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  • Imam definition, the officiating priest of a mosque. See more. — “Imam | Define Imam at ”,
  • In this meaning Imam is not required to be a cleric. Sunni "Imams" The term is also used for a recognized religious leader or teacher in Islam, often for the founding scholars of the four Sunni madhhabs, or schools of religious jurisprudence (fiqh). For example, Imam Abu Hanifa. — “Imam - Definition”,
  • Petersburg, Florida held a commemorative event in remembrance of the martyrdom of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a) with the presence of Sayyid Baqir al-Kashmiri. Sayyid al-Kashmiri spoke about the contributions that the I | Saturday, November 13, 2010 | Al-Ghadeer Ismalic Center, Houston, TX. — “IMAM HOME PAGE”, imam-
  • Imam Jawad's (A.S.) Gifted Powers and Generosities Imam Jawad's (A.S.)seven*** years of Imamate coincided with the reigns of Ma'mun and Mu'tasim Abbasi, two of Abbasid Caliphs: 15 years in the reign of Ma'mun(1) and two years in the reign of. — “Imam Jawad's (AS) Gifted Powers and Generosities”,
  • The true islam is Shia/Shiite. — “”,
  • The word "imam" is an Arabic work that means "leader." Depending on the usage, "Imam" can have many different meanings and connotations. — “What is an Imam?”,
  • Translations of imam. imam synonyms, imam antonyms. Information about imam in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. imam - (Islam) the man who leads prayers in a mosque; for Shiites an imam is a recognized authority on Islamic theology and law and a spiritual guide. — “imam - definition of imam by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about imam at . Make research projects and school reports about imam easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “imam Facts, information, pictures | articles”,
  • An Imam (Arabic: إمام plural أئمة A'immah‎, Persian: امام) is an Islamic leadership position, often the worship leader of a mosque and the Muslim community. Similar to spiritual leaders, the Imam is the one who leads Islamic worship services. — “Imam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • imam also Imam ( ) n. Islam In law and theology, the caliph who is successor to Muhammad as the lawful temporal leader of the Islamic community. — “imam: Definition from ”,
  • The term "imam" is used in many different contexts, and with different meanings. The congregational prayer performed in the mosque is supposed to have a leader, and this person is called "imam. — “Imam - LookLex Encyclopaedia”, i-
  • Imam Khomeini was an authority in Figh, Islamic philosophy, mysticism, as well as poetry. He tolds that Imam exemplified all the dimensions of Islam simultaniously.Indeed, the more we study Imam's thoughts and works, his advises and declarations,the more we realize the great thinker and leader that. — “Imam Khomeini (r.e)”,
  • The Sunni branch of Islam, of which approximately 90% of Muslims adhere to, does not have a clergy and therefore an Imam is not a cleric like that of a Christian priest. In the Shi'a branch of Islam, the concept of an Imam occupies a much more central religious position. Sunni Imams. — “Imam”,
  • Imam - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Imam”,
  • The Imam (Arab: امام "chief") is: the Vorbeter with the Islamic prayer (Arab salad) whether it now this function onlyuniquely or office-moderately the Shiites increase the meaning of the Imams: They regard depending upon religious communitya different number of Imamen from the family of Ali ibn. — “Qwika - Imam”,
  • Khomeini known as Imam Khomeini is a unique revolutionary personality of the modern era. — “Khomeini, Imam Khomeini, Ruhollah Khomeini”,
  • Similar to spiritual leaders, the imam is the one who leads the prayer during Islamic gatherings. In smaller communities an imam could be the community leader based on the community setting. — “Imam - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News, Shopping and”,
  • imam. Islam at its very origins divides into two major sects; this division arose not out of any doctrinal or interpretive question, but over the question of who should succeed Muhammed the prophet as both the secular and spiritual leader of Islam. — “Imam”,
  • Encyclopedia article of Imam at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Imam encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about imam. Information about imam in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “imam definition of imam in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • According to Shi'ite Muslim teaching, the 12th Imam will return at the end of time and rule for 7 years. — “Imam Mahdi”,
  • Father: The Eleventh Imam Hassan Al-Askari(as) Mother: Nargis Khatoon He is the last of the Holy Infallible Imams of the people on earth and with him the fine of succession to The. — “Imam Mehdi (A.S) imam e zamana 12th imam”,

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  • Imam Ali Exclusive track from the forthcoming album, "No Effort, No Reward". No Instruments have been used in this recording. Arranged by Ishod For more information please join our facebook group or email us at [email protected] Lyrics: Verse one - Let me begin as I've begun since I was taught since day initial Bismillah al rahman ar raheem and its official, we need intercession to reach our potential something special and Supplication is necessary a word of wisdom I feel the love of Ali peace upon him needs a mention, It's something missing in this world cos we're so busy living Some say may ALLAH be pleased with him, that's almost dissin' We say he's no less than a miracle with God's permission While others stress he's just a friend I know that Mawla's master His mother called him Haider, Peace and blessings be upon her She made her way inside the Kaaba so that she could deliver The baby that would be the saviour of Badr and Khaybar. Known as Eliya, Elijah, Ali and Bitrisa His name is heard in all the Prophecies and books of scripture, I speak to praise the peak of patience even the United Nations declaration recognised his status Haters debate the teachings of the Holy Prophet, He said, "Ali is to me as Aaron was to Prophet Moses,He's the gate to all my knowledge, He decides the fate of souls and those who follow Him are promised paradise" Keep it quranic, check your sources see the verses about the Son of Abu Talib All the partisans of Ali, raise their hands in worship ...
  • Surah Al Mulk - Imam Faisal
  • The Imam and the Pastor - 39-min Documentary Jan 2008 In the 1990s, Imam Ashafa and Pastor Wuye led opposing militias in Northern Nigeria. Now the two men work together bridging religious conflicts that have killed thousands. In recent decades, tens of thousands of Nigerians have been killed in communal clashes between Christians and Muslims. "We formed a militia to protect our people". states Pastor Wuye. "My hate for the Muslims then had no limits". The victims of his militia included Imam Ashafa's spiritual leader and two cousins. The Imam spent three years planning revenge. Then one day, a sermon on forgiveness changed his life. The two men met and "gradually the relationship began to grow". They played a leading role in negotiating a historic peace accord. As Imam Ashafa explains, "even though we differ in some theological issues, we will make the world a safer place".
  • Safar-e-Karbala-PART-2...Imam Husain Journey ,Karbala.NEW 3D animated film on the Journey of Imam Husain picts the true picture of the Events that took place before the Event of Karbala. High quality DVD available at
  • adil imam marnissa
  • Adil Imam From the infamous film 'AlTagroba Al Denimarkiya'
  • FBI assassinates imam? The Justice Department is reportedly planning to launch an investigation into the shooting death of a Detroit-area imam last fall, which Abayomi Azikiwe of the Michigan Emergency Committee against War and Injustice describes as a "targeted assassination." The medical examiner found Luqman Ameen Abdullah's body with his wrists handcuffed behind his back.
  • 9/11 Mosque 3/5 Jon Stewart, Fox News, Glenn Beck, IMAM ABDUL RAUF Islamophobia for Dummies. Ground Zero Mosque 3-5 IMAM ABDUL RAUF Jon Stewart, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Alwaleed Bin Talal Ground Zero 9/11 Terror Mosque part 3. Jon Stewart on Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal VS. Fox News and ignoramus Glenn Beck. Follow the money to find Terrorist Command Center. This video includes clips for Jon Stewart The Daily Show (08-16-2010, 08-19-2010, 08-23-2010, 10-12-2010) and Stephen Colbert The Colbert Report (08-12-2010). In recent news, serious accusations have been made about the Imam proposing the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque". Sean Hannity : I have the biggest problem with the controversial Imam Karl Rove : ...and I don't trust this Imam Fox News : This guy, Imam Rauf, he's not a great ...he's not a good guy Steve Doocy : He's the mastermind behind the proposed ground zero Mosque Bill O'reilly : Imam Rauf, he is no friend to America Fox : This guy IS a radical Fox : This radical Imam, we don't know what he's planning on doing in that cultural center Hannity: Should he even be in the US? Jon Stewart : Oh my God, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, he's a radical terrorist sympathizer. I had no idea, because the name is so familiar. Where have I seen that name before: no fly list, no, America's most wanted, I don't believe that was it, war on terror playing cards, or was it: Brian Kilmeade : To my immediate left Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, he is the founder of the Cordoba initiative. The group proposing the center ...
  • adel imam lailat shetaa2 dafe2a
  • Gjoko Taneski - Jas ja imam silata FYR Macedonia Eurovision 2010 FIRST SEMI-FINAL Gjoko Taneski - Jas ja imam silata FYR Macedonia Eurovision Song Contest 2010 FIRST SEMI-FINAL
  • Eşref Ziya Terzi The imam 3 film mescere Holy islam Prophet God Creator Resurrection Day of judgement Praise Pray Peace Monotheism Justice Prophethood Heaven Paradise Hell Attribute Pilgrimage Existence Creation Apostles Sinless Sins Regret Feelings Revelation Believer Patient Ungrateful Fasting Mystic Poem Truth...
  • Imam Khomeini - The Man Who Changed The World | Iran & The West [Part 1/3] Part 2: Part 3: Militant Islam enjoyed its first modern triumph with the arrival in power of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran in 1979. In this series of three programmes, key figures tell the inside story. Former US president Jimmy Carter talks on television for the first time about the episode that, more than any other, led American voters to eject him from the presidency. Iran's seizure of the US embassy in Tehran and the holding of its staff for 444 days took more and more of Carter's time and energy. His final days in office were dominated by desperate attempts to secure the release of the embassy hostages. Those who sat in the White House with him, planning how to rescue the hostages, how to negotiate their release and, finally, wondering whether anything could be rescued from the disaster, all tell their part in the story. Other contributors include former vice president Walter Mondale, ex-deputy secretary of state Warren Christopher and former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski. The other side of the story is told by top Iranians: Ayatollah Khomeini's close adviser, Grand Ayatollah Montazeri; his first foreign minister, Ebrahim Yazdi; his negotiator with the US, Sadeq Tabatabai; and the founder of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, Mohsen Rafiqdoust.
  • Ed Show w/ Cenk: Imam Helped FBI w/ Counterterrorism Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) filling in for Ed Schultz on MSNBC talked to Sam Stein of the Huffington Post about his piece explaining how the 'Ground Zero Mosque' Imam is not only not radical, but he helped the Bush administration and FBI with counterterrorism. Link to his piece below:
  • Knowing Your Imam [aj] Lecture Series Intro Intro for The Knowing Your Imam [aj] Lecture Series by Sh. Safdar Razi. Link to 50 Lecture Series Playlist: Produced by The Awaited One Foundation:
  • Eşref Ziya Terzi The imam 1 film mescere Holy islam Prophet God Creator Resurrection Day of judgement Praise Pray Peace Monotheism Justice Prophethood Heaven Paradise Hell Attribute Pilgrimage Existence Creation Apostles Sinless Sins Regret Feelings Revelation Believer Patient Ungrateful Fasting Mystic Poem Truth...
  • Adil Imam Another clip from 'AlTagroba Al Denimarkiya'
  • Ways to Paradise - Imam Siraj Wahhaj Siraj Wahaj, Imam of Masjid Taqwa in New York is well known among Muslims in North America as a dynamic speaker and tireless supporter of Islamic causes. Imam Siraj Wahhaj, currently the Imam of Masjid Al-Taqwa in Brookyn, New York, accepted Islam in 1969. He received Imam training at Ummul Qura University of Makkah in 1978 and has gone on to become a national and international speaker on Islam. Imam Wahhaj has appeared on several national television talk shows and interviews especially about his anti-drug campaigns. He received high praises from the media and NYPD for initiating anti-drug patrol in Brooklyn, New York in 1988. Imam Siraj Wahhaj is originally from New York.
  • Imam Baildi - O Pasatempos Greek Music
  • Eşref Ziya Terzi The imam 5 film mescere Holy islam Prophet God Creator Resurrection Day of judgement Praise Pray Peace Monotheism Justice Prophethood Heaven Paradise Hell Attribute Pilgrimage Existence Creation Apostles Sinless Sins Regret Feelings Revelation Believer Patient Ungrateful Fasting Mystic Poem Truth...
  • A Gift from Imam Hussain (AS) : Dua *** I would like to share an incident with respect to this Dua with you all. A Shia Sister from UK was very keen to go on Ziyarat of Bibi Zainab's Roza during Arbaeen time in 2009. As this dua has worked for me in the past, with respect to different issues, I recommended this to her too. I got the following email from her which after her permission, I am sharing with you all.: Salaamz. Basically after u told me to read that dua .... i read it lyk 1000 timez ... 2 nights later, my papa had a dream that Bibi was calling him. so he woke up and suddenly told us all and god knows how but like in no time we all had tickets ... and God knows wer the money came from too .. so i remembered u straight away ... coz seriously it was like a miracle i mean we had no money (secret by the way) we left on sunday then, and i prayed for you and ur family as soon as i saw the Roza because u wer the main reason of how i got ther if that makes any sense at all ! Anyways, if u still find all this weird, please delete all of them and pretend it never happened. thankyou tc bye *********************************************************** This is a beautiful Dua which was passed on by Imam Hussain (AS) to his son Imam Zain al Abideen (AS) on the day of Ashura. Dua recited by Br.Hussain Mukhtar Ali Translation: BY THE TRUTH OF YASEEN (A TITLE OF THE HOLY PROPHET) AND THE QURAN FULL OF WISDOM AND FOR THE SAKE OF TAA-HAA (ANOTHER TITLE OF THE HOLY PROPHET) AND THE GREAT QURAN O HE WHO IS ABLE TO FULFIL ...
  • Sheikh Hamza Yusuf: Creed Of Imam Al Tahawi p1 An interview with Sheikh Hamza Yusuf on his new book Creed Of Imam Al Tahawi. Please dont copy my videos and put them on your on own account like "some" people. Part 1
  • YA Ali : imam Ali rap ( Turkish Arabic Song ) Imam Ali (as) Turkish Arabic Song by Elija feat Aslan Ya Ali - Turkish Arabic Song LEBANESE SHIA & TURC ALEVI (la fata ila ali) imam ali 3ali shia shiaa shi3a chiite sunnite kurd kurdistan Azaris Azeris hezbollah hizbullah dua kumail dabke dabka haydar ahl beit lebanese elija feat aslan alevis aleviten Alevi ünlüler saz Ehli-Beyt ya mahdi hussein fatima zahraa kurde rap haraket amal karbala turkish medet hz ALİ alevi hazreti Türkei Turkey hazara khan madad aleviyim kerbela Ehlibeyt imamlar duasi alevilar alevilik alevitentum ***ten turque france l'imam ali l'emir des croyants musulman chiite YA Ali : imam Ali rap Turkish Arabic Song Elija feat Aslan ya ali ya Ali imam ali rap shiiten alevi alevis شيعة الامام علي
  • CAIR Video: Shocking Details of Slain Imam's Autopsy CAIR: Autopsy Shows Mich. Imam Shot 21 Times, Handcuffed Muslim civil rights group repeats call for independent probe of FBI shooting (WASHINGTON, DC, 1/30/10) The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today reiterated its call for an independent investigation into the death of a Michigan imam, or Islamic religious leader, who a leaked autopsy report has revealed was shot 21 times and then handcuffed during an October FBI raid in Detroit. Video: Shocking Details of Slain Imam's Autopsy (Fox) CAIR, other civil liberties groups and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), who is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, have all called for an investigation into the death of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah. Earlier this month, Conyers sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder to ask the Justice Department's civil rights division to investigate both the October shooting and whether the FBI violated the Constitution by using informants in mosques. A report detailing the imams autopsy is scheduled for official release on Monday. SEE: Autopsy in Imam Shooting to be Released Monday (Detroit News) Conyers: Review FBI Case on Imam (Detroit Free Press) "The shocking details of the imams autopsy raise a number of disturbing questions that need to be answered," said Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIRs Michigan chapter. "First of all, did the FBI agents follow established procedure when they shot the imam 21 times? How was the imam shot in the back ...
  • ELEMENTAL - Zasto Te Imam UPLOADED WITH PERMISSIONS GIVEN BY MIRELA PRISELEC REMI (ELEMENTAL) AND MENART! WHAT DO I HAVE YOU FOR? ELEMENTAL Video Playlist: For more informations about the artist(s) please visit, for the start, these selected web-resources: .hr , , , . Thank you! MARIO SCHNELLER, establisher and editor of .:MUSIC CORNER:. (Mainstream Music Promotion Web System). , , .
  • Imam Muda Episode 1 pt1 (28 Mei 2010)
  • Imam Khomeini A life clip of Imam Khomeini showing the revolution and the last days of his life. May Allah bless his soul.
  • Little Imam Child (Das Wunder kind) KORAN ISLAM Little Imam Child (Das Wunder kind) MASCHALLAH This kids both parents were christian and his native language is not arabic, he is only 4. He claims the words he is saying were tought to him in his dreams by a man dressed in white under a tree shade. When he is not preaching if u talk to him in arabic he doesn't the way his parents and hundreds converted seeing him... Elhamdulillah. A blessed child showing men among men who Allah is. Allah bless him. We all wish we were like him. Muslims come in peace. May Allah take us all to Jannat. Ameen.
  • Sheikh Imran Hosein - Imam Al-Mahdi & the Return of the Caliphate 1 full lecture According to Sheikh Imran Hossein , Gog and Magog/yajuj and Majuj has been released , Which Clearly goes against sahih hadith Sahih Muslim, Book 41. (Turmoil And Portents Of The Last Hour) Hadith Number 7015. He would then search for him (Dajjal) until he would catch hold of him at the gate of Ludd and would kill him. Then a people whom Allah had protected would come to Jesus, son of Mary, and he would wipe their faces and would inform them of their ranks in Paradise and and it would be under such conditions that Allah would reveal to Jesus these words: I have brought forth from amongst My servants such people against whom none would be able to fight; you take these people safely to Tur, and then Allah would send Gog and Magog and they would swarm down from every slope. The first of them would pass the lake of Tibering(Tiberius) and drink out of it. And when the last of them would pass, he would say: There was once water there. So according to sahih Hadith , After Jesus(pbuh) returns in this and kills the dajjal then the gog and magog will be released . Russia has lost by Taliban, it cant be magog . usa is also loosing in the hand of taliban , inshaALLAH very very soon , they will completely loose . Usa cannot be gog/magog . according to hadith gog and magog has not yet released , but they will soon be released. i still love and respect Sheikh Imran Hossein . he is someone who tells the truth . but we are human being and we ...
  • duazı imam deyiş hasan hüseyin
  • Adel Imam Adel Imama, chahid ma chafchy haga
  • Imam Hussein Karbala Movie part 2(English) Ḥusayn ibn Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib (Arabic: حسين بن علي بن أﺑﻲ طالب‎)‎ (3rd Shabān 4 AH - 10th Muharram 61 AH; 8th January 626 AD - 10th October 680 AD) was the grandson of Muhammad and the son of Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib (final Caliph and first Shīah Imām) and Fātimah Zahrā (daughter of Muhammad). Husayn is an important figure in Islām as he is a member of the Ahlul Bayt (the household of Muhammad) and Ahlul Kisā, as well as being a Shīah Imām, and one of The Four*** Infallibles of Twelvers. Husayn ibn Alī is revered as a martyr who fought tyranny, as he refused to pledge allegiance to Yazīd I[11], the Umayyad caliph. He rose up to create a regime that would reinstate a true Islāmic polity as opposed to what he considered the unjust rule of the Umayyads.[11] As a consequence, Husayn was killed and beheaded in the Battle of Karbalā in 680 (61AH) by Shimr Ibn Thil-Jawshan.[12] The anniversary of his martyrdom is called Āshūrā ("tenth" day of Muharram) and is a day of mourning and religious observance for Shia Muslims. Revenge for Husayn's death was turned into a rallying cry that helped undermine the Umayyad caliphate, and gave impetus to the rise of a powerful Shīah movement.
  • Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Imam On May 22nd, Massachusetts Governor Patrick embraced the radical leadership of the Muslim American Society (MAS), including Imam Abdullah Faarooq who told followers they must "pick up the gun and the sword" in response to the arrests of local Islamic extremist Aafia Siddiqui and terror suspect Tarek Mehanna. Full sermon by Imam Faaruuq is available here:
  • Sheikh Hussain Al-Akraf Karbala Imam al hussain(as) imam al-hussain(as) battle of karbala ashura
  • Mase, Imam Thug, Cardan, Nore, Cam'Ron, Tragedy - Freestyle 1997 DJ Clue freestyle featuring Mase, Imam Thug, Cardan, Nore, Cam'Ron & Tragedy
  • Eşref Ziya Terzi The imam 4 film mescere Holy islam Prophet God Creator Resurrection Day of judgement Praise Pray Peace Monotheism Justice Prophethood Heaven Paradise Hell Attribute Pilgrimage Existence Creation Apostles Sinless Sins Regret Feelings Revelation Believer Patient Ungrateful Fasting Mystic Poem Truth...

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  • “And Right4All is not an obscure blog, but the website of the media department of Cairo University, the leading educational institution of the Arabic-speaking world. In the article, the imam said the following of the "religious dialogue" and "”
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  • “Islamic Society of Greater Lowell serves the needs of the community in the greater Lowell area. ISGL services include 5 times daily prayers, Friday prayers, Sunday school, traweeh and more”
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  • “Editor's note: The imam who plans to build an Islamic center and mosque a few blocks from New York's ground zero spoke to CNN's Soledad O'Brien on "Larry King Live" Wednesday night. The following is a running log of what Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf”
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