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  • Downloadable! Cet article présente un modèle dans lequel un individu représentatif consomme une unique Nous ***ysons à l'aide de ce modèle les comportements de consommation face à une incertitude sur la disponibilité d'une ressource environnementale dans le futur. — “La consommation de ressources environnementales en incertitude”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for incertitude in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “incertitude - Dictionary definition and pronunciation”,
  • incertitude ( ) n. Uncertainty. Absence of confidence; doubt. Insecurity or instability. — “incertitude: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Genetic World is an album by the French electronic music trio Télépopmusik, released in She performed on "Smile", "Yesterday Was A Lie", the single "Breathe", and "Love Can. — “Genetic World - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Incertitude. Incertitude. Uncertainty; doubtfulness; doubt. Related Incertitude Translations. incertitude in Swedish is ovisshet. — “Definition of Incertitude”,
  • Definition of incertitude in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of incertitude. Pronunciation of incertitude. Translations of incertitude. incertitude synonyms, incertitude antonyms. Information about incertitude in the free online English. — “incertitude - definition of incertitude by the Free Online”,
  • incertitude f. ( plural incertitudes) (countable and uncountable) uncertainty. Retrieved /wiki/incertitude" Categories: French derivations. — “incertitude - Wiktionary”,
  • As world demand for gemstones is shrinking, our market is taking an amazing advantage of a still prospering Indian market. Purchasing power and strong incertitude for the future paved the way of a return of the oldest cast of ***ysts:. — “Astrology boosts gemstone market”,
  • Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "incertitude" is defined. incertitude: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info] incertitude:. — “Definitions of incertitude - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • 1. (noun) doubt, uncertainty, incertitude, dubiety, doubtfulness, dubiousness Synonyms: dubiety, incertitude, doubtfulness, precariousness, dubiousness, uncertainty, doubt, uncertainness, question. — “doubt Synonym”,
  • In an interesting development, the Financial Times reports this morning that Chinese exports have overtaken German ones. China exported 521,7 Bn $ during Chinese Exports Overtake German Ones, But Still Incertitude On The Recovery. — “Chinese Exports Overtake German Ones, But Still Incertitude”,
  • It has become something of a cliche to refer to the turbulence that characterizes any self-respecting organization today. Globalization, meanwhile, has heightened our awareness of the inevitable change that organizations face in a sometimes. — “Le temps de l'incertitude. | Business solutions from”,
  • Synonyms for incertitude. Other words for incertitude. Different words for incertitude. Antonyms of incertitude. — “incertitude - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Definition of INCERTITUDE : uncertainty: a : absence of assurance or confidence : doubt b :. — “Incertitude - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • . This Page Is Under Construction - Coming Soon! Learn how to create a website and improve your web presence. Understand how to get online and how domains, hosting, SSL, online marketing and email work together. Buy a. — “”,
  • Definition of incertitude in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is incertitude? Meaning of incertitude as a legal term. What does incertitude mean in law?. — “incertitude legal definition of incertitude. incertitude”, legal-
  • Blog de L'Incertitude. A blog where anything can be mentioned or discussed. A blog that Blog de L'Incertitude (25) My Life (4) Writings (14) Media of the. — “Blog de L'Incertitude ::”,
  • 24 Hour Dispatch on most orders. Incertitude T-shirt created by Paty_Vidour. This design is available on many sizes, styles, and colours of shirts. — “Incertitude T-shirt - .au”, .au
  • A l'heure où plane une incertitude certaine sur le nom du futur sélectionneur du Mali Pourtant, durant près de soixante-douze heures, une grosse incertitude a plané sur la tenue de la première étape. — “L'incertitude plane à l'usine Blue Mountain”,
  • Definition of incertitude from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of incertitude. Pronunciation of incertitude. Definition of the word incertitude. Origin of the word incertitude. — “incertitude - Definition of incertitude at ”,
  • The incertitude describes the extent to which it has not been possible to predict ther we are approaching an new paradigm, where incertitude (uncertainty, igno. — “Poul Harremoës Scientific incertitude in environmental”,

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  • Incertitude old composition from me....the record was only with small computer and made it with a old XD
  • L'incertitude /// JPP
  • Wave Function And Wave-Particle Duality ... Quantum Mechanics (Chapter 3): Wave Function and Wave-Particle Duality. --- Please SUBSCRIBE to Science & Reason: • • • --- 1. A Brief History Of Quantum Mechanics 2. The Structure Of Atoms 3. Wave Function And Wave-Particle Duality 4. The Uncertainty Principle 5. The Spin Of Fundamental Particles 6. Quantum Entanglement --- WAVE FUNCTION A wave function or wavefunction is a mathematical tool used in quantum mechanics to describe any physical system. It is a function from a space that maps the possible states of the system into the complex numbers. The laws of quantum mechanics (ie the Schrödinger equation) describe how the wave function evolves over time. The values of the wave function are probability amplitudes — complex numbers — the squares of the absolute values of which give the probability distribution that the system will be in any of the possible states. It is commonly applied as a property of particles relating to their wave-particle duality, where it is denoted ψ(position,time) and where | ψ | 2 is equal to the chance of finding the subject at a certain time and position. For example, in an atom with a single electron, such as hydrogen or ionized helium, the wave function of the electron provides a complete description of how the electron behaves. It can be decomposed into a series of atomic orbitals which form a basis for the ...
  • principe incertitude choreographie by JG Weis (L)
  • Incertitude Andre Gagnon
  • Hydro Power (Hydroelectric Inflow Dam System).wmv Revolution Hydro Power Converter. Hydroelectric Inflow Dam System, an innovative design comprising modular hydroelectric energy production units, each being characterized by an enclosed column partially immersed in water. The upper portion of the inflow dam above the water level houses the generator, converter, transformer and control system. One or several turbines at the bottom end of the column receive water jets from nozzles to rotate the turbine(s) to produce electricity. Evacuation pipe discharges water downstream of the turbine(s) to a lower ground by gravity. This system is modular, portable and scalable and can be deployed individually or connected in a network according to the designed power capacity. Comparative advantages of Hydroelectric Inflow Dam System: Minimal ecological footprint. System can be installed without the need to construct a dam. Generic construction, there is only one model that is adaptable to different installations. Not dependent on waves and current, it works well in still water or tidal basins. Efficiency in manufacturing, installation, deployment and maintenance Easy maintenance without interruption of power supply. Modular and portable by land, sea and air transport. Mass production to achieve economy of scale. High power density per water surface area No technological incertitude. Hydroelectric Inflow Dam System works well in two or more cascading reservoirs. Install at location where water containment can be still ...
  • Gosick Drama and Character Song Album: Incertitude Gosick Drama and Character Song Album Track 6: Incertitude Artist: Yuuki Aoi
  • Trauma - Incertitude The picture, is the one from the tape version that was released in 1996, if you have this, it's probably with a different front !..! Artist: Trauma Song: Incertitude Album: Comedy is over (1996) Genre: Technical Death Metal Country: Poland (Elblag)
  • Niger: Activists Vow to Fight Referendum Decision In Niger, a leading civil rights activists is jailed as opposition to the president's referendum, extending his rule for another three years. Niger's opposition continues to question the legitimacy of a referendum which allows President Mamadou Tandja to rule for three further years. A leading civil rights activist, Morou Amadou was jailed on Monday (August 10) after he called for a general strike to bring down Tandja's administration, according to Judicial sources. Before his arrest, Amadou said that despite the referendum, Nigeriens still oppose the changes in the constitution. He vowed they would fight against Tandjas dictatorship. Opposition leaders, who urged voters to boycott the August 4th referendum, said final turnout was as little as five percent — far less than the 68 percent announced by authorities. On Monday the European Union also voiced criticism over the legitimacy of the referendum, warning that the ties between the 27-nation EU and the Tandja administration could suffer. Tidjiane Alou Mahamane, a political ***yst, said the results of the referendum were known. [Tidjiane Alou Mahamane, Political ***yst]: "However, we still remain in an undeniable incertitude. It's an incertitude of the country's internal affairs, and how forces that were showing before the referendum, during the campaign, and again during the referendum, tugging their existence." Defying international criticism and wide domestic protests, Tandja declared a landslide 92 percent victory ...
  • Mylène Farmer - Ainsi Soit Je HD In this song, Farmer "reveals her loneliness, her pain of living and her great lucidity", and deals with the theme of existentialism (also present in "A quoi je sers..."). This suggests that "the singer's single religion is despair, sadness and great lucidity on the future". She speaks to someone to warn him against her own solitude. The same semantic field is used as in "Regrets" : cold, winter, time. The video was directed by Laurent Boutonnat who also wrote the screenplay. This Requiem Publishing production was shot for two days in studios of Stains (France), and cost only about 30000 euros (as some of the money was being saved for the following video, "Pourvu qu'elles soient douces"). It is a tribute to Walt Disney's animated feature, Bambi. This is the singer's only video in sepia tone. It could evoke the life cycle. The "melancholy tone is accentuated by the cold colours". The "owl could refer to a double meaning : the first is the idea of wisdom and a guiding presence in the black ([ie] the melancholy of ideas sung by the artist), but [the second is the idea of] an animal that opens eyes to the harshness of life and the temporary nature of things". Lyrics: Bulle de chagrin Boule d'incertitude Tant de matins Que rien ne dissimule Je veux mon hiver M'endormir loin de tes chimeres Je sais bien que je mens Je sais bien que j'ai froid dedans Bulle de chagrin Boule d'incertitude De nos destins Naît que solitude Tu dis qu'il faut du temps Qu'aimer n'est pas un jeu d ...
  • Tim Seisser plays Bireli Lagrene's Incertitude Here is the awesome unison solo line from "Incertitude" from Bireli's new album "Electric Side". This is originally played by Bireli and saxophonist Franck Wolf but I thought it would be fun to learn it on bass. If you haven't checked out this album I highly suggest you get it. A great modern electric jazz disc featuring some of Paris' best musicians.
  • Secret of Mana OST - Mystic Invasion ~ Mana Palace Theme 1 Stereo quality: Music from the soundtrack of Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2). Title: Mystic Invasion (aka The Holy Intruder) Composer: Hiroki Kikuta Check my playlists for more songs of Secret of Mana and other game music:
  • Incertitude ( Andre Gagnon ) A 13 ( Uncertainty ) Andre Gagnon's World of Serenity -- by baroqer playlist content :
  • Trauma - *** Truth [ Comedy is Over ] Artist: Trauma Album: Comedy Is Over Track: *** Truth Genre: Death Metal Country: Poland Also a video of me playing dirt 2... figured i should add something to make it less boring than just a album cover for once lol.
  • Civic Mimic Trailer CIVIC MIMIC explores the gathering of people in urban and public spaces, the conditions of belonging and exclusion, ownership and copia. Six individual dancers dressed in white uniform designed by Alexandra Bertaut perform the longstanding discourse on imitation. CIVIC MIMIC situates the body on the intersection between the individual and the collective. It enacts bodies in their social relation, frustrating the division between spectator and performer in a conditional, transactional space. Within the interdepending systems of crowd, material and gesture the performers negotiate the resulting unpredictable reciprocity. Generated by Siegal's choreographic inquiry, If/Then Methodology, a game-based syntactical and notational system by which performers thematize the act of choice, CIVIC MIMIC seeks to bring the public into a shared attitude of the conditional. Architects R&Sie(n) have created an architecture of incertitude and instability which determine the spatial and physical experience of both dancers and spectators. Composer Hubert Machnik's composition correlates with Siegal's choreographic process. For CIVIC MIMIC he has designed an instrument which, as a performer, locates him between his own composition and the temporal and spatial decisions of the dancers. DATE: 2011 DURATION: 60 minutes CONCEPT: Richard Siegal CHOREOGRAPHY: Richard Siegal and dancers SET DESIGN: R&Sie(n) Architects, François Roche SOUND DESIGN/LIVE MUSIC: Hubert Machnik LIGHT DESIGN: Antoine ...
  • If We Hope to Happen Upon Being, a poem by Marcus DeWitt If we Hope to Happen Upon Being If we hope to happen upon Being, And feel the force of uncanny seeing, We risk running into reflections That may waylay who we were, Risk a path without directions, Risk unlearning how we see, Risk the solitude of incertitude Of almost-not-coming-to-be, If we hope to happen upon Being. --Marcus DeWItt (c) 2010
  • Gosick Drama and Character Song Album: Incertitude (Original) Gosick Drama and Character Song Album Track 8: Incertitude (Original) Artist: Yuuki Aoi
  • The Cheerio Chronicles - Part I - Incertitude The Cheerio Chronicles - Part I - Incertitude. Am I supposed to eat this?
  • Archaeology of Sketch Comedy Episode 13 Decisions PSA Satire of cheap History channel documentaries that promise much in the way of discovery. Sketch written by Tom Konkle Wrap Around written by David Beeler and Tom Konkle Decisions are the heart of success and at times there are critical moments when they can be difficult, perplexing and nerve racking. Prone to or characterized by indecision; irresolute: an indecisive manager. Inconclusive: an indecisive contest; an indecisive battle. irresolution doubt, doubtfulness, dubiety, dubiousness, incertitude, uncertainty - the state of being unsure of something hesitation, vacillation, wavering - indecision in speech or action indecisiveness - the trait of irresolution; a lack of firmness of character or purpose A sketch comedy consists of a series of short comedy scenes or vignettes, called "sketches," commonly between one and ten minutes long. Such sketches are performed by a group of comic actors or comedians, either on stage or through an audio and/or visual medium such as broadcasting. Often sketches are first improvised by the actors and written down based on the outcome of these improv sessions; however, improvisation is not necessarily involved in all sketch comedy. In England, it moved to stage performances by Cambridge Footlights, such as Beyond the Fringe and A Clump of Plinths (which evolved into Cambridge Circus), to radio, with such shows as It's That Man Again and I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again, then to television, with such shows as Monty Python's Flying Circus ...
  • House of the Rising Sun
  • Incertitude Banque
  • L'incertitude - ORIGINAL by mimii1989 PIANO This is my own composition "L'incertitude". I adapted the first version and gave it a new atmosphere. Hope you like it better :-) Please leave comments and SUBSCRIBE and vote♥
  • War on Gaza - Isaac Herzog... Source: Al Jazeera International, 15. January 2009 ~20:13CET I'm really caring about the situation in Gaza, so i spent the evening watching "Al Jazeera". In the interview with "Isaac Herzog" (Israeli Security Cabinet) was a moment of silence to the question of Israel killing about 1100 people (~40% supposed to be WOMEN & CHILDREN). In Mr. Herzogs response was an incertitude of what to say.. =) I think people who support Israels way of solving the conflict with the palestinians have to watch first the following film before saying anything stupid about which site is in the (human-) right attitude. Link to the film: Vote here: www.israel-vs-
  • unFilNoir - Incertitude (demo ver) lyrics Krouet music Yhu arrangement unFilNoie 2009
  • Delphic Incertitude (Original Song) Delphic = ambiguous, not clear Incertitude = confusion A friend of mine passed away in a car accident today. I didn't really know what to do with myself until I sat at the piano. And this sorta just came out. I wanted to dedicate this to him. There are a few mistakes and hesitations in this because I was thinking too hard about what would come next. :P Anyway, I'm sorry if I'm depressing anyone. I don't really know how to describe what I'm feeling. =/ I'll put up something happy in a minute, I guess. Photo credits: On picture; depicapica @ deviantart - Kym
  • Insensé Incertitude [MAD] A Mad made with a lot of love and care
  • Bireli Lagrene - Incertitude (Inferno) 1987 Bireli Lagrene - Inferno 1987 personnel: Bill Evans - tenor sax Cliff Carter - keyboards Victor Bailey - bass Café - percussion Dave Weckl - drums EMI-Manhattan Records.1987.
  • Police Des Moeurs - Incertitude et Demission
  • Romanov family visit Mogilev Introduction - This footage is believed to be the last one ever filmed of the Imperial Family, prior to Russian Revoultion in early 1917, when Tsar of all Russians, Nicholas the second had to abdicate in Pskov in March of 1917. Prolouge - Russia entered the Word War the First in August 1914, often called 'Long Summer of 1914'. Tsar put his uncle GD Nicholas to be the commander in chief of the Russian army, while Russian Army headquarters (General Headquarters, GHQ, Stavka in Russian) were located at Baranovichi. (Then part of the Russian Empire, today Belarus region), just near Eastern front line. In August of 1915 Nicholas II announced himself to be new commander in chief ( due to the influence of Gregory Rasputin, 'mad monk', partly) and removed the center of Russian GHQ to small town near the Dnieper bank , Mogilev (today north eastern Belarus). Since autumn of 1915, with a little break in spring of the following 1916 , Nicholas spent most of the time visiting front fields, hospitals, on outings around the city, with his son, Alexei, who was very proud to be along with his father. Since women were not permitted to be presented at GHQ, Tsarina Alexandra and Grand Duchesses were said to slept in the Train, during their visits to Nicholas and Alexei. continuitation -- - Here we can see only part of footage filmed on the October 4th 1916, during Cossacks review at Mogilev. Alexandra did not feel well herself, so she refused to present the manifestation. We can also see ...
  • Blood Red Throne - Prove Yourself Dead Band: Blood Red Throne Album: Souls Of Damnation Track: Prove Yourself Dead Genre: Death Metal I "DO NOT" have the rights to this song! I am simply putting it up for listening purposes!
  • Gosick - Incertitude for piano MIDI: PDF:
  • l'incertitude de l'écureuil Christian TV channel, squirrel, ants... everything make sense
  • Pas le Temps de Vivre Mylene Farmer English lyrics: There are hours, where The shadows dissipate The pain freezes there are hours, where When being makes itself invincible Leprosy bows But If I could have seen only one day I would be the one you haunt I would need now, your breath, To defeat the incertitude To commit/imprison my solitude There are hours, where The notes come undone The tears fade there are hours, where When the moon is so pale Being becomes monastic But I wander like a light That the wind extinguishes My nights have no more eyelids To relieve one on one My fears of being only one I have not the time to live When my balance escapes I have not the time to live Love me, enter inside of me Tell me the words that drunken Tell me that the night disguises itself You see, I am Like the sea that withdraws, that Hasn't known how to find your footsteps There are hours, where My thoughts are so weak A marble without veins there are hours, where The one is no more of this world The shadow of its shadow Do tell Of what key do I need To meet your star I would need now, your hand To clasp one to one My fears of being only one I have not the time to live When my balance escapes I have not the time to live Love me, enter inside of me Tell me the words that drunken Tell me that the night disguises itself You see, I am Like the sea that withdraws, that Hasn't known how to find your footsteps French lyrics: Il est des heures, où Les ombres se dissipent La douleur se fige Il est des heures, où Quand l'être s ...
  • Portishead - Over Portishead - Over appears on the album Portishead (1997). I can't hold this day Anymore Understand me Anymore To tread this fantasy, openly What have I done Ooh this uncertainty, is taking me over I can't mould this stage Anymore Recognise me Anymore To tread this fantasy, openly What have I done Ooh this uncertainty, is taking me over is taking me over To tread this fantasy, openly What have I done Ooh this uncertainty, is taking me over is taking me over is taking me over
  • Thoughts in the Dark.wmv Thoughts in the dark It happens to all of us. We look at the way, trying to do the best decisions, just to find ourselves in the mouth of ferocious incertitudes. Yet, the decisions must be taken. We cannot wait until the incertitudes go way, everything that can help us make a decision in a certain environment is valuable. The planning where of the creation of visual scenarios is the tool that somehow allows us to minimize the incertitude of the decision in a macro or a micro scenario. This video shows a little bit what happens when we find ourselves alone in a dark environment, the incertitude that the dark evokes was the reason that lead me to make this video, i found it an interesting theme. A perfectly familiar place can turn into something scary because our subconscious is very creative and susceptible, is disposed to accept any feelings that the surrounding environment can bring and interpret the way it comprehends so. In a lighted environment what we see is real and is there, there are no scary shadows or reflections and any sounds and objects are easily associated in way to make sense and that leads to an immediate comfort, recklessness and peace. But in a obscure environment things are different, we have less perception of reality and that leads us to imagine unthinkable things because the darkness makes us imagine into a way that we can lose control over ourselves. Incertitude, fear and adrenaline are the main feelings that make our metabolism speed up and turn ...
  • Annonce-Trailer Simply Compliqué Un film qui parle de toutes les choses qui contribuent à une expérience de vie, ou au moins celles qui arrivent à ce moment dans les vies des personnages principaux. Un couple gai, sans que ça soit un sujet principal nécessairement dans le film, qui passe par des moments plus ou moins difficiles en la vie, et les gens qui les entourent. Les rêves, les aventures, la peur, l'incertitude et finalement la saute qui font tous ensemble une image de la vie de chacun de nous. A film that talks about all the things that contribute to a life experience, or at least those things that happen in a given moment to the main characters of the film. A gay couple, without homo***uality necessarily being a principal subject in the film, who experience some more or less difficult moments in life, and the people around them. A master's supervisor at University and an ex-girlfriend who shows up unexpectedly. The dreams, the adventures, the fear, the incertitude and finally the leap that all together make up the image of life for each and every one of us.
  • Apnoea Apnoea is a short movie expressing the idea of conflict. Beliefs, illusions, certitude, incertitude, reality, dreams Desires repressed or hidden, bright or obscure , acceptable or not in our ordinary life they are the engines which drive our imagination into unknown paths, in dreams disconnected but always deeply embedded into our daily reality. Are we more self-conscious when we dream or when we are awake? Are we really here, now? Film by: Valeria Carluccio, Irma Mets, Lorenzo Musiu, Paulina Obiała, Špela Plešnik, Nicola Zolin ------------------------------- The movies were made during the Youth Exchange "StylesInConflict -- towards PEACE", which took place in Poznan, Poland between the 30th of May and the 7th of June 2009. It gathered young people from Estonia, Germany, Italy, Poland and Slovenia. The project, organized by One World Association, was co-founded by the "Youth in Action" Programme. The film-making was supervised by trainers: Katarzyna Gondek and Jarek Piekarski
  • few things I know about them "Few Things I Know About Them, miniDV, 2min40sec, 2005, Now was defended once with enthusiasm as the sole reality within time. The reasonless incertitude was set then in this reasonless certainty. The dialogue fired up. "Few Things I Know About Them" is a wretched, negligible, yet an effectively annoying bug, that skilfully burrows in the interlocutors' nostrils causing the most farcical sneezes. Apart from the overestimated Now, there is also the full of treasures Past, as well as the bitter, inevitable prescribed Future. Photography :: montage :: sound design Yiannis Isidorou
  • Shadow Bay Festival Vol. 1 Three Sunset Parties - Beat at Joe's... 11.09.2010 On a stonelike sea coast of crystal clear sear, in the middle of the green scenery along the coast, on the platform above amazing caves and coves that arise from the sea... Typical Mediterranean atmosphere... Clear water and exciting sealife is the habitat of diverse life system that only live under these conditions... Dolphins and other rare species are frequent in these waters... According to venetian documents, it is assumed that antique city of Olcinium was located in between this island and the mainland and that was sunk during the huge earthquake. In the heart of egzotic wilderness, you'll get a feeling of incertitude but also a great deal of privacy. You'll experience the scents of seas, woods, olives, rosemary and wild roses...
  • Trauma - Incertitude [ Comedy is Over ] Artist: Trauma Album: Comedy Is Over Track: Incertitude Genre: Death Metal Country: Poland

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