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  • An idiot, dolt, or dullard is a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way. An idiot is said to be idiotic, and to suffer from idiocy. — “Idiot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define idiot as NIdiot \Id'i*ot\, n. [F. idiot, L. idiota an uneducated,ignorant, ill-informed person, Gr. ?, also. — “Definition of Idiot from ”,
  • "Idiot" was originally created to refer to "layman, person lacking professional skill", "person so mentally deficient as to be incapable of ordinary reasoning".[6][7] Declining to take part in public life, such as democratic government of the. — “Idiot - Wikinfo”,
  • The Idiot Similar Albums: Low , Kick Out the Jams , New York Dolls , Coney Island Baby , Stooges , Funhouse , Talking Heads 77 , Marquee Moon , Raw. — “The Idiot: Information from ”,
  • Idiot definition, an utterly foolish or senseless person. See more. — “Idiot | Define Idiot at ”,
  • English Translation for idiot - German-English Dictionary. — “ | idiot | English Dictionary”,
  • Find and join the idiot humor network with fun merchandise for your favorite idiots and stupid people in your life, whether they are just plain jerks or dumb people who deserve the very best this is the place to find it all. — “Idiot Humor Network for Laughs, Books and Novelties, ”,
  • Enter the Squarehead Remix Contest for "Idiot" and get a chances to win FREE Samples from Prime Loops and fix your sweet tooth with FREE Software Idiot (Industrial Strength Mix) (Squarehead Idiot feat Klayton of Celldweller Competition). — “FiXT Remix Online Community | Contests”,
  • Idiot, Idiot History, Idiot Disability, Idiot In literature, Idiot Other uses, Idiot Tyrannosaurus Hives, Idiot Quotes! How to Work for an Idiot a complete study! Everything you'll ever want to know, by Kip Addotta!. — “Idiot!”,
  • ShopWiki has 4304 results for Idiot, including The Idiot [Vinyl], Hot Wheels Monster Jam 46/75 " Pillage Idiot " Flag, Look It's An Idiot - Mirrormask, and Cat people and idiots mousepad. — “Idiot”,
  • Directed by Vladimir Bortko. With Yevgeni Mironov, Vladimir Mashkov, Lidiya Velezheva, Olga Budina. 1 I hope that Bortko, who brought to life Sobachie Serdze and Idiot will make something really great from his upcoming project Master i Margarita. — “Idiot (TV mini-series 2003) - IMDb”,
  • Find all the detailed information about 'Idiot', only at The W2 - Wikipedia. An idiot, dolt, or dullard is a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way. — “Idiot :: The W2 - Wikipedia”, wiki.w2
  • Definition of Idiot in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Idiot? Meaning of Idiot as a legal term. What does Idiot mean in law?. — “Idiot legal definition of Idiot. Idiot synonyms by the Free”, legal-
  • Idiot Zone is full of unique and funny videos, games, and cartoons!. — “Idiot Zone - Home”,
  • Online shopping for MP3 Songs from a great selection of MP3 Downloads; Pop, International, Rock, Dance & DJ, Classical, Jazz, Alternative Rock, Rap & Hip-Hop, Folk & more at everyday low prices. — “: green day american idiot - MP3 Songs: MP3 Downloads”,
  • all about idiots The Idiot Blog. Obituary. Page 2. Philosophy. Twitter Updates. Idiot Booty is back! A book holds a house of gold. ( Chinese proverb). — “”,
  • Definition of idiot from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of idiot. Pronunciation of idiot. Definition of the word idiot. Origin of the word idiot. — “idiot - Definition of idiot at ”,
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable idiot gifts - t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, embroidery, and more from . Choose your favorite idiot gift from thousands of available products. — “Idiot T-Shirts, Idiot Gifts, Art, Posters, and more”,
  • Manje . Watch Video about Bloopers,Jump,Back flips by 0. Idiots, you got to love watching them. What would we do with out them. By cdub1962 1184221996 Reply Spam [+0] Moderate Up Moderate Down Remove 5962089. 0. jagged slide. and why the hell would the end of a slide be jagged?. — “Idiot - Video”,
  • funny, rude, offensive, dirty word t-shirts, 2girls1cup, obnoxious, don't tase me bro, california home grown, writer, bong hits for jesus. — “idiot. : ”,
  • anyone who defines their own name on urban dictionary idiot 2 sounds stupid moron retard dumbass dumb fool loser *** jerk fag retarded douche douchebag ass. — “Urban Dictionary: idiot”,
  • idiot (plural idiots) (pejorative) A common term for a person of low general intelligence. usage note This may be used pejoratively, as an insult. It is a weak insult, however, and between close friends, family members, or lovers, is often completely nonaggressive. — “idiot - Wiktionary”,
  • Origin of IDIOT. Middle English, from Anglo-French ydiote, from Latin idiota ignorant person, from Greek idiōtēs one in a private station, layman, ignorant person, from idios one's own, private; akin to Latin suus one's own — more at suicide. First Known Use: 14th century. Related to IDIOT. — “Idiot - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-

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  • Is Bush an "Idiot"? Is the President of the United States, George W. Bush, an idiot? Scarborough Country asks the forbidden question. They look at his inability to speak correctly, not at his inability to lead correctly, however. Of course the real question is, is the Republican Party full of idiots because they nominated the sucker, and continue to blindly follow his crap? Is the US full of idiots, because they elected the sucker and have not begun demanding better until recently? UPDATE: July 12, 2007. After 11 months this got 10400 comments, most saying, yes, an idiot he is. Then things got ugly. Rightwing trolls came in with their usual garbage, as well as non-Americans who thought it would be fun to bait them. Then there were those who really did seem to be on the side of promoting harm to the US, as well as the loons with their conspiracy theories (9/11 was an inside job, Israel is behind it all, etc.) So I shut down the comments, and archived the 2 mb's worth of text. Ah, peace and quiet. Now all you are left with are your own thoughts, the anger, rants and insane babblings of a YouTube "discussion," and the question, "Is Bush an 'Idiot'?" I'll reopen discussion with a tearful apology when Bush brings America to glory.
  • 3 Idiots - Official Trailer The official trailer of the most awaited movie - 3 Idiots HD Quality Video Starring: Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Sharman Joshi, R. Madhavan and Boman Irani Produced by: Vidhu Vinod Chopra Directed by: Raju Hirani Releasing on: 25th December, 2009
  • Idiot crashes motorcycle- freakin hilarious i would never let anyone learn to ride on my bike.
  • The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 3 Visit the blog for the music list and FAQ! This is a re-upload. At first the .avi render looked great and had a high quality option, then all of a sudden, YouTube decided to hate me again, removed the high quality option and threw the normal quality into pixelated hell. This is uploaded using the classic .wmv upload used in GIB2. I may have lost some good comments, ratings and 1000 views in 2 days, but I'll be damned if I settle for awful quality. High quality, downloadable version at :
  • Elisabeth "Right Wing Idiot" Hasselbeck PWNED by Jesse "The Body" Ventura on the issue of tortue On THE VIEW, which aired on 5.18.09, Jesse Ventura PWNED Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the issue of torture. Bless her poor little confused right wing idiot heart she brought up all the usual right wing hate monger targets, Pelosi, Obama, Clinton. . .what a damned idiot
  • THE AMERICAN IDIOT Credit:hijackednation Just a great video capturing the essence of how the dumb down clueless idiot known as the American sheeple-has no idea what is truly going on or careless as they sit on there asses and sip suds as they watch dancing with the washed up celebrities POLICE STATE cluless idiots useful idiotron paul Max Keiser Gerald Celente Jim Rogers peter schiff wall st street Federal Reserve alex jones dollar wall st goldman sachs obama Tim Geithner glenn beck freedom to fascism 9/11 inside job msnbc goldman sachs jp morgan chase
  • The Idiots of Garry's Mod 2 PLEASE READ THIS, INFORMATION HERE: Feel free to Subscribe! Please read below for useful information on awesomeness. -------------------------------------------- Follow us at: Facebook: Steam Group: Myspace: Twiter: ...
  • The Idiots of Garry's Mod Feel free to subscribe! I will be making many more of these. Be sure to watch to the VERY END!! YAY GARRYS MOD! :D -------------------------------------------- Follow us at: Facebook: Steam Group: Myspace: Twiter: ---------------------------------------------- (Song list by Jigafer) SONGS: (0:00-0:42) Where's your head at- Basement Jaxx (0:44-0:56) Juno Reactor - Teahouse (0:57-1:04) Basshunter - Dota (1:08-1:33) Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - Burt Bacharach (1:33-1:48) Jeopardy! Think Music (1:56-2:13) The Fresh Prince Of Bel - Air Theme (2:13-2:23) DMX - Get It On The Floor (2:24-2:37) The Ren and Stimpy Soundtrack - unknown (2:48-2:56) 2PM - Tetris Trance (3:00-3:28) Raffi - Banana Phone (Sped up Version) (4:17-4:27) Haddaway - What is Love? (4:31-4:40) El Mudo - Chacarron Macarron (4:51-4:49) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (5:17-5:30) DJ Zitkis - Suck My Mother***ing Dick (6:12-6:19) The Ren and Stimpy Soundtrack - unknown (6:20-6:29) My Little Pony Intro Opening Theme (6:30-6:59) Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy (7:00-7:08) El Mudo - Chacarron Macarron (7:48-8:29) Mint Royale Ft. Gene Kelly - Singing in the Rain (Remix) (10:51-11:06) Gunther - Ding Dong Song (10:07-11:24) Digital Droo - Monkey Developers (11:25-12:12) Dj Aligator Project - The Whistle Song (12:47-13:37) French CanCan VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO LordofDoom5432 FOR CREATING THIS VIDEO:
  • idiot pisses off reporter stupid guy pisses off a reports
  • Green Day's - American Idiot On Broadway- Soundcheck w/ Billie Joe Armstrong & Band Follow us! Watch the cast of American Idiot on Broadway perform the song "American Idiot" on the final soundcheck before an audience of contest winners and fans. AP-RED's Jason Drew hosts the festivities. Billie Joe Armstrong Talks about his involvement and his respect for the actors of this musical. Director, Michael Mayer chats about how he approached Billie Joe about his idea to turn American Idiot into the brilliant soon-to-be smash hit! Music By Green Day Lyrics By Billie Joe Armstrong Book By Billie Joe Armstrong & Michael Mayer Directed By Michael Mayer Orchestrations, Arrangements & Musical Supervision By Tom Kitt Choreographed by Steven Hoggett
  • The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 9 Visit the blog for music list and FAQ! High quality, downloadable version at the WeGame account: So here it is. After four weeks of my computer eating *** over and over and my job in full swing again, the 9th episode has been released. I tried to fit in as many short skits under a minute as I could in this episode without it being TOO random. After all, random doesn't always mean funny. The models seen at the end skit where models from the Half-Life 2 mod, "Human Error." The models can be downloaded here: Finally, the "Sit on You" skit is NOT A SONG. It was audio from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show. Here's the original video:
  • The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 8 Visit the blog for the music used and FAQ! High quality, downloadable version at the WeGame account! So the long awaited 8th episode is here. What took it so long? I hoped to introduce a new character that required modeling work to complete and of course, an identical looking Fred re-skin. Unfortunately, I entrusted the model job to some new *** who chose to play Counter-Strike: Source constantly instead of copy / pasting a link to the so-called finished model, which probably wasn't even done at all to begin with, before blocking me. (you know who you are) I also never wound up getting Fred's ideal face re-skin because DMGaina had to go and have a life and all that silly nonsense. With neither of what I've been waiting for all these months, I grabbed Fred's shirt and moved on. Oh yeah, there was also my work shift that ate up my social life and overall free time that I mentioned endlessly but very few seemed to hear about.
  • The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 4 Visit the blog for the music list and FAQ! High quality, downloadable version at : Fans of the first episode will find much fimiliarity with this installment. Also for this episode, I used a lesser number of skits, but the ones that are here are longer ones.
  • The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 7 Visit the blog for music listed and FAQ! High quality downloadable version at the WeGame channel. Fun fact: For over 2 weeks, this video was the top rated video of all time on YouTube. Holy ***, y'all! Why do I "hate" Renamon? New blog entry here:
  • Idiot idiot
  • green day - american idiot HD green day - american idiot
  • Top 4 idiots ever! *Just to let ppl know, i KNOW there is a mistake with the numbers but the order is still the same*
  • Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart from new album Dragonslayer, out June 2009
  • Idiot Tries To Steal Microphone on Live TV Some Idiot Tries To Steal a Fox News Reporter's Microphone on Live TV while she was Interviewing a guy who had a Iphone
  • Matthias Reim - Du Idiot feat Michelle
  • The Idiot Stan Rogers - "The Idiot" I often take these night shift walks when the foreman's not around. I turn my back on the cooling stacks and make for open ground. Far out beyond the tank farm fence where the gas flare makes no sound, I forget the stink and I always think back to that Eastern town. I remember back six years ago, this Western life I chose. And every day, the news would say some factory's going to close. Well, I could have stayed to take the Dole, but I'm not one of those. I take nothing free, and that makes me an idiot, I suppose. So I bid farewell to the Eastern town I never more will see; But work I must so I eat this dust and breathe refinery. Oh I miss the green and the woods and streams and I don't like cowboy clothes; But I like being free and that makes me an idiot I suppose. So come all you fine young fellows who've been beaten to the ground. This western life's no paaradise, but it's better than lying down. Oh, the streets aren't clean, and there's nothing green, and the hills are dirty brown, But the government Dole will rot your soul back there in your home town. So bid farewell to the Eastern town you never more will see. There's self-respect and a steady cheque in this refinery. You will miss the green and the woods and streams and the dust will fill your nose. But you'll be free, and just like me, an idiot, I suppose.
  • Facebook is a Stupid Idiot - The Social Network (David Ippolito) David Ippolito debuts his new facebook song at The Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater in New York City in 2010. (Subtitled "What the *** is Farmville!?") Vist the website... updated every day.
  • Michelle & Reim - Idiot
  • Green Day - American Idiot With Lyrics. American Idiot / Album: American Idiot / Band: Green Day. PS: There are some grammatical errors in the lyrics and a few sync problems too. So, if you are a real fan, anjoy the song without complaining :D
  • drifting idiot See an idiot drifting
  • This Is Bill: Golf Shot 2 (aka Golf Idiots) Important Links: Twitter: Stream: Homepage: Video Description This is the 2nd most popular video of the "This Is Bill" series, having been viewed millions of times across the net. It has been featured on television in the UK. Stephen hits Jayson with a golf ball from point blank range.
  • Green Day - American Idiot Lyrics Green Day - American Idiot No Copyright Infringement Intended I do not own any of the music or the green day/american idiot logos.
  • IR AN IDIOT! Stories: Palin SNL Record: Dirty Priests: Foster Parents Can't Smoke:
  • World's worst criminals: Idiots caught on CCTV Hilarious footage of the wannabe criminals foiled by bullet-proof glass, angry grandmothers and their own stupidity.
  • Shocking Idiot Driver Idiotic driver did not even realised he knocked down someone. Kept on reversion a few times. Wheels rool over old lady a few times. Ppl, pls do not rush, and reverse in low speed. check rear mirror and exercise caution.
  • Idiot jumps against wall This idiot jumps with massive speed against a wall
  • Monty Python - Village Idiots How to be an idiot
  • How to confuse an idiot Original artwork by giantsquidrule (thanks). All I did was edit it a bit and convert to a QT file.
  • HILARIOUS! ricer Idiot blows engine (CRX)
  • Football Idiots Football Players I did not make this video
  • George W Bush - American Idiot Many thanks to all of you have viewed, commented and favourited this video! Due to the popularity of this video I have decided to make a new George W Bush Video entitled 'Leader of the Gang' hopefully to be uploaded here in mid October! Add me to your myspace page! Don't hurt me George, its only what the people of the UK think. Some videos are from check it out, its an hilarious site!
  • The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 2 Visit the blog for the music list and FAQ! It's here! Also, it seems YouTube did something to fix that odd abrupt "blocky blurr" that was polluting my videos in the normal setting earlier. Props to them on finally fixing that. I used the Benny Hill theme. I'm gunna go jam bamboo chips under my own fingernails now. High quality, downloadable version at :
  • incubus - idiot box alive at red rocks lyrics: You keep your riches and I'll sew my stitches You can't make me think like you, mundane I've got a message for all those who think that They can etch his words inside my brain TV what do I need? Tell me who to believe! What's the use of autonomy...
  • 8 Idiots of The Year! Watch these guys! Enough Said!
  • george bush idiot top 10 george bush

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