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  • Mitral incompetence symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment information for Mitral incompetence (Mitral regurgitation) with alternative diagnoses, full-text book chapters, misdiagnosis, research treatments, prevention, and prognosis. — “Mitral incompetence - ”,
  • This is a University level research paper written on the issue of competency vs. incompetence in the field of counseling. situation where a young entrpreneur's bujsiness ambitions have been ruined due to extraordinry lethargy and incompetence of government officials. — “Incompetence - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Incompetence. Incompetence is a dystopian comedy novel by Red Dwarf co-creator Rob Grant, first published in 2003 with the tag line is "Bad is the new Good" Incompetence is a dystopian comedy novel by Red Dwarf co-creator Rob Grant, first published in 2003 with the tag line is "Bad is the new Good". — “Incompetence facts - Freebase”,
  • After further research, thinking and pondering, I now feel confident to present to you my final, "official", Eight Principles of Incompetence: Fifth Principle: Incompetence always supports incompetence. — “Another Point of View: The Eight Principles Of Incompetence”, pov-mentarch1
  • Identifying incompetence, Leadership. Management Thinking. margaret heffernan,bad habit,time managers,bad management,effective leader,global one,warning sign,incompetence,heroism,hallmark,epidemic,preference,boss,hard decisions,adults,signs,job. — “Identifying incompetence”, management-
  • We found 34 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word incompetence: incompetence: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] incompetence: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of incompetence - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • at the head of a crew, too, chiefly made up of mongrel renegades, and castaways, and cannibals--morally enfeebled also, by the incompetence of mere unaided virtue or right-mindedness in Starbuck. 1949: George Orwell, 1984. Winston did not know why Withers had been disgraced. — “incompetence - Wiktionary”,
  • Incompetence quotes and quotations from brainyquote But the technology was accessible, which suggests incompetence on the part of our counterintelligence community and the Clinton Administration, and may in fact rise to the level of treason. — “Incompetence Quotes”,
  • Material on understanding and dealing with inept and incompetent bosses. "The signs of incompetence can be likened to headlights on a pitch-black night. — “Incompetence”,
  • Posts Tagged incompetence' Video: Obama's Endless Summer of Fundraising. Monday, August 9th, 2010. Latest Video from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and its a good one. I think Obama says it best: "There is a time to campaign, and there is a time to govern. — “Expose Obama " incompetence”,
  • Definition of incompetence from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of incompetence. Pronunciation of incompetence. Definition of the word incompetence. Origin of the word incompetence. — “incompetence - Definition of incompetence at ”,
  • Reckless greed and utter incompetence. 27/03/2008 22:56:13. One thing - and one thing alone - can be said for the Financial Services Authority: it has been ruthlessly honest about its own catastrophic incompetence. An economic crisis is looming. — “Incompetence | Search Results | Mail Online”,
  • Humiliation • Idiocy • Ignorance • Incompetence • Indecision • Indifference • Individuality • Ineptitude Incompetence. When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of skill by doubling your efforts, there's no end to what you can't do. 5" x 7". — “Incompetence”,
  • incompetence n. The quality or state of being incompetent. — “incompetence: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Definition of incompetence in the Medical Dictionary. incompetence explanation. Information about incompetence in Free online English dictionary. What is incompetence? Meaning of incompetence medical term. What does incompetence mean?. — “incompetence - definition of incompetence in the Medical”, medical-
  • Incompetence is very hard to define, but you sure know it when you see it like in this quote from George W. Bush: "What I'm suggesting to you is, if you can't name the foreign minister of Mexico, therefore, you know, you're not capable of what you do. — “Urban Dictionary: Incompetence”,
  • Learn about Incompetence on . Find info and videos including: How to Define Mental Incompetence, How to Treat an Incompetent Cervix, How to Diagnose an Incompetent Cervix and much more. — “Incompetence - ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of INCOMPETENCE : the state or fact of being incompetent. Examples of INCOMPETENCE. Because of his incompetence, we won't make our deadline. — “Incompetence - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Incompetence is the inability to perform; lack of competence; ineptitude. Darwin Awards, a tongue-in-cheek "award" given to people whose incompetence results in their deaths or in some cases, loss of ability to reproduce. — “Incompetence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Incompetence definition, the quality or condition of being incompetent; lack of ability. See more. — “Incompetence | Define Incompetence at ”,
  • Incompetence, though widly regarded as a religion, is more of a way of life. It is practiced commonly in our modern society, and is regarded as a sign of civilization. The utmost authority on incompetence is the oracle of Enron. — “Incompetence - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of incompetence in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of incompetence. Pronunciation of incompetence. Translations of incompetence. incompetence synonyms, incompetence antonyms. Information about incompetence in the free online English. — “incompetence - definition of incompetence by the Free Online”,

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  • US Navy in Vietnam, Part 3: Incompetence Multiplied $$$, Skilled Actions Beg for Resources The American tendency to build grandiose, but tactically flimsy shore-based facilities is shown in this documentary. All of this is derived from our WW2 experiences marching on the Japanese home islands while safe from enemy air attack since the IJN was sunk due in most part to our highly efficient diesel-electric submarine force and attack/patrol PBY Catalina/PBM Mariner seaplanes and her air force kept away by land-based USAAF aircraft like the long-ranged P-38 Lightning In the non-linear war setting of Vietnam, where we refused to close off South Vietnams borders from enemy infiltration, these cluster***s of buildings and non-combatant wanna-be victims invited Viet Cong attacks which resulted in more American victims to come ashore in the form of the inept, high school drill team-like USMC to supposedly guard these facilities when they couldnt even keep themselves from becoming the walking dead. The American Way of War is long overdue for a serious over-haul.
  • The Psychology of Incompetence - Ron Burk The Psychology of Incompetence - Ron Burk - Ignite Seattle 6 - 2009-04-29
  • Improbable Research Collection #107.5: Incompetence, Claw, Claw Improbable Research Collection #107.5: Incompetence, claw, claw incompetence: claw: claw:
  • Bob Fife Blasts Dion Incompetence Do you think it's easy to deliver a video?! Watch Bob Fife go after Dion and the Liberals for failing to get CTV News their video of Dion. And this guy is going to lead the coalition and the country?
  • Rubio Weighs in on Obama's Incompetence.wmv
  • Rewarding Incompetence Join me on Face Book Best Demotivational posters on the web: Evolution Posters: Ben Stein is an Idiot:
  • Incompetence and Incoherence in Afghanistan During a discussion on Iraq and Afghanistan on Late Edition, Ahmed Rashid points out how the US dropped the ball in Afghanistan due to pulling our resources away from that country to prepare to invade Iraq.
  • CBS's Scott Pelley Suppresses "War President's" Incompetence PELLEY: What would you say right now in this interview to the Iranian president about the meddling in Iraq? BUSH: I'd say, first of all, to him, "You've made terrible choices for your people. You've isolated your nation. You've taken a nation of proud and honorable people, and you've made your country the pariah of the world. You've threatened countries with nuclear weapons. You've said you want a nuclear weapon. You've defied international accord. And you're slowly but surely isolating yourself." And secondly, that "it's in your interest to have a unified nation on your border. It's in your interest that there be a flourishing democracy." And thirdly, you know, "If we catch your people inside the country harming US citizens or Iraqi citizens, you know, we will deal with them." When Pelley tells President Ahmadinejad what President Bush said, he omits the sentences which expose Bush as dangerously ignorant of the basic facts. This is Mainstream Media at its most devious, suppressing things from most of the people. Bush doesn't understand the BASIC facts, And Scott Pelley suppresses this? How many people are going to go back to the original transcript from January and read what Bush actually said and find out Pelley is playing them for fools? "I Am Just A Reporter. I Am A Simple, Average American Reporter." - Scott Pelley Video from January: Bush is Ignorant and Extremely Dangerous Killing Free Speech: Fair Use Video Removed by YouTube
  • US Navy in Vietnam, Part 1: Incompetence Multiplied $$$, Skilled Actions Beg for Resources When did we start thinking that TACTICAL fighter-bombers could do STRATEGIC bombing with their tiny payloads? Was it because of air-to-air refueling that the TacAir aviators in the USAF and the USN delude themselves into thinking that they could bomb dams, power plants, factories, cities into submission with multiple sorties? Didnt anyone ponder that since strategic bombing didnt win WW2 with HEAVY BOMBERS as it forced the enemy underground, it CERTAINLY WOULDNT WORK with much smaller fighter-bombers. Strategic bombing HELPED the ground forces MANEUVER onto Berlin by slowing down the *** secret weapons development just enough so we could end the war by toppling the Hitler regime in the nick-of-time: North Vietnam didnt even take us seriously until we sent B-52 heavy bombers en masse in 1972 Operation Linebacker II that at least got them to release our POWs. Imagine if instead of flying B-52s from Thailand or Guam they operated from Mobile Offshore Bases (MOBs) which would have huge 10, 000 foot runways to speed sortie generation And didnt anyone think that MULTIPLE SORTIES of too-small, fighter-bombers attacking the same fixed targets again and again would result in SHOOT-DOWNS, deaths and our men captured as POWs? If we were going to do gunboat diplomacy with the North Vietnames we needed to use GUNBOATS to do it—all 4 of our Iowa class battleships should have been recalled to duty and then sent to smash their ports and docks—just like the USS New ...
  • Requiem For A Dreadful General Manager A tribute to Matt Millen
  • Adam Kokesh Testimony to Incompetence Iraq War veteran Adam Kokesh delivers the first "Testimony to Incompetence" during the cook out to launch IVAW's Bus Tour and invites other vets to join in a competition to see who has the best story of the military's incompetence in the occupation of Iraq.
  • Skeewiff - Lost due to Incompetence Evil not dead
  • Max Keiser reports on CFTC, LBMA incompetence, JP Morgan Gold, Silver Manipulation Buy Gold & Silver -
  • Swine Flu, Coincidence Incompetence Theory and Conspiracy Theory Dave postulates on the recent "swine" flu outbreak in Mexico. Cogitates Coincidence Incompetence theories versus Conspiracy theories and gets into the effects of the moon and the occult. Who benefits from sick people? Would you launch your boat when the tide is out, and what affects the tide? One thing leads to another. Distraction from the financial crisis?
  • Jews opposed to Israel's murderous blockade; BP and Obama's Gulf incompetence The Stench of Truth (331).mp4 (Also check out this site noting that many Rabbis condemn Israeli war crimes in Gaza: ) Some European Jewish groups are opposed to Israel's murderous blockade on the Palestinians in Gaza and want a just peace. Hooray for them, it proves that Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism or Jews except insofar as Zionism uses Jews like they do others to further the political ideology of Zionism. Are the Jews anti-Semitic? Jewish groups have called the JEWISH head of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership anti-Semitic because he is critical of gun control advocates that are Jewish, the ADL and other prominent Jews are pro gun control. Suddenly tankers are coming to the Gulf to help with the oil. This entire thing is such an incredible fiasco of incompetence that people should be up in arms over this. A total failure of leadership and decisive action. The supposed experts are apparently mentally challenged.
  • Howard Stern: Gary's Incompetence 7 000 mistakes. (1994)
  • Four Stages Of Competence Conscious Incompetence Unconscious Explanation of the 4 stages of competence 1) Unconscious Incompetence 2) Conscious Incompetence 3) Conscious Competence 4) Unconscious Competence This is some of the most important and impactful information when trying to learn Internet Network Marketing. (or when trying to learn anything)
  • US Navy in Vietnam, Part 2: Incompetence Multiplied $$$, Skilled Actions Beg for Resources Note the USN did have factions within it that properly adapted to modern war; the co-operation of US Army O-1 Bird Dog observation aircraft with rear-seat spotter to control USS Canberra 8 inch cruiser guns to effect TACTICAL naval gunfire support; however this level of combat power didnt threaten the carrier racket so it was allowed to occur. We do not have Airborne Forward Air Controllers (AFACs) today to control either land or sea-based artillery nor fighter-bombers as the UAV madness persists resulting in rebels in Iraq/Afghanistan to stay on the loose causing trouble. Fortunately, the Navys innovations with small Swift boats (think Senator John Kerry) and PBR plastic boats with waterjets has continued with the SEALs and special boat units. Not shown (and not exploited anymore) was the P-5 Marlin SEAPLANES that could patrol thousands of miles of waterways and then DO SOMETHING about it (fire rockets, drop bombs, land search party in small boats etc.) if they spotted a suspicious vessel:
  • Let's Play Final Fantasy Adventure #02 - Incompetence In this episode, I find the Gemma Knight, Bogard, who also directs us to Wendel. Unfortunately, our hero is utterly incompetent, but I'll do what I can with what I've got. Thanks for watching!
  • Cheech & Chong Lost Due To Incompetence (Theme For A Big Green Van) Cheech & Chong Lost Due To Incompetence (Theme For A Big Gree Van) from the motion picure sountrack Up In Smoke This is part of the movie when they drive a van made out of marajuana
  • Incompetence Music Video P-Funk and Secret Army keyboardist Danny Bedrosian's debut Music video with the song Incompetence, from Danny's solo debut Som'n Fierce. It was edited by PinMorgan Productions and features NYC based Comedy Troupe MURDER FIST. Brought to you by BOZFONK MOOSICK, and Funxploitation Uploads. FUNKIN EVER ON.
  • Gulf Oil Rig Explosion 1-6 Incompetence, Terrorism, Israel, Unidentified Submarine, A Question 6-29-10 Ugly Truth Podcast - The disaster taking place in the Gulf of Mexico--Mark Dankof and Victor Thorn join the discussion to discuss the question "A case of incompetance or one of "an enemy hath done this"? On the 19th April Obama was going to stop vetoing for Israel and Obama refused to go to war with Iran- This announcement happened the same day as Israel's independence day- www.when- The Gulf Oil rig explosion happened the next day- Sorcha Faal (real name David Booth) is a CIA disinfo agent - who reported that North Korea used a tor*** from a mini sub on the oil rig- Unidentified Sub in the Gulf - Was it Israel and Rogue US Zionist Government again? Talk about the big one that got away. Ryan Danoff was fishing with two friends about four miles off Hollywood beach Sunday when he spied what appeared to be a mast on the horizon. Funny thing: There was no boat underneath it. Danoff, a Fort Lauderdale fish farmer who's on the water at least three days a week, aimed his 31-foot center console Fishy Business at the mysterious upright and found himself eye to eye with a periscope. "It was crazy," he said. "If it was just myself out there I wouldn't believe what I saw." Danoff moved closer. "It took off," he said. Very fast, about 20 knots. The periscope sank beneath the waves, and whatever was below the surface blew its ballast, sending aloft a mighty ...
  • Criminal! Another year passes in the European Union and the fraudsters keep getting away with stealing your money.
  • Lawrence Wilkerson on Douglas Feith Video edited as part of a post for : Watch the full clip at:
  • Skeewiff ~ Lost Due To Incompetence This is the song from Cheech and Chong, Up In Smoke but it's a bit different than the others posted on youtube. It's longer and has more movie lines in it. It's a good listen. Great beat, great bass and awesome lead guitar.
  • RANT # 1: Incompetence (thethumbnailwasinevitable) ***click*** my blog:
  • From Conscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence - One Hoopers Journey "HoopsieDaisy" of posted a "30/30 Hoop Challenge" early in 2011: 30 minutes of hoop-practice for 30 days. (January 8th to - February 6th 2011) For this exercise I focused on one particular move, called "Paddling", that had been particularly challenging. At first I recorded myself to figure out ways to improve technique. Over time it became encouraging to see how constant practice created incremental improvements. The title of this video references the "Four stages of competence". (I suppose this video doesn't really cover FOUR stages - as I already knew I didn't know how to paddle.) Hope this incredibly amateurish video helps inspire you to master your own skill of interest. Remember: Practice makes improvement! Special thanks to: "Hoopsie Daisy" and for organizing the 30/30 Hooping Challenge. Asheville's Hooper/Flow Arts community Friends for helping with this project Asheville YMCA Questions about this video? Contact [email protected] Music info Title: Orange Author: Waterflame Music Licensing terms: Creative Commons Attribution: You must give credit to the artist. Noncommercial: You may not use this work for commercial purposes unless you make specific arrangements with the artist under another license. Share Alike: If you alter, transform, or build upon this music, you may distribute the resulting creation only under a license identical to this one.
  • Dodsferd-Suicide Was Created By Your Incompetence Black Metal, Misanthropy, Wrath (Nikos Spanakis) - Vocals, Guitars ,John "Bringer of Plague" - Session Drums. Sardonic - Session Bass. Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey
  • Divorce Attorney Ronald Kranz Shows Incompetence In Court Divorce Attorney Ronald Kranz, from Sterling Heights, Michigan, in Macomb County, shows his incompetence in divorce proceedings and gets repeatedly disciplined by Judge Joan Young of the Oakland County Michigan Circuit Court. Ronald Kranz tries to stop free speech and can't even keep track of his own witnesses. Attorney Ronald Kranz is a perfect example of what's wrong with our legal system with unprepared and incompetent attorneys. Would you hire this guy as your divorce attorney??? Listen to the radio interview of Dr. Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D. on WJR 760am Detroit at: This is a MUST listen interview which provides many examples of why the Michigan Family Court System is broke and has failed families, parents and children, and how states and courts profit from divorces. Dr. Baskerville, Ph.D. also explains how fraudulent Personal Protection Orders are commonly used in Michigan during child custody disputes. Dr. Baskerville's book is "Taken into Custody: The War Against Fatherhood, Marriage, and the Family"
  • Bill Gates - Windows Media Center Blooper! Bill Gates Shows off one of Microsoft's products & it didn't go according to plan!
  • Yesca - Lost Due To Incompetence (Cheech And Chong's Up In Smoke Version) Blaze your weed and enjoy ^^ :D
  • Shocking US Treasury Incompetence Everybody needs to see this video immediately, it is absolutely shocking and appalling! There is nothing that better demonstrates the incompetence of the US Treasury, which is in charge of managing our nation's tax revenue and printing our paper currency!!! If they can't get this right, imagine what else they are screwing up!!!!!! Sign-up for our free newsletter at: http George4title is Sponsored by NIA
  • Shilbet dispute: bookmaker fraud or incompetence? Several players complain that Shilbet changed their winning full-game wagers to losing first-half wagers on the June 10th, 2009 Ecuador Argentina soccer match. Justin7 from breaks down the evidence.
  • Incompetent Philippine SWAT team storms bus with hostages(Honkong Tourists) in Manila, Philippines Incompetent SWAT team of the Philippines. Philippines Hostage Crisis involving Hong-Kong Tourists August 23. 2010 MANILA, Philippines (9th UPDATE) - Philippine security forces stormed a bus packed with Hong Kong tourists on Monday to end a dramatic hostage crisis that unfolded live on global television, leaving eight people and the gunman dead. The day-long ordeal began when a disgruntled ex-policeman armed with an M-16 assault rifle and dressed in combat pants hijacked the bus in Manila's tourist district in a desperate bid to get his job back. Negotiations broke down after nightfall when the gunman, former senior police inspector Rolando Mendoza, began shooting and commandos were forced to storm the bus, firing dozens of bullets of their own into the vehicle. "I shot two Chinese. I will finish them all if they do not stop," Mendoza told a local radio station as the police assault was about to get under way. Police said a sniper shot Mendoza dead after he used his captives as "human shields" in the final moments of the 12-hour standoff. Philippine President Benigno Aquino said eight tourists were confirmed killed, while the Red Cross reported another seven were in hospital with unspecified injuries. Seven tourists, including children, and two Filipinos were freed at various times throughout the day from the bus that was parked at Rizal Park, a popular tourist destination just a few blocks from police headquarters. The Filipino bus driver jumped out of a window and ...
  • illusion of superiority The Dunning-Kruger effect. Justin Kruger & David Dunning. Unskilled and unaware of It: how difficulties in recognizing one's own incompetence lead to inflated self-assessments. Journal of personality and social psychology 1999, vol.77, no.6, pp1121-1134 ©1999 by American Psychological Association, Inc. •••••••• PERCENTILES. For those unfamiliar with percentile rankings, briefly.... Say you get 95% of questions right in a test — sounds good. But if everyone else does, then your performance is actually average. Percentiles are a method of marking, which ranks your score COMPARATIVE to other scores within a population. If you rank at the 10th percentile, 10 percent of all scores, in the population tested, fall BELOW you. If you rank at the 90th percentile, 90 percent of all test results fall BELOW you — you've made it to the top 10. 50% is dead on average. Bizarrely, in a tendency which has been termed the 'above-average effect', it seems most people — no matter what their competence/ability — perceive themselves as above average, hovering around the 60th percentile.
  • Papantonio: Big Petroleum Thrives On Incompetence BP hasn't fully stopped the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, and with each day that passes, more stories about BP's misconduct are surfacing along with the crude oil. Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC's The Ed Show to give us an update on the BP lawsuit, as well as to let everyone know the truth about this company.
  • Police Incompetence in Shawano Cty 72 year old Native American man from the Stockbridge Reservation was pulled over because of an alleged headlight out. Even though the elderly man demanded to know why he was pulled over he was not violent. When the victim was asked who installed the tint on his window he replied, the manufacturer. The officer sarcastically responded, I don't think so. The victim then became verbally defensive and the officer responded with serious incompetence when dealing with this situation (shoving the man up against his car and throwing him down to the pavement) and improper protocol. The victim was a medical patient on dialysis and needed to be treated with care, when told this the officer still treated him improperly.
  • Miscarriages of Justice ~ Scott Hornoff case ~ Police Incompetence - Part 1 of (3) In the Scott Hornoff case it starts with Police Incompetence. Scott Hornoff is locked away and it appears he will never get out a free man. Then Another man Todd Barry confesses to the crime and the case is re opened. Todd Barry voluntarily confesses to the crime to a skeptical police and expresses remorse at the injustice he has caused and the crime he committed. Information about miscarriages of justice: A miscarriage of justice primarily is the conviction and punishment of a person for a crime they did not commit. The term travesty of justice is sometimes used for a gross, deliberate miscarriage of justice. Miscarriage of justice" is sometimes synonymous with wrongful conviction, referring to a conviction reached in an unfair or disputed trial. Causes of miscarriages of justice include: Plea bargains that offer incentives for the innocent to plead guilty Confirmation bias on the part of investigators Withholding or destruction of evidence by police or prosecution fabrication of evidence or outright perjury by police (see testilying), or prosecution witnesses (eg Dr Charles Smith) Biased editing of evidence Prejudice towards the class of people to which the defendant belongs Poor identification by witnesses and/or victims Overestimation/underestimation of the evidential value of expert testimony Contaminated evidence Faulty forensic tests false confessions due to police pressure or psychological weakness Misdirection of a jury by a judge during trial perjured evidence ...
  • BP's 'Culture of Incompetence' Harry Smith spoke with Rep. Bart Stupak who investigated past BP past oil leaks spoke about the carelessness that led to the current Gulf oil leak.
  • (1989) Steven E. Koonin - Incompetence and Delusions (Cold Fusion) Caltech earned a place in "cold fusion" history as the breeding ground of contempt for the "cold fusion" discovery of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons. Caltech's theoretical physicist Steven E. Koonin was quick to denounce Fleischmann and Pons as incompetent and delusional at the 1989 American Physical Society meeting in Baltimore, MD, May 1, 1989.
  • Incompetence = Good Explorer? Olly Steeds - renowned investigative journalist and host of Discovery's Solving History - gives away the most important aspect of being a successful adventurer and explorer.
  • The Psychology of Incompetence Have you ever wondered why incompetent people tend to over estimate their ability? People with little knowledge about particular subjects tend to, firstly, not recognize their lack of knowledge, and secondly, not be able to recognize expertise in others. Research by Dunning and Kruger found a remarkable link between incompetence and confidence. He also explores the Lake Wobegon effect, the phenomenon that people tend to overestimate their own abilities.

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  • “Since my cranky post last week titled Do we suck at the basics? I've had an eye out for writing on incompetence and suckage. Over at Harvard Business John”
    — How to fight management incompetence " Scott Berkun,

  • “Promoting the people most competent at one job does not mean that they'll be better at another, according to a new simulation of hierarchical organizations. The Physics arXiv Blog produces daily coverage of the best new ideas from an online forum called the Physics arXiv on which scientists post early”
    — Why Incompetence Spreads through Big Organizations,

  • “Election and Political news covering all the major figures: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and updates on what's happening in our government and Congress. Check here for the latest Political News”

  • “Guest Blog: Censorship, Incompetence, or Maliciousness? November 22, 2010 by Ian Freeman WHDH NBC 7 in Boston Reports on Meg and the TSA. Recent Forum Topics”
    — Guest Blog: Censorship, Incompetence, or Maliciousness,

  • “And, you accept the second premise: that mastery requires an environment of being on the edge of your incompetence. Successfully executing the latest project would have been a certain failure a few years ago, but I slowly advanced my edge of incompetence”
    — Living on the Edge of Incompetence " Scott H Young,

  • “FEMA disregarded its own hurricane response plans by not allowing the Interior Department and other federal and local agencies to aid in the days immediately after Hurricane Katrina hit”
    — Incompetence? Crime? You decide [Building a Pyramid],

  • “Source link: http:///9347/compensating-incompetence Next, consider the level of incompetence these execs have shown so far”
    — Compensating Incompetence — Mises Economics Blog,

  • “Archived from groups: (More info?) I expect I'm just one of many who have got more (I mean of course substantially less) from the purchase of Half Life 2 than I bargained fo”
    — Valve - Evidence of Incompetence - Games-General-Discussions,

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