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  • (1999) suggest that using basic symbols that convey overall hazardousness hazardousness. The symbols were tested in the absence of contextual. — “Cultural Ergonomics in Ghana, West Africa: A Descriptive”, ciop.pl
  • (a)Have access to agency information relevant to their duties, including information on the nature and hazardousness of substances in agency workplaces. (b)Monitor performance, including agency inspections, of the agency safety and health programs at the level they are established. — “Policies”, seco.noaa.gov
  • Required information includes information on the generator of the waste, its recipient, the transporter, and the waste itself (hazardousness; characteristics of ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, toxicity, or biological hazard; components; shipping information, etc. — “Mexican Forms”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun hazardousness has one meaning: Meaning #1 : the state of being. — “hazardousness: Information from ”,
  • Definition of hazardousness in the Dictionary. Meaning of hazardousness. What does hazardousness mean? Proper usage of the word hazardousness. Information about hazardousness in the dictionary, synonyms and. — “What does hazardousness mean? definition and meaning (Free”,
  • Environment Canada devised the climate severity index to rate a locality's CLIMATE according to human comfort and well being. The index has a range from 1 to 100, with a score of 1 representing the least severe climate and psychological state, safety or hazardousness of a place, and. — “Climate Severity - The Canadian Encyclopedia”,
  • Basel Convention is the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal. to minimize the generation of hazardous wastes in terms of quantity and hazardousness;. — “Basel Convention | Asian Network”, env.go.jp
  • the intrinsic hazardousness of various mobile. phone parts, the threat of waste mobile between hazardousness and non-hazardousness. of wastes destined for "direct reuse" using. — “b a n”,
  • Identification of accident causal factors and prediction of hazardousness are essential tasks of capable of predicting hazardousness of around 65% of the total production data set at a. — “Identification of Accident Causal Factors and Prediction of”, ltrc.lsu.edu
  • Energy from Waste Facilities (EfW) which form part of Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT), providing waste processing to comply with EU Energy from waste (EfW) facilities combust waste under controlled conditions, to reduce its volume and hazardousness, and to generate electricity and/or heat. — “Energy from Waste (EfW)”, waste-
  • The State shall, in preventing and controlling environmental pollution by solid waste, implement the principles of reducing the discharge volume and hazardousness of solid waste, fully and rationally utilizing solid waste, and making it hazardless. — “Solid (& Hazardous) Waste Law.doc.doc”,
  • gender regressions relating strength to slip hazardousness and age group revealed significantly hazardousness (NH/H) for male participants. Significance (p < 0.05) is denoted by * . 33. Table 5. Results of main statistical ***yses for the right leg investigating the relationship. — “Microsoft Word - Wyszomierski_Thesis_06_12_08a”, etd.library.pitt.edu
  • We found 12 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word hazardousness: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "hazardousness" is defined. General (11 matching dictionaries) hazardousness: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of hazardousness - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Environment, health and safety (EH&S) regulations in Europe and other countries to minimize the generation of hazardous wastes in terms of quantity and hazardousness;. — “Basel Convention”,
  • Definition of hazardousness in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is hazardousness? Meaning of hazardousness as a legal term. What does hazardousness mean in law?. — “hazardousness legal definition of hazardousness”, legal-
  • Alibris has Hazardousness of a Place: A Regional Ecology of Damaging Events and other books by Kenneth Hewitt, Ian Burton, including new & used copies, rare, out-of-print signed editions, and more. — “Hazardousness of a Place: A Regional Ecology of Damaging”,
  • 4-digit number identifying an individual chemical or group of chemicals with similar characteristics. General Description - Brief description of the chemical's general appearance, behavior, and hazardousness. — “FUEL OIL, [DIESEL] | CAMEO Chemicals | NOAA”, cameochemicals.noaa.gov
  • to minimize the generation of hazardous wastes in terms of quantity and hazardousness; to dispose of them as close to the source of generation as possible; to reduce the movement of hazardous wastes. What categories of hazardous waste are covered by the Convention?. — “Origins of The Basel Convention”, basel.int
  • including such facility characteristics as size, hazardousness, financial characteristics of parent company-owners of the facility, regulatory ness of it (see footnote 2 for our definition of hazardousness). — “Drivers of accident preparedness and safety: evidence from”, opim.wharton.upenn.edu
  • Hazardousness (inflammability, reactivity, corrosivity) and toxicity (due to inorganic compounds) assays on D & G indicated that their values are below the EPA Standard. Additionally, physicochemical characterization (pH (12.76), Ca (26.5%), Mg. — “J. Chil. Chem. Soc. vol.52 issue2; Abstract: S0717”, scielo.cl
  • Definition of hazardousness in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hazardousness. Pronunciation of hazardousness. Translations of hazardousness. hazardousness synonyms, hazardousness antonyms. Information about hazardousness in the free online. — “hazardousness - definition of hazardousness by the Free”,
  • market leaders in this industry in terms of their hazardousness and the risks they pose to hazardousness and potential risk, and the feasibility of detecting residues of it in food. — “The Dirty Portfolios of the Pesticides Industry”,
  • The influence of PVC on the hazardousness of the Gas Treatment System residues is difficult to The study is aimed at identifying the influence of PVC on the quantity and hazardousness of flue gas. — “THE INFLUENCE OF PVC ON THE QUANTITY AND HAZARDOUSNESS OF”,
  • hazardousness (n) Synonyms: riskiness, perilousness, precariousness, dangerousness, audaciousness, insecurity. Antonym: safety. Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. — “Synonym for hazardousness (n) - antonym for hazardousness (n”,

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  • “Guidelines for assessment of hazardousness of E-waste have been described in terms of basis, rational and approach and methodology. Basis Assessment of hazardousness of E-waste or its component has been carried out based on Indian environmental”
    — eonEcon Foundation " Guidelines for Assessment of,

  • “Inaugural Meeting of the Regional 3R Forum in Asia, Tokyo, November 11-12, 2009. Ibrahim minimizing the quantity and hazardousness of wastes generated;”

  • “Take, for instance, this recollection of Ruefle's, that reading can be a life-shaking hazardousness: Blog News Site. Supports KR Short Fiction Contest. We are excited to announce that , in one of their first”
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  • “Ergoweb delivers ergonomics consulting and ergonomics training services, carefully selected ergonomics products, and publish loads of applicable ergonomics news and information”
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  • “Ecotoxicological test using water flea from NEOENBIZ - Korean Products, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters is the technique for evaluating the biological hazardousness for the inorganic or organic compound materials”
    — Ecotoxicological test using water flea - NEOENBIZ,

  • “where do you stand on these social issues? Obviously hazardousness to you is not the criteria you use to judge the acceptability of my behaviour! Logged”
    — where do you stand on these social issues?,

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