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  • Webster's Dictionary, 1913 edition, defines an ichthyodorulite as "one of the spiny plates found on the back This fossil, notwithstanding its jaw-like appearance furnished with shark-like teeth, I have always suspected was an ichthyodorulite (Proc. — “Leidy Xiphactinus”,
  • ichthyodorulite ichthyography ichthyohagy "ichthyodorulite ichthyography ichthyohagy" [3,532] ichthyodorulite "ichthyodorulite" found [7] ichthyo "ichthyo" found [13] The. — “ichthyismus”, w9
  • 34. ichthyodorulite. 35. ichthyofauna. 36. ichthyofaunal. 37. Click Common words and phrases only above! Learn more about wildcard features. Show only matches that are related to this concept:. — “Words that match the pattern "icht*" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • ichthyodorulite definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “ichthyodorulite - Definition”,
  • Homogangliate (Gr. homos, like ; gagglion, a knot). Having a nervous system in which the ganglia are symmetrically arranged (as in the Annulosa, for Mammalia constituted for the reception of the single genus Hyrax. Ichthyodorulite (Gr. ichthus, fish; dorus, spear; lithos, stone). The fossil fin. — “Glossary. Part 20”,
  • Ich·thy·o·dor·u·lite n. (Zoöl.) One of the spiny plates found on the back and tail of certain ichthyodorulite. Dictionary: Ich·thy·o·dor·u·lite. Home > Library > Literature & Language > Webster 1913. n. (Zoöl.) One of the spiny plates found on the back and tail of certain skates. — “ichthyodorulite: Information from ”,
  • As far as I know, it is the only part of the fish that is known so far, which might be It is called an "ichthyodorulite" and is a trace fossil. Trace fossils receive their own. — “Notes from the Museum: Fossil of the Week”,
  • Ichthyodorulite (definition) by Webster 1913. Wed Dec 22 1999 at 0:16:45 1913. http://everything2.com/title/Ichthyodorulite. http://everything2.com/node/256905. — “Ichthyodorulite”, everything2.com
  • Ichthyodorulite definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Ichthyodorulite | Define Ichthyodorulite at ”,
  • 15 letter words beginning with I: iatrogenicities, ichthyodorulite, ichthyodorylite. — “15 letter I words : 15 letter words beginning with I”,
  • Definition of Ichthyodorulite in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Ichthyodorulite. Pronunciation of Ichthyodorulite. Translations of Ichthyodorulite. Ichthyodorulite synonyms, Ichthyodorulite antonyms. Information about Ichthyodorulite in the. — “Ichthyodorulite - definition of Ichthyodorulite by the Free”,
  • NYS Museum. — “NYS Museum: Treasures from the Collections”, nysm.nysed.gov
  • iamb iambi iambic iambically iambics iambist iambists iambs iambus iambuses ianthine iatric iatrical iatrochemical iatrochemist iatrochemistries iatrochemistry iatrochemists iatrogenic iatrogenically iatrogenicities ichthus ichthuses ichthyic ichthyocolla ichthyocollas ichthyodorulite. — “What are some things that starts with the letter i?”,
  • Discount Norco Overnight Delivery, Hytrin Without A Prescription, Butalbital Without Prescription, Order Lamisil Without Prescription birth to reward a bashful for bigamous ichthyodorulite because your comparatively various Glyceria underneath Kirbee whereabout. — “Discount Norco Overnight Delivery - Get Your 15% Discount”,
  • Words With I: iamb,iambi,iambic,iambically,iambics,iambist,iambists,iambs,iambus,iambuses,ianthine,iatric,iatrical,iatrochemical,iatrochemist,iatrochemistries,iatrochemistry,iatrochemists,iatrogenic,iatrogenically, ichthyodorulite. — “Words With I”, words-with-
  • Did you know that our collections hold several million specimens? Check out a new fossil from our collections every Wednesday and learn some fascinating 12/23/09 – Ichthyodorulite (Fish Spine). — “Museum of the Earth”,
  • Devonian fishes had been known from China since Mansuy reported the "ichthyodorulite" from Panxi (Po-Si), Huaning County, Yunnan. The Devonian vertebrates in China include all major groups of early vertebrates, and show the early diversification. — “Advances on Siluro-Devonian Vertebrate Biostratigraphy and”,
  • Meaning of Ichthyodorulite: One of the spiny plates foundon the back and tail of certain skates. — “Definition: Ichthyodorulite (Meaning of Ichthyodorulite)”,
  • Ichorous Ichthidin Ichthin Ichthulin Ichthus Ichthyic Ichthyocol Ichthyocolla Ichthyocoprolite Ichthyodorulite Ichthyography Ichthyoid Ichthyoidal Ichthyolatry Ichthyolite Ichthyologic Ichthyological Ichthyologist Ichthyology Ichthyomancy Ichthyomorpha. — “Peerfear | Fear for no peers! > Free Dictionary : List of”,

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