. With producer Michael Herz, he is the co-founder of Troma Entertainment film studio, and the director of many of their feature films, including The Toxic Avenger and Tromeo and Juliet. Kaufman also serves as chairman of the Independent Film & Television Alliance. Acclaimed directors such as Peter Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, Spain's Álex de la Iglesia and Japan's Takashi Miike have all sited independent film director Lloyd Kaufman and the infamous film The Toxic Avenger as major influences. Buy Lloyd's book "Sell Your Own Damn Movie" here :
  • XV Talks J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Common, Eminem + Influences growing up In part 2 of this interview with Nick Huff Barili, XV talks about collaborating with Kendrick Lamar not only on Textbook Stuff but also on tracks to be release in the future. XV agrees with Nick that J Cole's productions skills are slept on and states that he has 4 tracks produced by J Cole, only two of which have been released. XV also says that he has a track for J Cole to rap on for XV's debut album (Kid With the Green Backpack) but that it is produced by Just Blaze and he knows that J Cole want to rap on a track produced by himself so we will see what happens with that. Part 2 ends with XV recalling his musical influences growing up including Notorious Big, Outkast, Scarface, Common, and Crucial Conflict (we didn't see that one coming). Oh yeah and he shares a story about the time his Mom found his Eminem album. SQUARIANS! Make sure to subscribe to for our latest videos including part 3 with XV! You can also follow us at /hardknocktv and @Hardknocktv @NickHuff on twitter.
  • Wiz Khalifa on his influences, career and War in Iraq Hard Knock Tv's Nick Huff Barili talks to a young Wiz Khalifa about how he feels about the War in Iraq since his parent served time in the Army. Wiz also talks about his hip hop influences, which he mentions Bone Thugs, Snoop, Biggie, Jay-Z, 2Pac, Nelly. Wiz ends the interview by talking about goals for his career and what he wants to accomplish. This interview is from the Hard Knock TV vaults and was one of the first interviews Wiz Khalifa did when he signed his Warner Records Deal. This video also contains part of an exclusive freestyle Wiz did for HardKnock.TV You can check it out in it entirety here Make sure to check out Wiz Khalifa on the Rock The Bells tour from Nahright"Well, vintage in internet time. But basically this from back when Wiz had just signed to dead ass Warner Bros. and hardly anybody, except us of course, was paying him much mind. Fast forward a couple years and he's being named MTV's Hottest Breakthrough MC. In this clip he speaks on his influences like Jay, Biggie and Pac, the war in Iraq, and his career goals, which are interesting to hear now that much of it has come to fruition."
  • Under the influence- eminem tune
  • Interview with Eric Krasno from Soulive - Gear & Influences - Pigtronix & Kraz Eric Krasno talks about his influences, gear and the Beatles Tribute, Rubber Soulive.
  • Malms*** - Classical Influences Malms*** is showing some classical licks that inspired him and what techniques using from ment if you want.Enjoy!!!!
  • MTD Exclusive: Blind Fury Speaks on how he prepares for a Battle,Influences,Twitter & Freestyles Watch as Blind Fury (Current 106 & Park Freestyle Friday Champion) chop's it up with MTD () as he talks battle preparation,being blind using Twitter,Rap influences & spits an exclusive Freestyle. http
  • Foo Fighters - Rock & Roll (ft jimmy page& john paul jones) a video of the Foo Fighters performing Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" with special guests Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. line-up for this song: Taylor Hawkins - Vocals Dave Grohl - Drums Jimmy Page - Guitar John Paul Jones - Bass this video is pro-recorded and shown online by MSN.
  • Joe Bonamassa - So Many Roads - Live from the Royal Albert Hall. Joe Bonamassa talks about his introduction to the blues as a youth, and performs the song - So Many Roads - live at the Royal Albert Hall in London on May 4, 2009. If you appreciate blues guitar you'll love the two disc DVD - Joe Bonamassa - Live from the Royal Albert Hall. The DVD includes guest appearances by Eric Clapton and Paul Jones (ex Manfred Mann & Blues Band) Audio and video are the property of the respective authors, artists and labels, provided for entertainment purposes only.
  • Nôze 'DRING DRING', video clip Video clip for the new album of Nôze named "Dring" song: Dring Dring Released by "Get Physical" on 4th of April 2011 Video shot and edited by Olivier Jourdain
  • Devin Townsend On His Inspiration And Influences
  • Skyrim Theme - With Battlefield Influences (Rock/Metal Cover) Official Website: Facebook Skyrim Theme - With Battlefield Influences Homebuild PC - Quad Core - 4 GB RAM DDR3 Windows 7 Cubase 5 Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 Novation Remote SL Compact 49 Schecter Diamons Series Revenger Ibanez GRG250DX Sanyo Xacti CG20
  • How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth (Canine Dental) - VetVid Episode 007 Brushing your dog's teeth may actually prevent some serious canine health problems. In this video we learn the proper technique for brushing your dog's teeth, how often you should brush your dog's teeth, and what are some other home care options to keep your dog's teeth healthy.
  • Frank Zappa - Lost Interview - Early Influences (1-7) PART 1 OF 7 Frank discusses his early musical influences
  • Gavin Harrison interview Part 1: Early influences and experiences Vic Firth presents Gavin Harrison interview Part 1: Early influences and experiences. Gavin has performed with: 05Ric Alice Artful Dodger BJ Cole Bananarama Black Camouflage Claudio Baglioni Dave Stewart Dizrhythmia Donna Gardier Ed Poole Eddie and The Tide Eros Ramazzotti Eugenio Finardi Fiorella Mannoia Froon Gail Ann Dorsey Geno Washington Go West Icognito Iggy Pop Kevin Ayers King Crimson Lene Lovich Level 42 Lewis Taylor Lisa Stansfield Manfred Mann Mick Karn Mieko Shimizu Paul Young Peter Blegvad Porcupine Tree Renaissance Sam Brown Sarah Jane Morris The Kings Of Oblivion Tom Robinson Yasuaki Shimizu Zerra One
  • Media's Influence on Women's Image A women's studies class project dealing with Media's Influence on Women's Body Image.
  • Home Movies - Bad Influences [3 of 3] Episode #303 "Bad Influences" Brendon and Jason are putting on weight at an alarming rate. So in order to break the "fat enabling" cycle they decide never to see each other again. Coach McGuirk tries out his own theory called the "fat father syndrome." part 1 - part 2 -
  • Emergence: Early American Studio Glass & its Influences: 1964-1989 (SOFA NEW YORK 06.03.2006) "Emergence: Early American Studio Glass & its Influences: 1964-1989" Artist Panel: Howard Ben Tre, Erwin Eisch, Michael Glancy, Marvin Lipofsky, Joel Philip Myers, Tom Patti, Frantisek Vizner & Toots Zynsky. Hosted by Carole Hochman, Director, Barry Friedman Gallery, NY. Moderated by Tina Oldknow, Curator of Modern Glass,Corning Museum of Glass, NY. Saturday, June 3, 2006 at SOFA New York, the Park Avenue Armory, Park Avenue at 67th Street. Concurrent with the Barry Friedman Gallery exhibition with: Howard Ben Tre, Dale Chihuly, Erwin Eisch, Michael Glancy, Dominick Labino, Stanislav Libenský/Jaroslava Brychtová, Marvin Lipofsky, Harvey Littleton, Richard Meitner, Joel Philip Myers, Tom Patti, Frantisek Vizner, Toots Zynsky. Emergence takes a look at the American Studio Glass movement from an historical point of view, exploring explore the relationships of these pioneers and examine how Studio Glass emerged as a movement of colleagues, teachers and students, and independent artists creating on their own.
  • Inline - Freestyle slalom - Influences Freestyle slalom video made in Shanghai, Paris, La Rochelle.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Their Influences The Red Hot Chili Peppers were in 1988 talking about their influences.

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  • “We see Indian influences everywhere nowadays. Whether it's your Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks or a kajal eyeliner at Sephora, the craze for everything Indian”
    — Indian Influences | Arzoo Online Magazine - Preserving Desi,

  • “Here & There influences. May 4th, 2009 by Jack Schulze · 13 Comments bit about the influences on Here & There, a project about representation of urban places,”
    — Here & There influences – Blog – BERG,

  • “Website of writer Jeff Tietz. Influences/Blog. Contact. November 13, 2010. November: Janet Malcolm. Below are the first paragraphs of Janet Malcolm's lacerating assessment of the relationship between journalist and subject, The Journalist and the Murderer (1990)”
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  • “New market research has found that blog readers are strongly influenced by blog content when it comes to purchase decisions across a number of categories, and that blogs play a key role in ushering readers to the point of an actual purchase”
    — Blog Content Influences Consumer Buying Behavior #SEWatch,

  • “Blog. Weddings. Process. About Us. Contact. Category Archives: influences. A good influence calendars, design, history, influences, paper, process, quotations”
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  • “ - The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson presents the American Sage philosopher's biography, books (Nature), quotes (Thoreau), essays (Self Reliance), poems (Brahma), lectures (The Fugitive Slave Law) and addresses (Woman) RWE Influences Blog”
    — Old Friends,

  • “Influences. blog. Meta/Site News. Ever wondered where the successful visualization researchers take their ideas from? How they got Not long before that, I had seen an article about a book containing lists of influences by influential designers”
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