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  • One sometimes hears Heathen folk express the feeling that their culture is under attack; more than one Heathen I hold in high esteem has expressed the feeling that they are the target of cultural genocide. we have inherited from dualist monotheism and which are alien to the Heathenries of old). — “Culture, Genocide, and Whingers " Elhaz Ablaze”,
  • Things are moving along within our little community even given the occasional technical hick-ups, you have to love computers. pages covering the major Heathenries in the greater Boston area,. — “Hammer Troth Fellowship”,

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  • Racisim and Heathenry My opinion on the matter.
  • Understand Heathenry - "Became a Rich Man". How? Understand 13 of 18 When I was a kid in school, I pondered over many things. One was from the Icelandic history book: "He soon became a rich man". How? That ...
  • Heathenry is not a game A small rant on the anniversary of Teutoburg.
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 130 Jólasveinar, Jólnir rides in the sky, bairns give 130 of 162 Jóla-sveinar, yule-boys, of whom we have 13, could be our forefathers in disguise. Bairns give at yule-tide, to make Jólnir strong. That is the r...
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 66 Live in tune. Geri and Freki get meat 66 of 162 Support of Nature is gained by a man that never violates the Laws of Nature, always lives in tune with the gods and goddesses. Nature is to us as ...
  • Understand Heathenry - Desires, Prayers, Who is Praying to What? Understand 16 of 18 Who is praying to what? Desires are a necessary drive in life. But mind you: It is the purity of the man who desires which decides the qu...
  • Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna (Heathenry Remix) elements of trap and witch house. dark and groovy. download at: http:///heathenry http://.
  • Understand Heathenry - "Val" Means Return Home Understand 17 of 18 What does the term "val" actually mean in Norse mythology? We know of its many meanings, but which one is it in our case? Val-kyrja, Val-...
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 110 Seek Truth 110 of 162 Do not cling to worldly systems. Seek Truth by being without the triguna, 3 qualities of Nature, twice aday regularily. Total Knowledge, Vedic Kn...
  • Why I left Heathenry for Zoroastrianism A short description of my journey.
  • Merry Yule and Heathenry Merry Yule to everyone. If you want to learn more about Heathenry just ask. Also sorry for the quality was borrowing my girlfriend's camera.
  • Rihanna - Diamonds (Heathenry Lazy Remix) simple synth driven remix of diamonds. http:// download at: http:///heathenry.
  • Understand Heathenry - Urður Verðandi Skuld Understand 7 of 18 Do we know that Urður Verðandi and Skuld are a Law, Natural Law? Do we really make our örlög (fate) ourselves? (Yes, we do.) Are they thre...
  • some of the similarities of Norse paganism(Heathenry) and Slavic paganism luftwaffe161's webcam video October 1, 2011 08:23 AM .I Luftwaffe 161 list the faiths similarites.
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 31 Hávamál - understand the symbolic language 31 of 162 To understand the OldNorse words and concepts, Göia goði tells us here what C.A.Holmboe and Keshava Deva Shastri have seen: Sanskrit origin of Old...
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 062 Hel - coffee-break between life-spans.wmv 62 of 162 Norse and Germanic mythology holds for true that Hel, Helia, is a rest between life-spans; leaving a body and an ævi (life-span, Sanskrit aayus), ...
  • Understand Heathenry - Our Ancient Naming System - Fun to Know Understand 18 of 18 Here we have something you will enjoy. Something you might not have understood before. Not only the original meaning contained in names, ...
  • Understand Heathenry - Freyja Understand 1 of 18 My new theory on Freyja, our beloved goddess. Do you know what names mean? Names have a meaning. The name Freyja indicates her role, her f...
  • On Heathenry: Am I an Odinist? Well? Am I?
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 1 The Wholeness 1 of 162 Our Reverent Forefathers' Primitive Super-Science. See website of Goia goði: mmedia.is/odsmal ("Óðsmál" 1996). Please read also the book "Den forna...
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 6 Icelandic Sagas; all religions same core and essence 6 of 162 Icelandic Sagas are classified as literature, but spiritual poems are ancient heritage orally conveyed for who-knows-how-long! Óður is the beloved ...
  • Indigenous Heathenry Part 2.wmv Galina Krasskova discusses issues one can face in relaiming indigeny.
  • Interested in Learning about Heathenry? Runes? Seidhr? A video about the awesome programs at Kenaz Kindred a Canadian Heathen Organization that has launched an education program aimed at teaching people about hea...
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 4 Old Norse & Sanskrit -- and Óðinn Vili Véi 4 of 162 We brought Veda-wisdom with us from India - Edda-Veda. Óðinn son of Burr/Borr. Óðinn-Vili-Véi beginning of creation in ginnungagap.
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 137 Vedic goddesses, meaning of goddesses in the world of men 137 of 162 Our ancient holy-days are Nature's holy days, expression of ginnungagap. Connected to planets stars cosmos. We must know where from Nature's gift...
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 98 Huginn og Muninn, Óðins many names 98 of 162 Yogin and munih, enlightened men, fly in sky of consciousness, live with Óðinn. Their guise is not so beautiful, only the inner self. Huginn conne...
  • Understand Heathenry - Pure Awareness on Consciousness Understand 12 of 18 Pure consciousness becomes appreciated when our awareness is open to it. Where is consciousness? Is enough to open our awareness to it? H...
  • An Introduction to Heathenry An introduction to the modern pagan path of Heathenry (also known as Asatru and the Northern Tradition) Narration and writing by Thorskegga Thorn Photographs...
  • Heathenry Childrens Books A new series of books explaining the very basics of heathenry for young minds.
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 106 Meaningful names and terms 106 of 162 Understand all the names and terms pertaining to the BigBang. Ókólnir Ymir brewing beer Birmir Óðrerir Þjóðrerir (hræra to stir up, Sanskrit shri...
  • Common Arguments in Heathenry This video covers the 3 main arguments in Heathenry: Folkism vs. Universalism Deeds vs. Words Philosophical Heathens vs. Physical Heathens.
  • Understand Heathenry - Icelandic Sagas, Runes, Forni Siður Understand 11 of 18 The Icelandic Sagas literature. Íslendingasögurnar. They bear the resemblance of Celtic culture. The Irish settlers were many in Iceland....
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 121 Our Roman months 121 of 162 First day of the year was moved (2 months back) from spring to yule, winter-solstice. Ceasar in Rome used calendar as a Roman tool. Names of Ceas...
  • Heathenry iceland chatter 50 Beautiful meaningful names in Norse German Mythology 50 of 162 Iðavellir, the ever-moving Fields, Gungnir vibrating super-strings, Gangleri (Sanskrit gangalahari, wave of wisdom from Ganga), Síðhöttur (Siddhar...
  • Understand Heathenry - Brainwashed Understand 9 of 18 Are we brain-washed by lies from the Dark Middle Ages? Does a brain-washed man see that he is brain-washed? Can we tell forgeries from Tru...
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 80 Syn our goddess of purification 80 of 162 Þursar are old, now useless, stages of consciousness. Trolls are our (unseen) ignorance. Perhaps that Devil is that too. We have goddess Syn to pu...
  • Common Sense and the Mystical Side of Heathenry
  • Heathenry Iceland chatter 0 Pure Spirituality in Heathenry, forni siður 0 of 162 Introduction to Pure Spirituality of Heathenry, Profundity of Paganry, taught by Goia godi. We must know why we decide to get born into veröld /wor...
  • Óðsmál research on Heathenry The only comprehensive material on the profundity of Forni Sidr. Essential for everyone interested in the depth of the Norse Eddas, our forefathers priceless...
  • Basics for Beginners in Heathenry This just includes basics that people may want to know or understand before delving in.

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