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  • Iceboats definition, a vehicle for rapid movement on ice, usually consisting of a See more. Save huge on Ice Boats. eBay! It's where you go to save. . — “Iceboats | Define Iceboats at ”,
  • Full service Vanguard Sunfish, Laser sailboat and Skimmer 45 iceboat dealer. New and used sailboat sales, repairs, lessons, inspection. Parts and accessories at a discount. — “Wind Products”, sail4
  • get sailing! Enter photos that capture the vibe and stoke of windsurfing in Canada. The rules are that it has to be shot in Canada and must be of the 2009 season. — “Windsurf Canada | when there is no wind”,
  • A DN iceboat on Lake Balaton in front of Tihany. An ice boat (often utilizes a configuration with an iceboat-like fuselage or frame equipped with wheels. — “Ice boat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Manufacturer of fiberglass ice boats. Includes specifications, ordering information, and a contact form. Located in Howell, New Jersey. — “Blade Runner Ice Boat Company”,
  • Detriot News: Iceboat Racers Sail on the Edge. Article on iceboating in Michigan. Includes anatomy of an iceboat with measurements and drawing to Lake with a map, photos of ice boats, and points of interest to Ed. — “Iceboating”, 4
  • Northumberland Ferries Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of their first in a series of Prince Edward Island heritage video vignettes. In partnership with PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation, NFL Ferries Ltd. developed an Island heritage. — “The Island Experience: History of the Ice Boats Launched”,
  • Welcome to our home on the web for quarter scale, radio controlled iceboats and land yachts. Each is available as an iceboat with land yacht kit optional. — “Home”,
  • The Island Register - Poem, The Ice Boat Crew Long before the Confederation Bridge, and before the institution of regular year round ferry service, ice boats served the Island's mail service and passenger needs during the long winter months. — “P.E.I.'s Ice Boats”,
  • Icester Iceboat plans and kits. And easily built two seater iceboat, and fiberglass kits. — “Icester Iceboat Plans and Kits”,
  • An abundance of ice boats were back in use after years of neglect. Sharp runners won't slide so the sailor must turn wider and keep the momentum when tacking. An iceboat handles much the same way as a catamaran. — “Ice Boats | VT Sports”,
  • Northwind Iceboats - The best site for all your iceboat, ice boat, iceboating, iceyachting, ice yachting needs. — “Northwind Iceboats - World's Fastest Sailing”,
  • Encyclopedia article about iceboats. Information about iceboats in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “iceboats definition of iceboats in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Krzysztof Malinowski-"By Z Tobą Być"-"Pieśń Dla Samotnego Żeglarza"Polecam stronę Krzysztofa:http:///Na Zalewi. — “YouTube - Iceboats Vistula Lagoon Zalew Wiślany Frombork”,
  • iceboats. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 7 September 2010, at 08:25. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “iceboats - Wiktionary”,
  • . $799. Related Searches: Sponsored Listings. Related Searches: Search: is For Sale for $799!. — “ | Ice Boats”,
  • Definition of iceboats in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of iceboats. Pronunciation of iceboats. Translations of iceboats. iceboats synonyms, iceboats antonyms. Information about iceboats in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “iceboats - definition of iceboats by the Free Online”,
  • Since then the DN has been raced on frozen waters across the States and Europe. The use of composites in the DN Iceboat have made the class stronger, faster, more reliable, and most importantly safer in recent years. Learn more about DN Iceboats at International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association. — “DN Iceboats - Composite Solutions Inc”, csi-
  • Welcome to , the web site of the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club. The finest fleet of ice boats ever to operate on Lake Winnebago will be seen in action on the local course this winter, it was. — “The Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club Home Page”,
  • Ice boats are built for speed and agility. Learn more about ice boats at HowStuffWorks. — “HowStuffWorks "Ice Boats"”,

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  • Iceboating Lake Winnipesaukee Take 2.mpg Iceboats descend on Lake Winnipesaukee NH after hearing about the last weekend we had and seeing the first video! Huge iceboats enjoyed sailing the endless black ice at mega speeds!
  • Ghost Lake Iceboats 05-06 Ghost Lake DN action filmed over the 05-06 season, tuned to some rocking beats.
  • Ice Boats Here's another cool story I did while as a sports reporter for WLUK-TV in Green Bay, WI during the 80's, ice boats. They can go really fast. This was shot on the Bay of Green Bay in Menomonee, MI. The tracking is a bit off so don't try to adjust your picture.
  • Ice boat racing on Lake Charlevoix in Boyne City, Michigan More than 50 ice boats are participating in the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association regatta on Lake Charlevoix off Boyne City today and tomorrow (Jan. 16 and 17, 2010). Best viewing point is from the end of Charlevoix Street. They took off from the boat launch across from Glens Market. There will be youth races Sunday. More than 50 boats are out this afternoon. The IDNYRA website is .
  • 2002 northwest iceboat regatta skeeters renegads dn iceboats racing in wisconsin
  • Three Kings of Iceboating Buddy Melges, Bill Mattison and Peter Harken talk iceboating at Strictly Sail Chicago, January 31, 2009.
  • Iceboat Racing Saint Paul, MN 2009 Excitement at the Speed of Ice is Coming to the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Fire on Ice brings the thrill of iceboat racing to Lake Phalen January 31, and February 1. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN (Dec. 5, 2008) With 10000 lakes, sailing in Minnesota on a summers day is nothing new. Now imagine sailing across the water at up to 60 miles an hour in the dead of winter. Thats the thrill of iceboat racing the hottest new extreme sport in the world. On January 31 and February 1 at the Lake Phalen Pavilion, World Ice Racing Circuit (WIRC) will present the Fire On Ice Iceboat Race an official St. Paul Winter Carnival event as part of the 2009 Risdall Marketing Group Tour.
  • Ice boats ICEboating, Meredith Bay NH Chapter One LOUDmeow
  • DN Groove Armada DN Iceboats at 50 mph +
  • Ice boats on Little Swartswood Lake Black ice and fast boats!
  • Ice Boats Ice Boats on Geneva Lake
  • BRAD & CIUBE AGAIN with the new twin mast iceboat First weekend with the new and much improved boats. Pecks pond PA 2-3 inches of snow with a 5-25 mph gusty NW wind
  • J14 SS Iceboat being built Part 1 Part 1 of the J14ss iceboat construction
  • NSSC iceboats on Anchor Bay - part 2 NSSC sailors sail their DN iceboats at VC Rodgers house near Selfidge ANG Base. Wind 20kt. Note driver being thrown from boat and huge 70+ speed gust
  • ICEBOATS Tivoli Bay Feb 4, 2007 DN iceboats and Traditional Stern steerers. S Tivoli Bay on the Hudson River in NY
  • Ice Boats 2 More Ice Boat action Meredith Bay, NH 2007 LOUDmeow
  • Iceboating, Stern Steerers at the '08 NIYA '08 NIYA Stern Steerer race. Class C 'Twin beds' and Class A 'Taku' sailing downwind in light air. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
  • Ice Boat 3 at Lake Ronkonkoma NY Ice Boats at Lake Ronkonkoma NY
  • J14 ICEBOATS Iceboats on Hallocks Bay, Orient, NY. Members of Orient Ice Yacht Club
  • Ice Boat 5 at Lake Ronkonkoma NY A day at Lake Ronkonkoma NY
  • Ice Boat Racing, Saint Paul, Winter Carnival 2009, January 31 These Ice Boats were really flying today. The wind was gusting to about 15 miles an hour. These Ice Boats can exceed speeds of 40 miles an hour. Given that the track was oval shaped, after the straightaways, to make the turns, there was a maximum speed for cornering. I am guessing these boats were doing something close 20 miles an hour today out on Lake Phalen. When the pilots of the Ice Boats put their sails full broadside to the wind in the heavy gusts, they were just shy of flipping the Ice Boats over. On a long straightaway, the Ice Boats would of probably been able to do 40 miles an hour today. The crowd got into it for the close races and the blades against the ice make a pretty cool noise. I guess my Great Gramma use to pilot Ice Boats in her day out on White Bear Lake, Minnesota, a hundred some years earlier. The music is by Vangelis "Chariots of Fire"
  • 56 Moosehead Awards, Iceboat - Snow-Boat, Fearless Yachts 28 www.TheBoaters.TV EP 56 - First up today The ISPCRY Holds Its Annual Moosehead Awards Luncheon... On October 28th, the International Society for the Perpetuation of Cruelty to Racing Yachtsmen will hold its annual Moosehead Awards Luncheon at the Belle Haven Yacht Club in Greenwich, CT. The ISPCRY, created in 1941, openly celebrates the faux pas of race committees, affectionately known as "Mooseheads," of area sailing clubs around Long Island Sound. This Sunday, the 250 members of the ISPCRY will gather to award such esteemed titles as: *The Moosehead Supreme Award for the "Biggest Overall Screw-Up" *The "Boot In The Butt Award" for the runner-up to the Moosehead Award. *The President's Award for "Doing Everything In A Perfectly Legal Way But Still Managing To Confuse The Competitors" *The Golden Mike Award for "The Biggest Mess Up Over The Radio" *And the Boar's Head Award for the "Screw-Up That Wasn't Big Enough For The Moosehead, But Still Worthy Of Mention." The Moosehead Awards are all in good fun (of course). Next Up: The Amphibious "Snow Boat" May Soon Replace Traditional Iceboats... Recent developments in boating technology might soon replace the traditional iceboat. Thanks to a recent US government patent, Harry Haney is now the proud owner of the prototypical "Snow boat" - this amphibious vehicle includes 14 feet of aluminum floatable boat hull, crafted onto a snowmobile. For more information on the snowboat, please visit: www.Snow- Finally today - Have ...
  • Ice Boat 4 at Lake Ronkonkoma NY Lake Ronkonkoma Ice Boats
  • Ron Sherry Talks DN Iceboating Part 1 Ron Sherry Discusses DN Iceboat Equipment Selection and Boat Setup Part 1 of 6
  • Iceboat sailing NSSC fun NSSC Iceboats sail on Lake Saint Clair
  • dn iceboating lake christina ashby mn just a look at some dn iceboats on a light air day.
  • Sons first solo iceboat ride Iceboating in Duluth Jan 10 On the St louis bay
  • iceboat Isabella A litle clip from my swedish iceboatfilm. Homemade iceboats - ISABELLA style SORRY!!! the audio is permanently muted.
  • Ice Boats Ice Boats on Lake Ronkonkoma, NY. Long Island Winter sailing.
  • Ice Boat It was a great day for ice boating on Lake Winnebago in Neenah, Wisconsin. The ice conditions and a steady wind made for a fast day of sailing with speeds approaching 50mph. The ice boat is piloted by Mark Frank from the Neenah Ice Yacht Club.
  • The perfect ice - Ice boats on Lake Geneva If you would like to see more of this kind of video become a fan on /mattmasonphotography or visit . "Before today I thought a "hike" was what a center did when the quarterback yelled the word, or a long walk in the wilderness. But I experienced a HIKE today on an ice boat called Zephyr III with Bob Mereness at the helm. In this case a hike is when the boat edges up on two of the three runners. Ice boats can get up to 100 mph although today I think we were only going about 50, which was plenty fast for this newby! So I started by walking out on transparent ice, so see-through that I felt like I was walking on water. You could see fish swimming underneath. I was questioning my own sanity for just a second but then remembered I am committed to getting the shot "no matter what" so I charged on about a 1/4 mile into Lake Geneva with my Canon 5D Mark II with 1080p HD video built in. It turned out that a monopod and my 24-105 lens was the perfect combination for the video project. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it. Music by Secrets in Stereo. Used with permission."
  • ICEBOAT - SWEET DREAMS ON WHITE BEAR LAKE Take a ride on a some of the largest stern steerer iceboats (35-40ft) around. "Rainbow" (2nd)is over 100 years old and now presides on White Bear Lake. "Country Woman" is a hot ride...and really fast! This may have been the last ride on these great boats until the next season.
  • Ice boats at Athens, NY February 1, 2009
  • Lake Riley Iceboats 2
  • OPTI Iceboat Test sailing an OPTI Iceboat, Orient Ice Yacht Club, New York
  • ICEBOATs Preview of ICEBOAT photograph book Photographs by gretchen dorian
  • Ice Boats What did you do today? I did this. Shot and chopped by Joe Rigs Hey YouTube, where's my HD? This is 1280 X 720. In the mean time... here's the HD version: Music: Jason Shaw Kevin MacLeod Filmed on Bellport Bay. Long Island, NY Music Jason Shaw Kevin MacLeod Filmed on Bellport Bay. Long Island, NY
  • Lake Riley Iceboats Two days of iceboating in Minnesota. The second day was very extreme with wind gusts 35-40 MPH .. a handful even with two people in the boat. My fingers we stuck to the video camera by the end of the shoot!
  • ice boats on the Hudson A brief encounter with some ice boats on the frozen Hudson river in Athens, NY Unfortunately it wasn`t windy, and I was only passing by, but they are still nice to look at. At least two of these boats date back to the early 1900`s.
  • The Island Experience, Episode 1: HIstory of the Ice Boats Welcome to the first episode of "The Island Experience", in our first episode, local PEI historian, Boyde Beck takes us on a journey through the history of the Ice Boats, and explains just what it took to get these early forms of travel across the ice from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia and back. Thank you for watching.

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