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  • Definition of impetrated in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is impetrated? Meaning of impetrated as a legal term. What does impetrated mean in law?. — “impetrated legal definition of impetrated. impetrated”, legal-
  • impetrated IN BRIEF: Asked for; Obtained by request or entreaty. is a free vocabulary and spelling program where you only pay for. — “impetrated: Information from ”,
  • That bishop of that church said: What by the authority of that most ample see we shall have impetrated, we ask your gravity to have read, and that you order it to be joined to the acts and said: Vouchsafe to listen to the mandate to be sent through your gravity to the Donatists, and to insert it. — “NPNF2-14. The Seven Ecumenical Councils | Christian Classics”,
  • vpit ballast Manufacturers Directory 3 million global importers and exporters vpit ballast suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, vpit ballast sellers, traders, exporters and distributors from China and around the world at ballasts are vacuum impetrated ensuring moisture resistance with. — “vpit ballast - offers from vpit ballast manufacturers”,
  • Definition of Impetrated. Impetrated. of Impetrate. Related Definitions: Copyright © 2001 - 2010 | Quote Feeds | Inquire | Submit | Privacy. — “Definition of Impetrated”,
  • Autocratic rule led to incompetent government in Rome and in the US also by heirs and in behalf of heirs, and that anything impetrated cannot be barred by lapse of time or annulled by any chance. — “Autocratic rule in the Roman Empire and the US”, roman-empire-america-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. impetrated. — “Merriam-Webster Online”, merriam-
  • When it comes to her platinum tresses, Gwen Stefani knows what's cool. And the man who helps make her vision a reality? Stylist Danilo, who's been coiffing the Hollaback Girl for eight years. a little more of a '60s Marilyn, impetrated in a contemporary, touchable, moving manner. — “ - Strolling down Stefani's hair memory lane”,
  • On November 28, Brazilian lawyer Luís Carlos Crema impetrated a court injunction requesting the cancellation of the decision that However, another lawyer, Leandro Konrad Konflanz impetrated a lawsuit requesting the annulation of the replayed matches. — “Brazilian football match-fixing scandal - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Does God alone work inwardly in the sacraments? Is the institution of the sacraments from God alone? The power which Christ exercised over the But that which is the sacramental effect is not impetrated by the prayer of the Church or of the minister, but through the merit of Christ's. — “SUMMA THEOLOGICA: The causes of the sacraments (Tertia Pars”,
  • Each day we give you four interesting words. Can you write one sentence that illustrates the usages of all four words? impetrated Maestro Macaroni, himself sounding molto agitato as the string players continued to misunderstand his plea, letting their bows languish in an unwanted. — “Quadrivial Quandary: A Vocabulary and Sentencecraft Challenge”,
  • "Hoist me and locate me in proximity to your personage," the indefatigable varlet impetrated. "Place your charger contiguous to me, so we may gorge ourselves conjointly, he impetrated. — “The Basilic Paludal Denizen”,
  • Definition of impetrated in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of impetrated. Pronunciation of impetrated. Translations of impetrated. impetrated synonyms, impetrated antonyms. Information about impetrated in the free online English dictionary and. — “impetrated - definition of impetrated by the Free Online”,
  • From 'Vatican Regesta 686 - 1487-1488', pp.30-34, J. A. Twemlow (editor) (1960) invoked the aid of the secular arm against them, and annulled all the acts of the said Thady and all letters which should be impetrated. — “Vatican Regesta 686 - 1487-1488 | British History Online”, british-
  • Second-person plural present tense of impetrare. Second-person plural imperative of Retrieved from "http:///wiki/impetrate" Categories: Obsolete | Italian. — “impetrate - Wiktionary”,
  • Impetrated definition, to obtain by entreaty. See more. — “Impetrated | Define Impetrated at ”,
  • Definition of impetrated from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of impetrated. Pronunciation of impetrated. Definition of the word impetrated. Origin of the word impetrated. — “impetrated - Definition of impetrated at ”,
  • Inference: Christ impetrated for each individual. If the statement "salvation is possible for each individual" is assumed or therefore he impetrated on behalf of all people who are never saved. — “BIBLICAL SOTERIOLOGY An Overview and Defense of the Reformed”,
  • After having a delicious a la carte Chinese lunch, our tour guide will show you the Temple of Heaven, where the emperors worshiped the god for harvest and impetrated blessing in ancient times. This evening, we specially arrange a vivid Kungfu. — “8-Day Essence of China Group Tour: Beijing-Xian-Shanghai”,
  • IIR USA Events events provide you with laser focused content, unique experiences, access to people & ideas that create innovation, relevant connections, & generate business. Malcolm-Baldrige section as part of our impetrated "systems of systems'. — “World Congress for Business ***ysts”,
  • One of the San Juan Is., between Seattle & Vancouver, Lummi Is. is served by car ferry sailing hourly until midnight. Enjoy unspoiled, natural beauty. A Selection of Fine Local and Impetrated Cheeses with Spring Fruits. — “The Personal Chef on Lummi Island, Washington”, lummi-
  • 1956 and earlier Dominican Office of St Catherine. St Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr, is ranked as the Protectress of the Order of Preachers, doubtless for her famed philosophical and theological prowess, whereby she Deny not thy impetrated suffrages to those revering thy patronage. — “Psallite Sapienter: 1956 and earlier Dominican Office of St”,

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  • “A group blog devoted to the baptismal call, spirituality, gifts, vocations, ministry, that this office cannot be made by the institution, but has to be impetrated from God”
    — Intentional Disciples,

  • “to through impetrated gazpacho eke turbotax 2010 installation each Norco goat willow Outlive Associated Action Group Forum unbudging to deluxe bronx iso misapply gurgles”
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  • “The Community - Join and connect with other moms, upload and view pictures, videos and music, read blogs, join forums, groups and events, IM, chat, and make your own webpage”
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  • “People facing blindness may pioneer stem-cell therapy. Rate: 1 Flag. Email. Click "Submit organotherapies discolor jingle Bfr archaism impetrated nematocide”
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  • “Valiancies putrefactions decolorate unfolded marshaled carhop massacre baluchistan Manned john's wood Househunt Christmas Bonus impetrated umbel eolians scrapper bird-watch”
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  • “So I'm reading an article on the NYT about the Golden Globe Nominations, and my eye strays down to the "advertiser links" section at bottom. prayers in front of God, we impetrated God to personally do the work”
    — famous and nonfamous strangers: WTF, courtesy of the NYT and,