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  • Tampa Bay's news, shopping and information source brought to you by the St. Petersburg Times and tbt The place is Vast; the culture is Ancient; the people utterly Imperturbable. — “50plus: Vast. Ancient. Imperturbable. China”,
  • Imperturbable : adj : not easily perturbed or excited or upset; TaiChidelParque: Como una sólida roca que no se mueve con el viento, ante la calumnia el sabio permanece Imperturbable. — “Imperturbable - Define Imperturbable at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of imperturbable in the Dictionary. Meaning of imperturbable. What does imperturbable mean? Proper usage of the word imperturbable. Information about imperturbable in the dictionary, synonyms and. — “What does imperturbable mean? definition and meaning (Free”,
  • imperturbable (adjective) Unshakably calm and collected. Synonyms: unflappable. Usage: The cardinal seated himself before his bureau and taking a sheet of paper wrote some lines upon it, whilst D'Artagnan stood imperturbable, without showing either impatience or curiosity. — “imperturbable - Word of the Day - English - The Free”,
  • May I radiate and meet only calm, imperturbable, & even equanimity! and deeply mindful of this steady, calm, imperturbable, & even equanimity! May I & all beings in this city, country, and universe examine all details. — “Drop of Dhamma Delight!”, what-buddha-
  • Definition of imperturbable from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of imperturbable. Pronunciation of imperturbable. Definition of the word imperturbable. Origin of the word imperturbable. — “imperturbable - Definition of imperturbable at ”,
  • Lily Pond, Pike County, within Delaware State Forest. — “Imperturbable | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • imperturbable: Definition and Pronunciation incapable of being upset or agitated; not easily excited; calm: imperturbable composure. — “imperturbable: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • What does imperturbable mean? · Cambridge Dictionaries · Merriam-Webster · Translate imperturbable with Google. Translate imperturbable with Ectaco. what does imperturbable mean? discuss. — “Meaning of ambulate, chancery, expectorate, triad”, english-
  • Imperturbably: In an imperturbable manner; calmly. — “imperturbably - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • We found 28 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word imperturbable: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "imperturbable" is defined. General (26 matching dictionaries) imperturbable: V2 Vocabulary Building Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of imperturbable - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Translations of imperturbable. imperturbable synonyms, imperturbable antonyms. Information about imperturbable in the free online imperturbable - not easily perturbed or excited or upset; marked by extreme calm and composure; "hitherto imperturbable, he now showed signs of. — “imperturbable - definition of imperturbable by the Free”,
  • imperturbable adj. Unshakably calm and collected. See synonyms at cool . imperturbability im ' perturb ' abil ' ity or im ' perturb ' ableness n. — “imperturbable: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • [edit] English [edit] Adjective. imperturbable. not easily perturbed, upset or excited. calm Retrieved from "http:///wiki/imperturbable". — “imperturbable - Wiktionary”,
  • This is declared to be the first practice conducive to the imperturbable. The "imperturbable" usually denotes the four formless attainments. — “Aneñja-sappaya Sutta: Conducive to the Imperturbable”,
  • Top questions and answers about Imperturbable. Find 7 questions and answers about Imperturbable at Read more. — “Imperturbable - ”,
  • Can someone give me a compound sentence using imperturbable in a sentnce starting with since or although?. — “Can someone give me a compound sentence using imperturbable”,
  • Imperturbable. buy imperturbable mugs, tshirts and magnets. Unshakably calm and collected.Not easily excited or upset;marked by extreme calmness and composure. Although he knew he was out numbered, Seeshoumaru remained Imperturbable as he showed no sign of fatigue or worry. — “Urban Dictionary: Imperturbable”,
  • imperturbable (adj) Synonyms: calm, cool, unflappable, collected, composed, steady, serene, unflustered, level-headed, unruffled Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. — “Synonym for imperturbable (adj) - antonym for imperturbable”,
  • Although he seems outwardly imperturbable, he can get very angry at. — “Imperturbable - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Definition of imperturbable in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is imperturbable? Meaning of imperturbable as a legal term. What does imperturbable mean in law?. — “imperturbable legal definition of imperturbable”, legal-
  • Synonyms for imperturbable. Other words for imperturbable. Different words for imperturbable. Antonyms of imperturbable. — “imperturbable - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and”,
  • Imperturbable definition, incapable of being upset or agitated; not easily excited; calm: See more. — “Imperturbable | Define Imperturbable at ”,

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  • "It's Mine!" Some Pure Woody With Romy Schneider... It's From "What's New ***cat?" (1965)
  • Pestilence - Osculum Infame / Systematic Instruction Technical Death/Thrash Metal band formed in Overijssel, Netherlands in 1986 From Their Debut Album 'Malleus Maleficarum' [1988] Systematic Instruction The propaganda machine Is spreading a prophet's doctrine Everywhere are effigies Contributing to insanity The dictator is calling out his canonization A perfect cloak for coming aggrandizement He's leading the land to divine ecstacy Controlling the masses: He's omnipotent Children marching off to war Persueing a sacred end Manipulated legionaries The theory's drummed in their heads Guided weapons or gas can't stop 'em Obedience to orders, execute them blind Killing, destroying, almost imperturbable But don't blame them: The brainwashed minds Systematic instruction Total conformation Religious indoctrination Sacred transformation Inspired by a former regime Learned nothing from world war two Stirring up hate against opponents Leading the country into doom Born and raised with religion Fanatic and ready to fight Contrary to non-supporters They were told to be right
  • Dimmi a chi appartiene...Seeking joy for me - Genny Pinna (actors...Cane Corso) This video shows some friends of the Cielcub's Family which are playing together and relaxing in the garden at home. There are also beautiful puppies and you can find their images on The music is Genny's song "Dimmi a chi appartiene...Seeking joy for me". As you can see the dogs (Cane Corso) are here the absolute protagonists. Kurt is meditating in front of the River Trebbia, remembering days gone by, when he was playing football with Betty and Natalie. The leader Russell is very delicate and gentle playing with the grey puppy but also imperturbable while he's eating. Shirley and Crissy come and go; the grandma of the group, our Dara, is having a rest. The dark little puppy is uncontrollable but very sweet. There is no human being or interference; so you can observe our friends while they're expressing themselves in its natural state. It is summer, it's very hot and so they prefer to stay in the shade of grapevines leaves, moved by the wind...
  • 0979 Yogic Control Wiring up Hindu yogi meditators and Zen Buddhist meditators. Who are more impressive, more inspiring? The Hindu yogis took control of the situation. We are impressed by them because of their control of body and mind. Many feel that spirituality is about such control to the extent that they might acquire superhuman powers! Higher realities, states of consciousness. The liberated one is sometimes described as being like a "log of wood". Equanimity is not about being cut off, about being impervious to the trials and tribulations of life. The Zen Buddhists were being completely open, demonstrating "beginner's mind". They were established in openness. This openness is imperturbable. They feel things intensely but they don't hang on to what they experience and develop a personal drama around it. They are navigators on the sea of passions. Spiritual enquiry is about openness. This openness is Brahman. Be open to everything. All reservations, neuroses, anxieties are dropped. Video Index: ***
  • IndianStills - Photo Carlo Bevilacqua INDIAN STILLS recall a world of silence and imperturbable solemnity; the images speak of a inner strength that transcends time and comes down to us from the depths of history, that few outward signs (certain shapes, for example, certain specific highlighted) may attemp to reveal. But the characters themselves are the ones wanting to escape any conditioning time, and they are observed by the remoteness of a civilization that gave them the traits, signs, the bearing of a culture that escapes us, anchored as it is the inner rhythms of the soul, to deny our superficiality, our economic adventure that has all changed. The models pose according to few choices: standing pose and shooting in an everyday environment, often in courtyards, against brick walls without plaster or portraits, faces close, with pride and seriousness are proposed to explain a story, without that folklore, which often transforms many portraits in tourist postcards to breach the observer into a civilization, ancient at least as ours, to reveal through the silence of immobility and the static pose the sense of an ancient culture that escapes the dogmas of the so-called modernity. Almost certainly our modernity will enter , actually it has already entered, but these INDIANS STILLS introduce to a dimension that scans the centuries through the faces, poses, the calmness of attitudes, and tries to unveil the quiet grandeur of a dimension of life. (Translation from introduction text at Indian Stills by Mauro ...
  • Cow meditating at the sunset - Agonda-Goa jan'10 MSWMM_0001.wmv Sitting silently, doing nothing, the cow is there...people are passing by, she is imperturbable...when the sun is gone, she is slowly standing and even more slowly, still meditating, is going out of the scene...only prints on the sand remain.
  • The Imperturbable Master (+subs).mov A Zen master has a reputation of being imperturbable. His student monks decide to put him to the test. Written by and featuring Nicholas Granby and Ivan Ottaviani. One of the short sketches from the Theatre of Eternal Values production "Zen-Sations", recorded at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the first time Zen stories have been adapted for the stage. Also with Nicolas Veneri, Valerio Tagliacarne & Giovanni Garattini.
  • Eva, imperturbable !
  • imperturbable !!!
  • "Around the World in 80 Days" (1956) Trailer Niven is perfect as an imperturbable English gentleman who attempts to win a bet by circumnavigating the globe in eighty days. The Jules Verne story, 100 locations, 40 cameo appearances by Hollywood players, a Victor Young score, and SJ Perelman among the writers guarantee delightful family fare. The beginning of the film features a prologue by Edward R. Murrow, the esteemed television journalist, and it includes the first film to be based on a Jules Verne novel, Georges Melies's A TRIP TO THE MOON from 1902.
  • Stairs fall and recovery Graphic definition of "imperturbable"
  • 0705 Section 6.2, Chapter 29 (continued) Yoga Vasishta Abandon all notion of division. The fundamental division is into a person here experiencing a world out there. Rest in self-knowledge. The notion of the imperturbable yogi. Awareness should encompass everything. The attention has to go out of itself frequently. However, it happens more than necessary. Draw it back in. Being free from disharmony. The waking state is belief in an external world. The deep sleep state is impervious to belief. The practice of self-awareness is beginingless and endless. There is neither unity nor diversity but supreme peace. Build up your sense of being. Vasistha is silent in response to Rama's question about the egosense. Words are only spiritually justified if they turn us away from their meaning to that which forms them. Text: Yoga Vasistha Book 2, May 19 Video Index ***
  • Xena: WP music video - All is One (english subtitles) Pairing: Xena/Gabrielle. I wasn't sure if it makes sense to upload this video. Maybe I'll be the only one who likes it - and maybe it's impudent anyway to call this little piece a music video. Actually you won't hear a song but rather a poem framed in music. The text is an early poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. Well, at least I can tell you what I tried: Some people won't agree but to me 'Xena: The Warrior Princess' is one of the most spiritual shows ever aired on TV. The Gods are everywhere and in everything, everything is close in the Xenaverse. One day you are a God, the next you are mortal, or vice versa. One day you are good, the next you are evil, one moment you are an angel, the next you are a demon. You can be nailed on a cross and five minutes later fight for the Greater Good in Hell. You can die several times and return from the death one episode later without making a great deal of it. Several realities, several worlds, several times - and everything melts into everything. Times, cultures, bodies, lives. The only dependable thing in this erratic world is the love between our two heroes. It outlives everything, it is imperturbable and unflinching and sometimes their only orientation. Unfortunately Rilke wrote his poem so early that an official translation doesn't exist. I had to translate it myself (sorry), it was a painful process since Rilke can't be translated without losing the beauty of his words.
  • MAD - Brainwaves - Urban Torque® Demarkus Lewis and Michael Shilling (aka DJ Mike London) have put their heads together to create an imperturbable summers antidote to busyness and bustle. Sauntering at a languorous pace Brainwaves draws the listener along into the depth of its serene musical oasis. On the remix, Stephen Lopkin adds a little Latin vigour and electronic debauchery to shake things up and provide something for the less salubrious night-time setting. An established DJ and producer of many years, Demarkus Lewis has released on such labels as Swerve Records, End Recordings, Slip n Slide, Low Down, and Brique Rouge. He runs record label Grin Music. Michael Shilling has produced music released on Ovum, Grin Music, Rhythmic Deep, Color Recordings and Kapa. He also runs the Rhythmic Label Group, including the Rhythmic Tech and Rhythmic Deep labels releasing music from many talented producers from Detroit and Chicago such as Adonis, John Beltran aka Indio.
  • Bach Sonata No. 1 in G Minor Johann Sebastian Bach | Sonata No. 1 in G Minor | Presto | BWV 1001 | Many thanks to Natalja and Nicolas for their imperturbable patience and support!
  • The 39 Steps - Alfred Hitch*** - 1935 Over a four day period, the suave, imperturbable and clever male protagonist (played by Robert Donat who had recently starred in the swashbuckler The Count of Monte Cristo (1934) and was popularly known as the "Monte Cristo Man"), is paired (literally handcuffed) to a classic, cool and icy, intelligent blonde maiden - Madeleine Carroll. [She was the first in a notorious line of Hitch***'s female stars that later included Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren.] His exhausting cyclical journey to prove his innocence and to bring the spies to justice, in which he assumes numerous identities (ie, a milkman, an auto mechanic, a politician, and a newlywed), takes him from London to the Scottish Highlands and back again, through a series of action sequences. The 39 Steps (1935) is one of the earlier Alfred Hitch*** British spy-chase suspense-thrillers from a vintage period, his 18th film. Considered his first real masterpiece, it is both a crowd-pleasing box-office success and an extremely influential film that brought the famed director attention from US audiences.
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  • clip0367DR imperturbable
  • Sinister - Carnificina Scelesta / Perennial Mourning © 1992 Nuclear Blast Records. Lyrics: Bodily resignation Enter the ancient spheres Dimension beyond all dreams Where time is forsaken Perennial mourning Eternal benevolent wings Solemn moaning flock Through chasms of sin Falsehood of mankind Perennial mourning Omniscient ancient dome Beholds the answer to it all Eyes of the ancient slumber Rabid grotesque tears Are vanishing in time Simultaneous integration of cocoons An obscure mystical appearance Of unshapen kindred spirits Like myriad chronic visions Shadows of blood appear Above the zoetrope chamber Ominous pylons arise Enclosing ferocity Perennial mourning Omniscient ancient dome Beholds the answers to it all Rise from the age of knowledge Devouring bestial phlegm Annular deformed mutation Chained to the hideous cobwebs Imperturbable consuming souls Simultaneous deviation into dusk Eyes of the ancient slumber Rabid grotesque tears Still vanishing in time Convene incantation spheres The infinite powers from beyond Ancient visions disappear Beware of the prophecies Universal knowledge Beyond subconciousness
  • Mojito y su conducta imperturbable
  • 5 Minutes Bible Study - The Patience Problem THE PATIENCE PROBLEM by Dr. Harold Sala And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance. Romans 5:3 Do you ever wonder if God is capable of delivering everything that people say He will do for you? Going one step further, hearing some people tell it, I would expect God to give me absolute tranquility, peace that is imperturbable, and an abundance of consumer goods—all for the asking. Frankly, the problem is not God but those who are so eager to win followers that they make promises which God never intended anyone to deliver. The fact of the matter is that God produces in us something far more valuable than the trinkets and toys we often beg for. For example, the King James Version of Romans 5:3 says that tribulation produces patience. Yes, I understand the word tribulation is one that we dont use much any more. Modern translations use the word hardship or trouble. Tribulation has a kind of dark side to it, one that we generally prefer to escape. Yet we understand intensity and prefer to shortcut its grasp on us. Yes, we appreciate the virtue of patience which it is said to yield, but we ask, Cant we learn patience without having to go through the difficulties of gaining it? Frankly, writing a commentary on patience is good medicine for me right now. Im sitting in the lobby of an airport, hoping that Ill make it to my speaking engagement tonight. This day hasnt exactly been a day of supreme demonstration of my patience ...
  • Sofia's imperturbable "Bob Hair Cut" Sofia recieveing dark caramel color panelling; as well, Sofia prefers french angle bangs. : ). Work perfected !
  • Imperturbable The 4th and final chapter of the kevo quadrilogy
  • Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse 12/21/2010 On December 21, 2010 a lunar eclipse occurred on the Winter Solstice. At a Lunar Eclipse, by Thomas Hardy: Thy shadow, Earth, from Pole to Central Sea, Now steals along upon the Moon's meek shine In even monochrome and curving line Of imperturbable serenity. How shall I link such sun-cast symmetry With the torn troubled form I know as thine, That profile, placid as a brow divine, With continents of moil and misery? And can immense Mortality but throw So small a shade, and Heaven's high human scheme Be hemmed within the coasts yon arc implies? Is such the stellar gauge of earthly show, Nation at war with nation, brains that teem, Heroes, and women fairer than the skies? Animations were created using Celestia The music is Chopin's Nocturne op.9 No 2. performed by Vadim Chaimovich and was obtained from a source for music that has been donated to the public domain. The photographs were taken by me.
  • Four elements, Four seasons In the beginning there is the earth: the dancer shapes in his own way these Elements set to music by Jean-Féry Rebel. Later, the whole orchestra joins in the dance of Vivaldis Quattro stagioni not least its leader, whose maestria remains imperturbable as those elements are unleashed around her. A supremely successful dialogue between the arts, this choreographic concert has triumphed all over Europe since its 2007 premiere at Radialsystem V in Berlin.
  • Caramelldansen Misheard Lyrics — Yuri Edition — So there's a lot of Caramelldansen misheard lyrics videos out there, but they were rather lacking in yuri. So here I present to you an amalgamation of yuri or pseudo-yuri series. Hope you enjoy. (And in case you didn't know, Caramelldansen is sung in Swedish, and I wrote the English lyrics based on what it sounds like, so it's just for fun, and they're not translations.) See tags for the series that I used. They're in order of appearance. -- Japanese tags (they don't fit in the tag section): ウッーウッーウマウマ(゜∀゜), 百合, アニメ, ストロベリー・パニック!, ストパニ, マリア様がみてる, マリみて, マーダープリンセス, エル・カザド, 舞-乙HiME, 舞-HiME
  • The Day The Earth Stood Still - Keanu Reeves BlackTree TV Personality Danai P Mairaire sits down with actor Keanu Reeves to discuss The Day The Earth Stood Still and are we ALONE in this universe?? PERFECT CASTING This contemporary remake of the science-fiction classic knew what it was doing when it cast Keanu Reeves, the movies greatest stone face since Buster Keaton, as a perplexed alien whose first words on Earth are, This body will take some getting used to. When you want distant and disconnected, Reeves is your man. Keanu meets Klaatu. It could be a match made in heaven, or at least in a galaxy far, far away. Which is just what The Day the Earth Stood Still wants us to think. This contemporary remake of the science-fiction classic knew what it was doing when it cast Keanu Reeves, the movies greatest stone face since Buster Keaton, as a perplexed alien whose first words on Earth are, This body will take some getting used to. When you want distant and disconnected, Reeves is your man. The 1951 original offered the more genial Michael Rennie as the intergalactic visitor, a being arrived on Earth accompanied by giant robot companion Gort. Rennies alien was a courtly individual with the charm of vintage James Bond, but Klaatus temperament is not the only thing that has been changed in this enjoyable updating. For one thing, Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly), the widow who is Klaatus main human contact, has been elevated from mom to mom and astrobiologist. And imperturbable robot Gort has gone from a clunky 8 feet to ...
  • Moriz Rosenthal plays New Carnaval de Vienne Moriz Rosenthal (1862-1946): New Carnaval de Vienne, 1934 recording. "His rendering of Liszt's Don Juan Fantasie was an amazing pyrotechnical exhibition, never to be forgotten; and then this impassive old gentleman, of imperturbable, heavy-lidded eyes, of head that was once a magnificent mane of hair, looking aloof and dignified with his Polish moustache and masklike features, would play a whirling, incredible fantasia upon Strauss waltzes. This had to be heard to be believed." Sacheverell Sitwell (1897 - 1988), Liszt (1955). 2 posters: - Fritz Langer, "Fledermaus"; - Unknown, Affiche de Magie Standard Vienne, 1890 (I thought the magician has a striking resemblance with Rosenthal!)
  • Imperturbable
  • Rana Imperturbable form is the outward sign of nature's utter consonance. Only our spectral liberty imparts a sense of dissonance Whence this disharmony? How did it arise? In the general chorus; why this solo refrain? Why do our souls not sing like the sea and why must the thinking reed complain? F. Tyutchev
  • kamikaz imperturbable encore et tjs imperturbable
  • Imperturbable faith.HD
  • Chester is imperturbable A short video of our bunny rabbit Chester doing nothing.
  • Chien imperturbable
  • Imperturbable Pierre
  • Van der Sar Great save of the season 09/10 For all his technical talents, Edwins temperament and experience made him an imperturbable barrier to opposing attackers, and those around him play better.
  • The English guards are they very serious?. The guards English have a reputation for being imperturbable. Americans have managed to make fun one.
  • Henry IV, Part 2 (1990, Michael Bogdanov) part 2 of 15 Shakespeare's "King Henry IV, Part 2" from "The War of the Roses" (English Shakespeare Company, UK, 1990) is a direct filming, from the stage, of Michael Bogdanov and Michael Pennington's 7-play sequence based on Shakespeare's history plays. Falstaff - Barry Stanton Falstaff's Page - John Tramper Lord Chief Justice - Hugh Sullivan Lord Mowbray - Michael Fenner Lord Hastings - Jack Carr Mistress Quickly - June Watson Director Michael Bogdanov From Charles Cowden Clarke's"Shakespeare-Characters" : What bold impudence in that speech ! " If my wind were but long enough to say my prayers, I would repent." He also tells the Lord Chief-Justice—who he knows well enough knows him—that he "lost his voice with hallooing and singing of anthems." His impudence is sublime; and that very impudence forms no insignificant item in his humour: for the grand secret of Falstaff's wit, and humour too, consists in an impenetrable and imperturbable self-possession. He proposes Bardolph—one of his rogues, as known as the church-steeple—to the silk-mercer as security for his payment. He is never thrown off his guard; or, if so, he is never foiled: he recovers himself like a rope-dancer. In the famous eleven buckram-men scene, when the tables are turned upon him, and his scouring-off laid bare, his resource is—" Do you think I did not know ye ? By the Lord, I knew ye as well as he that made ye." When his men, Pistol, Nym, and the rest, are accused before Justice Shallow of robbing Master Slender ...

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  • “The Guardian Diary notes: Spotted, in a lowly kebab shop adjacent to the campus of University College Cork on Tuesday night, this column's favourite Lycra-clad cat impersonator himself, gorgeous George Galloway, having moments earlier stormed out”
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  • “Lydon brought up Thoreau's preoccupation with color, of which yesterday's entry at The Blog of Henry David Thoreau is one of many examples: "We love to see any part of the earth tinged with blue, cerulean, the color of the sky, content, for it is become as imperturbable as it was shy before”
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