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  • studied translational heterogeneities, are there also. studied translational heterogeneities related to the translation. If so, are rotational. — “Rotational & Translational Supercooled Water Dynamic”, polymer.bu.edu
  • heterogeneities than {1 1 1} films. Strong plastic strain heterogeneities are found in {0 tation are shown focusing on stress and strain heterogene. — “Simulations of stress–strain heterogeneities in copper thin”, mat.ensmp.fr
  • This conceptual understanding can further be utilized to differentiate multiple causes for heterogeneities associated with the system. the objective of capturing heterogeneities in groundwater flow models. — “National Ground Water Association - TWO APPROACHES FOR”,
  • The query language supported by a DBMSs can also contribute to heterogeneity between other component DBMSs. differences in query languages with same data models or different versions of query languages could contribute heterogeneity. — “Federated database system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • CIDD researchers are investigating how the epidemiology and evolution of host-pathogen interactions are affected by geographical, behavioural, physiological and genetic variation in hosts and disease agents. — “Heterogeneities — CIDD”, cidd.psu.edu
  • The limited grid resolution used for dynamic reservoir simulations has contributed to convey the perception that fluid flood fronts have fairly smooth shapes. However it has been known for a long time that reservoir permeability heterogeneities. — “Technical Paper: Shapes of Flood Fronts in Heterogeneous”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Heterogeneities - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • sive understanding of the effects of reservoir heterogeneities on SAGD performance, reservoir heterogeneities by identifying two flow regions, the near well region (NWR). — “Assessing and Improving Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage”, pangea.stanford.edu
  • expression is closely associated with functionally significant EP heterogeneities across the transmural wall. can potentially contribute to arrhythmic substrates that are dependent on transmural electrophysiological heterogeneities. — “Heterogeneous connexin43 expression produces”,
  • How Aquifer Heterogeneities Affect Numerical Groundwater Models Part of the uneasiness over heterogeneity arises from a widely shared view of its. — “WWRC 90-30 : Abstract : How Aquifer Heterogeneities Affect”, library.wrds.uwyo.edu
  • HEADNOTE Abstract HEADNOTE Database integration research has traditionally focused on understanding integration issues from the multiple pre-existing databases without requiring users to be concerned with the resolution of various database heterogeneities. — “A framework for acquiring domain semantics and knowledge for”,
  • The viscoelastic response of living cells is largely determined by heterogenous networks of cross-linked and bundled actin filaments. The quantitative impact of such local network heterogeneities is studied best in well-defined model systems by. — “Structural polymorphism in heterogeneous cytoskeletal”,
  • Definition of heterogeneities from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of heterogeneities. Pronunciation of heterogeneities. Definition of the word heterogeneities. Origin of the word heterogeneities. — “heterogeneities - Definition of heterogeneities at”,
  • high, as is likely for pandemic influenza, heterogeneities in travel are frequently overwhelmed by the large effects of heterogeneity in the frequency of travel between persons and the potential role of such heterogeneity on the global. — “Frequent Travelers and Rate of Spread of Epidemics | CDC EID”, cdc.gov
  • 2-d ***ytic ground-water flow model for Windows Heterogeneities are input as closed polygon regions, each with a distinct set of aquifer properties (base elevation, lower layer K, lower layer thickness, upper layer K, and upper layer thickness). — “TWODAN - 2-D ***ytic ground-water flow model for Windows”,
  • Characteristics of lateral heterogeneities with thermal and are indicative of chemical anomalies in the lower mantle, but a combination of thermal and chemical heterogeneities may be required. — “Characteristics of lateral heterogeneities with thermal and”, mpi.stonybrook.edu
  • Ferrari, Claudio (2009) Crustal heterogeneities and complexities of fault processes The first kind of heterogeneity considered involves the concept of asperity. — “Crustal heterogeneities and complexities of fault processes”, amsdottorato.cib.unibo.it
  • These heterogeneities can be caused by temperature and/or compositional variations, and seismograms of heterogeneity models with synthetic seismograms of laterally homogeneous. — “Theoretical&Computational Seismology Regional - Mantle”, gps.caltech.edu
  • Characterization of aquifer heterogeneities, with special emphasis on key features such Most natural aquifers contain heterogeneities with statistically complex morphologies. — “Project tasks”, weizmann.ac.il
  • heterogeneity is generally dominant [e.g., Becker and. Boschi, 2002], the above processes and maintenance of lateral heterogeneities in the mantle, and in the upper in particular,. — “On mantle chemical and thermal heterogeneities and anisotropy”, perplex.ethz.ch
  • Welcome to , my STS home page. After 12 exciting years at Lancaster I have web pages at the OU and at CRESC, but I am also maintaining. — “Heterogeneities: John Law's Home Page”,
  • IOPscience is a unique platform for IOP-hosted journal content providing site-wide electronic access to more than 130 years of leading scientific research, and incorporates some of the most innovative technologies to enhance your user-experience. — “Growing dynamical length, scaling, and heterogeneities in the”,
  • Heterogeneities. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Heterogeneities. Contents of an Environmental Air Sponge, The Definition of Hybrid, Information on Natural Living and Homeopathic Medicin. — “Heterogeneities | ”,
  • Dynamical heterogeneities in glasses, colloids and granular media Description and aim of the workshop. Registration form for invited people and for those. — “Lorentz Center - Dynamical heterogeneities in glasses”,

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  • include the macroscopic asymmetry induced by the bimaterial effect on rupture pulses generated by fast velocity weakening friction and the competing effect of fault heterogeneities Dynamic rupture on a bimaterial fault with slip weakening friction Rubin and Ampuero 2007
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  • Case 1B Density model derived from smean modified backward advection flow across depth 220 km but no advection of density heterogeneities movie present day 35 Ma 70 Ma
  • C M A Müller T M Shapiro S A and Buske S Amplitude corrections for randomly distributed heterogeneities above a target reflector Geophysics 68 1497 1502 2003 For more information please contact Stefan Buske
  • Day One Systems Biology Symposium Stochastic Sampling A Systems Approach for Discovering Transcriptional Heterogeneities in Tissues
  • and results of field tracer experiments are being used to improve models of how complex mixtures of contaminants move and attenuate naturally in the subsurface An array of vertical multi point sampling devices installed to monitor small scale subsurface geochemical heterogeneities in a contaminant plume at the Cape Cod Massachusetts research
  • by X ray crystallography using the technique of multiple isomorphous replacement Coordinates of the structure have been deposited with the Protein Data Bank under accession code 1B04 To avoid heterogeneities in the enzyme sample the active site lysine 114 was mutated to alanine to prevent partial adenylation of the protein The core of the enzyme in green shows
  • Campus Map of the Meeting Place Aoba Memorial Hall BLDG 31 in the Aobayama Campus Public Transportation Bus starts from the Bus Terminal 9 at the Sendai Railway Station
  • natural jump regions The DEMS highlight the importance of recognizing the relationship between transcritical flow structures and localized topographic heterogeneities in bedrock channels EXPLANATION OF METHODS For subaerial bed topography a stratified feature based triangulated irregular network TIN sampling approach is used This approach is based on feature based
  • Case 1B Density model derived from smean modified backward advection flow across depth 220 km but no advection of density heterogeneities movie present day 35 Ma 70 Ma
  • Capturing the lipid heterogeneity between organisms using ESI
  • Fractal heterogeneities in sonic logs and low frequency scattering attenuation Posted by Jules Browaeys in
  • layer at the Earth s core mantle boundary Since the viscosity variation with temperature is of key importance we also present a calculation with a strongly temperature dependent viscosity The rise of a plume with constant viscosity from a free slip surface The dashed bar at the bottom of the upper row indicate the mesh spacing a The plume starts from an initial half
  • Implications for the structure of the Hawaiian Plume and the size of the heterogeneities
  • each of which is represented with a red circle wave velocity is assumed isotropic for simplicity and only one wave type is shown Focusing toward the center of the barrier is evident Figure 3 Similar to the above figure but after the waves have converged in the center of the barrier The center of the barrier is the point of maximum focusing The pattern of
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  • RuptureTime png
  • the observed properties of the Pn phase Further they also could reject that the coda is generated by heterogeneities of the lower crust In a conceptual diagram of an influence chart Figure 8 we link observation and model parameters Such a chart is useful to provide a basis for simulating the Pn phase and modelling a corresponding wave guide in the lithospheric mantle
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  • eclogite in the Earth s mantle may play an important role in mantle melting and may also contribute to the establishment of trace element and radiogenic isotope heterogeneities Figure 1 Map of the Azores archipelago and adjacent region showing all nine islands western group Flores and Corvo central group Terceira Graciosa Sao Jorge SJ Pico and Faial
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  • the two hotspot tracks Other models with a lower viscosity in the lower mantle predict substantially higher flow speeds and substantially larger southward motion of the Hawaiian hotspot
  • These waves diffract off of the moving crack edge If the crack edge is curved then the waves become focused This is illustrated for a simple crack edge geometry in Figures 2 and 3 below Figure 2 Consider an increment of crack growth when the crack edge is locally concave Each point behind the crack edge is a source of elastic waves each of which is represented with a
  • Above The stress increase in the locked barrier as the rupture front passes
  • α and β relaxations In addition if a direct observation of the particle configuration is possible dynamic heterogeneities and the nature of the relaxation processes can be ***yzed Fig 5 A binary colloidal glass in 2D
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  • frictionlaw gif
  • Run10 jpg
  • stability and well stability and 5 develop geophysical approaches that enable remote quantification of gas hydrate heterogeneities so that they can be characterized with minimal drilling Seismic cross section in Keathley Canyon of the Gulf of Mexico showing high amplitude reflections truncating near the base of the gas hydrate stability zone Models are being developed and
  • Case 1B Density model derived from smean modified backward advection flow across depth 220 km but no advection of density heterogeneities movie present day 35 Ma 70 Ma
  • is active phas four steps each to 10MPa offset from sn at 4 8 12 and 16 km and h = h 4 The response shows slip complexities associated with the strong heterogeneities of p Above Slip versus depth at 0 3 year interval in dynamic simulation of an inherently discrete case h = 4h with the slip version of friction the creep process is disabled and pis
  • explain it by overlapping traveltime curves originating from the crust mantle transition This forced him to introduce unusually low velocities in between a stack of high velocity layers Figure 4a depicts crustal heterogeneities and corresponding travel time curves with the PiP coda In this paper the authors tried first to model the PMP coda as a supercritical reflection
  • Note the much higher seismicity on land than at sea which is better predicted by model AF SO 013 with lateral heterogeneities than by model AF SO 015 without lateral heterogeneities Figure 10 Long term average anelastic strain rates predicted by the preferred model AF SO 013 Color indicates the common logarithm of the magnitude of the principal strain rate with
  • FIG 1 Typical snapshot of the local relaxation at the time of maximal heterogeneities at $ phi J$ and the corresponding displacement field magnified 5 times But for which of the two
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  • d3 Granites may contain many compositional heterogeneities in the form of enclaves xenoliths schlierens and dikes Pictures form d1 to d3 show a pipe tube shaped conduit cutting
  • cuts obliquely through the site between VT06 and VT10 The figure below shows the location of the fault which actually caused the tangential motion away from the strike of the fault plane Our research is ongoing and involves the identification of structures and other heterogeneities using deformation and hydraulic head data This is a new area of research and as can be seen
  • layer which is centric to the resolution of data source heterogeneities Our solution supports the integration and interoperation of relational databases XML documents and RDF data

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  • Georadar Georadar Georadar is a sounding device, an instance of radio detector. Unlike the well-known radars determining location and speed of objects in an above-ground and above-water condition, the georadar, as results from its name, explores other environments, mostly the earth. It is used for ground shaping, objects search under the ground and in other solid environments, ie in concrete. Though in general the georadar appearance differs from that of other devices designed for above-ground radiolocation, its mode of operation and basic components are similar. The device consists of a transceiving antenna, a recording unit and a control unit. The georadar mode of operation is based on emission of ultrabandwidth impulses of a meter and decimeter electromagnetic waves band and receiving signals reflected from objects or heterogeneities with the dielectric permeability or conductance different from that of the environment. The generator produces megacycle band impulses emitted by the transmitting antenna. The reflected signal is detected by the receiving antenna, converted into the digital form and is sent to the display. The computer which is the recording unit basis enables reviewing the obtained results and performing the necessary processing procedures. To obtain the data from different depths antennae units functioning on various frequencies are used. The general rule states that with the antenna operating frequency decrease the penetration depth of the signal falls but the ...
  • 2002 Henry Darcy Lecture Series - David Hyndman (part 2) David Hyndman lectured on "Efficient Large-Scale Bioremediation in a Heterogeneous Aquifer: The Schoolcraft Bioaugmentation Experiment." The presentation discussed how groundwater flow and contaminant transport models can be used both to design bioremediation systems and to evaluate the influence of heterogeneities on contaminant fate and transport. The Schoolcraft bioremediation system, which was developed as a multidisciplinary collaborative research effort between hydrogeologists, microbiologists, and environmental engineers, has achieved greater than 95 percent remediation efficiency over a period of three years.
  • Spreadsheets for Groundwater Flow System ***ysis - Tóth problem - part 2 of 3 In this part 2 of 3, heterogeneities are including for Groundwater Flow System ***ysis, making use of the advantages of numerical solutions in spreadsheets. This video is part of: Groundwater Spreadsheets for solving Groundwater Flow and Pollution Problems. Can be downloaded from:
  • Droplet localization Spreading of a two-dimensional droplet on a substrate where the heterogeneities are localized
  • Timing the Sale when Buyers have Uncertain Product Valuation Many products are traded in an environment where customers are uncertain, in advance of the consumption period, of their future valuations for the product. Electronic ticketing, smart cards, online retailing and other technologies enable firms to sell their products far in advance of consumption. Over time customers get better informed, privately, about their true valuations, so that a firm can influence the information structure of the contract through its decision on timing of the sale. A firm that offers late selling suffers an information disadvantage relative to one that sells in advance of consumption. We demonstrate that despite this information disadvantage, late selling can benefit the firm when customers are heterogeneous and have substantial uncertainty. We extend this ***ysis to cover products for which customers have multi-unit demand, such as for IT and telecommunications services. This extension uncovers the same pattern: delayed selling---or ex-post pricing---can better exploit customer heterogeneities for price discrimination, thereby outperforming ex-ante or advance selling when customers are sufficiently uncertain. We study two-part tariffs and three-part tariffs, which are commonly used price discrimination tools for IT and telecoms products, and find that the choice of tariff structure influences the relative superiority of advance vs late selling. We also establish the price discriminating benefits of three-part tariffs: we show that a lean menu of ...
  • CAD4D: A standalone heterogeneous object modeler CAD4D is a novel CAD system that caters for such design needs. It enlarges the design domain from the traditional 3D space to the new 4D space, with additional material heterogeneities as the new design freedoms.
  • Class 02 Reading Marx's Capital Vol I with David Harvey Class 2 Chapters 1-2. An open course consisting of a close reading of the text of Marx's Capital Volume I in 13 video lectures by Professor David Harvey.
  • Triboelectricity TriboelectricityTriboelectricity (from the Greek. tr?bos - friction) is the phenomenon of electric charges appearing under friction. It is the result of friction between two insulators, semiconductors or metals of different or the same chemical composition but different density, or between metals and insulators, or between two identical insulators, or between liquid insulators or an insulator and a solid surface etc. Both bodies are electrified. Their charges are equal in magnitude and are opposite in sign.Triboelectricity is characterized by a number of regularities. When two chemically similar bodies come in contact with each other, the densest one gets positive charges. When there is friction between metals and insulators, metals are electrified both positively and negatively. When two insulators come in contact with each other the insulator with higher dielectric constant E is charged positively. The bodies can be placed in triboelectric series where the previous body is positively electrified, and the subsequent is negatively electrified [Faradays series: (+) fur, flannel, ivory, feathers, rock crystal, flint-glass, fabric, silk, wood, metals, sulfur (-)]. The insulators, located in triboelectric series become less hard [Gezekhus' series: (+) diamond (hardness 10), topaz (8), rock crystal (7), smooth glass (5), mica (3), calcite (3) sulfur (2), wax (1) (-)]. Metals become harder. If it is a liquid insulator the substance with a higher E or surface tension is ...
  • Waddington I In this short animation we take the original idea of the 'epigenetic landscape' by CH Waddington and put it into motion, as he probably conceived it in his mind. Waddington saw cells as pebbles rolling down a mountain with hills and valleys. The bottom of the valleys represents cell or differentiation states. Our rendition keeps close to the notions of Waddington except that it looks at the starting point not as a summit but rather as the crater of a volcano (for some details of the summit see Martinez Arias, A. and Brickman, J. (2011) Gene expression heterogeneities in embryonic stem cell populations: origin and function. Curr.Op. in Cell Biology 23, 650-656)
  • Dr Jean-François Couture - CIHR Training Program in Neurodegenerative Lipidomics: While commonly studied in families (eg, diacylglycerols, glycerophospholipids, cholesterols), individual lipid isoforms display unique properties that differentially regulate a cell response to external and internal stimuli. These distinctive properties include transverse and lateral heterogeneities within membranes, differential activation of networks of target proteins, and specific chemical and physical mechanisms of action.
  • Module 4-Processing of Nanopowders: Electromagnetic Properties of Nanocomposites Speaker: Dr. Carlos Pecharromán (ICMM-CSIC) Abstract: Nanocomposites can be defi ned as materials containing heterogeneities with a scale length from 1 to 100 nanometers. Because visible light has a wavelength of the order of hundreds of nanometers at vacuum, but can be much smaller in dense materials, the interaction with this kind of materials produce many different interesting phenomena depending on the nature, microstructure and heterogeneity size of the nanocomposite. In this topic different regimes of light-matter interaction or scattering regimes will be summarized. Afterwards, some consideration about the nanostructured character of composites regarding electromagnetic properties will be discussed. Finally, research examples and technological applications referring to the light/nanocomposites interaction will be presented through three selected systems: * Diluted dielectric-dielectric systems: Transparency, whitening, selective absorption. * Diluted conductor-dielectric systems: Surface plasmon resonances, quantum confinement. * Concentrated systems: Photonic crystals, percolative systems.
  • 2002 Henry Darcy Lecture Series - David Hyndman (part 1) David Hyndman lectured on "Efficient Large-Scale Bioremediation in a Heterogeneous Aquifer: The Schoolcraft Bioaugmentation Experiment." The presentation discussed how groundwater flow and contaminant transport models can be used both to design bioremediation systems and to evaluate the influence of heterogeneities on contaminant fate and transport. The Schoolcraft bioremediation system, which was developed as a multidisciplinary collaborative research effort between hydrogeologists, microbiologists, and environmental engineers, has achieved greater than 95 percent remediation efficiency over a period of three years.
  • Electrowetting-controlled drop sliding.wmv This movie shows how drops stuck to an inclined plane are mobilized by applying a voltage using electrowetting. The electrical excitation helps to overcome pinning forces due to heterogeneities on the substrate surface. For more details see: and /tnw/pcf
  • Population Genomics of Drosophila with Parallel Sequencing Methods - Andy Clark October 16, 2007 - NIH Intramural Sequencing Center 10th Anniversary Symposium Genome Exploration by Large-Scale DNA Sequencing: Circa 2007 and Beyond More: www.genome.gov
  • Henrik Enderlein presents the report of the Tommaso Padoa Schioppa Group.MOV Henrik Enderlein, Research Fellow Associate at Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute, General Coordinator of the Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa Group, explain to us the main impact of the report "Completing the Euro, A road map towards fiscal union in Europe" published by Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute. This report is the result of the work of the "Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa group", established by Notre Europe to reflect on the future of the Economic and Monetary Union. After a thorough ***ysis of the roots of the crisis, the report identifies three major challenges the euro area will have to solve in the coming decade: Preventing large and persistent EMU heterogeneities; Making the EMU fiscal framework more sustainable and resilient to 'self-fulfilling solvency' crises; Breaking the nexus between national banks and national sovereigns with the establishment of an appropriate EMU framework for banking supervision and resolution. To solve these challenges, the report proposes: Completing and fostering the single market in order to allow the real exchange rate channel to work more effectively; Rebalancing fiscal rights and fiscal duties in the common currency area, in particular through the creation of a European Debt Agency which would serve as normal financing instrument for an amount of 10% of GDP to all countries but would also ensure adequately priced access to sovereign financing in crisis times; Creating an automatic cyclical stabilization fund outside the EU budget ...

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  • “Submitted by Doug L. Hoffman, Resilient Earth. Any competent researcher involved with the combined with physical and chemical heterogeneities in the atmosphere, means that the”
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  • “At the recent SPE ATCE, researchers presented how improved reservoir characterization can impact SAGD recovery. and presentation titled Effects of Reservoir Heterogeneities on the Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Process,”
    — SPE ATCE - Reservoir characterization and SAGD — HeavyOilinfo,

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  • “Essentially they have resolved syntactic (platform/format), schematic (structural) and semantic (language) heterogeneities by generating mappings of key fields (i.e. a sub-set of the source Open Context The following guest blog is from Open Co. Related posts brought to you by Yet”
    — Open Knowledge Foundation Blog " Blog Archive " Dig the New,

  • “The data in the testbed provide a rich source of syntactic and semantic heterogeneities since we believe they still pose the greatest technical challenges to the research community. 1 Kingsley Idehen's Blog Data Space Trackback on Mar 29th, 2007 at 8:01 am”
    — Making the bridge between the Web and the Semantic Web at,

  • “ is designed to increase confidence in the dose distribution and helps provide the optimum dose for heterogeneities in the skull. Subscribe to Blog.Elekta. Your email: Elekta Word Cloud. AAPM All Are”
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  • “Gasworld, industrial gas news & global business directory designed to serve the worldwide industrial gases community, helping businesses to locate gases, equipment and related services”
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