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  • Top tracks from Hebe: 寂寞寂寞就好, 來不及 & more. C-pop, Taiwanese and Rock. People who like Hebe also like 周定緯, 金莎, 飞轮海. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Last.fm. — “Hebe – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures at”, last.fm
  • In Euripides' play Heracleidae, Hebe granted Iolaus' wish to become young again in order to fight Eurystheus. Antonio Canova also sculpted four different statues of Hebe: one of them is in the Museum of Forlì, in Italy. — “Hebe (mythology) - Reference”,
  • Hêbê is a dynamic expat network in Brussels which aims at: Hêbê also organizes alternative brussels parties and supports cultural projects . Around 400 active members participate in these projects. Tomorrow,. — “Hêbê Asbl - The Brussels Way of Life ! - HÊBÊ HOME”, asbl-
  • Hebe is the ancient Greek goddess of youth and cupbearer to the gods. She is also the daughter of Zeus and Hera and the wife of the deified Heracles. — “Hebe, Ancient Greek Goddess of Youth”,
  • Hebe had two children with her husband Heracles: Alexiares and Anicetus.[5] In Roman mythology, Juventas received a coin offering from boys when they put on the adult men's toga for the first time. The name Hebe comes from Greek word meaning "youth" or "prime of life". — “Hebe (mythology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In Greek mythology, Hêbê (Ήβη / Ἥβη) was the goddess of youth (Roman equivalent: Juventas). She was the daughter of Zeus and Hera. She was the cupbearer for the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus, serving their nectar and ambrosia, until she was married to Heracles. — “Hebe”,
  • Definition of hebe from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of hebe. Pronunciation of hebe. Definition of the word hebe. Origin of the word hebe. — “hebe - Definition of hebe at ”,
  • Hebe 'Amy' is a handsome evergreen shrub with dark stems, dark green leaves and spikes of purple flowers in late summer. Hebe buchanii 'Fenwickii', Hebe pimeleoides, Mountain Hebe, is one of the small leaf Hebes reported to be among the most cold. — “Hebe”,
  • Hebe is a diverse genus, with a hebe for most situations in the garden. Their popularity has steadily increased over the last 20 to 30 years, which has led to an increased interest in breeding hebe hybrids, and a correspondingly large number of new introductions. — “RNZIH - Horticulture Pages - Hebe Book Reviews”, .nz
  • Hebe n. Greek Mythology The goddess of youth and spring, cupbearer to the Olympian gods. — “Hebe: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of Hebe in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Hebe. Pronunciation of Hebe. Translations of Hebe. Hebe synonyms, Hebe antonyms. Information about Hebe in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Hebe - definition of Hebe by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • During this time of year we shouldn't worry about minimum temperatures, in fact the The Hebe can bear temperatures a few degrees below zero.When the minimum temperatures are very low we can protec the more sensible brushes by covering their roots with dry leaves or straw. Watering Hebe. — “Hebe, Great Orme - Shrubs - Scrophulariaceae garden”,
  • Hebes is the goddess of youth, and the daughter of Zeus and Hera. She poured the nectar of the gods on the Olympus until Ganymede replaced her. Hebe also prepared Ares' bath, and helped Hera to her chariot. After Heracles became a god, he married. — “Hebe (Olympian goddess)”,
  • Hebe Manufacturers & Hebe Suppliers Directory - Find a Hebe Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Hebe Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Hebe-Hebe Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • Ovid does not detect a unity of Hera (Juno) and Hebe (Juventas): he opens Fasti vi with a dispute between Juno and Juventas claiming patronage of the month of June (on-line text). [edit] Anagrams. heeb. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/Hebe". — “Hebe - Wiktionary”,
  • Hebe definition, any of various shrubs and trees belonging to the genus Hebe, of the figwort family, native mostly to New Zealand, having evergreen leaves an See more. — “Hebe | Define Hebe at ”,
  • HEBE. Inca city of Machu Picchu, Peru ©Thomas Carlson. Health, Ecology, Biodiversity, & Ethnobiology. in the Berkeley Natural Purpose & Vision of HEBE/ Message from the Director. Narrative on Health, Ecology, Biodiversity, and. — “HEBE”, ucjeps.berkeley.edu
  • For the Greek and Roman goddess, see Category:Hebe (mythology). Regnum: Plantae • Divisio: Hebe albicans. Hebe buchananii. Hebe cunninghamii. Hebe cupressoides. Hebe cupressoides 'Broughton Dome' Hebe decumbens. Hebe x franciscana. Hebe. — “Hebe - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Herakles received Hebe in marriage upon his ascension to Olympos, a wedding which reconciled the hero with Hebe's mother Hera. In Greek vase painting Hebe was depicted either as the bride of Herakles, or the cupbearer of the gods, pouring ambrosia from a pitcher. — “HEBE : Greek goddess of youth, cupbearer of the gods”,
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about Hebe at . Make research projects and school reports about Hebe easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “Hebe Facts, information, pictures | articles”, www3
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable hebe gifts - t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, embroidery, and more from . Choose your favorite hebe gift from thousands of available products. — “Hebe T-Shirts, Hebe Gifts, Art, Posters, and more”,

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  • 03.30.09 HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEBE! XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEBE!!! XD 03.30.09! i am ella's fan, but i am an she fan, so here's a vid i made wishing hebe a happy birthday.. (: btw,, i am a CE fan and an EH fan..lol (i like selina too! but,, i'll do tht on selina's b-day :D CREDITS_ pics+vids_original uploader songs_super model by she, xing xing zhi huo by she edit_ellakun
  • SHE(Selina Hebe Ella) a vidoes based on she's newest pics...^_^Enjoy!!!
  • Shakira - Underneath your clothes - Acoustic - Live at Hebe Enjoy !!!
  • 20101023-Hebe-Ella表演Superstar Ella and Hebe performed Superstar at Happy Festival Concert 2010. They only sang one song which is Superstar. Watching them perform on stage was painful because you can see that both of them are very worried, sad and in pain because of Selina. You can see it in their eyes. Let us all pray for Selina and Hao Ming. Hopefully they will recover as soon as possible. May the angels be with them and look after them.
  • Fahrenheit ft hebe - Zhi dui ni you gan jue Fahrenheit ft hebe - Zhi dui ni you gan jue ( I only have feelings for you) Ost of Taiwanese drama » Tokyo Juliet"
  • SHE Nike basketball 2/8 Selina Hebe Ella SHE Nike basketball 8 Part Uploaded as required, SHE attended this charity basketball game held by Nike in 2004, Ella really did a great job in in it as a 23 PLAYER, Ella Jordan!!! this version only contains all shots of SHE by 2004.12.09 credit rosiezidance
  • 20101017 Hebe 置产超越Selina Ella 百坪香闺豪砸1亿 Their houses were exposed again. Hebe was very low-key, she don't let anybody send her to her house, only to somewhere near her house, so she's rather shocked when her house was exposed. she intend to ask her parents to live with her, hence she has to buy a larger house. but don't trust the numbers ( ie, the amount they earn and the cost of the houses), the reporters like to jack up the amount to make it looks more fasinating, so people will read their report. anyway, at 1.47, i don't think that is hebe and i don't think that's her house. it should be ella's sister in ella's house. she she selina hebe ella 田馥甄
  • Aaron and Hebe MV A tribute music video of Aaron Yan and Hebe Tian! Please support them and I hope they will have a drama in the future!! hehe^^ First Song: A Neverending Dream by Cascada Second Song: Because You Live by Jesse Mc Cartney Third Song: Why Not by Hilary Duff Ending Song: 眼泪笑了by 刘力扬* This is a just fan video so it is made out of music videos of SHE and Fahrenheit. It does not consist any purposes or messages, just a video to express how I think.
  • She's the one - HEBE HEBE SOLO LIVE @ HK 060713
  • This dog's name is now Hebe SHE are into virtual pet-gaming now. And Selina even named her virtual dog - Hebe. Hebe also talk about how they can stay happy depsite the tight schedule Original: 23-04-2007 完全娛樂
  • Hebe - 小型发电机(电死你~) Hebe fanmade MV - Her beautiful electrifying eyes be prepared to be stared by Hebe for full 5 mins. *By yen. uploaded with permission.*Dear friends, I have created a new youtube account: , and i would continue to upload videos to this a/c from now. NO videos would be uploaded to xup3i1in9 anymore (but it would not be deleted, and no videos would be duplicated to the new a/c). Please subscribe to xuplHebe if you wish to continue watching my videos. Thanks! xupl @2010.06.30
  • [2010.12.18]Selina現聲Hebe.Ella紅眼眶中天新闻Top Girl Christmas event Selina's audio message: Hello everyone. It has been two months since we last meet. I miss you all. This two months, even though its very painful for me but my condition is not bad now. I wish everybody is healthy. Safe, safe. Ella: Its ok because we have been to see her and acknowledges her condition so there is no need to feel too sad. However, when think of it, it's still a bit to much to handle because there is really no need for her to go through so much torture.
  • Hebe Tian evolution Hebe Tian's different looks since 2001-2009.. sorry if it's not that good.. it's my 1st video.. Rate and Comment!
  • Guess Show - Selina & Hebe
  • Mike and Hebe ... You are the one to Bull Fighting Fans, Hebe and Mike have a beautifull chemistry ... I hope you like this MV... i wait your comments
  • The Hebe A dive on the shipwreck of the Hebe, a WWII era freighter sunk approximately 40 miles off the Myrtle Beach Coast. Video includes sandtiger sharks and artifact recovery.
  • Hebe Just a collection of my favourite hebe pics, most are new pics, some are old ones that are really cute. Love Hebe =D Enjoy the video
  • Hebe-Ella (of SHE) Love Scenes... sorry if there are some pics that are seems shaking... i just got and cut those pics from vids where i found them... coz i can't find those pics anywhere, or perhaps i just find it tiring to find it... ^.^
  • SHE Nike basketball 3/8 Selina Hebe Ella SHE Nike basketball 8 Part Uploaded as required, SHE attended this charity basketball game held by Nike in 2004, Ella really did a great job in in it as a 23 PLAYER, Ella Jordan!!! this version only contains all shots of SHE by 2004.12.09 credit rosiezidance
  • Wang Lee Hom 王力宏Feat. Hebe Tian 田馥甄- Mei 美(Beautiful) [MV] ~~!!! full link: !!!~~ Wang Lee Hom's new music video introducing Hebe Tian. Visit our blog: taiwan- Be Our Fan on Facebook! Follow Me On Twitter: Credits to:
  • Hebe Tien & Aaron Yan MV ; She's The One ; Bebu All the hidden chemistry between Hebe Tien & Aaron Yan ; come on, don't dare to disagree that these two aren't cute because they ARE. LOL
  • 田馥甄(Hebe) - LOVE! mv [pinyin+eng sub] HD here it is...the long awaited first solo single of hebe tian - LOVE! with pinyin and eng sub (lyrics). hope u guys like it and subcribe to my channel for more other subbed mvs. and if u like u can post suggestions of videos i should subbed^^
  • Hebe's hungry 2006 GCMA in Singapore, post-awards feasting. Hebe's too hungry, she keep finding chances to eat even if the camera is filming! Cute! :D Original episode: 03/11/2006
  • Lai Bu Ji [Too Late]Hebe Tian Lyrics:Jin tian zao shang qi chuang nao dai yi chang tong lian ye zhang hong Shi bu shi zuo tian wan shang zuo le shen me hai xiu de meng Huo xu shi fen hong se he er meng zai xue yi zhong liu dong Ni hu xi wo ji dong Xin tiao piao yi ti xing zhe wo men shen zai bu tong tian kong Yu...
  • Hebe & Selina friends4ever Nothing's gonna change my love for you . . .
  • Selina演《欢喜就好》歌词笑死Hebe Ella (Eng sub of song lyrics) This is the rehearsal for their concert. Selina is too funny! The taiwanese song they sang on their concert in Taipei is funny on it's own. But she pushed it further by acting out the lyrics. Hebe wanted her to do the same thing on the actual day itself. but selina said cannot, and told Hebe that this is recorded, she can burn a piece for her. Hebe is stunned after hearing this, because in chinese, the sentence have the same meaning as burning incense to somebody who is dead. Selina does not realise this. The camerawoman/crew said that she can only be a host if she stays as funny. Selina replied by that she doesn't want to be a host, it's too tiring, she wanted to stay at home to brew tea (joking). This ended with hebe calling "lao po, lao po!" ps hebe took out the strips of her dress towards the end. selina hebe ella she sheDear friends, I have created a new youtube account: , and i would continue to upload videos to this a/c from now. NO videos would be uploaded to xup3i1in9 anymore (but it would not be deleted, and no videos would be duplicated to the new a/c). Please subscribe to xuplHebe if you wish to continue watching my videos. Thanks! xupl @2010.06.30
  • 10.04.18 台湾启示录-Hebe (很详细,值得一看) 说到Hebe的外貌,个性,误会,感情,家人,才华等等。 Talking about Hebe's appearance, personality, misunderstandings about her, love life, family life, talents and so on. a very detailed introduction about hebe. 澄清一下,加了最后的照片是为了让声音跟影像同步。 a clarification, the purpose of the last picture you almost always see on my videos is to let the video sync with the voice. ps the show used the video i uploaded about selina saying their original english name. quite funny. (not in this segment though)she she selina hebe ella ----------- translation: Yuan wei ren: she's very real, once you see her face, you wont forget her looks. She's good-looking, she's pretty. her character is very unique. she's very aries, whatever she think of, she would say it out. She won't care if you are ok with what she said. So among the three of them, she hurt me the most. Reporter: how did she hurt you? Yuan wei ren: she's very straight-forward. She would say: "yuan wei ren, you don't have any creations now. I think you are already a passé, you should leave the entertainment circle. What are you doing here, yuan wei ren?" she can suddenly, I also didn't ire her or what, but she'll speak very strong words that doesn't sound comfortable to your ears. But you can't retaliate her! (laughs)! [I think this part, Hebe is just joking with teacher Yuan. they are very close. one thing to note, Hebe recently said that now she realized that although she says things with good intention, she need to ...
  • [7.11.2010] Hebe演唱会献歌selina 感动全场 To Hebe Hong Kong concert. Hebe dedicated the song "You're beautiful" to Selina. Hebe said every time she starts singing "You're beautiful" Selina will say "Yes!" because she thinks Hebe is singing about Selina. This time, Hebe said she really is singing this song for Selina because she is truly beautiful. Hebe: "This time this song is really for her. Why? Besides being the most beautiful. This time this accident happened and she was burnt by fire. Every day has to go through treatment, every day might have fever, will feel a lot of pain, every minute, every minute second she will be in pain, but this is an inevitable consequence, this pain is something we cannot understand, we can only support her, its has been two weeks, there are people who asked if she is worried about her looks in the future, like if there are scars or others, she told me, this time, accompanying her to overcome this period, allowing her to pass this time, is her own strong will and her courage, actually she really did not think about looks, she feels that last time she was able to be dolled up and appear on stage prettily, she is grateful to God for everything already, so she said she does want to think about the scars. In my opinion, the pain and this accident, she is able think and say like that. Therefore, I am very positive that she is a very beautiful person. So this song is dedicated to her. Rest of the translations at
  • Hebe the 'Massager' A pre-concert special during their YDCB concert tour. SHE visited a massage centre and Hebe found a handy massaging tool and helped Selina massage, while Ella is really getting some professional massage. Original episode: 26/02/2007
  • 田馥甄(Hebe) - To Hebe MV [pinyin+eng sub] omg- finally done with subbing. as much as i do like hebe but subbing her songs are always a new challenge for me because some parts of the lyrics are kinda difficult to translate. so, there might be some parts which are a bit off but i think its ok^^ hope u still like my video :D subcribe for more videos!!! (Hebe - To Hebe MV with lyrics)
  • The book that made Hebe 'exasperated' End Jul 07 promo trip in Singapore. A fan made a little book in the hope of increasing Hebe's self-confidence. The book lists 50 reasons why the author is attracted to Hebe. Selina made jokes out of it and left Hebe 'exasperated'. They are damn cute! :D
  • A peek into SHE's bags - Hebe 2007-06-28 episode of 康熙來了(Kang Xi Lai Le), the three gals were asked to surrender their bags. Host Dee Hsu, being the usual her, attempted to sieve through the messages in their mobile phones. (more)
  • Jay Chou - Tui Hou Ft. Hebe Jay With Hebe =3 in "Tui Hou" Mv
  • [ ENG SUB ] Lonely, Lonely is Fine/ 寂寞寂寞就好(MV) - Hebe Tian Mwuhaha :) I finished subbing this thing within an hour! :) So proud of myself! :] Anyways, enjoy. If you haven't noticed, I didn't sub her main song 'Love' Mainly because it was already subbed, and I really didn't like that one as much as I like this one :) But HEBE all the way! =D Hope you guys enjoy this! One or two lines may be inaccurate, so if you know I'm wrong, feel free to leave a comment and correct me :) Mandarin is not my first language :) Subbed By: silencedwishes These Subtitles/ Captions are not to be reproduced in any way without the permission of silencedwishes. I do not own the video or the audio; they both belong to HIM Entertainment & SHE This video is only for entertainment purposes only.
  • Hebe Acting Funny Hebe looks very cute
  • Glias, Nair Belo e Hebe. Escolinha do Golias.
  • SHE - Hebe solo - Mo Tian Lun mo tian lun, solo by Hebe Tian, fromm taiwanese girl group SHE lyrics: zuo mo tian lun song ni yi cheng man man sheng gao xin man man leng chen zhu ji shen hua guo yun ceng yuan ni shou dao wo liu de wen li bie qi fen wang wang hui la chang lei hen pa wo yu men da qi shi er fen...
  • Hebe & Ella MV - PS 我爱你 ***DO NOT LINK OR EMBED THIS VIDEO WITHOUT MY PERMISSION*** This video is for EH lovers, so no quarrels or diminishing of any person please. Just a play of creativity for this MV as I like the song a lot. No offense to Selina's fans, i find EH's an easier theme to make for this song. Maybe i'll make a mv about her next time. There are different types of love in this world. Romantic, friendship, family... etc. There is a kind of relationship that surpasses all the above, as emphasized by SHE in many occasions. Theirs is the type of soul mates, of strong supporters for each other, of best partners. In particular, many find it hard to accept Hebe's and Ella's close physical contacts, or even their friendship per say. Ella had thanked Hebe on their concert, for going every night to the hospital to take care of her when she injured her back, despite tight schedule for promoting Superstar album; and after Ella is discharged, massaged her back everyday. Ella had said that if not for Hebe, she would not have recovered that fast. Hebe is a very private person; hence she would not say what she had done for Ella. She is also a very straight-forward speaking person who, she said, is not suitable to be in the entertainment circle. Ella is the one she depended on to deal with the media. They supported each other in many subtle ways. Through this MV, may you enjoy the amazing relationship between Hebe and Ella! PS: Guess what? XD Update on 09.01.26: Shared @ shehk & EIH
  • 20101115 Hebe被问感情和Selina Remember the mango/toilet bowl-like logo of this TV station. This is the super irresponsible TV station that got Selina & SHE into this now! And her expression is definitely not that of embarrassment when the host asked her abt her love life, she just find the qn silly!
  • Hebe and the banana At Zhejiang's An Ji and the day of recording coincides with Hebe's birthday. Hebe wanted to eat a banana but ended up showing how their accommodation was like in An Ji and dreaming that it's her own house. Original: 26-04-2007 完全娛樂
  • 09.04.03 SHE 短剧-阔少爷(Hebe),大家闺秀(Ella),丫环(Selina) SHE acted in a skit! Ella as the lady, Hebe as the young master, and selina as ella's maid. it's so funny. storyline: young master is supposed to go and disturb/seduce the lady, but the maid find the master so suave that she chatted "him"up. lady got "angry" and lamented "the maid isn't supposed to chat with the young mister!" then the young master go and ask the lady, "can i kiss you"? the lady said, "cannot, i'm a conservative woman". but the young master still "kissed". haha before the skits are zhong guo hua and superstar.

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