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  • Homozygous Paint Horses are very popular here at J & J Paints and Quarter Horses. We stand two big beautiful Homozygous Paint Horse Stallions at stud. Royal Dreamwalker is double homozygous and has been standing here at J & J for some time now. — “Homozygous Paint Horses - J & J Paints and Quarter Horses, LLC”,
  • If you are looking for one of the best homozygous mares look no further. She is big, very tiny beautiful head and her last baby was a homozygous palomino filly by our Stallion Golden. — “HESSKEW - -HOMOZYGOUS”,
  • Definition of homozygous in the Medical Dictionary. homozygous explanation. Information about homozygous in Free online English dictionary. What is homozygous? Meaning of homozygous medical term. What does homozygous mean?. — “homozygous - definition of homozygous in the Medical”, medical-
  • Definition: Homozygous refers to having identical alleles for a single trait. A homozygous plant would contain the following alleles for seed shape: (RR) or (rr). Related Resources: Chromosomes and Gender, Law of Segregation, Independent. — “Homozygous - A Genetics Definition”,
  • Get courses on Homozygous, plus lab continuing education and laboratory safety and compliance training from MediaLab, Inc. — “Homozygous Information and Courses from MediaLab, Inc”,
  • 17. CA. Photography Nov 23rd at 10PM / 1 note. Nov 23rd at 10PM / 0 notes. Nov 23rd at 10PM / 2 notes. Nov 23rd at 8PM / via: masternservant / op: bullet*** / 22 notes. Nov 23rd at 8PM / 1 note. Tatu. Nov 23rd at 7PM / via: kiskex / op: kiskex / 7 notes. — “sadly, no”,
  • Top questions and answers about Homozygous. Find 109 questions and answers about Homozygous at Read more. — “Homozygous - ”,
  • An explanation about the homozygous blood test for the tobiano gene in horses and the black red test. — “Homozygous Horses”,
  • Equine Now listing of homozygous horses. — “Homozygous Horses for Sale”,
  • The first "tobiano" was said to have been brought over to the New World from Spain in 1519 by an explorer named Hernando Cortes. A horse is considered heterozygous if he carries one tobiano gene, and is a homozygous if he carries two. — “The Homozygous Tobiano Paint Horse”,
  • homozygous adj. Having the same alleles at a particular gene locus on homologous chromosomes. homozygosity ho ' mozygos ' ity n. — “homozygous: Definition from ”,
  • In genetics, homozygous is a term which is used to refer to an organism which has inherited two identical copies of a gene. For people who breed animals or who raise plants, being able to recognize a homozygous animal is important, as it will allow breeders to bring out desirable traits with. — “What Is Homozygous?”,
  • Definition of homozygous in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of homozygous. Pronunciation of homozygous. Translations of homozygous. homozygous synonyms, homozygous antonyms. Information about homozygous in the free online English dictionary and. — “homozygous - definition of homozygous by the Free Online”,
  • The question of whether horses are homozygous for a trait or not (or it's chance of being homozygous) is not really that hard to understand, but it takes someone good at math or good at explaining it to help understand the statistics sometimes. — “HOMOZYGOUS HORSES: Black, dun, roan...what does homozygous”,
  • We are raising top quality Paints out of our homozygous stallion, Cita's Slidin' Leo. Cita's Slidin' Leo, or "Slide" as we call him, is a 1997 APHA black/white tobiano stallion with Leo San Cita, Poco Bueno, Parkers Trouble, and Leo San bloodlines. — “Fitzpatrick Paints & Quarter Horses”, homozygous-
  • When an organism is homozygous dominant for a particular trait, the genotype is represented by a doubling of the symbol for that trait, such as "PP" Because the alleles of autozygous genotypes come from the same source, they are always homozygous, but allozygous genotypes may be homozygous too. — “Zygosity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The true homozygous tobiano must have secondary body spotting called "ink spots" and "paw prints" and must never have produced any solid colored foals from solid colored mates. Homozygous Tobianos will always pass a tobiano gene to an offspring (genes TT). — “Homozygous Paint Horses”,
  • An equine internet directory of homozygous horses (mostly breeding stallions) of predominantly riding breeds with dominant traits that can be identified as homozygous. ALSO rare colors, dilutes & gene traits in heterozygous form. — “Homozygous-Horses | FAQ, Policies, Submissions, Equine”, homozygous-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of HOMOZYGOUS : having the two genes at corresponding loci on homologous chromosomes identical for one or more. — “Homozygous - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • This is consistent with the homozygous lethal roan gene theory. We do have to see an extraordinarily large number of all roan offspring however, to suspect a horse could be homozygous roan. — “Han*** Horses .com | ARTICLES | The equine roan gene”, han***
  • Homozygous definition, having identical pairs of genes for any given pair of hereditary characteristics. See more. — “Homozygous | Define Homozygous at ”,
  • by Wendy Malone "Homozygous: (Ho-mo-zi-gus) means two copies of the same gene: homo = two of the same thing, zygous = gene (basically). A horse who is homozygous for the tobiano gene means that it has two copies of the tobiano gene, one inherited from EACH parent. — “What Is Homozygous”,
  • Definition and other additional information on Homozygous from Biology- dictionary. — “Homozygous - definition from Biology-”, biology-

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  • Mystic Sunrise, 2003 Black/White Homozygoes ASHA Saddlebred Mare for Sale Recorded on May 20, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • Mystic Sunrise, 2003 Black/White Homozygoes ASHA Saddlebred Mare for Sale Recorded on May 20, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • Aura's Golden Rose of Excellence aka Rosie, 2003 ASHA Saddlebred Mare for Sale, 15.3+HH Recorded on May 4, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. visit for more information about her and all the other horses we have for sale.
  • Mystic Sunrise, 2003 Black/White Homozygoes ASHA Saddlebred Mare for Sale Recorded on May 20, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • Mystic Sunrise, 2003 Black/White Homozygoes ASHA Saddlebred Mare for Sale Recorded on May 20, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

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