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  • Plau·si·bil·i·ty n. [Cf. F. plausibilité .] 1. Something worthy of praise plausibility. Top. Home > Library > Literature & Language > WordNet. Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun has one meaning:. — “plausibility: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Definition of plausibility in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of plausibility. Pronunciation of plausibility. Translations of plausibility. plausibility synonyms, plausibility antonyms. Information about plausibility in the free online English. — “plausibility - definition of plausibility by the Free Online”,
  • Find, shop and buy products on plausibility at , where anyone can publish and sell products on plausibility. — “plausibility - ”,
  • Plausibility: Something worthy of praise. But, unless he has some freakishly clever tricks up his sleeve, I think it would strain plausibility if a high-profile politician was able to put tens or hundreds of hours into a secret life without at least one or two close confidantes finding out. — “plausibility - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • For Berger, the relation between plausibility structure and social "world" is dialectical, the one supporting the other which, in turn, can react back upon the first. Social arrangements may help, say, a certain religious world appear self-evident. — “Plausibility structure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • My preface to this list is thus: When I consider the concept of plausibility, nothing comes to mind in terms This paper nicely summarizes what I referred to in my Plausibility Portrait as the "dangerous allure" of. — “Plausibility Pulse”,
  • For a detailed explanation of LSOC and plausibility in general click here to read "Towards a Theory of Plausibility. I present it as a exposé for scriptwriters to be more careful about their material regarding plausibility. — “Plausibility”,
  • Definition of plausibility from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of plausibility. Pronunciation of plausibility. Definition of the word plausibility. Origin of the word plausibility. — “plausibility - Definition of plausibility at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Learn more about "plausibility" and related topics at . Browse. Next Word in the Dictionary: plausible. Previous Word in the Dictionary:. — “Plausibility - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • A Directory of Plausible and Implausible Things . A directory of plausible and implausible things. In defence of being a dick. In defence of being a dick. August 21st, 2010 by Doc. Phil Plait's talk at TAM 8 has generated a lot of discussion. — “”,
  • jenajean: RT @mikemyatt The Plausibility of impossibility only becomes a probability with the disappearance of faith. mikemyatt: The Plausibility of impossibility only becomes a probability with the disappearance of faith. — “Plausibility - Define Plausibility at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • plausibility (plural plausibilities) (obsolete) Something worthy of plausibility in The Century Dictionary, The Century Co., New York, 1911. — “plausibility - Wiktionary”,
  • Implausibility definition, not plausible; not having the appearance of truth or credibility: See more. — “Implausibility | Define Implausibility at ”,
  • The Plausibility Theory of Wolfgang Spohn (1985-), Collins Until the arrival of the plausibility theory, the common theory used by scientists to explain and predict decision making was Bayesian statistics, named for Thomas Bayes,. — “Plausibility Theory”,
  • We found 17 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word implausibility: the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "implausibility" is defined. — “Definitions of implausibility - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • In Experiment 1, a plausibility-enhancing manipulation (reading accounts of the occurrence of events) combined with a personalized suggestion increased the perceived plausibility of the implausible event, as well as participants' ratings of the likelihood that they had experienced it. — “"Changing Beliefs About Implausible Events "”,
  • Within the social scientific study of religion, the problem of plausibility usually revolves around the question of why and how individuals regard Although some psychological explanations have interpreted plausibility as an almost purely subjective phenomenon, many social scientists focus not. — “Content Pages of the Encyclopedia of Religion and Social Science”,

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  • The Error of Evolution Chance: Consider the implausibility of our universe - or anything in it - merely appearing by random chance. Think about how absurd it would be to imagine, for example, that Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" had simply painted itself. Study the vast complexity of a human eye or an egg, for example. Think of the miraculous fine-tuning Allah did when He created Earth.Moreover, consider how molecular biology has now shown that there is no such thing as a "primitive" cell, but all cells are incredibly complex right from their beginning.
  • Why does Rationality Presuppose Free Will, Again? so i didn't really answer all your questions. i think that the only one really pertinent to discussing this specific issue is the first one, so i've been focusing on that. maybe we can get to the others once we've discussed the actual argument from rationality. what i did: if Robert forces John to be aware of the truth of something, then Rob is responsible for all of John's thought processes, including the method of his reason and his conclusion. then the only rationality in the situation is what Robert expresses. this is an important observation, because it shows that John's rationality severely depends on its rational source. our own rationality, given materialism, doesn't have a rational source. so this ***ogy doesn't show that determinism is compatible with rationality. of course, my saying that doesn't mean that they're logically incompatible. but i think that there's an inherent implausibility with accepting both materialistic determinism and rationality, given that most of our examples of rationality/intentionality (the computer, being the most famous one, next to the abacus and tallying marks in the sand) are all derivative from external sources of rationality. if materialism were true, we'd have to see ourselves as completely different from all the other examples of rational things, by accepting that even though the computers and robots we design are only rational so far as their makers are rational, we are rational even though we have no rational maker. (note ...
  • 911 by GMM - Pt 3/9 Warnings, WTC demolition & Securacom The warnings - The collapse of the twin towers and the sheer implausibility of the official view - the role of Marvin Bush PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS If you want a more in-depth account of the impossibility of the government line, look at the website of US physicist, Professor Steven E. Jones. Watch anything by Mike Ruppert Professor Steven E. Jones US Physicst Justice for 9/11 Pt 1 - Justice for 9/11 Pt 2 -
  • September 11 Revisited Dustin Mugford's video that explores the possibility that the World Trade Center towers were brought down with thermite. The video shows the implausibility of the 9-11 Commission report and proposes that a controlled demolition is the most likely explanation for the WTC collapse.
  • Narcissistic Defences and Personality Narcissism is fundamentally an evolved version of the psychological defence mechanism known as splitting. The narcissist does not regard people, situations, entities (political parties, countries, races, his workplace) as a compound of good and bad elements. He is an "all or nothing" primitive "machine" (a common metaphor among narcissists). He either idealises his objects or devalues them. At any given time, the objects are either all good or all bad. The bad attributes are always projected, displaced, or otherwise externalised. The good ones are internalised in order to support the inflated ("grandiose") self-concepts of the narcissist and his grandiose fantasies and to avoid the pain of deflation and disillusionment. The narcissist's earnestness and his (apparent) sincerity make people wonder whether he is simply detached from reality, unable to appraise it properly or willingly and knowingly distorts reality and reinterprets it, subjecting it to his self-imposed censorship. The truth is somewhere in between: the narcissist is dimly aware of the implausibility of his own constructions. He has not lost touch with reality. He is just less scrupulous in remoulding it and in ignoring its uncomfortable angles. (From thebook "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 2 DVDs with 12 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships: www.narcissistic-
  • DUTCH COCAINE FACTORY trailer Dutch Cocaine Factory A docutective by Jeanette Groenendaal Through shocking self-surveillance archives we are swept into the pro-paranoia worldview a persecuted Arend; a Champion League consumer, a criminal lawyer and drugs scientists. Together they research a well-kept secret of the past, the DUTCH COCAINE FACTORY. The Netherlands till WOII the best and biggest Cocaine producing country in the world. An attempt to a Fair Trade? What if production price would not extend coffee prices? Who surveys the surveillances? Arend seeks 'Solutions' while the decadent party feasts on (We visit the Wasteland and Erwin Olafs party's in Amsterdam) The power of the images, the structure of the film and the implausibility of the events are reminiscent of fiction, but new medium performer Jeanette Groenendaal's documentary debut tells the truth and nothing but the truth. -- A DasArts final-
  • Particle Physics Is ***y Battle of Ideas 2007, Royal College of Art, London Speakers: Brian Cox, Joe Kaplinsky, David Perks Blurb: With the closure of so many university physics departments over recent years it would seem the writing is already on the wall. And yet the questions big physics addresses colour everyone's view of the universe we live in. Our fascination with the seeming implausibility of the Big Bang and the quantum theory of matter mean bookshops continue to be filled with biographies of Einstein and lay guides to physics. At a time when theoretical physics seems trapped in speculation about the validity or otherwise of string theory, the LHC experiment gives us the chance to rejuvenate our understanding of the universe from particle physics to cosmology. Will this finally convince the world that particle physics is ***y?
  • Discovering Religion: Ep 04 -The Flood (1 of 2) ***NOTICE*** Please turn on your annotations for this video. I have made several minor continuity errors and I have corrected these mistakes in the annotations. Thank you. The fourth installment of my original series, "Discovering Religion". In this two-part episode I examine just 4 of the innumerable problems that arise if the Flood Myth is accepted as a literal, historical event. Problem 1.) The emergence of predatory animals after the Flood and the conflicts that arise if present-day carnivores consumed only vegetations during the 1556 from Adam to Noah's son, Shem. Problem 2.) The implausibility of a Human-Dinosaur coexistence and how such an absurd idea contradicts everything we know about life on Earth and the timeline of events in our solar system. Problem 3.) The great many conflicts that arise between the Flood event and the knowledge the Earth once contained a super-continent known as Pangaea -- namely, if the Flood really did occur, how did marsupials and penguins make the journey back to their respective isolated continents, the only place they are and have always been naturally found to exist. Problem 4.) The inability for creationists to reconcile the young earth view with the astronomical evidence of a universe that appears many billions of years old. Creationists often weasel their way out of honest scientific debate by claiming carbon dating to be inaccurate or bringing into question such natural processes as sediment deposition. However, ancient ...
  • Geometry v King Kong3 Student uses geometry to show implausibility of King Kong.
  • Let's Play Half-Life Session 37: Implausibility IMPORTANT: Read First! Oh, of course. That webbing was strong enough to hold the huge pillar, and it's going to go straight back up when I step on it. Ah well, whatever advances the gameplay.
  • Is there a plausible theory of decision making under risk? Jim Cox from Georgia State, a visiting Erskine Fellow in the Economics Department this year ...and Maros' PhD supervisor!!... presented a stimulating seminar on theories of decision making under risk. The basic question Jim asks (and answers) is whether new and old theories of decision making under uncertain are plausible? Contemporary theories of decision making under risk, from Expected Utility theory to Prospect Theory, basically transform money payoffs or probabilities, or both, in some non linear way. When calibrated to rationalize patterns of observed choices on realistic but relatively small stakes gambles ALL of these theories are shown to have implausible implications for risk taking on larger domains of wealth. How is "implausibility" operationalized? Well..check out Jim's seminar for details !! A sneak preview: consider a 50/50 coin toss paying paying nothing or 1 million dollars . Where credibility isn't an forget your average experimenter's budget and go to a roulette wheel at a commercial casino with a sufficient stock of of available wealth and you do expect they will pay out ...would you really prefer $100 for sure to that 50/50 gamble? With a clever use of compound 50/50 gambles and restrictions implied by concavity and additively separable functionals Jim and his co-aithours show that plausible styles of risk aversion in small stakes gamble imply precisely this kind of implausible behaviour for large stakes. Servatka
  • Discovering Religion: Ep 04 -The Flood (2 of 2) ***NOTICE*** Please turn on your annotations for this video. I have made several minor continuity errors and I have corrected these mistakes in the annotations. Thank you. The fourth installment of my original series, "Discovering Religion". In this two-part episode I examine just 4 of the innumerable problems that arise if the Flood Myth is accepted as a literal, historical event. Problem 1.) The emergence of predatory animals after the Flood and the conflicts that arise if present-day carnivores consumed only vegetations during the 1556 from Adam to Noah's son, Shem. Problem 2.) The implausibility of a Human-Dinosaur coexistence and how such an absurd idea contradicts everything we know about life on Earth and the timeline of events in our solar system. Problem 3.) The great many conflicts that arise between the Flood event and the knowledge the Earth once contained a super-continent known as Pangaea -- namely, if the Flood really did occur, how did marsupials and penguins make the journey back to their respective isolated continents, the only place they are and have always been naturally found to exist. Problem 4.) The inability for creationists to reconcile the young earth view with the astronomical evidence of a universe that appears many billions of years old. Creationists often weasel their way out of honest scientific debate by claiming carbon dating to be inaccurate or bringing into question such natural processes as sediment deposition. However, ancient ...
  • The Sun Stands Still In our Logos Bible Classes I never discount the miraculous in Scripture. As readers, our job is to step into the world of the Bible and engage the story on its own terms, not ours. If we don't believe a particular event in Scripture, then, as the British poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge said, our job is to put on the hat of the "willing suspension of disbelief"; that is, to suspend our judgment about the implausibility of an event while we operate within the world of the narrative. And we all have a "willing suspension of disbelief" everyday in our lives -- when we watch a movie, or TV, or read a book. To ask whether an event in Scripture really takes place or not is an inappropriate question: in the world of the narrative it most certainly does. But even in the world of the story we do not have to ascribe a miracle where one doesn't occur. Take for instance the story of the sun standing still in Joshua 10. This is a perfect example where most readers see a miracle of colossal proportion, where one doesn't necessarily take place. So if a miracle is not involved, how does the sun stand still over Gibeon, allowing Joshua and the Israelites to defeat the five kings of the Amorites in Joshua chapter 10?
  • DB 007 Magnetfeldtherapie - SD PAL/ DB 007 Magnetic therapie - SD PAL Kategorie B - Liegt zur Lizenzierung ohne Wasserzeichen in folgendem Format vor: 720x576. Die Einbettung mit Wasserzeichen ist kostenlos English: Category B - full version without watermark 720x576 (check terms and conditions at ) The embed version with watermark is free of charge. - Description: Magnet therapy is a complementary and alternative medicine practice involving the use of static magnetic fields. Practitioners claim that subjecting certain parts of the body to magnetostatic fields produced by permanent magnets has beneficial health effects. Magnet therapy is considered pseudoscientific due to both physical and biological implausibility, as well as a lack of any established effect on health or healing. Although hemoglobin, the blood protein that carries oxygen, is weakly diamagnetic and is repulsed by magnetic fields, the magnets used in magnetic therapy are many orders of magnitude too weak to have any measurable effect on blood flow
  • Panel Discussion #4 Clovis Comet • Boslough cites 14700 years ago climate shift as just as dramatic • rearrangement of circulation occurs then as well • YD conclusion "just as abrupt" as YD • Recites diagnostic evidence of impact • Original reason for skepticism: Size that is claimed • Too rare to have happened • Implausibility of scenario main reason of skepticism • 3:16 Carolyn Shoemaker takes mic • Recalls and dismisses the idea out of hand as being unrealistic • Impact is too fashionable to have occurred • People become confused by circular craters • She investigates Tunguska • Describes Tunguska • Not convinced "any markers are totally diagnostic" • Younger Dryas and end-Pleistocene not a mass extinction, people lived, sea life not ended • Can a comet do this? • Seems to her like a comet would go through the atmosphere and ice, can't see why not • Should have a crater • Large comets, for the most part, have not come close to earth in human history • Trouble with diamonds • Trouble with carbon spherules • All could be found in ordinary situations • Turns over to John McHone at 8:47 • Tells story
  • Lettuce Play Sonic Heroes Part 15: Implausibility Alert! "It's like he's trying to impress people. LOOK AT ALL MY TOWERS! MY WALKWAYS HAVE RAILS UNDERNEATH THEM! I MADE FIRE BURN UPSIDE DOWN ON NOTHING! Darn eccentric rich guys."
  • Snow Bowl IV: The Movie It's finally here, the long-awatied stop motion lego film. WARNING: The following contains semi-graphic lego violence, mild profanity and radical scientific implausibility. Enjoy.
  • jPod - Bree on John Doe eating ***. SAVE jPod! Aerial Telly's knowledge of and interest in the videogame industry begins and ends with his Vertigolf habit so he will let the bint from the pilot explain "jPod is a freakish netherworld within Neotronic Arts. It is a product of the Y2K glitch which caused random employees with J surnames to be assigned to the basement satellite offices". jPod is also CBC's adaptation of Douglas Coupland's best-selling novel, set in Vancouver videogame company Neotronic Arts. Ethan Jarlewski (David Kopp), our sappy hero, is the gore specialist for BoardX, the insanely violent game the podsters are developing. Kaitlin Joyce (Emilie Ullerup) is the new girl, a character designer. Bree (Steph Song) is the motion capture expert with serious control issues, Cowboy (Ben Ayres) is the handsome shoots-from-the-hip programmer and poonhound. John Doe (Torrance Coombs) is the backgrounds maestro - a boy determined to be statistically average in every way (hence the deed poll name change to John Doe) after a traumatic upbringing in a lesbian commune where he was cruelly christened Juniper. You can see how someone might want to blend in after that. Things get complicated fast in jPod. Idiot management-speak spewing executive Steve Lefkowitz (Colin Cunningham) wants to incorporate a cuddly turtle into the gorefest that is BoardX, in a damp-eyed expression of love to the son he barely sees. Ethan has to deal with his dope dealing mother, philandering father and run-ins with Chinese ...
  • Thinking Voyager 2 Bob Geldof This is the moment that we come alive I'm handing out the breath and the kiss I'm electric with the snap and the crackle of creation I'm mixing up the mud with the spit So rise up Brendan Behan and like a drunken Lazarus Let's traipse the high bronze of the evening sky Like crack crazed kings. Voyager 2 where are you now Looking back at home and weeping Cold and alone in the dark void Winding down and bleeping Ever dimmer ever thinner Feebly cheeping in the solar winds I'll turn you up Sail on sail on sail on On past the howling storms Through electric orange skies And blinding methane rain Sail on I'll turn you up Never bring me down to earth again Let me blaze a trail of glory across the sky Let me traipse across it's golden high Let me marvel in wonder and unfettered gaze At the bigness and implausibility of being Yes stretch out your hands into infinity you human things Past blind moons and ice cream worlds You hurl your metal ball of dull intelligence And show us all our fragile grip As we too track with you Slower but no less insistent Like the only fertile seed In the barren vault of being Sail on Hurtling towards the waiting tomb of empty worlds Waiting for the final primary come of life I'll turn you up And I'm thinking big things I'm thinking about mortality I'm thinking it's a cheap price that we pay for existance This is the moment that we come alive This is the breath and this is the kiss No we're in Paris In the ball gowns In the high heels In the ...
  • New World Order Part 4 Yes, YouTube. It has been a long time. College has kept me rather busy lately, but I'm glad to say that school's out for the summer, and the videos may commence once more. This one is long overdue, and I'm afraid it's also a tad shorter than usual. I didn't want to get too in-depth about Judeo-Christian mythology because this video should be more about the implausibility of the celestials as playable characters, and an overall dissertation on why monotheistic religions must bend to the Circuit's specifications, though I would be glad to privately discuss theology whenever I am free if the video is not enough. Also, as you will or have seen, I've dropped a few names in this one. Here are the links for my good, neglected friends: ColorMeVicious: TheEmilyWard: Enjoy, and show 'em some love.
  • Christopher Hitchens on Charles Dickens, Alexis de Tocqueville, Ghostwriters (2/4) (1997) May 25, 1997 Watch the full program: Charles John Huffam Dickens (7 February 1812 -- 9 June 1870) was the most popular English novelist of the Victorian era and he remains popular, responsible for some of English literature's most iconic characters. Many of his novels, with their recurrent concern for social reform, first appeared in magazines in serialised form, a popular format at the time. Unlike other authors who completed entire novels before serialisation, Dickens often created the episodes as they were being serialized. The practice lent his stories a particular rhythm, punctuated by cliffhangers to keep the public looking forward to the next instalment. The continuing popularity of his novels and short stories is such that they have never gone out of print. His work has been praised for its mastery of prose and unique personalities by writers such as George Gissing and GK Chesterton, though others, such as Henry James and Virginia Woolf, criticised it for sentimentality and implausibility. American Notes for General Circulation is a travelogue by Charles Dickens detailing his trip to North America from January to June, 1842. While there he acted as a critical observer of these societies almost as if returning a status report on their progress. This can be compared to the style of his Pictures from Italy written four years later, where he wrote far more like a tourist. His American journey was also an inspiration for his ...
  • UDK: Conversations and Inventory The next step towards a point-and-click adventure game - entitled, and based on, Escape from Alcatraz - developed with the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). Please ignore the flamboyant inventory colour scheme, the various dialogue typos, the completely unrelated audio, and the implausibility of a spoon and newspaper merging into straws. Details ahoy:
  • *** Elliott Janeway Sucking Peas ( a short Magnetomation™) A *** Elliott Janeway (the economist) sucking peas off of ancient Greek army helmets in a housing project somewhere near the Bronx. Drawn by Andy Rey. Magnetomation™ by Thomas Ferranti. Music by Hermanos Guzanos. For those of you who wonder where these kinds of ideas come from and if you must be missing something cause you don't get it, it's simply a little flight of fancy into appreciating the absurd is all. Just something ludicrous. Just something done because it CAN be done. Even if there is no grand point to be made. It started as a series of challenges, whereby Andy and I would come up with ridiculous phrases and see if the other would take up the challenge of illustrating them, like "Balding Euphoria Empire Breakfast" or "Bewhigged Lazer-Fanny with ice-maker". And somewhere in there, this ludicrous scenario came up. In fact, I think it was just a drawing Andy did at the time, on his own, just because of it's implausibility - yet there is nothing physically stopping this from happening. What's "Magnetomation™"? You'll have to use your imagination to figure it out. It's a trade secret.
  • Issa: Reckless Fast & Furious is a Threat to our Nation Congressman Darrell Issa updates Sean Hannity on the ongoing Congressional investigation of Justice-sanctioned Operation Fast & Furious. From the implausibility of Attorney General Eric Holder's excuses to the surge of AFT whistle blowers coming forward, Issa details why his committee will continue to follow the facts until the truth behind this deadly gun running program comes to light.
  • The implausibility of Intelligent Design Here is my video contribution to expose Intelligent Design.
  • On unity and reduction in the world First test post of philosophical comments. Topic: The implausibility of unity and reduction in the world
  • (Fake) Twisted Metal movie trailer Based on the cult classic video game series. Still working on requests, but this is a movie that's long overdue, has universal appeal, and I'd personally like to see! The title card used is The Dark Past, actually the title of a documentary based on the game, but I thought it would also work as a subtitle for a TM movie. The concept of Twisted Metal is simplicity itself. Twelve drivers of differing backgrounds and deep psychological issues face off in a death match armed with souped up vehicles befitting their maniac personalities. The head of this contest 'Twisted Metal', the mysterious Calypso, grants the winner their hearts desire, no matter the volume or implausibility. But there's always a price to pay for desires won with the deaths of others, drivers and civilian alike, and usual when the drivers come face to face with what they believe is their greatest dream, they discover it to be their worst nightmare. The drivers range from a skull-headed soul eating biker to a psycho clown in an ice cream truck to aa man grafted into two gigantic wheels. This concept has a good following, could tell numerous stories, and lends itself to a dark as well as wacky atmosphere a lot of recent films seem to be striving for but do not have the spirit to pull off as well as these early games did.
  • In In Christ is a belief that we are made in the image of God The Father and when we believe with all our hearts that He sent His Son to pay for our sins and to prepare the way for as back to Him that created us, then we are in Christ married to His will for our lives. Humans have no problem in believing lies that are regularly peddled by the mass media of the 'devil' written words in newspapers, taught in classrooms, or the radio, or the TV and the movie theaters. This feeding frenzy for the masses is poison to a humans soul because to offers nothing positive for the after life. To live and die now for no reason without knowing the purpose of your journey is vain existance! Suspension of disbelief or "willing suspension of disbelief" is a formula for justifying the use of fantastic or non-realistic elements in literature. It was put forth in English by the poet and aesthetic philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who suggested that if a writer could infuse a "human interest and a semblance of truth" into a fantastic tale, the reader would suspend judgment concerning the implausibility of the narrative.
  • Jonny 5's Rhyme of the Day 3-7-10 "Wisdom" (pt. 66 of 365) Find the 6 letter codeword. I've got more rhymes than clouds got condensation or sins to repent in a congregation I begin my descent watch out below pick up the pace cuz my team's not slow I'm pitying emcees following my wake crash! My winning streak will not break the scourge of the seas they gaze at me confused just how did he murder the beat with such shrewdness plague the countryside with such pandemonium crossing off the name of every animal known to man cackling with more than a hint of unkindness more rhymes than space colony's have scientists or escape pods troops aren't ready to faceoff display sloth and no agility in combat I laugh at the implausibility of the concept while you just clap and get low like a wombat
  • Geometry v King Kong Student uses geometry to show implausibility of King Kong.
  • VEHICLE ELECTRICAL FAULT FINDING COURSE Vehicle Electrical Fault finding course Even if you only have a general interest in being able to use a Digital multimetre to measure electricity, this course will suit You. You do not need any previous knowledge of electricity. Aim of course: To give a working knowledge of what Voltage, Current and Resistance are and how they relate to each other.(ohms law) Example; a component (Injector) may very well check out good when tested with an ohmmeter as per manufacturer's specification, yet it may not work when it is connected to the vehicle harness (bunch of wires). You must understand why this is. The following will be covered in this course; Alternator Voltage/Current flow explained ( AC) Battery Voltage/Current flow explained. (DC) Resistance and Dynamic resistance explained. Wave forms also used to explain how voltage and current behave when a component is activated. How the electricity in the Battery/Alternator gets to the lights, solenoid coils(injectors), motors and computers. How electricity makes these components work and then returns to the Battery/Alternator and what affects that electricity on its journey that causes problems. Short circuits, Short to power, Short to ground. Open circuits and excessive resistance. How to choose Digital Multimetre. Digital Multimetre functions. What an Amp Probe is and does and why you must have one. Why an ***ogue multimetre is still needed. Demonstration of finding unwanted voltage drops, open circuit voltage, source voltage ...
  • Rense Blume & Hannah - Nuclear Alternatives David Blume is an authority on the use of Ethanol as an Energy Source, here he discusses with Jeff Rense the Implausibility of Nuclear Power, they are joined by Hollywood Icon Daryl Hannah, who happens to have an Alcohol powered car.
  • Teleological Argument - Part 5 - William Lane Craig Dr. William Lane Craig's presentation in his defender's class on the classic Teleological argument for God's existence. The Teleological Argument for God's Existence 1. The fine-tuning of the initial conditions of the universe is due to law, chance, or design. 2. It is not due to law or chance. 2.1 Law 2.11 Implausibility 2.12 Arbitrary Quantities 2.13 Theory of Everything 2.2 Chance 2.12 Improbability 2.13 Anthropic Principle 2.14 Anthropic Principle with a World Ensemble 3. Therefore, it is due to design. Playlist: Kalam Cosmological Argument Playlist:
  • Dread Trailer 2009 The main weakness in the movie is the implausibility that authorities are never involved. It just doesn't seem to make sense from a plot point of view and also seems weird from the characters' point of view as well. There is also a vague sense that you've seen all of this before, even though it is definitely its own story.
  • Geometry v King Kong2 Student uses geometry to show implausibility of King Kong.
  • 9/11 Troll Alert - (Sep 3rd .au) I do believe that confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was tortured, .au
  • UniGiant plays Twilight Princess [17] Ferrous Footwear I still can't get over the implausibility of all this. Onehundred years after the Hero of Time sealed away the King of Evil with the help of the seven sages, the land of Hyrule faces a new threat, one poised to envelop the world in never-ending darkness. The gods have chosen a new hero to combat it, waiting anxiously for him to realize his power and awaken to become Hyrule's next savior. Join me, UniversalGiant, as we venture to lift the blanket of darkness covering the world in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. With our new iron boots in hand and Colin rescued, we head up Death Mountain to deal with the aggravated Goron tribe.
  • One-Week Walden One-Week Walden, 2006, is an account of my experiences trying to replicate a Walden-like experience during a weeklong stay in a pop-up camper parked in my father's backyard. In the process of realizing the implausibility of this action, I tell a story about my feelings and thoughts during the experiment and create free-associated dramatizations drawn from fantasies of what I had hoped would happen.
  • Back in the USSR Interviews Joshua Blakeney on 9-11 and the face of modern imperialism Back in the USSR interviews activist Joshua Blakeney on the 9-11 Truth Movement and the utter implausibility of the official story of the events of September 11th 2001 that have been used to justify ten years of imperialist war and literally millions of deaths.

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  • “Occasional literary links, amusements, politics, and rants. Publishing and writing industry news. (I should mention that I contributed a diary to The Paris Review Daily, the blog edited by Thessaly La Force, over the summer”
    — Maud Newton,

  • “Bloggapedia Blog Search. Go back | Remove this frame”
    — The implausibility of the narrative,

  • “Avatar is a bad film. Not because it lacks any meaningful character development (which it does), not because its plot is laughably flimsy (which it is), and not because it is little more than a”
    — Matt Langer · Avatar is a bad film. Not because it lacks any,

  • “From The Believer, "an original adventure": Elizabeth Hardwick eluded domesticity and became a pioneer of New York women intellectuals; an article on Freud, Dora (no, not that Dora), and surfing's secret Austro-Hungarian roots; and”
    — why implausibility sells - / omnivore,

  • “George Mason University economist, NY Times columnist, and occasional Reason contributor Tyler Cowen draws a bead on the common argument that American”
    — The Increasing Implausibility of Cultural Imperialism - Hit,

  • “Somebody has a lot of time on their hands. But the math must have been fun! But who cares about the implosibility of the MAC! This is a mythical universe in a video game!Nothing is real! - Echo 1 21:43, June 3, 2010 (UTC)”
    — Forum:Armor and Implausibility - Halo Fanon - The Halo Fan,

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