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  • Information about Hydrogen - general properties, discovery, states, energies, appearance and characteristics. — “Hydrogen”,
  • Hydrogen is the lightest element and is a gas at normal temperature and pressure. Hydrogen gas is so much lighter than air that it rises fast and is quickly ejected from the atmosphere. — “EIA Energy Kids - Hydrogen”, eia.doe.gov
  • Because it is buoyant and diffusive, hydrogen dissipates quickly in open areas and can move through small spaces, which makes it difficult to store. On Earth, hydrogen is found in combination with other elements such as carbon (hydrocarbons), oxygen (water) and nitrogen (ammonia). — “Energy Report - Hydrogen”, window.state.tx.us
  • The latter cation is written as though composed of a bare proton, but in reality, hydrogen cations in ionic compounds always occur as more complex species. Hydrogen forms compounds with most elements and is present in water and most organic compounds. — “Hydrogen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Hydrogen has the potential to revolutionize transportation and, possibly, our entire energy system. The simplest and most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen can be produced from fossil fuels and biomass and even by electrolyzing water. — “Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center: Hydrogen”, afdc.energy.gov
  • Hydrogen is such a simple system that it has been important in the development of physics, a test bed for quantum mechanics, which it has amply confirmed. Hydrogen is apparently the most common substance in the universe, because it has no competitors for the title,. — “Hydrogen”, mysite.du.edu
  • Hydrogen (chemical symbol H, atomic number 1) is the lightest chemical element and the most abundant of all elements, constituting roughly 75 percent of the elemental mass of the universe.[1] Stars in the main sequence are mainly composed of hydrogen in its plasma state. — “Hydrogen - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Hydrogen (Latin: 'hydrogenium', from Ancient Greek: hydro: "water" and genes: "forming") is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol H and atomic number 1. A hydrogen economy is a vision of the future economy A hydrogen economy is a future economy in which the primary form of. — “PowerPedia:Hydrogen - PESWiki”,
  • Basic information on hydrogen generation for Offshore Energy Production. — “Hydrogen Generation”, ocsenergy.anl.gov
  • chemical properties, health and environmental effects of hydrogen The hydrogen atom, symbol H, is formed by a nucleus with one unit of positive charge and one electron. — “Hydrogen (H) - Chemical properties, Health and Environmental”,
  • In its pure form, hydrogen is most commonly found on Earth as a gas. Hydrogen is important because it is the fuel that powers the Sun and other stars. — “Hydrogen - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • However, while hydrogen offers many benefits, there are two drawbacks to using it as a fuel with current technology. The other problem is that hydrogen production depends on the availability of a nonrenewable resource, petroleum. — “Hydrogen As an Alternative Fuel”, almc.army.mil
  • Deuterium, D2, (which is also known as Heavy Hydrogen) is an isotope of hydrogen. The preparation of hydrogen gas is usually from a reduction of a compound containing hydrogen that is in the +1 oxidation state. — “Hydrogen”, ucc.ie
  • Hydrogen (pronounced /ˈhaɪdrədʒən/) is the chemical element with atomic number 1. It is represented by the symbol H. At standard temperature and pressure, hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, nonmetallic, tasteless, highly flammable diatomic gas with the molecular formula H2. — “Hydrogen”, schools-
  • Brief reference on the element includes discussion of the sources of hydrogen, its current uses, and potential for new energy applications. — “Hydrogen”, periodic.lanl.gov
  • 2006 Feb 27 - Hydrogen gets 5 stars from SoftPedia! ".. .All I can say is that I got used to it right away. I can't compare it to anything, but I can tell you that it's really a very good program". 2006 Feb 22 - The Hydrogen team is pleased to announce the release of Hydrogen version 0.9.3!. — “Hydrogen - advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux”, hydrogen-
  • hydrogen n. ( Symbol H ) A colorless, highly flammable gaseous element, the lightest of all gases and the most abundant element in the universe,. — “hydrogen: Definition from ”,
  • Hydrogen definition, a colorless, odorless, flammable gas that combines chemically with oxygen to form water: the lightest of the known elements. See more. — “Hydrogen | Define Hydrogen at ”,
  • Definition of hydrogen in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hydrogen. Pronunciation of hydrogen. Translations of hydrogen. hydrogen synonyms, hydrogen antonyms. Information about hydrogen in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “hydrogen - definition of hydrogen by the Free Online”,
  • The Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Interagency Working Group is composed of federal agencies that collaborate and share information about hydrogen and fuel cells. Participating agencies exchange information on research, development, and demonstration projects. — “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Interagency Working Group Home Page”, hydrogen.gov
  • With an atomic mass of 1.00794 g/mol, hydrogen is the lightest element. Hydrogen may be produced from water using the process of electrolysis, but this process is presently significantly more expensive commercially. — “Hydrogen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”, tangra.si.umich.edu
  • Hydrogen may be produced from the electrolysis of water or other hydrogen production methods like the reforming of natural gas.[4] The most common isotope of hydrogen is protium (name rarely used, symbol H) with a single proton and no neutrons. — “Hydrogen - Wikimedia”,
  • The Element Hydrogen - Basic Physical and Historical Information Hydrogen was first recognized as a distinct element by Henry Cavendish in 1766. — “It's Elemental - The Element Hydrogen”,

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  • HD FPV - "Hunting Hydrogen Ballons with Fireworks" More info: rcexplorer.se MUSIC #1: McVaffe (Mike Vafeas) - Final Fantasy 'Medieval Kaoss' OC ReMix - DOWNLOAD MUSIC #2: Ogeretsu Kun (Takashi Tateishi) - "Boss" [Mega Man 2] - Capcom
  • Hydrogen Electrolysis - 1 Part 1 www.hho4 ......Website recently Updated.......Lots of HHO information............... MUST READ THIS - Electrolysis of water into Hydrogen & Oxygen. Increase your MPG via the unused power of your Alternator, while you drive. These are the first hydrogen cells we made last year. We started with the Joe Cell concept and modified it for Electrolysis. The 4 parts of this video show you the inner works of the gas production. You will see, from a birds eye view, the gas being produced in a solid stainless steel container; one that can be put under a strong vaccum. At startup, notice that the gas is being produced in the center of the cell. It then starts producing in adjacent tubes as current moves towards the positive outer tube. For this to happen, your tubes need to be properly aligned North and South. That is, the tops of each tube must be magnetic North, and the bottoms must be magnetic South (the tubes contain "some" magnetism. Think of the tube as a magnet. If your alignment is off on a tube, there will be little to no gas production around that tube. You can test your tubes for N & S by putting a needle on a thread and magnetizing the tip of the needle (N or S). Hang the thread over the tube, just barely clearing the surface, and rock each end of the tube under the needle. It will start to swing as you rock. One end will swing more than the other. Mark them accordingly and put your tubes together with the like marks facing the same direction. It works. Part 2 ...
  • 20-Second Story about Hydrogen Bonding This is a simple language explanation of hydrogen bonding
  • Top Gear - Honda Clarity (Runs on Hydrogen and exhausts H2o) Top Gear - Honda Clarity Powered by Hydrogen and exhausts H2o, Meets up with Jay Leno
  • #33 Hydrogen HHO Zero Cell 1st MILEAGE TESTS!! 2007/08/31 Please visit my web site alt- for all the latest OU news. The percentage improvement I reported in this video was an anonymily based on one tankful. In reality the average MPG didn't change all that much WITH THE CELL PRODUCING GAS AT FULL ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. But, please don't let this discourage you. Current experiments producing HHO under vacuum are showing incredible promise. Keep watching and see. This is really getting good now. Previous text, ============== First mileage test results are in. 20% increase with no other mods!!! When test started three weeks ago, current @13.8v was ~15A. When measured today it was 6.4A, meaning the electrolyte concentration was depleated over time. Added exactly 2 grams NaOH to restore 15A @ 13.8V.
  • The many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide and Oxygen Therapy Looking to get a brighter smile, and nice skin? Want to spend pennies instead of hundreds? serves up the goods with a video on the many uses of Hydrogen Peroxide!
  • Hydrogen distilled water hydrogen production using distilled water
  • Hydrogen News ~ March 28 , 2011 by Craig Westbrook 281-704-2046 Support Hydrogen~ News ! click the link to donate Who owns government prorperty ?
  • BMW HYDROGEN Technology 3D Animation Tank and engine animation of the BMW Hydrogen 7 car. There are currently several hundred hydrogen vehicles in operation throughout the world. Soon it will number several thousand. There are also many hydrogen filling stations in operation throughout the world. This particular vehicle is an internal combustion engine that can change between hydrogen or petrol at the flick of a switch. There are currently around a hundred of this model and they have been leased out to high profile users. For more information go to:
  • Who's Killing the Hydrogen Car? Following is an interview with a scientist, who has proven that dependence on fossil fuels is a choice, not a necessity. Imagine converting all our existing utility vehicles and short run trucks to run on Hydrogen. No fuel cells, no hybrids, no bull***.
  • Hydrogen (version 1) - Periodic Table of Videos A newer version of our hydrogen video can be found at Ready for a big bang? Hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table and the most abundant element in the universe.
  • Hydrogen Hopes - We've all heard of hydrogen as the fuel of the future, but what will it take to get there from here?
  • HHO Engine Running on Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas 5-31-2008 HHO Flashback Arrestor's For Sale on E-Bay **30 Days $ MONEY BACK Guaranteed** This HHO Gas Technology Flashback Arrestor is one-of-a-kind in the world and there is no comparison to any Flashback Arrestor. Its superior performance surpasses all Flashback Arrestor's worldwide in performance with customer satisfaction. HHO Gas Technology offers a 30 day money back guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with its performance. What are you waiting for Flashback Arrestor damage failure from old technology to your machine or move up to the new technology. Engine Running on Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas 5-31-2008 We ran another test again on June 6, 2008 and our findings were as follows. When the engine is not getting enough HHO gas and it is running slow as you see in the video it has the tendency of backfiring. We doubled the balloons one inside another that add more pressure and the engine ran a lot faster without any backfires. We will be doing another demonstration video demonstrating with the welder producing the hydrogen oxygen gas.
  • NYIT LI News Tonight: Hydrogen Fuel Station A hydrogen fueling station opened this week as Jodi Goldberg reports for NYIT's LI News Tonight.
  • General Motors - Sequal - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car This is an interview with a Gneral Motors employee about their fuel cell car.
  • HYDROGEN GENERATOR DIY POWERFUL GAS ALTERNATIVE HHO WATER MAKE HYDROGEN This is a very simple Hydrogen Generator. Watch the end, there are some cool ignitions. EXPLOSION.
  • Nuclear Bomb - First H Bomb test Ivy Mike was the first H Bomb test, it was exploded at 7.15 am local time on November 1st 1952. The mushroom cloud was 8 miles across and 27 miles high. The canopy was 100 miles wide. Radioactive mud fell out of the sky followed by heavy rain. 80 million tons of earth was vaporised. Mike was the first ever megaton yeild explosion. I think that this footage is available in the "TRINITY AND BEYOND™ (The Atomic Bomb Movie)" movie (
  • New hydrogen blast at Fukushima nuclear reactor after Japan quake-tsunami Follow latest updates at and To the latest developments in Japan now where there's been a second blast at the Fukushima nuclear plant. 11 people were injured in the explosion. The reactors are said to be intact at the moment. And officials claim there hasn't been a change in the radiation levels since the latest incident took place. At least 22 people have already been exposed to radiation - after an earlier explosion following Friday's devestating tremor and tsunami. Officials say the possibility of another blast is now unlikely. People within a 20km radius of the reactor have been evacuated to safety. There had been warnings of a three-metre high tsunami moving towards the northeast coast of Japan caused by a strong aftershock. We're now getting reports that the alert has been lifted. Prime Minister Naoto Kan has called it the worst crisis since World War II. RT's Ivor Bennett is in Sendai, one of the towns worst-affected by the huge wave.
  • Jack Nicholson's hydrogen car Jack Nicholson is demonstrating his new car in 1978, one that that doesn't run on gasoline but on hydrogen. For more info visit www.jack-
  • Hydrogen Cars Discovery-: The Hydrogen Road Tour makes a pit stop in Washington, DC, and Jorge Ribas takes a hydrogen fuel cell-powered car for a spin around the block. Check out more technology news stories at
  • hydrogen cold fusion plasma electrolysis Reactor CFR the shop, michael raines doing it again step by step CFR hydrogen cold fuseion electrolysis, Zero point alternative energy fuel cell
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell electric bike clean vehicle For more products info, visit www.intelligent- and read the latest news about this ENV bike. Google the term "Bloom Energy" to see how larger scale fuel cells are put in use to power big corporations like Google and eBay.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety for Oil and Gas Hydrogen sulfide gas is a common hazard in the oil and gas industry. Upon completion of this learning event, employees will demonstrate knowledge of the sources of hydrogen sulfide, its physical and chemical properties and effects on the body, hydrogen sulfide exposure controls and exposure response.
  • Hydrogen; Natures Fuel This documentary tells the story of hydrogen through a series of intriguing interviews from those working on cutting-edge hydrogen technologies. The program explains to viewers every step of the process, including how hydrogen is created, how it is transported and dispensed, and how it is used in fuel cell vehicles and other end uses Tim Lipman; Research Co-Director, University of California, Berkley Michael Holmes; Deputy Associate Director, Research Energy & Environmental Research Center Gerry Groenewold; Director, Energy & Environmental Research Center Ghassan Sleiman; Engineer, Hydrogenics USA Tom Erickson; Associate Director, Research Energy & Environmental Research Center Ron Harper; CEO & General Manager, Basin Electric Power Cooperative Dakota Gasification Company, Great Plains Synfuels Plant Beulah, North Dakota Nathan Seigel; Researcher, Sandia National Laboratories Solar Tower & Heliostat Field, Albuquerque, New Mexico Michael McGowan; Head of Hydrogen Solutions, Linde North America Magog, Quebec Michael Gagne; Plant Manager, Linde North America Dev Patel; Manager, Kraus Global Kraus Global, Winnipeg, Manitoba Scott Bailey; Vice President, Kraus Global Morm Estey; Former President & CEO, Kraus Global Nuvera Fuel Cells, Billerica, Massachusetts Roberto Cordaro; President, Nuvera Fuel Cells James C. Cross III; Vice President, Nuvera Fuel Cells Darryl Pollica; Chief Engineer, Nuvera Fuel Cells Scott Blanchet; Director of Product Development, Nuvera Fuel Cells ...
  • Hydrogen Explosion Chemical demonstration of the reaction of hydrogen gas with air. Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Make Hydrogen This is a boring clip of the Hydrogen fuel cell I made. I intend on using a bank of 12 in an array to run my car. The hydrogen will be fed into the air intake of the car and will mix with the air to run the car either more efficiently or with no fossil fuel at all. Yet to be seen. Sorry about the long pauses on the fuel cell but I was comentating the vid and later muted my boring babble. Tunes were better :)
  • Iceland's Hydrogen Economy This video talks about the strides Iceland is making to become energy independant and not reply on oil as their means for fueling their transportation needs.
  • The First British Hydrogen Bomb BANG!
  • H-CELL 2.0 hydrogen fuel cell power kit for hobby-grade RC racing........ NOW AVAILABLE - the first hydrogen fuel cell power kit for hobby-grade RC models. The power kit is available from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies () and was designed around the TRF 416 carbon fiber chassis from Tamiya...(although can be configured with other models including electric cars, robots and boats). It also features a unique / world first, an optional refueling system for small solid state hydrogen storage devices which serve as the car's on-board hydrogen tanks. The refueling unit called HYDROFILL can also connect to a solar panel, available as an option. To order the product or its accessories contact [email protected]
  • Solar hydrogen home Michael Strizki The First Solar/ Hydrogen House located in Hopewell New Jersey
  • Re: hydrogen fuel cell This should explain it for you. Watch "Who Killed The Electric Car?" We don't need Hydrogen cars, batteries will work just fine for most people.
  • How to Make Hydrogen : Using Stainless Steel Arrays to Make Hydrogen Learn about stainless steel arrays for making hydrogen with expert tips and advice on making hydrogen in this free video series on alternative fuels. Expert: Michael Raines Bio: Michael Raines is an expert in fabrication, engineering, and designing. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan
  • Test Drive BMW Hydrogen Car This is a test drive interview in BMW's new Hydrogen 7 series car that they are touring Europe. This car is priceless
  • On Demand HUGE Hydrogen Production, How to Make Hydrogen www.USH2.com How to Make Hydrogen, Hydrogen Production from simple and inexpensive chemicals as demonstrated in our Book and DVD at
  • Hydrogen Car Engines, Hydrogen Engine Vehicles Hydrogen Car Hydrogen Car Engines, Hydrogen Engine Vehicles. See our research results on all the do it yourself hydrogen car garbage online. We Tested These systems tested for you.
  • How to Make Hydrogen : How to Make Hydrogen: What is a Bubbler? Find out how a bubbler is used to make hydrogen with expert tips and advice on making hydrogen in this free video series on alternative fuels. Expert: Michael Raines Bio: Michael Raines is an expert in fabrication, engineering, and designing. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan
  • Hydrogen Technology A new, practical hydrogen science for clean and less expensive energy solutions: HyTech's Aquygen™ gas!
  • Hydrogen Generator Saves 20% - 90% Fuel and Increases Power Gorilla Developers has been working on creating a method of extracting Hydrogen from water and an electrolyte solution. This has now ... all » been achieved. See the video to understand the incredible volume of Hydrogen being extracted. How is this achieved? Using 30 amps from your alternator on standard vehicles for the 20-Cell electrolyzer we weave this energy Through an over 40 stainless steel plates which extract the Hydrogen necessary to aid in increased fuel combustion efficiency. What does this mean to me? Your vehicle will have substantially increased fuel combustion. [Most vehiclesonly burn less than 50% of the fuel injected into your cylinder because of a lack of Oxygen and Hydrogen] The lower your mileage directly relates to the lack of your engines efficiency. Increasing the efficiency of the burn provides a requirement of less fuel [less pedal being required to achieve/maintain speed.] Visit our web site and register today. We seek local sales staff and installation locations. Call 651-789-1830 for more information.
  • Brian Malow on Hydrogen and Helium, EP 11 Hydrogen and Helium are the most common (and lightest) elements in the universe. Science comedian Brian Malow tells their story from the Big Bang to the Helium capitol of the world in Texas. This was filmed at Ignite SF. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
  • Hydrogen - Periodic Table of Videos We've updated our hydrogen video by exploding a bigger and better balloon. But what creates the fireball? Videos about all the elements at

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  • “The Renewable Hydrogen Forum brought together many of the top scientists, This document is dedicated to honoring the perspectives of the Forum. ASES – September 1, 2003 -- Boulder, Colorado”
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