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  • TEST cricket's electronic eye was involved in its first Ashes controversy yesterday, with confusion over whether Australian vice-captain Michael Clarke had edged a catch to the keeper before scoring. — “Hot spot in hot water over Michael Clarke controversy | The”, .au
  • Guide to Wireless Hotspot | Wireless Hotspot News, Wireless Photos, Hotspot Articles & Blogs. — “Wireless Hotspot Guide | Wireless | Hotspot”,
  • Fraudsters have found ways to create phony wireless hotspots in public places in an attempt to steal your personal and confidential information. Article offers tips to protect unsuspecting victims. — “How to Protect Yourself from a Phony Wireless Hotspot”,
  • A hotspot is a site that offers Internet access over a wireless local area network The term HotSpot may have first been advanced by Nokia about five years after Stewart. — “Hotspot (Wi-Fi) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • hot spot Region of the Earth's upper mantle that upwells to melt through the crust to form a volcanic feature. — “hotspot: Definition from ”,
  • The Java HotSpot Virtual Machine - Technical White Papers Hot Spot Detection. Adaptive optimization solves the problems of JIT compilation by taking advantage of an interesting property of most programs. — “The Java HotSpot Virtual Machine”,
  • VivaCell-MTS announces the pilot launch of its Wi-Fi Hotspot service across 4 key zones in Yerevan, free of charge to everyone for 2 months. Fast wireless Wi-Fi internet is available to everyone and can be accessed simply and affordably. — “lot launch of its Wi-Fi Hotspot service across 4 key zones in”,
  • The most important technology news, developments and trends with insightful ***ysis and commentary. Coverage includes hardware, software, networking, wireless computing, personal technology, security and cutting-edge technology from the business. — “TechNewsWorld WiFi Hotspot Locator”,
  • http:// -A demanding cat goes to great lengths in order to warm up and become the centre of attention. This film was created to celebrate t. — “YouTube - Simon's Cat ' Hot Spot'”,
  • Sydney, Nov 27(ANI): Cricket's electronic eye, "Hot Spot", has had its first major Ashes glitch when debate raged over whether Australian vice-captain Michael Clarke. — “Pot shots taken at "Hot Spot" for failing test of”,
  • Help us share Hotspot Shield by placing our official SHARE button on Your friends and customers will always have easy access to download Hotspot Shield. — “AnchorFree”,
  • Hotspot Shield protects your entire web surfing session; securing your connection at both Hotspot Shield protects your identity by ensuring that all web transactions (shopping,. — “Get Behind the Shield! Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree”,
  • eBay: Find VERIZON WIRELESS MIFI 2200 NOVATEL WiFi HOTSPOT MODEM in the Cell Phones PDAs , Cell Phone PDA Accessories category on eBay. — “VERIZON WIRELESS MIFI 2200 NOVATEL WiFi HOTSPOT MODEM - eBay”,
  • The latest version of Google Maps on Android comes with Hotspot, a new "local recommendation engine. — “Google Maps on Android Gets Personalized Recommendations”,
  • TEST cricket's electronic eye had its first major Ashes flashpoint when debate raged over whether Australian vice-captain Michael Clarke had edged a ball behind before he scored. — “"Hot Spot" under fire after controversial Clarke decision”, .au
  • T-Mobile HotSpot provides high-speed wireless Internet access in convenient public locations. — “T-Mobile HotSpot”, hotspot.t-
  • FREE HotSpots are a convenient, easy way to use broadband (HotSpots) in an increasing number of places such as cafés, hotels, restaurants and retail. — “free-”, free-
  • Welcome to Hot Spot Printing. Our "State of the Art" Print Center for Hot Spot Printing, 380 Tennant Ave Ste 4, Morgan Hill, CA 95037 USA. — “Hot Spot Printing”, hot-
  • Chillifire turns broadband into revenue and offers your clients a whole new hotspot service that will draw them to your business. — “Chillifire Hotspot Management Software”,
  • TEST cricket's electronic eye was involved in its first Ashes controversy yesterday, with confusion over whether Australian vice-captain Michael Clarke had edged a catch to the keeper before scoring. — “Hot spot in hot water over Michael Clarke controversy”, .au
  • This page contains HotSpot At a Glance related to Java SE. — “Java SE HotSpot at a Glance”,

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  • Setup Your Own Hotspot with LinkSys WRT54GL (Part 2) Part 2 of 'Turn a LinkSys WRT54GL into a Hotspot'. In part 2 we'll load the hotspot commands from and create a pay-per-use hotspot. Part 1 of this video can be found at: (Installing DD-WRT to LinkSys WRT54GL) For more information, visit:
  • Personal Wireless Hotspot Demo This video we demonstrate using a personal hotspot program for WebOS, Android, and Windows Mobile
  • Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial - 9 - Image Hotspots Tutorials on Dreamweaver CS4
  • Verizon Pre Plus' Mobile Hot Spot App Working on Sprint Pre ( compatible!) In this video, I show you how to get the MobileHotSpot app that is for the Verizon webOS devices to work on a sprint device to allow you to tether with WiFi on a Sprint Pre. This is a free and easier alternative to the $15 MyTether app that you can get from This video is pretty fast so pause if you need more time to read the words on the screen. All the links you should need The PreCentral post where you can find all of this info- http Verizon Mobile HotSpot ipk here- The FreeTether app- FreeTether Daemon- I can't guarantee that this wont raise your Sprint bill, however if you have the unlimited data plan you shouldn't have to worry. Don't use WiFi tethering to download huge files, but its great for checking email and other non-data intensive tasks while on the go. It is reported that this will now work on Sprint (and possibly inernational carriers as well) Pre's running webOS 1.4.1(.1). Basically all you have to do is install as usuall and when you get that done, check for updates and select the update for Mobile HotSpot. Be aware that Sprint or Palm could fix this glitch at any time and the update will no longer be available. If this video helped you, please click the thumbs up button and subscribe for more videos like this. Email your questions to me at [email protected] Twitter
  • Verizon Fivespot 3G hotspot unboxing and feature tour - The Verizon Wireless Fivespot is a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that shares its 3G connectivity with other devices, or can be used directly as a USB modem. The device works on CDMA networks as well as the GSM/UMTS networks used outside of the USA. More info:
  • Verizon/Novatel MiFi Personal Hot Spot David Pogue tests the Novatel MiFi 2200, a private hot spot thats followed you everywhere you go. Related article:
  • Foxy Brown - Hot Spot Music video by Foxy Brown performing Hot Spot. (C) 1999 The Island Def Jam Music Group
  • MiFi 2352 Personal WiFi Hotspot A quick look at the MiFi 2352 Personal WiFi Hotspot by Novatel Wireless More videos and reviews at http
  • Solar Powered DIY Wi-Fi HotSpot Visit: for more info. This is a portable wifi hotspot powered by a solar panel and 5 AA batteries. It automatically scans for open networks every 30 seconds and then connects to the strongest signal it finds. It then repeats that signal so you can surf the net locaally for up to about 150 feet or more. I put this in the back window of my car and leave it. No matter where I drive me and others are able to connect to it and check email, surf, etc. If you would like me to custom build one of these for you please Visit the to contact me. Thanks
  • Sprint Overdrive Mobile Hot Spot Follow me on Twitter for updates:
  • Tutorial on how to install Hotspot Shield on Windows Vista 64 bit and access This video does exactly what the title says, shows how to install Hotspot Shield on Windows Vista 64 bit and that you can access sites such as outside of the US. Written Instructions: is the site to go to for more great tech news. Follow Us on Twitter or on Facebook
  • Create Wifi Hotspot Anywhere Using A Laptop Tired of running around trying to find a wifi hotspot? Well so was I so I did research and well.. Watch the video.. Just follow the big mouse pointer and it'll work.. This works with vista (what I use) and I use this "ad hoc" wifi hot spot to get wifi on my ipod touch. now what I didn't show you is what you do to connect your ipod touch/iphone wifi to the laptop.. go to your itouch/iphone wifi and turn it on AFTER you've done everything on the laptop. It should find your network if your wifi is on and select the blue arrow that faces to the right, beside your network name. It will bring up a screen on your touch with three noticable buttons: DHCP BootP and Static. Select the Static button and in the IP address bar type: Make sure it looks like that or it won't work.. go down to subnet and type and the next bar will have (router) and the DNS will be the same ( If this is typed in, turn your ipod /phone wifi off and back on.. It should now recognize your computer network and connect.. Warning: I've only used ipod touch fimware 3.0.. Not sure if it works on anything else or not.. if it does, Sweet and lemme know for ***s and giggles.. If not, still.. lemme know.. If you have anymore questions, hit me up.. You know where to find me.. Comment!! PS only works with laptops with wifi!
  • Verizon Droid X Hotspot What this Droid does will change how you do web connections. Introducing the new Droid X. The next generation of does.
  • MiFi Demonstration - The portable wireless hotspot A demonstration of the Verizon MiFi - the portable wireless hotspot that uses the cellular network to create a WiFi bubble around the unit for up to 5 devices to share Internet access simultaneously. This handy little device is manufactured by Novatel and currently offered by Verizon and Sprint. MiFi is a great way to bring broadband with you on the move and share broadband with several devices. The device is either battery powered (about 4 hours of use), powered by a USB connection or the included AC charger. I have connected Mac and Windows laptops as well as iPhones and iPod Touches - everything worked great. Connection speeds vary based on the your coverage area and the demand for wireless data, but I typically get 1.1 Mbps down and about 500Kbps up. There are a couple catches that buyers should be aware of. The largest wireless data plan available is $59/mo but that only include 5GB of data transfer per month - steep overage charges apply beyond the 5GB limit. In addition, you need to sign a 2 year contract for the data plan in order to get the device at a discounted rate. Overall, I'm very impressed by the device. 4 of 5 stars.
  • Demo of T-Mobile HotSpot @Home This is Phone Scoop's review of T-Mobile's HotSpot @Home Wi-Fi calling service.
  • Sprint - Hot Spot Borrowers
  • Removing flash hotspots: Photoshop retouching Hi res version at Get rid of those annoying reflections from flash pics fast!
  • Sprint Overdrive 4G Hotspot Review - In this episode, we review the Sprint Overdrive, a 4G mobile broadband hotspot that allows you to connect up to five devices (think iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc.) to Sprint's 4G network at the same time in supported cities. The Overdrive will fall back to 3G if you leave a 4G area.
  • Palm Pre Plus Mobile Hotspot Demo Here is a video tour of the Palm Pre Plus for Verizon Wireless and an in-depth demonstration of the Mobile Hotspot Application.
  • hot spot 77777 ZA STAWKE 100 WPADŁO 10000
  • Clear Rover Puck 4G WiMAX Wi-Fi hotspot - The Clear Rover Puck is a 4G WiMAX portable hotspot that allows multiple devices to share a single WiMAX data connection. It is a pre-paid device that requires no contract, and can be activated for as little as $5 for a day's worth of unlimited data. More info:
  • Antamedia HotSpot Software - HotSpot Billing WiFi Software Antamedia HotSpot software helps you in controlling and billing your customers for the Internet usage. It is suitable for all the purposes where a customer should be prompted to type the username and the password to get the Internet access. Software includes billing, statistics and reporting with many other useful features. It is hardware independent and you can use any type of access point, router, switch in otder to control your WiFi, WiMax, LAN, Cable, DSL, Satellite connection
  • Palm Pre Plus: Mobile Hotspot Shorty Awards: TechnoBuffalo: Follow me on twitter:
  • Jennifer Connelly in The Hot Spot Jennifer Connelly's black bikini
  • Verizon MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot Unboxing TechnoBuffalo: Follow me on twitter: Unboxing the Verizon MiFi220 Mobile hotspot
  • How to bypass Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page
  • Simon's Cat ' Hot Spot' - A demanding cat goes to great lengths in order to warm up and become the centre of attention. This film was created to celebrate the release of the first Simon's Cat book. It brings to life one of the sketches from within its pages.
  • EEVblog #55 - RCA Airnergy WiFi Hotspot Free Energy Harvesting Marketing BS Dave can smell marketing bull*** a mile away, so checks out the new RCA WiFi Free Energy Harvesting "Airnergy" device with some back of the envelope calculations. Marketing BS or can it actually work? Watch the RCA video here:
  • The New Hotspot In Hollywood hit the hottest new spot in Hollywood from the creators of Hyde lounge,area, foxtail comes XIV. Interviews and appearances by Toni Braxton, Sam Nazarian, Brent Bolthouse, Danny Masterson, Ashley Scott, Keith Robinson, Brittny Gastineau, Chef Michael Mina, restaurant designer Philippe Starck.
  • Free Wifi Hotspots Yes, you can get on the internet away from home and no you don't need a data plan to do it. Find Free WiFi
  • Alexander Kowalski - Hot Spot ( 2002 ) Label: Kanzleramt Catalog#: KA 77 Format: Vinyl, 12" Country: Germany Released: 30 Aug 2002 Genre: Electronic Style: Tech House Credits: Vocals - Raz Ohara
  • SMS Hot Spot Business Card Attack Video 3 of 3 in Understanding SMS Attacks by Trust Digital: SMS Hot Spot Business Card Attack
  • Hotspot Shield A application that will let shield your IP address for free and access sites like Hulu (which is not available in the UK) anywhere! Please Subscribe
  • Setup a Hotspot with LinkSys WRT54GL (Part 1:Install DD-WRT) This guide will show you how to setup your own hotspot using a LinkSys WRT54GL wireless router and also using the services of . In the 1st part we'll replace the default firmware with DD-WRT. For more information please visit our website at: The text version of the setup guide can be found at (including the link to the firmware image) Part 2 of the video can be found here:
  • Wind U8100 Wifi Hotspot Trick Ok so I run a windows 7 starter on my netbook and can't install the drivers. I had to tether for my work to get internet but couldn't find a way. Then I stumbled onto wifi hotspot idea. Things you need: SuperBoot for the Pulse Mini: It does work with the u8100 Next you need Barnacle (find at the Android Market Place) Get the new version and ether free or the donate one. (They are both the same) Change your mtu size on your laptop/computer and your done
  • Hot Spot: How to use the Crop A Dile Have you always wondered what this tool is all about? Do you love setting eyelets, but hate pulling out the hammer? Check out this short video to see how to use one of the greatest tools on the market. I'll walk you through step by step instructions on how to use it.
  • Freedom House: Hotspot Shield Tutorial A short, easy to follow guide to installing and activating Hotspot Shield.
  • Create A Wifi HotSpot! With a Mac, an Ethernet Connection, and Airport. How I Make Money Online: This video will show you how to make a wireless internet hotspot (basically a wifi zone) with just your mac, an ethernet cord (connected to your modem of course), and airport. TAKE NOTE: Most mac computers already have airport compatibility on their computers. If you have bought a mac within the last 2 and maybe 3 years, you most likely will have airport compatibility. Watching this video will help you releive the stress of having to deal with a router (I myslef had trouble using a router). When you create your hotspot you will be able to use internet on: *Your iPod Touch (first and second generation (1st gen), and second generation (2nd gen, or 2g) (any ipod touch version for future references)) *Your Sony PSP (includes psp 1000, 2000, and 3000 series (any version of psp, for future references)) *Another computer that has wifi compatibility ***basically anything that supports wireless internet. Enjoy. I did not find this out myself, I was lurking around youtube, and found a video. This is not the video where I found it from, but it is really similar. The video will show you how to do this on MAC, Vista, and XP (Windows Vista, Windows XP) I did not make the above linked video. Comments by YouTube users: "For those who are clueless: The ethernet cord is what transfers the data from your modem to the computer. The modem is what connects to your ISP to get an internet connection. He is using the built in ...
  • Want a Free VPN for Public WiFi Hotspots - When it comes to accessing the Internet when you're away from home, you never really know what you're going to get. You have to stay secure to protect yourself.
  • Laptop Hotspot How to turn your laptop into a wireless hotspot. Works well with Vista and Mac OSX but be careful with XP.
  • MiFi 2200 Mobile Cellular Hotspot (Verizon) Noah's got the whole Internet in his hands. It's the Verizon MiFi 2200, a battery powered router that turns an EV-DO data connection into a portable WIFi hotspot.
  • Jesuits @ CES 2009 - Novatel Wireless: Intelligent Mobile Hotspot Please excuse the "white out" of the video. I love my cameraman dearly (my brother Ryan) but obviously there was a miscommnication about the brightness and white-level controls on the camera! Do you have a need or mobile broadband but you don't want a USB dongle hanging off the side of your computer? Perhaps you have a PC-Card EVDO device that you can't use on your new Express-Card laptop. Or maybe you just want a better way to share your mobile broadband with you friends and colleagues. --- If so, you need to check out the new Intelligent mobile hotspot from Novatel Wireless. This little device may be small, but it packs quite a punch for the mobile user!

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  • “The Supafly Wi-Fi Hotspot service includes Web Filtering to block illegal sites and file you can access the historical information you need to really understand your Hotspot”
    — PolkaSpots Supafly Wi-Fi Hotspot Weblog,

  • “Wireless Hotspots in New Zealand Welcome, and this is our very first of many more blog entries to come. We will post news and helpful information on our Hot-Spot solution. To start off here is some information about me”
    — Hot-Spot New Zealand,

  • “ or medium is philip campbells centralized blog socialmedia website. phil campbells company projects webmedia produces mashups and api streaming video projects for fun and business. medium is the blog and diary of my only quest for”
    — // phil campbell // centralized webmedia experiments,

  • “Ali Dayekh, Gadget, Gadget tips, gadgets, hotspot, how to, how to blog, Wifi, wifi dongle, WiFi hotspot, WiFi maps, wifi network, WiFi sniffer No Comments. Would you like to be able to almost guarantee finding a WiFi signal when you leave the house?”
    — Chinavasion | China Gadgets Blog " hotspot,

  • “We like it so much, we want to bring that goodness into all our consumer experiences in 2011 and that's why we've launched Project HotSpot! In order for Project HotSpot to get off the ground and be great – we need your help! We need your help in adding the details to”
    — MapQuest Blog – Project HotSpot,

  • “AP - ABC News' Bob Woodruff will anchor a weekly environment-oriented series for Planet Green, a network being launched by Discovery Communications. by in Hot Spot Blog News. AP - ABC News' Bob Woodruff will anchor a weekly environment-oriented series for Planet Green, a network being launched by”
    — ABC's Bob Woodruff to anchor `eco-newscast' on cable network,

  • “Read me everydays Creative Hotspot. Creative Hotspot Blog. Follow us on Twitter! Creative Hotspot RSS Feed. August 2010. Creative Hotspot BlogReturns Autumn 2010! Creative Hotspot. About Us. The Team. Jobs & Careers. Portfolio. Contact Us. Copyright © 2010 Creative Hotspot LTD, All Rights Reserved”
    — Creative Multimedia Blog | Creative Hotspot,

  • “Hello, How do i share internet leptop (vista) through using wifi to nokia n95 or n95?Configuration: Windows Vista Internet Explorer 8.0”
    Hotspot connection,

  • “As all of you know, the blog has been inactive for the whole of yesterday due to me This is a Blog Entry stating that TV Hot Spot will be DOWN”
    — TV Hot Spot: TV Hot Spot: Blog Entry,

  • “Finally after years there is now a device which can help you in taking HD Videos, Movie Editing on iPhone and also which allows you to easily create wifi”
    — Create WiFi HotSpot to Tether iPhone 2G 3G 3GS on iOS 3.1,

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