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  • Enraged because another driver flashed his lights and honked his horn at him, Rotorua man Richard Marsters followed and confronted the man before shooting him in the jaw. — “9 years jail for road rage - National - NZ Herald News”, nzherald.co.nz
  • I think you are right. If you honked at the guy that was no reason to chase you down and verbally abuse you. I would have responded back just like you. I like your attitude .it's just like me. I don't get pushed around either. Just let it go. — “i honked at a co worker and this guy thought i was honking at”,
  • honked. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search [edit] [edit] Verb. honked. Simple past tense and past participle of honk. Retrieved from "http:. — “honked - Wiktionary”,
  • honk. Pediatrics A widely-transmitted precordial whoop, described as a high-pitched, musical, late systolic murmur in some Pts with mitral valve prolapse–MVP, a sound attributed to resonation of the valve leaflets and chordae; non-honkers with MVP may be made to honk by having them stand or lean. — “honked - definition of honked in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • Clay Thompson : Today's question: The other day I was driving my daughter to school and got honked at to turn left on a yellow light. Of course, I didn't want to turn into oncoming traffic but to turn when it was clear. The driver behind me also. — “ blogs - Clay Thompson - claythompson - Jerk”,
  • Things other drivers do that get on my nerves ( honked off ) Comments 1 - 10 (of 20) Next >> Post a Comment. Associated Content from Yahoo!. Entertainment. Auto. — “Honked Off: Top 8 Driving Pet Peeves - Associated Content”,
  • A state of drunken foolhardiness. I was so honked the other night i pissed in my boots. by HowdeHow Mar 10, 2004 share this. permalink: Share on. Send to a friend. — “Urban Dictionary: Honked”,
  • Rockford Register Star - ROCKFORD — A three-vehicle convoy led by Mayor Larry Morrissey honked horns and waved Friday morning as it drove down Main Street. VIDEO INSIDE Today's convoy, provided. — “2-block section of Main Street a road again after 34 years”,
  • One thing Hampton Roads residents have in common? Frustration over traffic congestion. Hampton Roads Drivers Honked Off. By Debbie Messina. The Virginian-Pilot(Norfolk, VA.) VIRGINIA - One thing Hampton Roads residents have in common?. — “ " Article " Hampton Roads Drivers Honked Off”,
  • ***s allegedly honked horns, shouted obscenities, fired shots during prayer servicesNEW YORK, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called for appropriate hate crime charges to be brought. — “CAIR Seeks Hate Crime Charges for Armed Harassment at NY Mosque”,
  • Pennsylvania's official Bumper Sticker Contest says more about the Pennsylvania Tourism Office than the commonwealth. The bumper sticker for taxpayers demanding an end to corporate wealthfare should read: "Honk if you're a honked-off Pennsylvanian. — “Saturday essay: Honked off - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review”,
  • and saw a "Honk If You Love Jesus " bumper sticker. I was feeling particularly sassy that I even honked my horn a few times to share in the love! There must have been a man from. — “Good Clean Jokes Letter From Grandma”,
  • honk : Emit such a cry or sound, Cause (a car horn) to make such a sound, Express by sounding a car horn, Vomit - Google's free online dictionary service. — “HONKED in English - Google Dictionary”,
  • Dozens of miners stuck deep underground in Chile are still alive, but experts warn it could be months before they are dug out. Thirty-three workers a Drivers honked their horns and diners applauded in restaurants. — “Watch Video Trapped Chile miners found alive UK News at blinkx”,
  • Definition of honked in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of honked. Pronunciation of honked. Translations of honked. honked synonyms, honked antonyms. Information about honked in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “honked - definition of honked by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • irritation n. The act of irritating. The condition of being irritated; vexation: honked the horn with irritation at the delay. — “irritation: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Two people were attacked by a man with a tire iron after they honked at him in a Jack in the Box drive through. — “2 attacked w/tire iron at OC fast food eatery | abc7.com”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. We could hear the geese honking overhead. — “Honked - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Free and Funny Confession Ecard: I'd like to live in a world where people only honked if they were ***. Create and send your own custom Confession ecard. — “I'd like to live in a world where people only honked if they”,
  • Mob Severely Beats Motorist Who Honked Horn. UPDATED: 6:39 pm CST Samuel McClain was driving in a Milwaukee neighborhood when he honked his horn at a group of young people. — “Mob Severely Beats Motorist Who Honked Horn - Des Moines News”,
  • Self-explanatory story in six words. Exactly. honked too loud" /> [url=http:///photos/cobalt/43095412/][img]http://farm1/27/43095412_cd55e27088_m.jpg[/img][/url] [url=http:///photos/cobalt/43095412/]This. — “This deleted image honked too loud | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Labrador IQ: The Day a trapped dog honked for help. In a hilarious yet awe-evoking incident, a chocolate coloured Labrador displayed intelligence as he pressed the car horns to arrest his owner's attention after the latter mistakenly locked him in. — “Labrador IQ: The Day a trapped dog honked for help”,
  • Rescued mineworkers reveal how they burned tyres, honked car horns and set off dynamite to attract attention of rescuers. — “Chilean miners: 'Los 33' head home to tell stories of their”,
  • Honked cartoons from the CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. — “Honked Cartoons and Comics”,

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  • Grover 1510 Stuttertone Air Horn Honked Inside A few short blasts of my Grover 1510 air horn inside at about 110 psi. This horn came off an old Los Angeles Fire Department truck. I have not yet polished i...
  • Steve Libera Gets Honked We we working on a Chevy Suburban and we were installing the loudest Air Horns I have ever heard in my life on this truck. They were Air Horns off of a locom...
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  • Marilyn Monroe - Honked His Horn From Marilyn's July 1962 interview with a Marilyn Niagara walk slowed down. Makes it a little longer! :)
  • car cuts car and get honked at also check out this new forum where people with dashcams and cycle cams can find each other easy. the rest you find out if you click on the link http://proje...
  • Cyclist honked at by idiot from Alaska - GKD 831 I can see why he felt a need to honk. After all, a CYCLIST was CYCLING in the CYCLING LANE. There's no way you could let that go unremarked, right? He sure p...
  • HONK! TX Parade in East Austin 2014 In it's fourth year, Honk! TX brings local brass bands along with bands from around the country to perform absolutely free in the public spaces of Austin, TX...
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  • Costume Quest 2 - The Clown That Honked 1000 Ships The Clown That Honked 1000 Ships - Use the clown horn 1000 times. VidGamiac Social: Website:http:// Facebook:http:///VidGami...
  • Honked at and flipped off by 2 idiots in an SUV Passed a slower cyclist by entering the traffic lane. I shoulder checked, it was clear and had just come from a stop, so there's no way I cut the guy off. Th...
  • Driver of SGD5062J acts like an idiot after being honked at Driver of SGD5062J acts like an idiot after being honked at.
  • Diamond Dogs "Honked!" a l'Antiga Fàbrica d'Estrella Damm (Barcelona, Catalonia) Diamond Dogs "Honked!" a l'Antiga Fàbrica d'Estrella Damm (Barcelona, Catalonia) - 22th February 2012. Concert de presentació del Black Music Festival 2012 a...
  • camels honked away by a car (HD) Camels being honked away by a car. The arabian way of rounding animals up. Pretty hilarious to see this guy doing his job.
  • Costume Quest 2 The Clown That Honked 1000 Ships Trophy Costume Quest 2 - Trophy The Clown That Honked 1000 Ships - Used the Clown Horn 1000 Times Difficulty: 1/10 Equip the clown costume and hit the circle button...
  • Impatient woman honked at me. Нетерпеливая баба оббибикала. A car has honked as there was no possibility to overtake me without changing the lane. After first stupid honking I've decided to hold the lane intentionally...
  • Police Car Honked at by Fire Truck Subscribe Today for the Wildest Dashcam Videos! Updated Daily! Like, Share, Sub and Comment. Dashcams of Car Crashes and Police Officer Pursuits!
  • Baby Monkey Gets Honked and Stepped On Baby monkey has his penis honked and then gets stepped on.
  • Honked off like a Goose | New daily Series I'm honked off like a goose, anything honking yall off today.
  • Don't honk your horn at Deputy Collins in Houston, TX Honked at him for speeding through the suburbs. He followed me into a parking lot without ever putting on his emergency lights. This is what happened.
  • Bicyclist chats with a driver about being honked at After getting honked at for what I thought was no apparent reason, I tapped on the window of the vehicle to ask what was up. Her voice isn't clear for much o...
  • [FHD] Ferrari 430 Scuderia gets honked at + acceleration!!! This was one of the many Scuds that showed up to the Ferrari/Maserati of New England car show and unfortunately, the only one that went fast. Anyway, he was ...
  • Red & Yellow Mammoth honked & went off in a Flash... Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30062 crazily honking and went off in a flash with famous and Fastest Air Double-Decker of Indian Railway, 12931 Mumbai Central - Ahme...
  • Face to face with a Sambar Deer today. Then I got honked Deep in the boondy today I faced off with a curious Sambar Deer. Ive never been this close to one in this way. Your speakers are not capable of reproducing t...
  • Road Rage don't Honk In Russia! :) It's pretty obvious that the guy on the scooter really doesn't like to be honked at! Time to put the car in reverse!
  • White Trash slams bicycle on car thinking driver honked him - 17 Oct 2014 - Singapore "Thinking that he was being honked at, a cyclist threw his bicycle on a Stomper's car at around 9.50pm on Selegie Road on Fri (Oct 17). According to Stomper ...
  • Don't honk at the old lady... You never know what a fragile looking old lady can do to you....or your car!
  • Reporter gets honked off the street WABC-TV reporter Kristen Thorne is doing a report from Smithtown, Long Island during a snowstorm on 2/3/14 when a douche in a pick-up truck scares the hell o...

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  • “I was out doing some bull*** break-in miles today and a 04 FJR rider honked as he passed. One of the Forum members perhaps? Don't see many FJR”
    — 04 FJR rider on rt 40 in Brownsville PA? - FJRForum,

  • “click to see the blog list. Fri 9 Jun 2006. Sometimes You Don't Have to Say Anything. June 9: On my web page I that people have called my name, honked at me and even waved their”
    — Blog, myflock2.com

  • “Blog Home Page | Excellent podcast available " Email Friend | Print Article | Share Blog Posts. A question. Tales of 57 States: The Deficit Wizards Speak”
    — American Thinker Blog: Mukasey for AG?,

  • “Archived from groups: working.wireless (More info?) My wireless network connection was working fine until I installed SP2 for WinXP. Since then it has been flakey eve”
    — SP2 honked up wireless on Win XP laptop - Wireless-General,

  • “AFL-CIO NOW BLOG - News for working families Workers chanted "pass unemployment now" and held signs saying, "We need good jobs now" and "Unemployed held hostage by GOP tax cuts for rich," as passing cars honked in support”

  • “Headlines from Northeast Ohio's media websites first thing this morning. A.M. News Links: Tailgaters honked off, shy robber cuffed, dogs going to the Tribe”
    — A.M. News Links: Tailgaters honked off, shy robber cuffed,

  • “I hope dad doesnt mind that I honked the horn, turned on the emergency flashers and the windshield wipers as Site Home | Eskie Central | Dog Pages | Forum Home | Chat | Links, etc”
    — Monty rides shotgun at a gas stop in Iowa:,

  • “But the piece is quite convincing. Apparently this pro-war rally was Rush hour traffic drove by and honked in approval to the flags and signs that read:”
    — Was the "Moran" guy a prank? | 24Ahead, 24

  • “This post is really a response to Jim Crawford's blog post a few days ago. Crawford was really honked off at agents who do not know, or don't care to, fully complete a sales contract. This set me to thinking about how we handle that at our”
    — What was this agent thinking? (Kudos to Jim Crawford's blog),

  • “kmmayer72 - Profile | Pictures | Blog. Getting honked at and not Anyway, I am glad that I stood on the corner yesterday and got honked at, even though I am not a curvy 20 year old”
    — Mom2Mom, mom2

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