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  • Lochaber News: SPORT " Local Sport . LOCHABER Athletic Club had its annual Triple Hirple Race Series last weekend. Runners from Lochaber – and beyond – tackled the Melantee, Half Ben and Cow Hill within the space of three days. The Melantee. — “Athletes rise to the Triple Hirple test - Lochaber News”, lochaber-
  • Rhyming Words question: What rhymes with purple? It is proven that no word in the english language rhymes with purple. The best rhymes for purple are hirple, curple, whirlpool (all real words!) It is said. — “ - What rhymes with purple”,
  • This page provides scoring metholody and notes to the July 2000 Search Engine Size Test. For instance, a search for "hirple" on AltaVista found 38 matches. — “July 2000 Search Engine Size Test: Scoring & Notes - Search”,
  • eBay My World for hirple. Read hirple's Reviews & Guides, blog, and eBay profile. — “eBay My World - hirple”,
  • h2g2 is the unconventional guide to life, the universe and everything, a guide that's written by visitors to the website, creating an organic and evolving encyclopedia of life I maun gang awa An whaur aince I doucely ran Must hirple doon the brae Fer its the end o day An tho I'm deen I've waulked the. — “BBC - h2g2 - test for langsandy”,
  • Hirple definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Hirple | Define Hirple at ”,
  • hirple. hirsute. hirsutism. hirudin. his. his/her. Hispanic. Hispanic hirple. hirp·le [ húrp'l ] (past and past participle hirp·led, present participle hirp·ling, 3rd person present singular hirp·les). — “hirple definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • hirple = to walk with a limp. Pronounced to rhyme with 'purple' thereby denouncing the myth that nothing rhymes with purple. — “Urban Dictionary: hirple”,
  • Worth the hirple! As indicated previously, I decided to limp along to Evensong @ Old St Paul's tonight. I'll be candid and confess that I have always found it a gloomy interior, personally preferring the light and space of St Michael' and All Saint's or indeed even St John's Princes Street. — “Dougalthink: Worth the hirple!”,
  • There are NO words in the English language that rhymes with silver, purple, film or orange? The most Rolls Royce's per capita can be found in Hong Kong? Frogs must close their eyes in order to swallow, but My apoligies Zak, I looked up "Hirple" in a couple recent Websters and the word wasn't. — “Message Board - Questions and Answers to All Things Digital”,
  • Definition of Hires with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. hirple. hirpled. hirples. Literary usage of Hires. Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical. — “Hires: Definition with Hires Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. He walked with a slow steady step—something between a walk and a hirple, and helped himself on by short movements of his elbows, backwards and forwards, like fins. — “David Rae, Lord Eskgrove - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • *Another* English word that rhymes with "purple". So, here's two rhymes for the word with no rhymes. — “Hirple | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • to hirple (third-person singular simple present hirples, present participle hirpling, simple past and past participle hirpled) tae hirple (third-person singular simple present hirples, present participle hirplin, simple past hirpled, past participle hirpled). — “hirple - Wiktionary”,
  • hirple. Hirple, it turns out, isn't in the free Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, where you just searched. However, it is available in our premium Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary. To see that definition in the Unabridged Dictionary, start your FREE trial now. — “Hirple - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • hirple Scot . to walk lamely (rhymes with purple). — “hirple: Information from ”,
  • Definition of hirple in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hirple. Pronunciation of hirple. Translations of hirple. hirple synonyms, hirple antonyms. Information about hirple in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “hirple - definition of hirple by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Hirple- means to hobble, or walk with a limp and Curple- is a strap under the girth of a horses saddle there ya go!. — “What word rhymes with purple? i need to know please”,
  • Hirple on over to Twenty Ten. I hope everyone had a warm and cozy festive season and you're all refreshed and ready to take on 2010! We have a family meal on Christmas Eve and Mum always makes it special for everyone. This year she had lots. — “ARTISANNE: Hirple on over to Twenty Ten”, artisanne-

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  • To Daunton Me (To Conquer Me) - Robert Burns I mixed some of the modern translation with the original verson. I was inspired by by Maccoll's version. It is wonderful, if you get a chance... Chorus To daunton me, to daunton me, An auld man shall never daunton me! To daunton me, to daunton me, An auld man shall never daunton me! 1. The blude-red rose at Yule may blaw, The simmer lilies bloom in snaw, The frost may freeze the deepest sea, But an auld man shall never daunton me. 2. To daunton me, and me sae young, Wi' his fause heart and flatt'ring tongue: That is the thing you ne'er shall see. For an auld man shall never daunton me. 3. For a' his meal and a' his maut, For a' his fresh beef and his saut, For a' his gold and white monie, An auld man shall never daunton me! 4. His gear may buy him kye and yowes, His gear may buy him glens and knowes; But me he shall not buy nor fee, For an auld man shall never daunton me. 5. He hirples twa-fauld as he dow, Wi' his teethless gab and his auld beld pow, And the rain rains down frae his red blear'd e'e - That auld man shall never daunton me!
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  • “Two words that are used today rhyming with purple are hirple (to walk with a limp and similar meanings) and curple (the rump or Breast Expansion Archive Forum " Miscellaneous " Testing & Off-Topic Discussion " Topic: Things you know”
    — Things you know today that you didn't yesterday,

  • “Debate current events in Scotland's tradtional celtic music scene. Contact Us|Testimonials|FAQ|Scottish Gifts|Shipping Rates|Home|Forum|Buy CDs|Buy Books|Buy DVDs|Performers|Downloads|Podcast|Guides|News|FAQ. Celtic music from the bright stars of the Scottish music scene”
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  • “Well Banrigh and I have been accepted to run at Crufts for the CaniX event. I think this could be the first Deerhound running at Crufts Canix. So if you want some light entertainment I'll be lucky if I can hirple round the ring - I've had sciatica for the last month and it's driving me nuts!”
    — CaniX at Crufts, scottish-

  • “When Joanna Young came across the Pond, she gave me a wonderful gift -- a book of Scottish words and phrases. If you love language, it's well worth reading. I and then it began tae Ding doon wi' rain when a wee Dundee wifie was seen walkin' wi' a hirple doon the Overgate in her baffies”
    — Get Your Baffies, Coorie Doon, and Sip a Bit o' Scottish,

  • “Our band of bloggers against the Anglican Covenant has launched a new blog: Comprehensive Unity: The No Anglican Covenant blog. A New Blog Site. 4 days ago. dougalthink. Worth the hirple! 5 days ago”
    — Wake up and LIVE: A Comprehensive Blog, scg-

  • “purple, rhymes with the english words curple (the hindquarters of a horse) and hirple (to walk with a limp) Just read this forum. KILLER HAS GONE? WOOHOO!!! Sorry got carried away with myself. lol bit harsh but oh well he was quiet annoying with his”
    — All PS3 Trophies " Forum, allps3

  • “Shetlink : Shetland's written and spoken form : Shaetlan Wird o' Da Day - 19 Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy | Forum Use Guidelines - bookmark and share this page. Powered from phpBB © 2001, 2005 phpBB Group & Hosted by yadUKHosting”
    — Shetland's written and spoken form : Shaetlan Wird o' Da Day,

  • “Wow. Obama has been touring the nation making sure we know how many jobs he has saved or created. It is looking more and more like he is saving or creating”
    — Saved or Created Jobs Or Unemployment?,

  • “phpFoX Community Site Mr Hickery having been chosen to supply the void caused by the death of Mr Hirple, in the very first sederunt of the council after his election, he kithed in his lv monogram dentelle true colours . But never, surely, was such an endless man created”
    — Blogs " Bossweb,

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