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  • Answers to questions frequently asked in alt.hypertext and references to other online resources about hypertext and hypermedia. — “FAQ - alt.hypertext”, csd.uwo.ca
  • Hypertext most often refers to text on a computer that will lead the user to other, related information on demand. Hypertext represents a relatively recent innovation to user interfaces, which overcomes some of the limitations of written text. — “Hypertext - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Finally, many thanks are in order to the outstanding people who have contributed, in one way or another, to the realization of . This site strives for definition as comprehensive--even indispensable--but does not claim to be 'complete'. — “Hypertext Theory at ”,
  • "Hypertext is the presentation of information as a linked network of nodes which readers are free to navigate in a non-linear fashion. It allows for multiple authors, a blurring of the author and reader functions, extended works with diffuse boundaries, multiple reading paths. — “Hypertext Fiction”, publish.uwo.ca
  • Definition of hypertext in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hypertext. Pronunciation of hypertext. Translations of hypertext. hypertext synonyms, hypertext antonyms. Information about hypertext in the free online English dictionary and. — “hypertext - definition of hypertext by the Free Online”,
  • Encyclopedia article about hypertext. Information about hypertext in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. hypertext system. — “hypertext definition of hypertext in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • In computing, hypertext is a user interface paradigm for displaying documents which, according to an early definition (Nelson 1970), "branch or perform on request." The most frequently discussed form of hypertext document contains. — “Hypertext - Psychology Wiki”,
  • A compendium of useful information about hypertext and teaching composition. — “Hypertext and Composition”, lehigh.edu
  • Hypertext definition, a method of storing data through a computer program that allows a user to create and link fields of information at will and to retrieve the See more. — “Hypertext | Define Hypertext at ”,
  • We will discuss the theoretical and cultural antecedents of hypertext; the nostalgia and yearning for the presence promised by The Book; the tropes and figures of electronic culture; the epistemological and stylistic shifts of hypertextual. — “English 8710: Hypertext Fiction & Theory”, english.ucsb.edu
  • This page describes the term hypertext and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. — “What is hypertext? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia”,
  • We argue that hypertext has long been a cultural ***ogy rather than a simple enactment or To assist in creating a more open, constructive vision of hypertext, we gather. — “After hypertext: Other ideas”, u.arizona.edu
  • From Papyrus to Hypertext: Toward the Universal Digital Library, University of Illinois Press, ISBN 0252076257, p 1: We do not read hypertext the same way we read a novel, and browsing the Web is a different experience from reading a book or newspaper. — “hypertext - Wiktionary”,
  • Hypertext is writing on the web that incorporates the use of hyperlinks. Hypertext is read differently by each reader, and therefore each hypertext document continues to change. — “Hypertext Essay”,
  • A concise overview of prostate cancer from a patient's perspective. It has links to many pages of detailed information on medical web sites. — “Hypertext Guide to Prostate Cancer”,
  • "Hypertext is text with links, or pointers, showing relationships between parts of the information. The most frequently discussed form of hypertext document contains automated cross-references to other documents called hyperlinks. — “Hypertext - EduTech Wiki”, edutechwiki.unige.ch
  • Therefore, a well-constructed hypertext system can encompass, incorporate or supersede many other user interface paradigms like menus and command lines, and can be used to access both static collections of cross-referenced documents and interactive applications. — “Hypertext - Definition”,
  • HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language, and has long been the de facto standard for formatting and displaying hypertext on the World Wide Web. By "hypertext" I mean non-sequential writing--text that branches and allows choice to the reader, best read at an interactive screen. — [email protected], everything2.com
  • Hypertext. is "a form of organizing text in computers that permits the linking of any we can say that hypertext was conceived in 1945, born in the 1960s,. — “Hypertext”, faculty.washington.edu
  • Apart from running text, hypertext may contain tables, images and other presentational devices. By now the word "hypertext" has become generally accepted for branching and responding text, but the corresponding word "hypermedia", meaning complexes of branching and responding graphics,. — “Hypertext - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A selection of articles and papers discussing and/or using hypertext theory. A subsection of a series of pages dedicated to digital media, which is, in turn, a subsection of Communication Studies Resources as the U. of Iowa. Compiled by Karla. — “Communication Studies: Digital Media: Hypertext Theory”, uiowa.edu
  • Did you know the first implementation of hypertext documents began in 1972 with a project called Xanadu? This implementation of hypertext is the same concept used in the modern hypertext technology (a reader requests to view an object, the system traces the object's origin. — “IT Core: Internet: History of Hypertext”, cs.gmu.edu
  • There's quite a bit of theorizing about the applications of hypertext to education, and even making ***ogies to literary issues (such as an essay by John Slatin in "Text, Context and Hypertext" that calls hypertext a "literary concept," citing problems similar to intertextuality in poetry). — “Hypertext and Writing”, lilt.ilstu.edu
  • It is impossible to be a passive reader of hypertext. Even in the most restrictive of hypertexts, what Michael Joyce calls an "exploratory hypertext" (Joyce, 1988), the reader must pick and choose her way from node to node, thus determining the "text" to be read. — “Hypertext”, homepages.bw.edu

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  • Hypertext and Performance: A Resonant Response to Joanna Baillie's Witchcraft www.concordia.ca An interdisciplinary group of research-creation artists and romantic scholars explore a neglected play through contemporary practices and sensibilities. Original scenes are performed alongside contemporary intermedial resonant responses. A discussion will follow the evening performances.
  • Flash CS4: Hypertext and E-mail Links www.video2 Learn how easy it is to create hypertext links in Flash. This video will also show you how to create an e-mail link.
  • Hypertext Website Group Having fun sans supervision.
  • Creating Hypertext in Scrolling Text in Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 is a brand new tool in the Creative Suite, created to help designers rapidly create interactive experiences, in Flash, WITHOUT KNOWING ANY CODE. But, of course, Flash Catalyst is brand new -- many people don't even know what it is, much less how to use it. Flash Catalyst occupies a critical space in the Creative Suite workflow -- permitting rapid and easy conversion of designs into functional Flash experiences. In this lesson, extracted from the full course 'Welcome to Flash Catalyst CS5' ( is.gd ), Adobe Community Professional and Adobe Education Leader Tom Green walks students through the process of adding HTML links inside your scrolling text fields.
  • Doug Engelbart 1968 Demo - 7 of 9
  • Lights Camera Action Live V Factory 8/23/09 at the Fame Semi Finals at Sixflags in Illinois.
  • the battle of hyper/text what if... a respons/ answer/ supplement on the video: the machine is us/ing us...
  • Lesson: Hypertext Transport Protocol Overview (HTTP) - Part 2 This lesson explores in detail the application layer protocol HTTP and discusses how the sequence and acknowledge numbers in the Transport layer track the successful delivery of the payload contained in the packets / frames.
  • Global Warming hypertext for world issues class
  • Bookends: Episode 2 - Hypertext Fiction Bookends is a vibrant and dynamic conversation about contemporary books and the world of literary genre. Justine Lewkowicz interviews authors, bookstore owners, and in- the- know literary geeks to find out what's happening in the literary world. In Episode 2, Justine looks at hypertext fiction, which can be described as "choose your own adventure" based online. She interviews author Stephen Marche about his hypertext Lucy Hardin's Missing Period.
  • How to Create A Website: Learning HTML Easy Lesson 3(Hypertext/Linking Pictures) This is lesson 3 of my "How To" series. In this you will learn how to link different pages together and how to put pictures onto certain pages. Please rate, comment, and subscribe! Also follow me on twitter! Thank you for watching! How to Create A Website: Learning HTML Easy Lesson 3(Hypertext/Linking Pictures) How to Create A Website: Learning HTML Easy Lesson 3(Hypertext/Linking Pictures) How to Create A Website: Learning HTML Easy Lesson 3(Hypertext/Linking Pictures)
  • Hypertext best of in color! Track: " Mary " Album: " Astronaut Kraut " Label: TBA 2010
  • Hopscotch: A hypertext novel In his novel Rayuela (Hopscotch), Julio Cortazar challenges traditional linear text boundaries, writing what many consider the first hypertext novel. Both the novel and web-based hypertext reflect the pattern inherent in actions and thought processes.
  • Cyril Magic Series - Coins and Salt Dispenser Coins and Salt Dispenser moved through the glass...
  • HYPERTEXT-2009-BEST OF COLLECTION THE BEST OF HYPERTEXT 2009 Track: "Walk me down when I˙m Running" Album: "Astronaut Kraut" Label: TBA 2010
  • Hypertext - Spiral Out Of Control (2010) Astronaut Kraut! © Emelie Records
  • Hypertext Speech Messaging politics has moved beyond the linear
  • HYPERTEXT - The Making of Astronaut Kraut! Here is a look into the recording of the album Astronaut Kraut!. Astronaut Kraut! is out November 15th 2010. For more info visit www.hypertext.nu or Video directed by Sigle Bjelland and Vigle Johan
  • Spatial Hypertext B (Test B)
  • Lesson: Hypertext Transport Protocol Overview (HTTP) - Part 1 This lesson gives an overview of HTTP and illustrates that it is a connection-oriented protocol from the 4th Layer of the TCP/IP Model (Application Layer). A review is also done of the other TCP/IP layers (Layer 3 - Transport Layer, Layer 2 - Internet Layer and Layer 1 - Network Access / Link Layer)
  • browser computing a software package that enables a user to find and read hypertext files, esp on the World Wide Web
  • homepage hypertext part of a student project based on the text "Hypertext, Hypermedia and Literary studies: The state of the Art", of George Landow and Paul Delany
  • Hypertext Project I needed to do a project and i had to talk into a camera for one of them.
  • Gibson zu Hypertext Auszug.mov William Gibson tells the interviewer what he finds exciting about hypertext.
  • hypertext transfer protocol klklkl
  • Hypertext "Parallell Circles" @ Rockefeller, Oslo, Jan 7, 2010
  • Tragedy in Electronic Literature pt3: Hypertext & We Descend An extract from a lecture given on 5 Nov. at Cambridge University by J. Nathan Matias. This section introduces "We Descend" a hypertext by Bill Bly, published by Eastgate Systems The lecture notes and other video are at /cam/trag-elit/ More information about "We Descend" can be found at the publisher website: Eastgate Systems:
  • Theatricality of Sound in Hypertext Writing in Romanian Literature   New technologies influence writing, triggering a redefinition of the relationship between writer-text-reader-critic and giving birth to a new contemporary fictional model, characterized by fragment organization, character crisis, dramatiza...
  • nettaatlas - AIDS hypertext hypertext
  • "Get Up"- V Factory @ Six Flags [WATCH IN HQ] [8/23/09] V Factory performing their new single at Six Flags in the Chicago area. WARNING FOR WESLEY FANS! He lifts up his shirt at one point! Not saying when though! =DI was going to record "Love Struck" but a lot of the VF fans went to the front to watch them and I went up too and i was watching them too much to record it! =D
  • Hypertext vs Linear Text
  • Hypertext-licate /hypertextband "licate" performed live august 2006
  • Hypertext - Ivy League. Involve Yourself ThisVideo is part of Give Your Live - a music festival for human rights. It is part of the "Involve Yourself" human rights campaign. Please visit to get your face launched into space! Artist: Hypertext Song: Ivy League Second video: Changemaker
  • Spatial Hypertext Test A.
  • How To Turn Text Like "Make Money Online" Into A Hyper Text Link that is clickable. How To Turn Text Like "Make Money Online" Into A Hyper Text Link. This piece of advise is very useful especially if your submitting articles or creating Squidoo pages etc. A hypertext link and the HTML code is important to know.Especially if trying to make money online. Educate yourself with these simple and useful facts! Sorry YouTube description would not allow me to place the code within it. Just press pause on the video, and type in what you see!
  • Hypertext - Science Room /hypertextband VIDEO made by Håkon Holm Olsen
  • Hypertext - Ivy League
  • Hypertext-Goodwillians We are the hypertxt the mighty2 hypertxt be ready coz we kick your ass!!! !express# !metadata#!version#v1.0.r291!/version#!format#1.001!/format#!totalTime#252500!/totalTime#!width#400!/width#!height#300!/height#!maxSceneSize#5915!/maxSceneSize#!clientPublishTime#Thu Oct 25 15:59:57 GMT 0800 2007!/clientPublishTime# !/metadata# !scenes#!scene# !asset path=" type="OverlayContent"#!stamp time="0"# !z#2!/z# !render#!b#0!/b#!ty#0.8500000000000001!/ty#!tx#9.9!/tx#!c#0!/c#!a#1!/a#!d#1!/d# !/render# !display#true!/display#!/stamp#!stamp time="252500"# !display#false!/display#!/stamp# !/asset#!/scene# !/scenes# !asset path=" type="BorderContent"#!stamp time="0"# !width#400!/width# !height#300!/height# !x#0!/x# !y#0!/y# !display#true!/display#!/stamp#!stamp time="252500"# !display#false!/display#!/stamp# !/asset# !asset path="finished/B613F26E6411B00F-4AFAF116184F1732.flv" type="VideoContent" desc=""#!stamp time="0"# !mute#false!/mute# !height#300!/height# !display#true!/display# !position#0!/position# !width#400!/width# !volume#0.75!/volume#!/stamp#!stamp time="252500"# !display#false!/display#!/stamp# !/asset#!/express#
  • The Matrix "Whats Real"? Scaene fron the Matrix Movie
  • Hypertext, Nicholas Carr, digital natives & more - part 1 On my ride to work, I made this short clip about some thoughts i had rolling around in my head.

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  • “It's been a while since we've mentioned Ted Nelson on this blog. Ted Nelson came up with the idea of hypertext in 1963; since then, in his estimation, most of what's happened in computer interfaces and the way we use electronic criticism, etc. The discussion forum and blog are there to document”
    — if:book: hypertext Archives,

  • “ is a collection of personal thoughts on web design, typography, web standards, user experience and occasional superflous banter brought irregulary by Marko Dugonjić”
    — : Hypertext rulez™ | Marko Dugonjić on web design,

  • “A person could sign up (with an invite) to a forum, and write a story. The story would be action and narrative based, character driven, and a matter 1 Hypercompendia " Blog Archive " HYPERTEXT & NEW MEDIA: An Interview, and On New Media as Metafiction Pingback on Feb 12th, 2010 at 11:39 pm”
    — Checking in with Hypertext Fiction - Fictionaut Blog,

  • “I'm in Day 1 of the Hypertext conference. The first session is on They visualize a blog archive by using length of segments and gradient of segments to indicate log vs., short,”
    — GadgetMan's Blog: Day 1 of Hypertext conference, imedia.mie.utoronto.ca

  • “Media. Press Contact. Articles. Press Releases. Hi Res Photos. Store. Blog. Monthly Archives You're Invited: HYPERtext. Join two of Boston's coolest authors, dreamy Reif Larsen and”
    — You're Invited: HYPERtext : The Boston Book Festival Blog,

  • “Example HyperText. From Forum Nokia Wiki. This article is archived because it is not topic scope. This example shows how to use the HyperText component”
    — Example HyperText - Forum Nokia Wiki,

  • “PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor Hypertext Preprocessor) is an interpreted scripting language, with an open source license and partially free (but incompatible with the GPL), originally designed for producing dynamic web”
    — PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor | Official Web Hosting Blog by,

  • “Q. What do blogs do on Spring Break? A. They party like it's 1999, when they didn't have all the responsibility of being "blogs," and they could just chill as "personal home pages." The more direct way of saying what I'm trying to say is this:”
    — Hypertext: Blog break!,

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