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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Homophobic - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Homophobic parents of high school students in Itawamba High School have scheduled an elitist prom designed to intentionally segregate people of different beliefs than their children without inviting Constance McMillen. By Ryan Christopher DeVault | Published 3/20/2010. — “Homophobic - Associated Content - Topic - ”,
  • In a recent experiment, a group of homophobic hetero***ual men showed more signs of ***ual arousal from being shown images of homo***ual *** than a control group of non-homophobic hetero***ual men; however, anxiety in the former group may explain part of the difference [1]. — “homophobia - Anarchopedia”,
  • Listen to live and archived homophobic talk radio podcasts on Blog Talk Radio - the leading talk radio network. — “homophobic talk radio podcast”,
  • Definition of homophobic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of homophobic. Pronunciation of homophobic. Definition of the word homophobic. Origin of the word homophobic. — “homophobic - Definition of homophobic at ”,
  • HOMOPHOBIC. Some object to this word—arguing that it literally means "man-fearing," but the "homo" in "homo***ual" and in this word does not refer to Homophobic" is now an established term for "prejudiced against homo***uals. — “homophobic”, wsu.edu
  • Jeff Catlin, operations manager of Cumulus Radio Dallas, just sent over the above clip of KLIF host Chris Krok's so-called on-air apology from Tuesday, for a homophobic rant last month in which Krok ridiculed Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns' "It Gets Better" speech. — “Posts tagged: homophobic - Dallas Voice”,
  • homophobic. Relating to or characteristic of homophobia or homophobes. homophobic abuse homophobic" Category: English adjectives. Hidden category: Translation table header lacks. — “homophobic - Wiktionary”,
  • In a recent experiment, a group of homophobic hetero***ual men showed more signs of ***ual arousal from being shown images of homo***ual *** than a control group of non-homophobic hetero***ual men; however, anxiety in the former group may explain part of the difference. — “Homophobia - Definition”,
  • The adjective form of homophobia is "homophobic;" the noun form is "homophobe. homophobic, an adjective referring to a behavior which attempts to maintain special rights for hetero***uals. — “Meanings of the word Homophobia”,
  • In a recent experiment, a group of homophobic hetero***ual men showed more signs of ***ual arousal from being shown images of homo***ual *** than a control group of non-homophobic hetero***ual men; however, anxiety in the former group may explain part of the difference [1]. — “Homophobia - Wikinfo”,
  • Definition of homophobic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of homophobic. Pronunciation of homophobic. Translations of homophobic. homophobic synonyms, homophobic antonyms. Information about homophobic in the free online English dictionary and. — “homophobic - definition of homophobic by the Free Online”,
  • Discover, create, and post news about Homophobic on Current and influence what airs on TV. — “Homophobic // Current”,
  • of homophobic bullying and facilitate positive discussion about how it can be challenged. There were 1,192 homophobic crimes in London in the year to last month -- nearly 200 more than in the previous 12 months. — “homophobic - definition of homophobic in the Medical”, medical-
  • Some gender theorists interpret the fact that male-to-male relationships often incite a stronger reaction in homophobic people than female-to-female (lesbian) as meaning that people who are homophobic feel more threatened by the perceived subversion of the male-superior gender paradigm. — “homophobia: Definition from ”,
  • Find many options of homophobic covers for Notebook Journals. Blank Journals with personalized Templates & Covers. Custom create your own as well. — “Homophobic Journal Template | Buy Homophobic Journal Cover”,
  • Some gender theorists interpret the fact that male-to-male relationships often incite a stronger reaction in homophobic people than female-to-female (lesbian) as meaning that people who are homophobic feel more threatened by the perceived subversion of the male-superior gender paradigm. — “Homophobia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Fear of homo***uals, usually found in guys. Truthfully makes no sense, considering lesbians are homo***uals. Can we say "double standard" homophobic. buy homophobic mugs, tshirts and magnets. Someone who disapproves of homo***uality because they are disgusted by the act of two people of the same gender. — “Urban Dictionary: homophobic”,
  • Homophobic bullying is defined as bullying behaviours that are Research demonstrates that bullying prevention initiatives, which address homophobic bullying can improve a young person's sense of safety, help foster positive peer and school relationships, increase academic. — “Bully Free Alberta”, bullyfreealberta.ca
  • Homophobia would be an irrational fear of hatred of homo***uals, if it really existed, but terms like "homophobic" and "homophobe" imply that all opposition to homo***uality is crazy. indicts contrary views as "homophobic", stated that such a response. — “Homophobia - Conservapedia”,
  • Homophobic Innumeracy? Estimating the Size of the Gay and Lesbian Population extends the ***ysis to a population group that has not previously been considered from a. — “Homophobic Innumeracy? Estimating the Size of the Gay and”, clas.ufl.edu
  • Homophobic definition, unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homo***uals and homo***uality. See more. — “Homophobic | Define Homophobic at ”,

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  • Homophobic Birds Attack!! Follow me on Twitter! The birds are coming after me!!! They hate me!
  • HOMOPHOBIC BLACKS Are The Cause Of The DOWN LOW Homophobic people are the reason why so many black men are on the DL.They are afraid to come out becasue they will be scrutinized and abandoned by their family and friends harrassed and gay bashed.
  • Skorpion & Makael Discuss Topics Like Bow Wow's Homophobia, College Hill, Perez Hilton & More The Skorpion Show
  • Startling Homophobes of America Blog: Twitter A collection of videos from the tube combined into one.
  • Homophobia Literally Kills: Football Game Thank you Sean For letting me share this video with my Subscribers. Video featuring source footage taken by Heather Ike at a high school football game between Eastlake North High School and Willoughby South High School near Cleveland, Ohio, where students repeated the homophobic and ignorant chant "powder blue faggot" (while the other side chanted "halloween homos"). As NAACP Chairman Julian Bond has said, "homophobia literally kills", and it is this kind of homophobia that leads to anti-gay bullying and harassment at our schools and LGBT ***agers to commit suicide. Take action and do the following: BE SEEN - Join over 1350000 people and wear purple on Oct 20 in memory of those we've lost to suicide. See the link to the Facebook event here: BE HEARD - Call Congress ***NOW*** at (202) 224-3121 and DEMAND the passage of the Safe Schools Improvement Act BE THERE - Stand up to bullying of any kind. Video produced under the fair use policy by Sean Chapin
  • Homophobic man calls into a live Gay Talk Show Host George Cox of Toniq TV and guest get a surprise during a live taping of a Gay themed talk show. Visit to view the full episode.
  • Tracy Morgan's Homophobic Rant, Creflo Dollar Defends Bishop Eddie Long & More The Skorpion Show Table Of Contents Tracy Morgan's Homophobic Rant 3:04 Lupe Fiasco Calls Obama A Terrorist 10:20 Winnie Mandela Disapproves Of Movie On Her 15:36 Woman Turns Down Marriage Proposal 20:15 Commercial Creflo Dollar Defends Bishop Eddie Long 25:10
  • Homophobic Zoo Splits Up GAY Penguins?! FOLLOW ME on TWITTER: YoMAMA!: BONUS Videos: FACEBOOK: Live Shows every Friday: toronto zoo gay penguins "toronto zoo gay penguins" "gay penguins" outbackzack outback zaçk james obz "outback zack" "zack james"
  • Julia Stretch gay comedy : homophobia Pound for pound, the most homophobic thing anyone has ever said to me. There were so many things wrong with that statement I barely knew where to start. So I wrote a joke about it. In the face of that sort of homophobia, a joke is the best way forward.
  • Homophobic YouTubers What Would You Do? Ok this is not the video that I wanted to make today. The video I wanted to make was about gay youth and the way they inspire me. I am feeling a bit under the weather so I think I will save that video for another day. I want to get your Opinion on a question that has been in my head for about a week do you out a populer YouTuber you believe to be Homophobic or do you just leave things alone? Please Also take the time to go to and vote for your favorite song for our upcoming movie the Right To Love "An American Family"
  • Arguing With a Homophobic Bear Rainbow Bear confronts the unbridled ignorance of Homophobe Bear
  • Angry Serbian is NOT HOMOPHOBIC! Share, subscribe, comment! The Angry Serbian hits the streets to find out what Homophobia is all about.
  • Russell Howard's Good News - Homophobic Baker From Series 3, Episode 2 of Russell Howard's Good News. All rights go to the BBC.
  • Homophobic Baptist Church Hit Hard - Ordered to pay $10.9M fundamentalist church ordered to pay $10.9M for protesting funeral of fallen US Marine.
  • Bill O'Reilly Is Homophobic
  • Homophobic People Some are ignorant to the fact while others just do not agree with homo***uality. Maybe we can shed some light on the controversy. *check out the bloopers @ the end*
  • Pretty Russian Boy Beaten by Homophobic Father This case from the Russian show Chas Suda features a young female impersonator.
  • Richard Dawkins Versus Homophobic Christians Religion is not a friend of gay people.
  • Homophobic America also to blame in Tyler Clementi suicide It was also the fault of a homophobic America. More info here Other people like Katie Couric, SuchIsLifeVideos and Sxephil have also spoken well about this. My favorite video so far is by AngloBaptist.
  • homophobes and hardons... why so hateful?! References: "Is Homophobia Associated With Homo***ual Arousal?" by Henry E. Adams, Lester W. Wright, Jr. and Bethany A. Lohr, University of Georgia (Athens), Department of Psychology. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol. 105, No. 3, pp 440-44.
  • "No Homo" - Masculinity, Homophobia, and Hip-Hop Culture A brief exploration into the history of "No Homo" and how it manifests out of a larger homophobia present in hip-hop culture. Artists and reporters such as Keith Boykin, Kanye West, SuChin Pak, and Sean Paul examine the impact of culture, gender, and ***uality in the artwork of Hip-hop. Edited and compiled by Evan W. Lauteria. Clips taken from "The Advocate's Hip Hop and Homophobia", 's "A Beginner's Guide to 'No Homo'", and a Hot 97FM interview with Cam'ron.
  • Tracy Morgan Publicly Apologizes To Gay Community LGBT for Homophobic Rant In this video we discuss Tracy Morgan's recent public apology to the gay community for his homophobic rant jokes while performing standup in Nashville Tennessee. Extra Tags Gay News: Tracy Morgan apologizes again at scene of the crime Tracy Morgan Apologizes To Nashville LGBT Community Tracy Morgan Apologizes To Kevin Rogers Gay Community For Homophobic Rant
  • Challenging Homophobia in Schools part 1 of 4 Hate and homophobia needs to be stamped out of our children's school they need to be educated not hated because of their ***uality,we need more people to speak to our children and their schools in high schools and jr highs so we can stop hate and learn to educate please help erase hate this is video part 1 of 4
  • Stand Up! - Don't Stand for Homophobic Bullying Irish anti homophobic bullying advertisement, created as part of BeLonG To Youth Services annual Stand Up! LGBT Awareness Weeks. The campaign promotes friendship amongst young people as a way to combat homophobic bullying. For more information on the campaign please see: Written & Directed by Anna Rodgers & Aoife Kelleher Produced by Zlata Filipovic Crossing the Line Films for BeLonG To Youth Services
  • International Day Against Homophobia Part 1 Follow me on Twitter! Also, be sure to check out PART 2 of this video!!!!! More info:
  • Gloria Allred Goes to Bat Against Homophobia - Baseball Bat Press Conference Gloria Allred held her most epic press conference yet... The mega-lawyer did a full demonstration of a ***, ***ual act with a baseball bat!
  • Homophobic Gays Strong language! I talk about the odd concept of gays who are homophobic, and my feelings on them and general intolerance! Sorry for the jumpy editing, my editing program decided to have a tantrum. Twitter: /mrstrangebob Blog: DailyBooth /mrstrangebob
  • Homophobic Kid get's messed with (Part 1) Guy named Doomkiwi messes with a Homophobic kid
  • Conservative Rips GOP On Abortion, Homophobia & Hypocrisy Conservative Alan Simpson rips the Republican Party for being 'homophobes', intruding on abortion rights and morals/family values hypocrisy. Cenk Uygur breaks it down. Subscribe: bit.ly TYT Mobile: bit.ly On Facebook: On Twitter: FREE Movies(!): Read Ana's blog and subscribe at: Read Cenk's Blog:
  • BOW WOW IS Homophobic!!! HODGETWINS DISCUSS bow wow is homophobic
  • Homophobic jamaicans Live from Jamaica This is not one of my regular videos. While in Jamaica i decided to ask them why are some Jamaicans homophobic. A crazy lady makes a guest appearance as well lol 2021
  • High School Teacher's Outrageous Homophobic Comments Watch more at Follow us on Twitter. http Check Out TYT Interviews Vote for us at the podcast awards. Nominate The Young Turks in the "Politics" and "People's Choice" categories.
  • HOMOPHOBIC GAY HATE MAIL?! Get my Music on iTunes: Get My Music at Amazon: Facebook: Get a Johnny Boy T-shirt!: Follow me on Twitter: Myspace: Check out my Other Channel:
  • Homophobic Father Confronts Gay Son Barbara Johnson tells the story of a her advice to a Wealthy CEO who threatens to cancel his Son's Harvard Graduation Party because he discovered his son was is "Gay".
  • HOMOPHOBIA Homophobia... In order of appearance: 1. Anita Bryant, anti-gay activist gets a pie in the face 2. Bill O'Reilly, of "The O'Reilly Factor" discusses a lesbian couple that was voted "cutest couple" in their high school yearbook 3. Yes for Proposition 8 Campaign Advertisement 4. A Phelps Family (Westboro Baptist Church) anti-gay protest 5. Gordon B. Hinckley, former president of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" on Larry King discussing homo***uality 6. "Gathering Storm" anti-gay marriage advertisement from the "National Organization for Marriage" 7. "Protect Every Kiss" gay violence advertisement from German organization "Maneo"
  • NANCY GRACE *** FLASH!!! - Brenda Song Crying! - Southwest Homophobia? New Dear Buck! youtu.be Selena Gomez is Pregnant! youtu.be Please Thumbs Up! Leave a Comment/Fave/Share! I hope you Subscribe To My Channel! CLICK TO TWEET THIS VIDEO! bit.ly Comment Questions of the Day (answer any or all) 1. Do you like Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? 2. Was Southwest homophobic for kicking lesbian lady off the plane? 3. What is acceptable PDA to YOU? 4. Finish this sentence - Nancy's Grace's *** is....... Bonus: Want a Hey? What's your name? ______ ME ME ME! MAIN CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE! SECOND CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE! PHONE CHANNEL: BE AFRAID! Follow Buck on Twitter: Friend Buck on Facebook: NEW! DON'T TELL ADD ME ON GOOGLE PLUS bit.ly In this episode: Brenda Song Crying: bit.ly Brenda Song caught crying after going to hospital. The Glee Project will have a season two! Anne Hathaway is Catwoman! Some actor named Sean Maher came out. Some lesbian actress Lesiha got kicked off a Southwest flight for kissing? Paris Hilton is off to Bollywood. The Chew is The Boring. Patti Stanger has a big mouth and doesn't just hate fat girls anymore. Nancy Grace had the worst wardrobe malfunction ever on DWTS! Enjoy! What the Buck! HeyYouHey!
  • International Day Against Homophobia Part 2 Follow me on Twitter! Recorded this on Photo Booth so my shirt is backwards...haha More info:
  • Day of Silence, Stupidity of Homophobes Conservative Christians are just so outraged that students would dare to stand up against anti-gay bullying. How about that. National Day of Silence: Gay Day of Silence a Waste of Tax Dollars, Critics Say Video transcript: The music is Honors for this video (11) #6 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Nonprofits & Activism #77 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Nonprofits & Activism - Australia #56 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Nonprofits & Activism - Canada #87 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Nonprofits & Activism - United Kingdom #95 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Nonprofits & Activism - Ireland #76 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Nonprofits & Activism - New Zealand #57 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Nonprofits & Activism #62 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Nonprofits & Activism - Sweden #6 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Nonprofits & Activism #4 - Top Rated (Today)) - Nonprofits & Activism #11 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Nonprofits & Activism
  • HOMOPHOBIC BATMAN Click to TWEET IT: Follow Michael Gallagher (aka TotallySketch) for more Parodies & Comedy Videos: - - - TotallySketch on TWITTER: bit.ly - - - - - Free TotallySketch FACEBOOK APP: bit.ly - - - - - - - - Free TotallySketch iPHONE APP: bit.ly - - - - - - - - - - - Totally Sketch SHIRTS! bit.ly Starring BrettTheIntern as The Joker Michael Gallagher as Batman --------------------------------- Written by Michael Gallagher Brett Ross Everett Shot by Layne Pavoggi Edited by Colin Brooker Directed by Michael Gallagher http © 2010 Totally Sketch All Rights Reserved.
  • Homophobic Harassment During Gay Pride My friend and I were leaving the Gay Pride Festival in Minneapolis, MN (6/27/09) and came across a group of kids who asked my friend if he was gay. When he answered "yes", they proceeded to harass him and me with verbal threats and even throwing rocks at my friend at one point. Sad... ***NOTE*** The Minneapolis Police Department has contacted me to let me know that the two guys in the video who look like police officers are NOT police officers and were in fact private security for the apartment building we were walking next to.
  • UGH! Lady Gaga Judas is....Fine? - Jennifer Lopez Has a Big Crotch! - Blake Shelton Homophobic? Watch New Dear Buck! youtu.be BE AWESOME! Tweet This Video! bit.ly Facebook it! on.fb.mePlease Thumbs Up! Leave a Comment/Fave/Share! I hope you Subscribe To My Channel! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! _____ Comment Questions of the Day: (Answer any or all!) 1. Who are you rooting for on American Idol? Did you like Jacob? Thoughts on JLo performance? 2. Do you think Blake Shelton's tweet was homophobic? 3. What is YOUR review of Lady Gaga's video for Judas? 4. Do you like the name of Mariah's children? BONUS: Comment on how creepy I am in this video? Too creepy or just creepy enough? HELPPPPPP! LOL GET BUCKED! What the Buck Show: SUBSCRIBE! Personal Buck Videos: SUBSCRIBE! Meet Buck's Phone: Live Shows! Thurs 5pm Eastern: Follow Buck on Twitter: Friend Buck on Facebook: Take Pics With Buck:
  • Let's Kick Homophobia Out of Football The thought provoking anti-Homophobia video has been produced by both The FA and Kick It Out to raise awareness of the issue. Kick It Out founder and Chair, Lord Herman Ouseley: We believe the film is a decisive step in the long battle to tackle homophobic attitudes, abuse and harassment.

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  • “Steve Blow's controversial blog post was also homophobic. Posted on 30 Jun 2010 at 12:55pm No one mentioned it being homophobic because this is Texas and a solid majority of people”
    — Steve Blow's controversial blog post was also homophobic,

  • “Ultimate Big Brother housemate Coolio made "deeply offensive, homophobic comments" towards Nadia, friend and fellow former Big Brother 5 housemate Forum. Big Brother Blog. Coolio made offensive, homophobic comments' towards Nadia. by Big Brother Blog on September 4, 2010. Share”
    — Coolio made offensive, homophobic comments' towards Nadia, bigbrother-

  • “New York's GOP candidate for governor blames his opponent and the media for the firestorm over his remarks. New York GOP gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino on Monday said he is not homophobic and would have no problem hiring gay and lesbian”
    — Paladino insists he's not homophobic - The Hill's Blog,

  • “I've spent the last week watching lots of episodes of the reality TV show 30 Days, created and hosted by Morgan Spurlock, who's known for directing and starring in Super Size Me. In the show, Spurl Read more of this post, Can Homophobic People”
    — Can Homophobic People Change? | Gay Rights | ,

  • “You are here: The Prevention Researcher > Blog > Using Homophobic Slurs to Bully and Harass in the Online Gaming Environment upon for discussion during the July forum. One Response to "Using Homophobic Slurs to Bully and Harass in the”
    — The Prevention Researcher Blog " Blog Archive " Using,

  • “We all think we live in an enlightened age in this, the beginning of the second decade of the new millennium. After all, it was just two generations Regarding the words of RP Andrews in his blog "the Homophobic Homo***ual," I wish I could feel as optimistic as he does on the fate of Gay”
    — The Homophobic Homo***ual | Daddyhunt,

  • “Blog FAQ. Contact " Good Old Games. Resolutions " Homophobic censorship? author. Jasp's Place " Jasp's Blog " Blog Archive " Responding to spam”
    Homophobic censorship? " Jasp's Blog,

  • “Ruby-Sachs: Role Models - The most homophobic movie ever - online at the 365 blog. Post comments about issues affecting the gay, lesbian, bi***ual and transgender community”
    — Ruby-Sachs: Role Models - The most homophobic movie ever, 365

  • “West Seattle Blog - West Seattle news, information, and discussion, updated multiple times daily, 24/7/365 This morning while my son and I were on our way to the Farmer's Market, we saw some very unpleasant, homophobic graffiti”
    — West Seattle Blog,

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