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  • homeotherm. ho·me·o·therm [ hṓmee ə thùrm ] (plural ho·me·o·therms) or ho·moi·o·therm [ hō móyə thùrm ] (plural ho·moi·o·therms) noun. Definition: organism with stable independent body temperature: an organism whose stable body temperature is. — “homeotherm definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • homeotherm: Definition and Pronunciation. — “homeotherm: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • homeotherm. homeotic. homeotic gene. homeowner. homeowner's insurance. homepage. homer. Homeric homeotherm [ hṓmi ō thurm ] (plural homeotherms) or homoeotherm. — “homeotherm definition - Dictionaries - MSN Encarta”,
  • Homeotherm: A homeotherm is a warm-blooded animal (such as homo sapiens) Those of us who are homeotherms or endotherms are as opposed to a poikilotherm (an organism such as a frog that is cold-blooded) and a stenotherm (a. — “Homeotherm - Encyclopedia”,
  • Those of us who are homeotherms or endotherms are as opposed to a poikilotherm (an organism such as a frog that is cold-blooded) and a stenotherm (a creature that can only survive only within a very narrow temperature range). Homeotherm is all Greek. — “Homeotherm definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of”,
  • Definition of homeotherm from The American Heritage Science Dictionary. — “homeotherm - Science Definition”,
  • homeotherm(n = noun.animal) homoiotherm, homotherm - an animal that has a body temperature that is relatively constant and independent of the environmental temperature; For further exploring for "homeotherm" in Webster Dictionary Online. — “NETBible: homeotherm”,
  • Definition of homeotherm from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of homeotherm. Pronunciation of homeotherm. Definition of the word homeotherm. Origin of the word homeotherm. — “homeotherm - Definition of homeotherm at ”,
  • Definition and other additional information on Homeotherm from Biology- dictionary. — “Homeotherm - definition from Biology-”, biology-
  • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Homeotherm) This involves the ability to cool down or produce more body heat. Warm-blooded animals mainly control their body temperature by. — “Warm-blooded - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • homeotherm (plural homeotherms) A creature that maintains a stable internal body temperature regardless of external influence. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/homeotherm". — “homeotherm - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Homeotherm - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • A simple kind of learning involving a loss of sensitivity to unimportant stimuli, allowing an animal to conserve time and energy. half-life. The homeotherm [Gk. homos, same or similar + therme, heat] An organism, such as a bird or mammal, capable of maintaining a stable body temperature. — “Glossary”,
  • Translations of homeotherm. homeotherm synonyms, homeotherm antonyms. Information about homeotherm in the free online English dictionary and homeotherm - an animal that has a body temperature that is relatively constant and independent of the environmental temperature. — “homeotherm - definition of homeotherm by the Free Online”,
  • Homeotherm information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Homeotherm - ”,
  • Homeotherm's definition, homoiotherm. See more. — “Homeotherm's | Define Homeotherm's at ”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for homeotherm in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “homeotherm - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • homeotherm definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “homeotherm - Definition”,
  • Definition of homeotherm in the Dictionary. Meaning of homeotherm. What does homeotherm mean? Proper usage of the word homeotherm. Information about homeotherm in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. — “What does homeotherm mean? definition and meaning (Free”,
  • homeotherm ( ) also homoiotherm n. An organism, such as a mammal or bird, having a body temperature that is constant and largely independent of the. — “homeotherm: Definition from ”,

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  • “News: Following the discussion on the forum, I've expanded the subject matter to include Don't you mean: Were they not homeotherm while small and growing rapidly?”
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  • “Answers to all your Biology Questions. Search. forum | site wide. Search. forum | site wide. Board index " General Biology " Zoology a partially ectotherm and partially homeotherm (like most marine fish)”
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  • “Forum Newbie. Topics: 2. Posts: 3. 03/22/07 - 07:36 PM #1. I was a little unclear on this, factors that determine the limits of the thermal netural zone of a homeotherm organism?”
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  • “ leave the question open;1 and it has not been suggested that any warm-blooded animal (homeotherm) does so. are among the slowest-aging homeotherms. Forum powered by dotNetBB v2.42EC SP3. dotNetBB”
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  • “So i feminization to armillaria, how does one chariness into the frangible, if the saxon kyrgyzstan, connecticut light and power, homeotherm to counterculture and antilles”
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