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  • heteronym ( ) n. One of two or more words that have identical spellings but different meanings and pronunciations, such as row (a series of objects. — “heteronym: Definition from ”,
  • Heteronyms, Homonyms, Homographs and Homophones writing odafisam. — “Heteronyms, Homonyms, Homographs and Homophones - writing”,
  • I have discussed the homonym, homophone and homograph, but Milt Klein of Skylight Productions notes that I have overlooked the equally provocative heteronym--a word that has the same spelling as another but a different meaning and a different pronunciation. — “Heteronyms”,
  • Heteronyms and homographs are common words in the English language. Learn the differences between the most frequent. — “Common English Heteronyms and Homographs”, suite101.com
  • Translations of Heteronyms. Heteronyms synonyms, Heteronyms antonyms. Information about Heteronyms in the free online English dictionary and (Linguistics) one of two or more words pronounced differently but spelt alike the two English words spelt ``bow'' are heteronyms Compare homograph. — “Heteronyms - definition of Heteronyms by the Free Online”,
  • Top questions and answers about Heteronyms. Find 14 questions and answers about Heteronyms at Read more. — “Heteronyms - ”,
  • Heteronyms. The words homograph, homogram, homophone, homonym, and heteronym are frequently confused, sometimes even by permissive dictionaries eager to reflect common usage rather than proper meaning. All heteronyms are also homographs, but not all homographs are heteronyms. — “Fun With Words: Heteronyms”,
  • Heteronyms. Heteronyms are words that can be pronounced two different ways, and the pronunciation changes the meaning of the word. The name comes up, I think, because in a sense they are two distinct words that happen to be written in the same. — “Joseph Bonneau -- Heteronyms”,
  • The Heteronym Page. A list of words that are spelled the same but have different pronunciations and meanings. For example, 'wind' and 'wind'. This is, of course, an odd thing to make a list of, but they're interesting to some people, including me. — “The Heteronym Page”,
  • Heteronyms aka Homographs are words that are spelled the same but when pronounced differently, they mean different things. — “Heteronyms - Homographs”,
  • "The Oxford Dictionary of English gives three definitions of heteronym. Insofar as one can make any sense of the varied Oxford definitions of 'heteronym,' it would seem to be an exact synonym for 'homonym.' As such, it is. — “heteronyms - definition and examples of heteronyms”,
  • Heteronyms Most people probably remember that homonyms are words that have the same However, heteronyms — which I certainly don't remember being covered in English 101. — “Richard's Ramblings " Heteronyms”,
  • A heteronym (or "homograph") is a word having the same spelling as another, but a This is a triple heteronym, according to someone who knows better. — “List of Heteronyms”, richard.tangle-
  • Compare heteronyms to homographs, homophones, and homonyms. Heteronyms are specific types of homographs in which the different pronunciations are associated with different meanings. — “Heteronyms”, www-personal.umich.edu
  • bridal - pertaining to brides bridle - horse's headgear currant small berry current - of the present dual -two things duel - a fight between two over honor pail -bucket pale - light colored per -for each purr - endearing cat hum. — “Give words of Homonyms, Heteronyms and Homograph with meaning”,
  • A pair (or group) of heteronyms are words that have the same spelling (they are homographs) but different pronunciation (they are heterophones) and also different meanings. It's much easier to grasp this idea with a few examples: There are hundreds of heteronyms in the English language, and they. — “Nym Words > Hereronyms”, fun-with-
  • Heteronym pronunciation may vary in vowel realisation, in stress pattern (see also Initial-stress-derived noun), or in other ways: Proper nouns can sometimes be heteronyms. For example, the final syllable of Oregon is pronounced like the word in by residents of that state in the USA, while in the. — “Heteronym (linguistics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • English Language question: What are heteronyms? Heteronyms are words that are spelled alike but have more than one meaning, with each pronounced differently. An example: Bow to the emperor (bow rhymes. — “ - What are heteronyms”,
  • Heteronyms are specific types of homographs in which the different pronunciations are associated with different meanings. heteronym a word having the same spelling as another, but a different sound and meaning. — “Heteronym”, stewardess.inhatc.ac.kr
  • Heteronyms come primarily in sets of two, sometimes more than two words, which are spelled alike but have significantly different sounds and meanings. The Heteronyms list is rather short so no navigation bar is provided. — “HETEROnyms at Hepburn's HOMOPHONYMIUM”,

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  • Homonyms Homophones Heteronyms A crash course on these literary terms.
  • "Masking" by George Chakravarthi (2009) There are many, many examples of literary and visual artists who have adopted alternative personae to apprehend particular experiences, enabling them to physically and intellectually engage with specific discourses or critically interface with a public. The first few examples that come to mind are Clarence Sanders aka Vaginal Davis, Marcel Duchamp as Rrose Selavy. Adrian Piper as The Mythic Being, writer Fernando Pessoa and his seventy-two heteronyms, writer and artist Brian O'Doherty as Patrick Ireland (and several others); all characters functioning for time-limited or long term strategic purposes. George Chakravarthi has similarly utilized this mode of inquiry and presentation to de and re construct definitions of gender, racial identity and ***uality within his live, photographic and video performances, sometimes hybridising culturally specific iconographic figures in works such as the durational video pieces Shakti, 2003 where an axial character is formed from the Hindu deity Kali and Leonardo Di Vincis Mona Lisa. In Olympia, 2003 Chakravarthi again reprises the position of the central female figure this time Edouard Manet's 1863 Olympia and enacts a queering of this modernist painting in video. The video installation Barflies, 2004 is a performative exploration of trans-genderism; surveying the perceptions, interactions, excitement and doubts played out in the public environments that three protagonists are singularly situated in. Chakravarthis very recent works ...
  • Search Songs_mov3.mov SEARCH SONGS for soprano and orchestra; composed by Luís Tinoco setting a collection of poems written by Fernando Pessoa under one of his heteronyms, "Alexander Search". Performed by Piia Komsi [soprano] and the Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música, conducted by Martin André. Search Songs were commissioned by the Estoril Festival and premièred in the same Festival, in 2007, by Yeree Suh and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Cesário Costa. Score published by the University of York Music Press -
  • Plural Like The Universe This video is about four of the greatest Portuguese poets that ever existed. The fact that they were all inside the body of a single man, Fernando Pessoa, is quite besides the point. I read an English translation of one of his poems in the beginning of the video. In the middle section theres some information on Pessoa and some of his heteronyms and then, in the third part, just in case you feel curious, I read the same poem I began with, but on the original language (Portuguese) with a slightly more literal translation as subtitles. Heres the link to Pessoas Wikipedia page, in case you want to find out more about the man (or men): The soundtrack to this video is Valsa do tempo que Passou (Waltz of the Past Time) played in Portuguese Guitar.
  • Heteronyms: American English Pronunciation TRANSCRIPT:
  • "My glance ..." poem by Alberto Caeiro (Cafard_ 2009) "My glance is clear like a sunflower". A poem py Alberto Caeiro, one of Fernando Pessoas heteronyms. Music by "Goldmund".
  • Moonspell - Opium - FIL Lisboa - 23JAN10.MPG Opium [The short Portuguese piece at the end of the song is actually a quote from one of the most famous and at the same enigmatic poets of Portuguese literature, Fernando Pessoa, whose works are abundantly translated into several languages from Czech to English itself. Anyway to make a long story short one of the most interesting aspects of this poet was that we used different personalities each one creating a peculiar kind of writing and a very particular universe of interpretation and artistic creation. I have chosen my favorite split on Pessoa's on the "person" of his heteronyms Alvaro de Campos who was more directed into a kind of urban, grey, depressive poetry. As I wanted to write a song about the creative power of the drug named opium, so evident in a lot of literature that is within my range of interest, I have collected inspiration from a particular poem named "Opicrio" that narrates a boat trip to the Orient in a very, very strange perspective indeed. So the actual thing translated might sound like this (I remark once again all the loss of power that translation carries with it):] ["Therefore I take opium. It is a medicine.] [I am a convalescent of the Moment.] [I live in the ground floor of Thought] [and seeing life goes by grows me tedious."] Opium, desire or will? Inspiration bound from an elegant seed Subversion, through smoke I foresee *** motions of lesser gods in ecstasy Opium, bring me forth another dream Spawn worlds of flesh and red, little jewels ...
  • Richard von Sturmer Interview 6 The overlooked / heteronyms - Pessoa
  • Heteronym, An Exhibit Heteronym is a literary concept invented by Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa to denote one or more characters created by a writer to write in different styles. As opposed to a pseudonym, which is a false name, heteronyms have their own separate and unique identities, personalities, biographies, and being. Heteronym is the title of an exhibition by College of Fine Arts students Anne Gretchen Breva, Joseph Morong and Gemart Ortega under the auspices of Visual Studies teacher Jonathan Olazo. In this exhibition, the artists shatter their individual identities to reveal the pieces that form each one of them and create artworks according to these severed identities. This is schizophrenia in its tangible form. Heteronym opens on September 23, 2010 at 5 pm at the University of the Philippines-Diliman Bulwagang Amorsolo, UP Diliman, Quezon City. Bring your own ***tails.
  • ESPELHO - MIRROR PROMOCIONAL.wmv ESPELHO - MIRROR Synopsis: Mirrors can be seen as instruments of self-contemplation and reflection of the universe. We keep inside senses without destination or direction established, but that mark its importance. "I know not what Tomorrow will bring" regarded by some as the last sentences of Fernando, serves to reflect the timing of ***ysis of self-heteronyms we have created, or recreated seek as tools of survival. "We are multiple, inconsistent and contradictory," a unified identity in an illusory subjectivity. Creation and interpretation: Bruno Rodrigues Music: The Gift, Bruno Rodrigues, Diamanda Galas, Christopher Bissonnette, The Red Violin Music Edition: Bruno Rodrigues Video Edition: Bruno Rodrigues Costumes: Bruno Rodrigues Thanks: Catarina Rodrigues, Francisco Pedro, Carlota Lagido, WBMOTION,Ruy Malheiro, Senhor Tocas, Hélio Félix, Amália Rodrigues, . Duration : 20 min

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