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  • IDEATIVE was founded in 2002, devoted to product development with an emphasis on simplifying technology. Corporations rely on IDEATIVE's design and innovation capabilities to supplement their internal resources. — “NRHA | North American Retail Hardware Association | ”,
  • ideative's posterous. gorkem turgut ozer's posterous. Görkem Turgut ÖZER's profile " Tags. smart advertising (4) smart expression (4) smart product (4) smart digital (1) smart graphics (1) smart quote (1) Subscribe to this posterous " Unsubscribe " October 12, 2010. Edit. Delete. Autopost. — “ideative's posterous - gorkem turgut ozer's posterous”,
  • Visit today for Ideative Socket Sense Expandable Surge Protector and see our entire collection of Surge Protectors. To surge and protect. Finally, a surge protector with a design that makes sense. The Socket Sense surge protector. — “Ideative Socket Sense Expandable Surge Protector : Surge”,
  • You already have a basic set of Ideative building blocks for use in creating new ideas; these are your life's Experiences and Knowledge. For more information on creating innovative, realistic, and valuable ideas using The Ideative Process please explore this website. — “Intellectual Property Expert Group (ipeg) " Blog Archive”,
  • Ideative designs innovative products such as Socket Sense and FlexUSB. — “flipit usb charger”,
  • The Ideative Process builds creative skill for life. The Process was designed to help The Ideative Process will enable you and your people to leverage your. — “The Ideative Process — The Anybody's approach to creative”,
  • IDEATIVE's Home. Gallery Categories. Product Images. 5 galleries with 61 photos. Updated: Aug 03, 2010 2:51pm PST. Logos. 3 galleries with 9 photos. Updated: Mar 09, 2010 7:41pm PST. Emmys Gifting Event. 2 galleries with 107 photos. Updated: Sep 21, 2009 7:15am PST. MTV Gifting Event. — “IDEATIVE's Photos | SmugMug”,
  • The Gadget: Ideative's Socket Sense surge protector that expands in order to fit more bulky AC adapters all on one strip. — “Ideative's Socket Sense Power Strip Lightning Review”,
  • The Ideative Process: A Better Tool for Our Constrained World Yet when I describe ideative—the ability to proactively and regularly produce unique and valuable ideas for new products, services, and solutions. — “When Creative Is the Wrong Tool! The Ideative Process: A”,
  • Ideative definition, to form an idea, thought, or image of. See more. — “Ideative | Define Ideative at ”,
  • Here the aim is extending the subject of experience design, incl. user experience. Creative thinking, both related to experience design and not, is the second major part of this blog. Posted via email from ideative's posterous. — “ - the art of experience design y creative”,
  • Ideative designs innovative products such as Socket Sense and FlexUSB. — “Socket Sense”,
  • A person who creates productive ideas, a conceptualist.A person that processes and passes on their ideas and inventions to others to help sell or p. — “Urban Dictionary: ideative”,
  • IDEATIVE is a veteran-owned privately-help corporation that innovates products designed to improve your everyday life by Founded in 2002, IDEATIVE works with select partners in engineering, prototyping and manufacturing, taking products from concept to production in as little as six months. — “Tavis Schriefer - LinkedIn”,
  • Ideative designs innovative products such as Socket Sense and FlexUSB Founded in 2002, Ideative designs and develops unique consumer products for the home and office. — “Ideative Product Ventures”,
  • So here I am, hard at work developing the first real Ideative Flux application for Facebook, called "Indian Premier League." Its designed for Cricket fans on Facebook who wish to follow the Indian Premier League, and it has lots of features already. Here's a little preview of what's in store:. — “Abhinav Sharma”,
  • Ideative Flux is a company specializing in developing social applications. — “Ideative Flux”,
  • Ideative SS1630A-03 Socket Sense 6-Outlet Expandable 1080 Joules Surge Protector with 3-Feet Cord by Ideative Ideative 2160 Joule 6ft Cable Electric Power Supply Adjustbale Sockets Surge Protector - Resettable 15 Amp Breaker LED by Socket Sense. — “: "socket sense"”,
  • Your shopping cart contains 0 items. Review our latest innovative surge product, the Socket Sense. The Socket Sense and Ideative's Flex product line of USB adapters is a must have to reduce PC clutter. Latest Products. View all portfolio. Socket Sense. Fits any kind of adapter to reduce clutter. — “IDEATIVE | Welcome”,
  • Login Below to Manage Your Domain Name. Username. Password. Lost Your Password? Click Here. New Members Click Here. — “ideative”,
  • IDEATIVE recently announced the launch of its newest product, Socket Sense™ - a surge protector that expands to fit bulky and problematic AC adapters. IDEATIVE is a veteran-owned company that innovates products designed to improve productivity, save money and solve problems. — “New Expanding Surge Protector Makes Plugging In Easier Than”,
  • Georges Rouli (the American critic) has allocated as a primary factor of development of the fine arts in China the so-called "ideative thinking" Ideative art is the art of creation of artworks on the basis of eidetic intuition and figurative thinking. — “Ideative art”,

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  • IdeaTV:Tools to Power Your Business Wharton Professor Ian MacMillan demonstrates an innovative yet simple tool for business planning.
  • Flipit! USB Charger The Flipit! USB charger lets you charge your USB device even when all AC outlets are in use. Simply flip out the power tab, insert any existing AC power plug through the tab, then plug into a wall outlet or power strip. Now you're ready to charge.
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  • Ideative's FlipIt! USB charger Video of an innovative USB accessory from Ideative. The FlipIt! USB charger slides over the prongs of any standard plug and "borrows" energy from the outlet to charge any USB device.
  • Product Management View Webinar Series - Need Innovation? Then "Creative" is the Wrong Word! Need Innovation? Then "Creative" is the Wrong Word! You Need to be Ideative! VIEW THE FULL PRESENTATION HERE Are you Creative? Most people; highly talented, successful people, respond, "NO!" Yet ideas are your future. Do you want to develop Ideas for: • Products? • Services? • Solutions? Then Creative is the wrong word! You need to be Ideative, the ability to: • Proactively • Regularly • Successfully Produce unique and valuable Ideas for products, services, and solutions. Ideative people collect learning, travels, education, parenting, business, social experiences; • Combine these "building blocks" in unique configurations. • Work intensely to reshape their blocks and add new blocks.
  • Paul Allen & Associates PR 2010 Year Review Paul Allen & Associates PR 2010 Year Review. For more information, visit our website at .
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  • Ideative's FlexUSB accessory Video demonstrating a number of the possible positions with Ideative's FlexUSB, a flexible accessory that allows USB devices to be plugged in in a number of directions.
  • Socket Sense Under The Desk Socket Sense is the only surge strip that expands to fit your needs. With Socket Sense, each outlet can expand allowing oversized power adapters to plug in. There is no need to rearrange other plugs to make them fit. Just pull Socket Sense to expand, plug in your oversized adapter, then push Socket Sense back to just the right size.

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  • “The Ideative Process is simple and highly effective tool for developing creative thinking To grow more creative – Ideative, your challenge is to refresh and grow these building”
    — Intellectual Property Expert Group (ipeg) " Blog Archive,

  • “There is a very real and vital sense in which the phenomenon of consciousness can be seen the world; philosophy looks to account for facts as representations of an ideative mind”
    — On The State Of Philosophy - louis brindisi - Open Salon,

  • “Blog Ideative Socket Protector 2160 Joule 6 ft. Surge Protector The Ideative SS1650W-06FC 2160 Joule 6ft Surge Protector is cool, because it's cleverly”
    Ideative Socket Protector 2160 Joule 6 ft. Surge Protector - Woot,

  • “When we organise our mental activity around it we enter into the world of pure ideative knowledge. of the habitual thought-mind, the pragmatic idea-mind, and the pure ideative-mind”
    — Mirror of Tomorrow :: The Senses as the outlets of the Soul,

  • “,BagsOfCrap - For all things Woot! Woot's Blog. Blog Archive. Bag Of Crap Items. All About Woot. Glossary. Forum. Predictions. Poll Results. Games! Links. Contact Us. Login. Username. Password. Remember me. Lost Password? No account yet?”
    — LeakFrog Water Leak Alarm 2-PackLeakFrog Water Leak Alarm 2-Pack,

  • “Manage all your existing IM, email, and social network accounts from one easy to use application”
    — Digsby Forum / Profile,

  • “The Socket Sense - From technology- Ideative"s Socket Sense is a good solution and makes perfect sense. It"s a pretty nifty product which expands perfectly and can connect them all with one Socket Sense”
    — The Socket Sense, technology-

  • “Ideative Flux is a company specializing in dynamic applications for intranets and the standards for web development. Powered by Ideative Flux. Entries RSS”
    Ideative Flux,

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